what is love?
it's that annoying thing that makes you stupid for awhile

Why do guys have to look at porn
it's not just guys, it's all types of human... and why not?

why is the sky blue if it is filled with invisible gasses and the atmosphere is black?
i blame the breakdown of society and the increasing usage of the color orange

Will killer clowns from outer space come and attack us? and if so will they be lead by BoBo?--Mistofflies
binky is the leader, not bobo... and they came to teach us a lesson


oops...i was sposed to let you answer that huh?
that wasn't funny at all

dc i had a shit and it looked like you man wuzup?
i'm watching you... i have eyes everywhere

What is a baby Whale called?
well it can be called either 'freda' or 'frankfurt'

Why is it that when you ar on magic mushrooms, that you always ask yourself "What is the point of life?"...What is the point of life?
well first of all you're on mushrooms... and second of all... there is no point to life besides living it and then dying

What do you think is the deal with Burt and Ernie? Are they 'just friends' or are they related?
i think that they are there to distract your children while big bird steals their toys to give to elves

I always thought DC stood for donkey cock. I guess I was wrong huh?
yes... quite wrong

I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying. Dont you think this is a good philosophy in life?
it may be a good philosophy in your mind but in reality its a foolish aspiration... try building the worlds largest spaghetti factory instead

I'm desperately trying to figure out why kamikaze pilots wore helmets. Do you know?
to protect their heads in the case of something accidently dropping on them

If pro is the opposite of con, then what is the opposite of progress?
congress or microsoft ME

If I shot you and your dead body falls on me and breaks my neck, have I committed suicide?
yes you have indirectly

If love sucks so much, and everyone knows it, then why the hell do i keep getting e-mials from those damn dating websites trying to sell their services to me when they know they aren't going to work anyway? Wouldn't it make more sense to send my money to you so you keep ranting about how love sucks? -gone postal
exactly... so send all your money to us now... perhaps some trinkets... some pictures... maybe some more cash... go on i know you want to and we won't send you any emails about our services unless you request them

Am I God? - Mzebonga
not today but maybe you can take your turn tomorrow

Now that I've been free for a few weeks, I have been busy making plans. I have befriended a colony of Meerkats who I now coexist with. They help me search for food while I scare away big animals (except Lions because there a bit too big). So, I was wondering, do you regret how stupid you were to let me leave? - Mzebonga
yes i was quite upset and some say that it affected me deeply

If I took a model radio controlled airplane and videotaped it flying into a brick wall, and then sent the tape to the media, what would happen?
nothing... so send it to me instead

If I puched my sister, drank a teapot full of boiling water, set fire to my face, and shoved a christmas tree up SAnimal's ass, What Would Jesus Do?
he would cry... oh no wait... nothing... so tape that, send it to me... damnit i just want some mail so i can feel important

I just took this big handful of LSD, now I'm seeing all kinds of weird shit. Ain't that cool?
very cool i suppose... try watching porn now

If i try to fail and succede, have i succeded or failed?
you have succeeded at failing

Does your dick smell like a sock bitch? Lawrence Wong

not that i'm aware of but i don't sniff dick

Are you a virgin?
if that's what it takes then sure i am...

What the fuck is up with celibacy? Why wouldnt people want to have sex?
well as long as they make sure they don't breed or get sickly then i don't see the issue either...

All the time i ask you questions but you nrver post them......Why?
i think you're delusional again... wipe the rabid foam off your face and try again

Why? Why do you say that? Why?
i say that because it's true so stop crying

did you say that?

how fat are you?
i'm not fat

do you wear glasses?
not unless it's really sunny outside

Your mother told me that you were a bad baby monkey. Was it because your father left you guys?
no he was there... i was just a bad baby monkey for the fun of it


Where can I find a picture of a sweaty ant eater eating cottage cheese?
i'm not sure but when you find out... let me know

What do ant eaters eat?
they eat anything but ants

I want to fuck you
this isn't a question but sure

DC I think your the coolest person in the world. Let's meet.
this isn't a question either and you have to pay me to meet you... how much cash do you have?

How many colors are there in the whole world if you are colorblind?
as many as there are if you weren't color blind... you just can't see them all

Why are comercials in the UK so much more entertaining than they are in America?
well i haven't seen UK commercials so i don't know the difference... however all commercials suck and shouldn't be watched at all

Why dont they sell hardcore porn to minors?
if they did then they couldn't charge the adults lots of money

Can a penis have an ulcer?
i'm not sure and i don't care to find out

Why do I keep electrocuting myself?
cuz you know it actually feels kinda good

Is this a good enough question to get an award?
not today

is god gay? why does he hate us?
yes of course and humans are so stupid how can you not hate them?

Since kids a sexualy transmited disease, why do people continue to have them?
people are very stupid and somehow think that it's a good thing to do

I'm not making it up! i asked several questions, and you didnt answer them. mayhaps sanimal is sabotaging them? i think hes jealous cos hes stupid and lazy, and your cool, and stuff. when the Cats take over can i serve them in their palaces? - Fido Dido
sure sure... lies and more lies... maybe you should try hitting the send button properly...

i like socks. do you like socks? - Fido Dido
i like them a lot... they keep my feet & paws warm and hidden from prying eyes

this sucks ass... i bought a ramones shirt for a friend of mine off ebay. a two-faced cunt stole the money order for it, along with my favorite jacket, which i had for years, and i had worked a long time sewing a shitload of patches to. so the payment was delayed a few days, but i sent it. now this fucker is getting ebay to send me warnings saying i never paid. i hate people. why does everyone suck? oh wait, you've already been asked this. y'know, i bet you could send in a link to one of your articles to www.fark.com and get a shitload of new visitors in. will you consider it? it's not some pitch, it's just an idea. -seth
steal your stuff back from the loser who stole your stuff... everyone always sucks no matter what... and jcp looked into adding our link at fark.com but i don't know if our 'articles' are exactly what they are looking for??

For Under Green Lies Yellow. Is that what you wanted to hear? - Mzebonga
not really but it will do for now

Did you go to Bangor in North Wales? - Mzebonga
no i have never been outside of north america... sadly

Do you know that Meerkats are better than you? - Mzebonga
only a meerkat would think that and I'm way better then some stinkin meerkat

Are there any gothic R&B singers?
not that I'm aware of... but then again i haven't looked for them

so... whatcha gonna do about all these stupid questions?
usually i answer them...

You dont have any friends do you?
i have a few... and i don't care if anyone else can see them or not

Dont you have something better to do than answer my questions?
well i do have a job but that's irrelevant

What is your favorite type of music?
i don't really categorize music into specific types... but i like music that isn't the same as everything else and has a good vocalist

My friend has recently joined a cult. He wants me to join too. Should I?
only if they pay you to... quite frankly i'd ditch your friend and get some smarter ones

Do you know what the subculture "furries" are?
i think i have heard of it but i don't recall what it is or anything... so tell me

Why did my school suspend me when I wore a black trenchcoat?
well you obviously go to a stupid school that worries about trenchcoats instead of making sure you get an education

Will humans ever colonize mars?
well if we can get past this fighting bullshit with each other and focus instead on getting there then sure... but the odds are we'll kill ourselves before diseasing the rest of the solar system

Do you have aspirations of world domination?
no... this world sucks and all the stupid humans on it... if you remove the humans then sure

If I offend you will you send your army of ninjas after me?
sure but good luck offending me in any way that i would actually care about

Are you hooked on phonics?
no i've been clean & sober for 2 years now

Should I commit suicide?
sure but send me all your money and worldly goods first

Why am I gay?
who cares? more like... who can you find to be gay with... don't ask why just go with it

If I molested you would you slap me?
not if it felt good... and if you gave me some money then maybe i'd slap you

Why is nicotine addictive?
well according to the tobacco companies... it isn't... it's all in your head... the lying BASTARDS

My ancestor was a viking who sailed around Europe in his longship raping and pillaging villages. What was your ancestor?
my ancestors are socks, silk worms and birch trees

Why do gay people have lisps?
that's just you being stupid

Why am I so cool?
you're not... your mom just tells you that so you don't cry

What kind of drugs have you done?
nothing hardcore... just stuff like mushrooms, pot etc

are you and sanimal the same person with multiple personalities, him the pissed off pessimist, you the sock monkey genius?
you've found us out... I'm horrified... the reality is just overwhelming...

is leopard print for whores only?
that and fat people

Why do people say "can I ask you a question?", when they just did. Why don't they just say, "I am going to ask you a question now, object right now if you don't want to be asked one."
people are stupid and you should walk away before they begin speaking to you... unless it's someone who wants to give you money so you just smile and nod till they hand it over

is AOL the source of all evil?
that and religion... so once AOL sets up a church then the answer is yes

can you please explain what the derivitive of dx/dy is when the limit as x approaches 0?

if all the sock monkies jumped off a bridge would you?
no but i'd watch and maybe videotape it

if i have a rooster and you have a donkey and your donkey ate my roosters feet is it true that you would have 2 feet of my cock in your ass?
um no not unless you paid me an awful lot

who REALLY killed JFK?
jimmy hoffa and the care bears... think about it

sorry i have to break a rule by putting this web site ? * www.theinsanedomain.com * . it said no URLs to stupid and sad sites right?
well our site isn't stupid or sad... it's insane and wonderful

My ass hurts. What did you do?
if i told you then i'd have to show you video tape and pay you some money

I don't feel I'm creepy enough. How can I appear more creepy? - BrainLiquor
having spiders in your hair works... calling everyone 'Sirka' works too... or assign them numbers

Sometimes I fall down the stairs in the middle of the night. I don't even have any staris in my house. What's going on? - BrainLiquor
you are being tricked by mobile stairs... try locking your door at night

Wouldn't it be funny if all the Backstreet Boys developed heroin addictions, went on Sesame Street and gang raped Snuffleupagas? - BrainLiquor
yes it would be quite funny and i would tape it

Someone once told me that the worst job in the world is Assistant Crack Whore. Is he right? - BrainLiquor
well I'm sure that that's a pretty shitty job... however having to clean out the assistant crack whore garbage can of used condoms and then washing them to be used again would be a shittier job

Chamleons change colour to blend in the scenery, therefore protecting themselves from predators. What do YOU do to protect yourself from you own predators? McDiablo
i scream and fling my shit into their eyes then go for their throat

What if we give the cats alot of katnip, will that stop them? ~land-mine eagle
no it will make them insane and they'll end up puking everywhere

if ur driving down the road in ur canoe and a wheel falls off how many monkeys can u fit in a barn?
74930 in a large barn, 3811 in a small barn... and none if it's on fire

Do u watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer? Do u like it? -Gooner
no i don't but i'd fuck her if she dyed her hair black

Who is the most beautiful women in the world?
I'm not sure but some smart chick who has better things to do then worry if she's beautiful

What should i do....my mom is a fool and is doing my head in...who do i stop it??
you move out and don't tell her where you move too... then change your name and get some plastic surgery done

Do you feel the meek shall inhariet the earth???--Mistofflies
damn the meek... damn the humans... hand the earth over to the cats

How did the rubber chicken gag begin?
a chicken fell into a bin of liquid plastic... and when they pulled it out it seemed funny so they threw more in

what are the main issues of the book of revalation?
well i haven't read it in a loooong time... so i don't remember anymore

is jimmy whitmore a so solid crew freak
sometimes yes

More Cheese?
yes i'd like some

Did you know that when you eat that kind of stuff it eats away at your insides and .......and.....GENISSSHHH!!!!!!! what is genissssh?
its a sound... not really a 'thing'... and sometimes they get all excited and just come on out of nowhere and i'm all 'hey! what the hell is going on?'

The Pilsbury Dough boy has infected someone at my school and i have gone up to everyone and poked their tummy and so far i get no responses, except peoeple hitting me. how can i find the pilsbury dough boy?
turn up the heat and look for the person that starts to turn brown and get really big and smell really good and now i'm hungry and want to eat his stupid little head off

is it true that if you eat ice you are sexualy deprived?
no but it is true that if someone spends all their time thinking about sex then the odds are they'll never stop whacking off infront of computer long enough to actually have sex

Do you eat ice?
no i don't like ice

Is it all baout me or are you just doin this for fun to annoy me and my legs?
if you think i derive any sort of entertainment from this then you're correct

How Do You Eat An Oreo?
i shove it in my mouth, chew it, then swallow (unless i choose to spit it out at someone)

boo. were you scared? - Fido Dido
normally i would say yes, but i'd be lying

is there something bothering you or is it you just dont want to talk to me?~mooomooo
you are bothering me when you were doing that thing but then you stopped and it was alright again

one time i had a great sock monkey named TB and then it ran away. what did i do wrong?~Mooomoo
you should have named it TSTB

my... you have red lips, did you go in for liposuction?~MoooMooo
no i didn't they are naturally red and shiny

am i on your mailing list? are those that are already on it, the first bit of their email address? (ie the bit before the @)- Fido Dido
yes you're on it i think... i'm not sure whats going on with that... most of us are in denial about the whole thing and don't want to accept responsibility for actually doing it each month

I want a tatto. What should I get and where should I get it?
you should get something that is custom drawn by you or a friend and get it somewhere where you feel comfortable with it... find a good place to go to and its worth the extra cost in most cases to get someone who is really good

How do I fake an orgasm?
just fake all the stuff you do when you have one for real

What the hell is the good question award a picture of?
it's a dino head... or bird head... or something... i'm not sure

Ohgr is god. We should all worship him. Dont you agree?
no i don't feel like worshipping anyone

Have you ever drunk to much and woke up in a hospital?
yes but then again... i'm allergic to alcohol

How do I figure out if my boyfriend is an ax murderer?
ask him and if he says yes or kills you with an ax, then he is

How many colors are there in a rainbow if you are colorblind?
same as there if you weren't color blind, you just can't see them all

What do I do if I wake up next to someone whose name I dont remember?
push them out of the bed, or leave, or just ask them... names are pretty much irrelevant

Have you ever been wrong? - Mzebonga
yes... many times

I'm not a meerkat and I say I'm better than you!! So, why don't you take your fetid, little, queer-ass boots and your thumbless hands and go be a stooge for the cats? I shall walk amongst cats and meercats as an equal. Oh, and you know I'm never coming back? - Mzebonga
thumbless hands... hmmm... i never noticed that before... good thing i have my tail... never coming back? never?

of course i hit the fucking send button properly! it wouldnt go onto the next screen if i didnt hit it. i think its sanimals fault. beat him. please? - Fido Dido
for you... sure

If the cats shall inheret the earth then, where does that leave the mice? And does this mean the meow mix song will become the national athem? LOVE LIVED BAXTOR --Mistofflies
the mice can finish up their little experiment and then leave like planned and the dancy version of the meowmix song will be the anthem

do u think clowns r scary?
i think they're insane when done properly

can sock monkeys dance?
some of us can... others like myself can't

do u like.....spoons?
um... sometimes

i get drunk and i forget stuff. i wake up and there is piss all over the floor. why do the toilets float when i get drunk?
when you are drunk the toilets aren't there at ALL... and try using those adult diapers to solve the whole 'piss on the floor' problem

Do you ever get sick of people asking you dumb questions thinking that they are very funny?
sometimes yes... but other times no.... today i had to answer 55 questions... 55!

What do you do for exercise rather than sit on your FAT sock monkey ASS and answer these ridiculous fucking questions?
i chase my cat, itch my ass, play with myself and hang from the curtian rod

I sit on my FAT cellulite pimply hairy rotten wrinkled ASS watching t.v. (mostly real world re-runs) all day what do you do when you have the t.v craving?
i don't really crave tv and when i do i watch a movie or something... i try not to watch a lot of tv because it's all bullshit

What's the average pay rate for computer techs these days? Is there any way I can con them out of twice that without them finding out? -gone postal
that depends on what you know and where you are working... anywhere from 10 to 75 an hour... or maybe more as a consultant... and i'm assuming you're just talking a strictly hardware technician

when is the last time you gave out a good question award?
its been quite some time... i give it out to those that make me laugh or just need to have an award... none have done either yet so still no awards

How come your news&updated sign only flashes 3 times?
anything more then that would just be annoying

lets eat rice together, ok?
no i'm sick of rice

Why did Mzebonga rip off my Bangor question? Can I smack him with an old fire hydrant?
yes you may if he agrees to have it taped for this site and not his

Did you ever burp and taste something you're positive you never ate? I did, and I must say that's pretty fucked up.
yes and it is quite fucked up... especially when you burp up little chunks of stuff you don't remember eating but it tastes good so you chew it and swallow it again

Some guy told me that the moon is inhabited by all kinds of sock puppets. Is this your homeland?
he's thinking of another moon... and no i'm not from there... i'm a solarian

I want to commit random acts of stupidity and promote senseless dumbassness. Where do I start?
start at the next family event you have to go to, or the next time you go grocery shopping

Am i related to the muffin man who lives on drury lane? Becauses i live in an underground muffin world.- The MUFFIN KING
well perhaps you share a common ancestor but thats about it... you live in completely different worlds

a few weeks before kristmas break, this kid on the bus was trying to play bloody knuckles with me...well i was getting irritated so i bitch slapped him, then he tried to break my hand and pull my hair......... why are people like that to me...? Why me?
you have a 'kick me' sign stuck to your back... take it off and everything will be fine

where was the mighty sock monkey born?
in ontario canada... but i was made in the bahamas... went there with dad... came back with mom

almighty DC... answer this for me?
yes you may send me all your money now

did you let the bodies hit the floor or are you just down with some kind of sickness?
a little bit of both... mostly me eating the dead bodies though

DC I need some help with a problem. In my town there's this weird guy. All he ever does all day every day is walk his dog and then stand on the side of the road yelling at cars. I don't mind it, but sometimes he yells at me when I drive by. What should I do? Should I run him over? Should I smack his head through the pavement? Should I get the fuck out of New England and go back to Philly? What would you do in a situation like this?
yell back and if he throws dead squids at your window then run him over... and normally in that kind of situation, i am the one on the road screaming at the cars

perhaps fark.com would like the article about giving your roommate hell, or the driving test one. will you try? please? -seth
well i'll see what we can do... we can't force them this week as we are busy... perhaps next week we'll send them some broken twigs in the mail to make our point

Is this a kind of magic? - Mzebonga
yes.. that spooky kind with the fake cobwebs and green fruit punch

if you have powdered water what do you add?
your spit...

if i freaked out and beat you with a candlestick, would you be in the library?
most likely yes i would be in there

i've eaten 18 potatos so far and i think i'm getting full how many have you eaten at once and are you full?
3... and yea i'm pretty full right now

do u like books? do u read books? what book r u reading now?
yes books rock... of course... and plato's republic

disco sucks... and do you know disco stu?
disco stu doesn't advertise... and anyone who watches the simpsons knows him

do you have dirty hands?
no i washed them before i ate

How many languages do you speak? McDiablo
i speak english & sockmonkian... i know a bit of french but not enough to count

i see dead people? -The X
so do i once i've dug them up and danced around with them

where do i start? where did it end and is it over yet?!-The X
start here... it hasn't eneded so no it's not over yet...

are those gloves up to your elbows or is that just a really long finger?-The X
they're up to my elbows... and i'm willing to give you a full rectal examination with them too

why will you NOT answer any more questions about photosynthesis and/or the effect of light/color on plants? what is wrong with plants? i murder plants.-The X
i had way too many questions about it and so i got fed up and put an end to it... and yes i kill plants too... even those stupid fake ones that they claim can't die

can you give em the stinky but hole award? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese! :-)
since you want it so bad and i'm feeling generous... sure

Do you ever get tired of answering all 2 billion of fido didos questions?
well he hasn't quite asked 2 billion but when he hits that then i'm sure i will be

Why do so many @ssholes ask so many dum ass questions? ? ? *G* i mean they r not stupid they're just DUM
well your question hasn't exactly brought on a good question award

can you hide nothing when you eat at the middle of the wide area of what you can't see at all?
i have found that a personal cloaking system works well

OH MY JESUS FUCK.........my ass hurts from sticking a big stick of pot in my ass to smuggle it....what relives the pain? What do you recommend to do?.....-Asterz
i reccommend that from now on you don't put a big stick of pot in your ass... break it into a smaller piece first, and send that other bits to me

how come everyone runs away from me when i try to talk to them?
your breath is quite offensive... learn to use a toothbrush or start chewing some gum to mask the stench

still hurts man.....i got some more to smuggle!!!-asterz
just send it to me and you won't have to worry about it anymore

you have 2 different color socks. where did santa come from?-moomooo
yes i do and santa came from the imaginations of some people to lie to thier kids for awhile

I HAte you DC! Why is that?
you're confused in a world where everyone is smarter then you... it's ok... maybe you can catch up

hey dc...how about Friday night... you and me... all night long
yeaaaaa... i'll be waiting with my boots on and nothin else

whats some kinky stuff to do with your boyfreind? i already tried feathers and chocolate and handcuffs...what else is there?
i don't have a boyfriend... if i did then i would use handcuffs to cuff him to the bed, then go steal all his money

The dance version of meow mix thats fablious! Is Morris the cat a icon to you and is garflied a greater icon?--Mistofflies
morris and i had a falling out but i respect his work... and garfeild rocks... especially the way he kicks otis's ass

Do you think people really even landed on the moon?
i certianly hope so... stupid humans bickering on the earth about stupid shit... we need to get the hell off the planet... hell i'm offering to become a 'spacer' and i'll gladly go to solaria to live out my extended life with robots

have you ever thought of gettting off your FAT lazy ASS and going out to do something besides this website that seems to be controlling your life ?
yes but then the police told me to go home 'or else'

Would you be pleased if i shoved my FAT hairy smelly ASS in your face and queefed in your mouth?
today i wouldn't but maybe tomorrow... all this talk about fat asses is getting me excited

What should i do to stop my FAT pimply infested flaking flabby ASS from itching its like i have athletes foot on my bum could it be from the time i rubbed my butt all over the locker room shower floor?
i would reccomend cleaning it... get a friend or family member to hose your ass down with a garden hose and if that doesn't work then get some industrial cleaner with the plastic scrubbies in it and scrub scrub scrub

do you like FAT rancid ASS?
i'm beginning to... for some reason i keep thinking about it

What does a question need to have in order to receive the Good Question Award?? McDiablo
well if it makes me laugh then it gets one... or if it's a witty orginal one... or just something that i hadn't thought of before... there has to be some thought to it or sometimes my answer is just so damn good that i give the person an award to trick you all into reading my answer

were can i get itv monkey screensaver
i don't know but when you find out then let me know

Why does life suck so bad?
well to begin with, being human always sucks... beyond that then it may suck because you're doing stupid sucky things that make your life suck... if not then i blame the tv, the media, the meat, society, my parents, your parents, that family of 8 down the street, the nesting patterns of crows and the neverending sound of chimes

what would you do if a fat woman dominatrix-laden boot master told you to eat it!?
well if it's leather then i'd have to say no... i'm sure that it counts as meat

dc, you havnt given out any good question awards lately. why? is it because your standards are getting higher, or your just becoming more of a prick then you already were?...be carefull, youll turn into sanimal.
i too have been wondering if it is just me becoming pickier but i honestly don't think anyone has really deserved one... and the sanimal remark was uncalled for... don't make me hurt you

Why are people suggesting you get linked on fark.com? Everyone knows Fark sucks ass. People suck.
everyone always sucks... and i'm not sure... it's not that great...

what's your favorite amino acid? valine? alanine? leucine?? which one!!!! quickly!!! marissa.
i don't really have one since that falling out about the humans... so i have no answer

when are you gonna git off ur stank monkey ass anden answer the questions....?
well i have to sit down at my pc so i finally sat down to answer the questions instead of getting off my ass from where i was before so blah to you

Have you ever shit yourself? - Fergus O'dimbal
when i was a small sock monkey i did... other then that... not too much in the last few years

What do you do when a Jehovah's Witness knocks on your door? - BrainLiquor
they don't knock at my door and if they did then i would either ignore them or close the door once they told me who they were

Has anyone ever spanked you? - BrainLiquor
yes... but only because i asked them to... and paid them to

In the words of Beavis: "Dammit, dammit sonofabitch. Dammit, dammit, sonofabitch. SONOFABITCH!" What do you think of that, monkey man?
i think beavis is funny and that was cool

Do you want to come and get it like a bitch funky sex machine? - BrainLiquor
well i'd prefer if you brought it to me but if i HAVE to come there then fine

have you ever braided your palm hair?
no i usually comb it over my hands to cover my thinning fur

i just tampered with the tag on a matress. will i go to prison like my imaginary sock monkey did for 20 years?-The X
yes you will... but me answering this is irrelevant since by the time i answer they will have already taken you far far away to probe your ass with sitcks

what do you think of slint?
i vote 'no'

if you could fuck two celebrities (one male, one female) who would they be? -seth
hmmm... angelina jolie (yes sally i'll send her to you afterwards) and jon davis so that after i fuck him a few times he might actually start producing good angry music again

Why don't eskimos eat penguins?
well i'm not sure but somehow i think that penguins are in the south while the eskimos are in the north but then again i'm just a sock monkey so whatever

why doesnt the sky fall down? whats keeping it up there? could it fall down at any moment? is the government doing anything about this impending doom? do the planes damage the sky? should i live in an underground bunker? why is it that blue colour? why does it change colour? does the colour give any indication of the altitude of the sky? does going into space create holes? whats with night? where does the sky go? - Fido Dido
if i answered any of your questions then i would be forced to harm you using paperclips and 'teach yourself to tango in 20 days' videos... so just keep your damn mouth shut, don't look up and everything will be FINE

Whats the point of people even getting mad about stuff? it just wastes time and energy , for instance my mom was in wal mart and they had only one cash register open and she bitched the whole time she was in line the line didnt move any faster what do you think of people getting mad about stuff?.............im a hypocrit im bitching about bitching
sometimes its fun to bitch... you know... fills the time... annoys others... causes small riots... next time join in

No shit, right?
yea pretty much

Would you ever stand upside down with your head in a bucket of piranah fish?
no i wouldn't but i would pay someone to do so for my personal enjoyment

my girlfriend has this bitch for a bestfriend, who is always backstabbing her but she can't see it! tell this girl what the hell she should do?
she should wake the hell up and ditch that friend or you ditch the chick cuz she will always be surrounded by these morons so break free while you can

In the beginning, before humans, God made Adam. Okie dokie, whatever. Did Adam have a belly button? What about Eve?
they were actually tape worms so neither had them

Did you ever get drunk backstage at the ballet and do something incredibly gay?
only once and i learnt my lesson... leotards are not for sock monkeys...

What is the unified field theory?
well you have a unified field... instead of a conflicting one... and then you have a unified field

One time I was walking through the woods and I saw a goat. Cool, huh? - BrainLiquor
well once i was in the forest and saw a swamp that had a big fish in it and then a crocidille came and suddenly it wasn't a branch anymore so then it was just too much and i woke up

What do you plan to do about the shotage of hot Gwasabie Tune that has been plagueing the world latly?--Mistofflies
orginally i had planned to stack up all my books to see how high i could get them before they fell over but the dust would be kinda annoying so i have decided that by eating thinnly cut pieces of cheese every few hours that it will surely bring peace and happiness to all involved

i didnt want to have an addiction problem, so i've been smoking toothpics, and its a great stress reliever. You should try it?
i don't enjoy sucking on burrning wood bits... well not anymore at least

Every time my 80 year old Aunt Betty comes over, she looks at the coffee table and yells "That'll do, Midget!" What the fuck is wrong with her?
nothing... you see there is a midget that follows her around and sometimes it makes rude comments about you... so she gives it shit and then it stops... you should say 'thanks aunt betty' the next time she defends you

Have you found Jesus? If so, where the hell was he? Some weirdo with a bible keeps asking me if I found Jesus? Did they lose him or something? - BrainLiquor
no i haven't... then again i haven't seen the easter bunny either so maybe they're just good at hiding like unicorns

WHere have all the flowers gone? - BrainLiquor
flowers? i didn't see any... you must be dreaming

Where have all the honest weed sellers gone? - BrainLiquor
they're chillin in their basements watching dvds

What pisses you off the most? What do you do when you're pissed off?
stupidity and i do a variety of things depending on the location and available props

why was bacon invented?-The X
it was discovered when someone ran over a dead pig with a lawnmower and slices fell into the bbq

are you a fan of ICP? arnt those serial killer clowns just ... insane?
well i have a few of their mp3s and i don't hate them... they definenately get insanity points for the clown outfits though

if i was sane would things be as fun? are we truely the "insane" ones who are supposedly unfit for society but we (i) am not the one was that is out to put my best face on and try to impress everyone. Are we really the insane ones?- The X
well in our 'reality' then no we're the sane people and the rest are insane... sane becomes the majority for the state but the same isn't true to for the individual, as our definition of 'insane' is their definition of 'insanity' so then its more a case of perspective instead of labels such as insane or sane...

you say that you require great amounts for sexual favors but would you accept very small amounts of money for not so sexual favors such as...haveing oral sex with a blender or wall?-The X
in cases in which i would harm myself, i require even greater amounts of money, and if they are harmful and sexual then even more money required... basically i just want lots of money so give it to me

how does asprin work? -The X
well first you ground it up and then you shove it all in your mouth and then you swish it around your mouth and then you chew and swallow

I'm back online after the big move. I'm very much enjoying my new house and so is my cat Angelina. She has settled in well. One question about the cat ,when we go outside she sits at the door and meows how can we stop her doing that? She isn't allowed outside because the cat haven from where we got her said she has stay inside. Sally
she'll learn that she can't go outside... maybe get a screen door so she can smell the air still and hear you

Do you care? I don't. - Mzebonga
i did once but then i stopped cuz it started to suck

Do you believe people who have it should give some to the people who don't? That is unless it's a disease or something coz that would be unfair. But maybe wealth is a disease. What do you think? Do you think? - Mzebonga
yes i do depending on different thigns... and things like diseases are intentionally given away... it just happens and no i don't think at all

Do you think Sock Monkies taste better sauteed or fricaseed? - Flabba the Slut
deep fried

Ii it true that the Canadian Government is secretly altering the genetic make-up of a regular dung beatle to make a new killer army of Canadian Dung Beatles?--InsaneLane
no but i'll tell them your idea

why do Dildo's only come in even sizes i.e 6, 12, 36 inches etc.???
no one wants to be fucked by an odd dildo... they're just too unprediciable

One of the funniest jokes I heard came from my grandma ("What was the last thing Tickle Me Elmo received before leaving the factory?? Test Tickles!). Who told you you're funniest joke?? McDiablo
i'm not really into jokes but probably the funniest person to me is denis leary

What would be the first thing you'd think of if a teacher said your "stick is bigger than everyone elses'"?? McDiablo
i'd say 'damn straight' and i'd think that maybe he'll give me some money

Are the stinky monkey butts yours or do they belong to other monkies? And if they do, what happens to the rest of monkey who dedicates his butt to your website? Is there a surplus of unused stinky monkey heads out there? Or do McDonalds put them in their burgers? - Mzebonga
they're all mine and try not to lick the screen so much...

Will you please come back? i miss you. - EmprissNikon
you mean i shouldn't jump off this ledge... hmmmm...

Why on packets of peanuts does it say 'Caution! May contain nuts!'? - Witto
they don't want you to be surprised when there are peanuts in the bag

Why have I chosen today to start asking you questions again? Witto
today is the day... it just is... just go with it

My mum's knitting me a monkey, should I have buttons for the eyes, or proper stuffed toy eye things? Witto

How do u have sex
its easier if i just show you

Why is my teacher Mr Mellor so fucked up in the head? Does he have a life?
he was pelted in the head with frozen lemons one day and no he doesn't

Do u hear voices what do they say
they told me not to tell you

will the leafs choke in the Playoffs, again?
well if we go according to history then a resounding yes is the answer... but ask a leaf fan and history will show they'll say 'this year they'll do it!' then blame lousy defense when they choke again

why did the chicken not cross the road? i mean, the other chicken, not the one that crossed the road, we all know what happened there (her lawyers are currently making an appeal). why has this serious matter of chicken bystanders not been fully addressed? more should be done to combat this road-side menace. how can we, the insane public, help? - Fido Dido
send your money to me and i will begin an impartial investigation into this and bring you the truth no matter how hard the government may wish to suppress me

Why won't you update? Silly ass monkey.
i did and do update damnit... you think i'll just do what you say in the hopes that you'll touch my tail?

Why is George W Bush a corporate puppet? Witto
yes but then again most of you humans in north america are

If you were a superhero, and had to choose between the ability to fly at the speed of sound or become invisible any time you wanted, which would you choose for your superpower?
well if i was able to fly around and then fly out into space a the speed of sound then that would be fun but thats still not all that fast in the grand scheme of things... so i'll choose to have a second tail instead as my superpower even though it doesn't do anything special so its not really a super power

Why are you 'stoned' when you've been smoking, when that used to mean having stones chucked at you. Why isn't it weeded or something like that instead?
well you get a bit dazed afterwards in both cases but i'm not sure why that term is used... perhaps we should begin having stoners throw rocks at each other and see if they can come up with an answer

Why does the 10 O 'clock news never come on at exactly 10? It's usually a couple of minutes past.
they want to see how much they can lie to you before you decide to stop watching them

even when you answer my questions, you dont even firggin answer them, dammit. why is everyone out to get me? do i need a shrink? - Fido Dido
everyone is always out to get everyone else... and in your case it's because you keep doing that thing with the plastic animals... you know what i'm talking about... and a shrink will just tell you lies and make you look at ink blots that resemble corpses all the time

I used to sponser a gifted 30lb deutsch hamster named Herr Jurgen. Every day he would ask me the same question over and over again, 'Wie gehts, Frau Heidi, wie gehts!?'. Everyday I would reply 'Sehr Gut, und du?!' and he would just laugh a horrible snickering laugh and rub his grubby paws together in a sinister fashion. This worries me much for I know not where I would locate another Intelligent, gifted 30lb Deutsch hamster. He might be bitter for I got him in a blackmarket transaction. I owed a man a lot of money and in favor I took this beautiful creature off his hand... I soon grew to love Herr Jurgen. In any case, I'm at a loss when it comes to figuring him out.. I think he might do something dreadful!! He keeps taking the bleach and I no not where he's storing it... He just snickers and mutters under his breath 'Schlafen Sie jehts!'... another thing, I think he might be giving sexual favors to the neighbors who are avid dope conusuers in exchange for some KB or Ernie... does this call for counseling? and intervention? Should I be concerned about this behavior? My boyfriend's not satisfying in bed and I find myself wanting more all the time, should I dump him and search for a stallion that can keep up? Please, bitte, helph mich, ich wisse nicht was machen! ciao, Heidi Wissensehr
well i'm not sure what the non-english bits say but as for your 30lb deutsch hamster, i recommend those cat-houses they have in pet stores... they are large and made from wood & carpet... create spots around your house for it to call it's own and feed it daily, stop buying bleach and just deal with stains, no couseling is needed for the sexual favors as i need to have my daily fix and i say you ditch that guy and get yourself another one... and this time make sure he's smart too

why is it that when you talk to people they always say (like).examples=its LIKE yellow.oh God your LIKE ugly.LIKE no.humm its LIKE.why do you LIKE.humm i dont know its like blue. see why do people use thsi word why cant they use another one?
like i have no idea what you're like talking about... like whatever

Two butterflies are flying at a top speed of 30 mi/hr, eins blau und eins rot, each one is waving at you with a fixed smile and gleaming razor sharp teeth that glitter in the sun. One of these butterflies is counting, eins, zwei, drei und so on... as they fly. You yell, hey, speak fucking american bitch! The blau one turns towards you at 45 degrees south going the same speed of 30 mi/hr and sinks it's pearly sharp chompers into your shoulder which has just been stitched up from another previous sinister butterfly attach... what kind of cure would you advice for avoiding the repitition of this situation, omitting of course the rude commentary to the butterfly. Freedom of speech is vital, perhaps I should be more tactful.
i see no question here... you're FIRED

Will the Eagles beat the Rams?
um no the dinosaur will

Why can't human males lick their balls like dogs? - Mzebonga
are you sure you humans can't? have you tried?

i need a paragraph on the theme :"going insane" can you help me write the paragraph?
going insane is more of a way of life then a trip you take. putting items in plastic bags and organizing them on the street or making dolls out of hair is considered insane by some but it's just a way of life for others... what is so wrong with either thing really? it's a way of being creative but when the walls begin to shapeshift into eyes to stare at you and tell you to remove your bones then perhaps it's not quite as fun anymore and that way of life sucks but one time that beach ball was all bouncy until it blew away but it was only a few dollars anyways

can i stand on my nose?
yes of course

I've started cutting holes in my Sock Monkey's, now they are cosy Cock Monkey's. Can I sell them on your site?? $69.69 Poptart
absolutely... however a few demonstrations may be needed and of course i'll have to try it myself... can the tails be used as fuck monkeys too for those who wish some anal pleasure or of course for chicks

i have found evidence of shocking sock monkey abuse! on gamefaqs, on the boards, in random insanity, several people have posted disturbing acts of sock monkey abuse, i tried to stop it but it keeps happening. what can i do to stop this? what can we, as responsible inmates of insanity, do? is there a sock monkey abuse helpline? yours-worried-for-the-safety-of-sock-monkeys-online-ly - Fido Dido
send your money to us and we will take care of it... however you can raise awareness in your community by distrubuting posters, wearing informational pins, handing out stickers and of course, talent shows... you CAN make a difference

would you eat out a strawberry pie and why?
no because i don't want to

wha da difference bitween da tarded or da retarded pleez tell uhhh asap (hard to spel and speek)
the difference is mostly the spelling and the slight color blending

when are you going to stop answering questions I would like a date please!
a date? are you going to pay me? will you put out? can i have some food? will you rub my back?

Would you mean this please if it happens?
i would mean that if it did then what i did would happen

Almighty DC, I must know...is the glass half empty or half full?? McDiablo
its mostly empty... but you'll end up hitting it and then it will be completely empty as well as big mess

What are your views on vampires and their place in society? -gone postal
well some of them are ok if they choose to take out the stupid... those who just dress up like vampires and talk about blood are among those who should be killed by a real one... beyond that i think they fit well into society and that it is the girl scouts that we should be scared of

Yes, I tried, and I fell of the sofa and knocked myself out on the coffee table. Now I'm going to sue you for suggesting that I do it. - Mzebonga. (Erm... just so there's a question... Is it green?)
no it's not green and i've suggested many times to send me money yet you haven't... so what the hell?

I once knew someone who got drunk off of Butter Rum flavoured LifeSavers. How is that possible?? McDiablo
your friend is stupid... very stupid

If you had a time machine and a plate of mashed potatoes, what would you do? - BrainLiquor
well i'd eat those mashed potatoes before they got cold... then i'd start travelling around in time... maybe see the dinosaurs... make sure the humans either wipe themselves out or populate the planets out there

Did you ever numb somebody's head and make them eat their own brain?
once but then they got upset and threw carrots at me

I know this kid who rides the Short Bus to school. What rhyme can I use to taunt him?
i'm no good at rhyming so too bad for you... how about you just do insane dances

Is the world a Ghetto, aight?-Hearty Tarty
um ok

Are u eva gonna quit yo jibba jabba?-Mr.T
if you pay me to do something else then sure

Can someone be allergic to mayonaise?
i'm sure they can

why is the internet so fucking slow today? - Fido Dido
i blame the sun as well as that book i haven't gotten around to reading

If God made us who made God.
humans made god and then pretended he made them

cant u feel like u felt like before? cant you face anything anymore? are there any more songs i can deface, defile, and defacate? - Fido Dido
you could try the song laredo

crescent fresh. huh? wtf happened to all the good questions? i think sanimal is secretly hiding all the good questions that people ask and using them himself. i think we should beat sanimal, the mayhaps kill him. or tie him to a passing ice-cream van. or lorry. or plane. yeah, plane. what do you think? what do you think about the scenario posed by this so-called "question"? - Fido Dido
i agree... harm him greatly... make him cry...

Why should I ask a question? - Mzebonga
so you can win fabulous cash and prizes... oh no... that's not this website... hmmm

that thing with the plastic animals is perfectly natural, they told me they want it, how can i refuse them? - Fido Dido
try distracting them with peanut butter and tales of the sea

craaaaazy pictures. one might call them insane. in fact i will. insane pictures. insane pictures of people. people in cars. people doind things. could we please have a link to that page? thankyouver'much. - Fido Dido
what page? the insane people page?

daddy warbux. who? anti-flag. stop promoting them. i dont. you do. oh, ok. i keep having arguments with myself. no i dont. how can i stop this? i dont want to stop. i do. i dont. bloody hell, i'm such a twat. how dare you! please help me. - Fido Dido & Fido Dido
i suggest some therapy... try having hot baths too

Do you know how to silence those damn voices in your head?? McDiablo
sometimes screaming helps... but then the awful awful silence makes you beg them to come back

Would you date a female sock monkey who was taller than you?? McDiablo
sure... height is irrelevant unless we're talking about a 12 foot or more difference

We do have a screen for the door I think shes jealous that we are outside and she isn't ,the cat I mean? Sally
she probably is because she is an animal... and remember that most cat diseases are spread through the air so be careful when other cats come around to the screen... maybe a leash/harness?

Does Mrs E. have ears?
yesterday and today she did... but who knows about tomorrow

Howz life being a sock monkey?
well it's ok most of the time... my tail is most delightful

do you prefer Buffy or Dark Angel?
i prefer neither but i wouldn't turn either down to their faces cuz they'd kick my ass

is there anyone greater then you? I know I cant find anyone!
well no not really... so just send me some money... someone will SOMEDAY

Do you think Hot Topics needs a section for cats??--Mistofflies
i think that maybe we should have a section here one day for cats

So you're saying we should take out the Girl Scouts too? Can I go for Barney while I'm at it? -gone postal
yes but get barney first... he deserves it more

How do you know? The answers to everything i mean?
i just know that i know... and if i don't then i either don't care or find out the answer so i do know... you know sometimes people hand you books and you're all 'well fine i'll read them' and then you read them and they're good books and you know that they think you're the bad mouse when you're not... you're the smart mouse who just needed to smarten up and get things going... and that other book has grown men arguing at length about the meaning of life and how the state should be run and what they say makes sense but still it could never happen because you stupid little humans like to dislike each other and anytime a human is involved then that means chaos... so just who is to say what is right for me... and who am i to tell you the answers to anything... all i am doing is offering my idea of the answer is and then you evaluate my answer and use it to alter your idea of right... now send me money

...so you're saying that, actually, everyone has knees? oh right. - Fido Dido
not everyone... sometimes people are born without them... same goes with manners, noses and baby toes

how do you earase web adresses on a computer?
well if you're using ms internet explorer then go to your history folder, or press ctrl+H and you can delete your history... now if you're at work or somewhere where they monitor your internet usage then they are doing that server-side and you're screwed unless you sleep withthe network administrator

on the drinking game, you say you have a list of rules you've used before. where are they? - Fido Dido
that was to be linked to a page where all the rules we had used were... but for some reason no one could remember what those rules were cuz no one was sober while playing... then one of us forgot to take out that line on the page... we have done so now though... you always seem to be the one to see these things... so you get a head for taking the time to actually read most of our site... and for those who demand they get heads for reading this site just have to show they have done so as well or shut up

do you have any pics of umpa loompas
not since the internet gnomes stole them

Why do strangers have the best candy? - The X
because it's free and you don't know where it's been

The last time i did what billy told me to do, i ate a light socket. i nearly blead to death and died of electricution but my question is, should i do it again? and who the hell is billy anyway? - The X
i think that you should not do it again... but if billy talks you into it then tape it and send it to me

This one time, at sock moneky camp, i stuck a sausage up a sock moneky. he demaned large amounts of money but i didnt pay him. i soon felt his wrath. would you demonstrate similar tortures if not paid? - The X
yes... i also reccomend using a potato peeler to remove all their skin then spray them with lemon juice

Would you say you work to selfish ends or are you a giving person? - Mzebonga
it depends really... i give to those i feel deserve it and the rest are irrelevant

do british people eat hotdogs?
i'm not sure... why don't you email them all and find out?

what do you do when wild baboons attack your house and take your cat?
well first you scream, then you strip down and offer to mate with the baboons to distract them so your cat can run away to safety

hmmmm, new month soon. i better knucle down, and do some revision for those insane questionnaires and what ifs...? oh, and ta for inviting me into that insane group thingy. i take you've decided on the name for that new part of theinsanedomain? what was the outcome? - Fido Dido
well the questions have been updated... just not the what ifs yet... we have named it running rampant at my.theinsanedomain.com

yes, i would like to think i have read & seen every single part of this site. can i have a special award? my mum says i'm special. so do those nice people at the hospital. i get my own room. the walls are padded. <grin> oh wow! i got legs! do you have legs? - Fido Dido
you have not prooved it so no award for you... i think i have legs but i can't feel them right now

yes you are

hey asshole who died and made you a genius there is nothing worse than a half-wit answering questions from other half-wits. if you don't like me flatulating near your desk move your desk i fart where i please
many people have died to enable my existance

Ok do you feel Winona Ryder was dumb for stealing stuff and gettin caught or clever for not getting caught untill now?--Mistofflies
i think it's dumb that anyone cares... punish her as you would anyone else and get over it

It is actually snowing in Vancouver!! Why does it continue to snow? When will it stop?? Do you hate snow as much as I do??? McDiablo
well that's what happens sometimes in vancouver... it will stop within a month... and yes... we have some ice right now and it sucks

if someone emails you and ends it by saying 'remember, rainbows don't grow on trees', what does it mean? - from Vegetable Rights Foundation
it means that they thought that was pretty witty and wanted to try to impress you with it...

dear DC, you seem to love money alot. so, if i paid you a lot of money, would you do anything i wanted you to (even if it involves my excrement and your mouth??)
well i wouldn't do that... and there are a few other things i wouldn't do... send me your list and a down payment... we'll talk

the opposite of host in an animal is?

Xtc...can this make you go insane? Just wondering, because I'm sane, and I wanna keep my sanity lol
you have to go insane naturally or you're just a fake insane person...

what the hell is wrong with me? my mom and dad were perfect. -Vegetable Rights Foundation
they LIED! your whole life has been a lie...

if you see Bob Dylan and you go up to him for an autograph and he says, "fuck off you fool, I'm not dylan", what do you say to him? of course the course of action would be to fuck off but what do i say to him..?
say "can you sign my ass with your tongue?"

Do you like oatmeal? Not as a food but as a weapon.

Can you lend me $100?
no.... i need you to send ME money

Who the hell ever said doctors knew everything?
no one i know

What would you do if you were attacked by a Dalek?
i'd scream then fling chalk at it

What's the big idea anyway?
if i told you then you couldn't handle it and your head would explode

Are you going to do "idiot training" on how to actually get into your piece of shit Yahoo Group given that I recieved two e-mails from you about joining and gratefully accepted, then I found out that the bloody place wouldn't accept any form of login. Frankly, Yahoo! are corporate pigs and I can't believe you sold out to them, but if you are going to have a Yahoo! Group, I would like to at least be able to sign in and bitch openly about how shit Yahoo Groups are. - Mzebonga
yea i know yahoo sucks big corporate ass... but we had to put up something for the whiny people out there... so there it is until we can get our own done by those so-called programmers

is it true that sheep go to heaven and goats go to hell?
whoever told you that was just mean

Dear DC, why do people say 'bottoms up' when they drink? someone told me it is because when you say that it usually means you drink a large amount of alcohol, get so drunk and have upside-down orgies. Is this true? If it isn't, what's the real story behind it?
that is the correct story

have you heard of the arrogant worms? if you have, what do you think about them and their love for winnebagos?
yes i have and quite frankly i'm outraged... those damn worms think they own the place and let me tell you they DON'T... so when you see one you just tell it to shut the hell up and go home before you piss on it

you have luscious red lips. what do you eat/do to get them this way?
i suck on strawberries... unless you have a better idea

Do you enjoy yogurt? -Rhenoa
not really... i stay away from dairy foods

are there such things as monkeysocks? i beleive Grimmkaos was/is one. what do they look like? - Fido Dido
i refuse to aknowledge their existance... may they all burn in hell... that's right... BURN IN HELL

someone asking so many questions it became an interview... this was submitted as ONE entry...

do you like the tick? spoon. - Fido Dido
no i hate him and want his dead blue bloated ass to be flung into the sun

hows it she knows, she knows, she knows, she knows? - Fido Dido
she just knows

Anyway, my cat just gave birth to three of the cutest little kittens you ever saw. My cat, Mitze (it's a stupid fucking name but anyways..), already has a name, so, i need help with naming her 3 kittens. Myself and I just can't seem to agree on anything suggested... I'll describe the kittens to you: number one is black and white like a Fresian cow, with a long black tail. number two is pure white with a curly tail like a piglet. number three is dark brown but striped like a little tiger and a long tail. I hope you can help me with this problem. ps: i'll have photos of them up soon i'll send the address to you if you want.. -Vegetable Rights Foundation
well usually i give my cats real people names... my cats name is Anastasia... Ana for short... so decide on what kind of personality they have and give them a name based on that... and just so i provide a bit of help (you didn't tell me their sex)... i personally like the following names for cats... Jerry, Blue, Storm, Spaz, Eddie, Scooter, Monkey

If the plural of goose is geese, why isn't the plurl for moose meese? If the plural for tooth is teeth, then why isn't one booth two beeth?
well you see the english language is just stupid at times... the english language has adapted many words from other languages... so get used to english not making sense... apparently it is the hardest language to learn as well

Why do they say 'sweetmeats' for bread and 'sweetbreads' for meat?
i've never heard of those terms... so i have no idea...

I think I'll believe in Gosh instead of God. If you don't believe in Gosh too, you'll be darned to heck.
well then i'm going straight to heck

Click...click...boom! money shot. what dos that mean>?
well it means that you were playing a game and you made the shot... bravo for you... now send me some money

how can i prove that i've read/seen all of this fantastic site? mayhaps in my.theinsanedomain.com you could have a contest bit? or a challenge? or summat. i eagerly await my.theinsanedomain.com. all hail the Cats! - Fido Dido
well perhaps we'll set up a contest... we're actually looking into setting up an ebay store to sell insane things... what do you freaks think of that?

Of course my last entry wasn't a question, It was meant to be at the end of all those Questions that you in an interview. Frankly, I'm disgusted. What do you have to say for yourself? - Mzebonga
i say blah blah blah to you... i'm sick as hell right now so you're lucky i'm even answering these questions!

how can i make my dick bigger jerking off
elastics... figure out what works right for you... or remove a few fingers so it just FEELS bigger

dc, i recently switched from using a pipe to blunts. i think that the nicotine from the tobacco that was in the paper soaked in, and that i'm getting addicted to it. do you think that could happen? -seth
i'm not sure... try going back to the pipe... apparently bongs are the best for you though... just save the blunts for every once in awhile

what's a good classic movie poster that would look good in my room? -seth
the birds... the time machine... what sort of movies do you like? if you're into scifi then get 2001 or something... try this place to see some posters... but go to a local store if possible to buy them... http://anubis.science.unitn.it/services/movies/

_/~~\_...i am ROBOT... hear me beep. this robot keeps following me, what can i do? - Fido Dido
well if it's daneel then stick close to him and do whatever he says... if it's giskard then do the same... if it is marvin then run away cuz all he does is whine whine whine

the only thing i havnt seen on this site is the secret of the lap-dancing sockmonkey. thats it. what is the secret? i know someone found it once. - Fido Dido
yes there is a secret to it... the secret is who the lap-dancing sockmonkey is...

Is it illegal to steal pylons and street signs??McDiablo
i think it is... especially where safety is involved... so if you must steal signs then pick ones that won't kill people... as for pylons just steal every other one

And you didn't answer my question about codswallop. Why not? - Mzbonga
codswallop? what the hell is that?

if a turtle loses its shell is it homeless or naked?
both actually... and you know we should really do something about this growing problem

Ever hear Area 877 by Mike Patton?
yes i have the mp3... i have almost everything that he does vocals on

Man! I haven't been here in what... 6..7 months? Anywho, I got a new sockmonkey. I don't know what to name it. Do you have any suggestions oh wise one? ~P.N.
welcome back... and call him jocko... post pictures in our yahoo club

What toys do cats find the most stimulating? Sally
well my cat likes pompoms... as well as those mice... and she loves tissue paper laid out on the floor... another favorite is a cloth ribbon

Why does my cat go mad at 6am in the morning? At that time she wants to claw everything but I love her still. Sally
she is a kitten and they are full of energy for awhile... my brother got a cat (named bart) and he is doing that too... if she is scratching things then get a spray bottle and fill it with water... only spray her as she's doing it so she understands

From the pic I sent you do you think my cat is a russian blue? Sally
yes it looks similar to one... they are beautiful cats... my friend had one and called it Blue

why do people say 'touch wood' when they don't want something bad to happen?
i remember reading something but that but i don't recall at the moment... it is probably a religious thing... just like crossing your fingers is

Hey DC.. i've got a question.. my mom says if i continue eating lots of sugar i will get diabetes.. but i enjoy slurpees a lot.. do you think i should quit? -Miss Rogers Sweater
if you take care of yourself, stay at a normal weight then i would think that you'd be ok...

yo wats up DC?Listen homes i fucked my girl freinds brains out.literally!!!and i wanna know how to get it back in there before anyone notices!!please help me!!!AND ANSWER QUIKLY!!!-----pimpstajimsta
use some cottonballs & qtips... that way you won't damage too much... and next time make her wear earmuffs

how do u have sex, could you please show me a couple pictures
i'll show you in person once i'm through being sick as hell... i can barely even speak right now

How do you have Sex?
many many ways... it depends on my mood, how alert i am and who's with me

Since you guys are always asking for money, what would you use it on if we actually gave some to you?? McDiablo
well first of all we'd thank you... then we'd put it towards our site in the form of paying for another few years of ownership, paying a programmer to do a few things, and perhaps start making tshirts and things for us to sell you... but of course you'd have to give us more then 5 bucks for that... if you gave us 5 bucks we'd say thanks and get some coffee before working on the site

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