From 1997 until 2004, DC the insane sock monkey answered questions sent in by viewers. After his strange departure in 2004, JCP kept the section alive hoping he'd return. Over a year later without word from DC, JCP permanently hired on Mzebonga and Herbert to continue answering insane questions.

July 5.2004
well i was SUPPOSED to be going away to get a new job...
went for interviews... gave them my resume and everything... it all sounded good...
So i get to the place and find out that the bastards lied to me... it's actually an asylum and they're admitting me! the first few weeks flew by as i was given one drug after another (and stealing them from the other patients)... but without a computer i was beginning to feel alone... so after formulating a great escape plan, i broke free of my evil captors and ran... (don't worry, i grabbed enough painkillers for everyone)
now i'm on the run...
I stole a laptop from some guy in a fancy suit... so it seems that i'll be able to answer questions for now... but i won't be answering questions about my current location or anything that will give my whereabouts away to those after me... - DC

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