Psycho is such a strong word, how about if you call me the politically correct term of sanity deprived? luv nikon
No... I think psycho fits quite well for you :)

hypothetically... if there was a Hell... would it have air conditioning? nikon
Yes, but it'd always be on the fritz.

That thing about "mypenis" is from somewhere.  I don't remember were I read it.
I knew it... we're onto that little game

What does the number 42 represent?
Many things such as how many pickles I'd like to eat right now.

Who made up the gold theory at the end of the rainbow?
Somebody... and the strange thing is that somebody believed it.

Do you get sick of answering our silly questions?
Not really.  It gives me more evidence for my thesis on insane people on the internet and the burning questions that they have.

Can I say something - Robin is stupid! Sally
Are we going to have another fight on our hands??? Children behave or you'll both be grounded and forced to hang out with your parents.  And to save Robin from writing in... I'm sure she thinks you're stupid too.  ENOUGH.

Whats your favourite pair of socks?
The rainbow ones where each toe has it's own color and it's own little toe area.

Can I rub your tail in the dark?
Yes... Just don't stop until I tell you.

Can I be your sockfriend? Sally
Sure but it will cost you.  Send money.

Where are all your peircings? Sally
I have some in my ears and that's it.  I used to have an eyebrow ring but it grew out.  I don't want any other peircings.

Whats Canada like? Sally
It's large and mostly dirt and water.

Would you go skydiving? Sally
No.  I'm insane but not that kind of insane.

What does the 's' stand for in ask DC ?s   ???
Ask DC questions.... but I used a ? mark instead.  Am I clever or what?

Why do you like pickles? Gross!!!
Cuz they are good. It's all a matter of preference.

Do you have any fetishes? Sally
Not that I am aware of yet.  So far I only know what repulses me.  Feet completely repulse me and so do pregnant chicks.

just for the sake of argument, let's say that i'm at school and i'm supposed to be working, i can't download icq, and the stupid assholes next to me won't shut up. what do i do to occupy my time besides sending stupid questions to someone who won't answer for a couple of days? nikon
Well, try doing the work.  When done with that, read.  Gather more and more knowledge until you can manipulate an "A+" without work and not have to go to class.

why dose my sock moneky keep on stealing  my purple chickens and what is he doing with them? some how he is either kidnapping them for there green eggs or killing them and i know that his little freind mr. skunk is in on it to becuase i found mr skunk trying new ways to get into  the barnyard .what should i do?
He steals them because he loves them. Don't assign species and color to love, for love knows no boundries.  As for the skunk... lay out bird feed. That will do the trick.

Robin.... she took that mypenis thing from from a joke.... i used a myass dog joke aroung school for weeks... jeez, people goot really pissed (it wasnt funny... at all)welll.... ummm not much of a question.
(sarcastic mode on) Well thank you so much for sharing.  Please come out and share your opinion again.  I look forward to it. (sarcastic mode off)

Hey DC.....would u name your dog "mypenis" and tell your friends "that mypenis wouldnt come when i called it!"  "sorry i was late, i was playing with mypenis"  "mypenis likes to crawl between the legs of guests" "i love giving mypenis a bath" "mypenis likes it when people pet him" DC would u name ur pet dog if u have or plan to get one such a name.......if so would u say those things??...====~~  *robin*
That is a really stupid question.  It must have been stolen from a comic or something.

if a turtle doesnt have a shell is he homeless or naked?...and dont u consider age a very high price to pay for maturity?....and y is it called tourist season if we cant shoot em' all? ~~*robin* #00 RULZ!! SENIOR 2000!!!!
This again sounds stolen...

im pretty drunk rihgt now. what can i do to sober mysefl up?
Keep reading this site... when it makes no sense at all... you're sober.

DC I'd like to let you know why i sign love Sally, its because I am a friendly person but if it makes you uncomfortable the I won't do it! Sally
Go right ahead, I don't care.  If it makes you happy... 

Why is there gold at the end of the rainbow and why can we never get to the end of the rainbow? Sally
Because rainbows are illusions.  There is no gold.

My miniture yellow sock monkey is stealing my socks, where is he hiding them and what is he doing with them? Sally
If I told you, he would harm me and my socks.  Just keep buying more.

How should I punish him?(my miniture yellow sock monkey) Sally
Don't do anything.. just buy more... it's safer that way.

I think I have gotten over my infatuation of you can you give all my money back? Sally
No refunds.

Why is Tori Spelling so ugly? Because shes had so much surgery! hehehehe
She was ugly before that... nothing can help her.

Whats your cats name? Sally

Can I give you an answer and you give me a question?

Are you should that the save a pussy sement isnt actually about your cat and a ploy to get money out of innocent people?
It is completely a ploy to get money out of STUPID people. Send your money now!

Can I run rampant with scissors, Oh I already do!
Yes you can... that's what it says

do you have long,short or medium length hair?
That depends on where the hair is on my body...

You tell em DC, thats about the freak who said we are all sad, well he/she/it/sock monkey is the sad one with no life! hehehehe (actually they couldn't be a sock monkey because they arent  like that),
good question.   and YEA

Hi!  What is your real name? 
DC.  Next

Have you ever dream that you were someone else?  In a different period of time maybe?
Yes I have. It was quite interesting.  David Bowie was even on the phone.

Why doesnt JCP have a contest to have people make up their own scents... maybe CONTEST WINNERS perchance... get to pick their own scent or something...
Because making candles and getting their scents aren't as easy as that. 

why do i get jealous at the prospect of other "stalking" you? luv nikon
Because you are PSYCHO

Are you a funky monkey DC? Sally
Damn straight

Why does the pink elf keep stealing my socks?
Because he likes them.  Just be glad he isn't interested in your asshole.

what happened to the friends page?
We have no friends and I answered that already.  Read through the questions and you'll find your answer.

Are you all sad , desperate wanabe a freak kinda people?
Some of us are unintelligent losers such as yourself but we accept that.

did you answer my question freak?

if a tree falls in the woods, and hits some corprate jerk-off, would anyone care?
I would because I'd like to laugh at it.

what would happen if i were to tourture and kill the person i hate most in this world?
Well, if you don't get caught, nothing.  If you do, look out.

i heard that greenland is the largest island. what distinguishes a continent from a large island?
Size. A continent is different then a island.

What the hell is up with Sally singing love Sally? Do you to have something going on? (nudge nudge, D.C. has a sex life!)wait, can sock mokeys have sex? How the hell do they have sex? and do they have sex ed 101? ~Sock Monkey Tribe member 10926782
I was wondering why she was but figured it was a happy person thing.  I have a sex life if rubbing my tail alone in the dark counts.

i what to thank you for answering my questions with real answers:)(i underestamated you,something that will be the end of me im sure)how old are you?do you speak french?and have you ever seen the movie "Canadian Bacon"?
I always answer with real answers!  I am 22.  I know how to say "Sale Pute" and that's about it.  I have not seen that movie cuz it looked like it sucked ass.  I do not choose my movies based on if they have the word Canada in it!

did you know the song "Blame Canada"(a song from South Park)is nominated for some kide of award?
Yes, a grammy.  I hope it wins... South Park rocks.

i never knew i was stalking anyone, i always thought everyone was stalking me, but if you say so, then DC sleep with one eye open..
And just why is everyone coming to get me in my sleep??? What did I ever do besides tell everyone that they suck???

what is a juggalo?
It's a drunk juggler.

what happend to the quote section?why cant i quote?
Cuz it's a pain in the ass to update.  We're going to do something with it eventually so keep your straight jacket on.

can i ask you something ?its a question.why do you even bother with this site?do you have a social life?(i dont thats why i came to this site)what do you do to make a living in the real world?i want a real onest answer,not jibberish,wich is most likely what you'll answer.
I bother with it because it is what I do.  Yes I do have a social life, mind you it's not the best but who needs it?  I work with computers in the 'real world' although I consider my time out of work to be my real life.  Yes I do work full time and have for the last 5 years.  Yes I make a good living so shut up.

Can I be a princess? Love Sally ( ~~*PrInCeSs*~~)
The Princess of what?  Of fish? Ok... :) they are yours!

Are you ever going to take the questions from this page and make a page sixteen?

what is happening to you,"The Insane Domain",and the handing out of the good question award to whom ever wines for one or simply say it turns them on?and why claim to be a sock monkey?
I do not CLAIM to be one... I AM one.  Silly freak.

YAY!! more suggestions!! The title that says Where insanity runs rampant... and so can you.  Yes, even with scissors... well, why not have a contest to have those types of slogans emailed... and you get some special insanedomain crud if you think up a goood one...i was just htinking with the new features and all... why not have.. umm... more new features.--GrimmK, the man/kid of many names... err, initials...
Good idea.  Start sendin them in to.  We'll set up a form soon.

ok, normally i wouldn't give a fuck but DAMNIT! when that bitch can't spell cynical it pisses me off. oh almighty sally please please please go back to the third grade and learn to spell. it's cYnical not cinical and maybe you should look up the meaning before you go around sporting the badge like a medal. just a thought for the day. oh yeah, i'm back from vacation. did you miss me? luv nikon
You were gone?  Oh... I mean... sure, we missed you.

so, you killed mr. bungle didnt you? and to princess in characters sure sure, anyone could type out a load of shit like that, we just have to have the time to waste to do it, obviously you do, thus being you are nothing but a piece of dead squirrel gut on the highway of life
I would NEVER kill Mr. Bungle!  Well, maybe the second album... but not patton!

k **Pr맧** i'm sick of coming to this badass site and having to read 50 fucking paragraphs of your shit. i hate you. kill yourself now, and rid our gene pool of your existence. -seth
Ummm... there is no question here seth... tisk tisk.  And you better mean badass in a good way... ha ha ha

ps to princess- nobody gives a flying fuck about those stupid little characters you use. practically everone knows how to type them or use the character map. anyway, dc, what would you do if you recived a vaseline encrusted dildo in the mail with a mousetrap on the head with the message "i love you very much, poopie head. sincerely, steven spielberg." -seth
I would laugh my ass off.  Then I would demand money from him... he can afford it.

Why do I always feel left out?**Pr맧**
Because you are... well... sometimes.  The rest of the time, you just think you are left out.

what has been you favorite questionsince you started this "ask DC ?s" thing?
I don't have one favorite... that changes with my moods.

whats the point of having "quotes" in the interact section if you cant interact???
There, I moved it.  Now shutup.

If i was a chicken and you were a duck and we both lived together on a farm and the sock monkeys took care of us would u be my freind or even my lover ?
I'd be your friend, but I'd have to see your feathers before I'd become your lover.  Dirty feathers turn me off.

hehehehe i know a secert and you dont hahahahaha ok what was the secert again i forgot
It's that thing about that time when I had that thing and hid it in that place that one time.

WHERES MY BOX?!?! nikon
Well if you don't know, I'm not going to tell you.

Why do people who like cats more to themselves, and hermits than people who like dogs?
Because the way the chaos theory interprets the whole mess is just too ordered for true chaos to exist.  While short term observation will reveal no patterns, long term observation reveals patterns within patterns and smaller patterns which make up the larger patters which make up even larger patterns.

HEY!! Princess Sally isnt a stupiid  bitch!! That was just a small typo. Sorry!!  oh,  yeah... um, DC, if you die (Yeah right) can i be you(Yeah right)? It would be cool to be you, then i would pick another non human to be you, it would be like a dynasty or something... YAY!! WE GET TO BE DC!! So now someone will profit froom omeone elses death, by being you, and getting all you money. If you ask me, you should make a comic book. it would be good, and funny,..... we woould get to learn what goes through your mind. DUUH!! IM NOT A SUPER COW BULLDOZER!!!  MEOW! (My cats name is Kleenda) hey, do you think i should spell it Kleenda, Cleenda, Klinda, Kleanda, Klaenda (That looks cool... call gaelic and stuff. yeah, or rather, yaeh!!) GrimmKaos. (WTF- is in a wonderball, or rather WTF is a wonderball) Oooh, one more thing: aeaeaeae!!! YEAH!, i mean YaeH!!!----The incredibly inteligent: GrimmKaos!!
No you can not be me, for I am me and you are you but if you were me then I'd be you to you but me to me.  A comic book would be fun but I don't have the time to do it all!  Klaenda is cool.

Are you ever depressed? This world is filled with depressed people, i dont know why people cant just get over it and get on with their lives, but noooo we all have to be depressed every time we get our heart broken i mean if they break your heart then what is the fucking point of being depressed? I mean they were assholes to begin with, am i right?
Yes I was depressed for about 4 years.  They are depressed because they realized that their lives are pathetic drawn out deaths where all you are doing is passing time until you die.  Who says it has to be from a broken heart?  Broken hearts heal in time, and yes, they are ALL assholes.  Chicks fuck with your head, guys fuck with your body.  Both the sexes are ASSHOLES.

Who the fuck are Sally and Princess? and why do they get all the fucking questions? I'm just having a fucking bad day! Can I giv you a fucking BJ?
Sally and princess are the same person.  Surprised?  I don't need a virtual BJ thanks... I don't have one of those internet strap ons yet.

You have one day left to live, what would you do? Problem: Your a hotdog wrapper.
I would smear myself with the best damn ketchup I could find and then fall into the lap of someone wearing white pants.

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every damn minute of it, how about you? ~Sparkie
I enjoy it sometimes, other times I just enjoy the ride.

All I wanted was one fucking Pepsi!!! and you people take it fro me! Ddestroying my will to live! Why? Because I haven't gotten my fucking Pepsi!!! Do you like Pepsi?
I don't care much for any cola product.  But when I did drink it... I preferred Coke.

What the fuck?
Will it take, drown myself in my hate... (Alice in chains...)

I have a major problem, my sock monkey is a compulsive masterbator. It's getting really embaressing, just last week he started jacking off in the fruit isle of the grocery store! What should  I do to stop my sock monkey from compusivly masterbating? I thought perhaps he was lonely and got him a female sock monkey. He physically abused her till she left. So I thought maybe he was gay, and got him a male sock monkey, who he promptly killed. Please help me control my sock monkey!
Put spiked gloves on his paws.  If he whacks off with those, he will be ripping himself to shreds.  It only takes one time...  if that doesn't work, de-stuff him and after a week, stuff him with new stuffins.

Why is the sky up?
It is only appears to be up if you are standing on Earth.

I am eating some microwavable food, and there is a black dot on it... I think it's just burnt there, but, should I eat it?  Is it just a nother one of em penguins evil tricks?!
Sure, eat it!  The penguins aren't too dangerous... at least I don't think so. 

Why does everyone make me out to be the person???**Pr맧**
Cuz the rest of us don't really exist.

Why do you feel left out?**Pr맧**
I forget now.   Ask again next year.

To the person who asked if a had a life, well DUH of course I do, I'm a hairdresser, I live with my boyfriend, I work full time, I do martial arts, swimming, I love getting tattoos, going to the movies, relaxing with my sock monkeys, going out clubbing, seeing family and friends, basically doing what people do( sorry DC couldn't let that slip by and say nothing)What do you like to do to relax DC?**Pr맧**
I make music, do design work, sleep, play with Anna, bitch and complain.

Do you think Anastasia will take over the world with the other cats and would she be a leader or a follower?**Pr맧**
She is a natural leader.  She will lead them and i will lead you.

my girlfriend is in lunch detention. how may i rescue her?
Call in pretending to be her mother or father and pretend that it's an emergency.

roses r red violets r blue......violets r blue violets r blue........or are they?
The only flowers I know are roses and dandelions.  Everything else is just "flowers".

if a bitch is a female dog and a female dog is a bitch then what is a female puppy?
a bitch in training.

who's mr. bungle? another of your personalities??? i like it better.. you should rename this section to ask mr. bungle
mr bungle is great.  And no, mr bungle is more like one of mike pattons personalities.  mr bungle is the group that the former singer of faith no more is in.

does hold on let me copy the characters, i don't have the time to type them out..?**Pr맧**  have a life? Or is she just so fucking sad that she can't find anything else to do?
Hmmm... yes they do copy... I think she's alive... and I'm not sure if sad is the word... but that's a good guess

Wow... priincess Sally is stupid bitch. BTW Sally, my email adress is feel free to email me.    ANyway, what the hell makes that freak  think you are annoying?? I dont get it... you get questions, you answer them... how can you be annoying. and Sally, what does she mean when she tries to compare Insanity to stupidity. well, sally, you are a human, which is obvious.... and i hope Loki burns you. BBBYYYEEE --GrimmKaos.
I kinda enjoyed being annoying.. but if I'm not.. .then DAMN

I like how you have updated the site and the new sentence under insane domain did you make that up?**Pr맧**
Thank you and yes... it was surprisingly easy.  My brain hurts now.

What a coincedence, I love felines too but I love tigers they are the most beautiful creatures. One we went to the zoo and the female and male had been separated and the male was pacing up and down really close to the window and we got the closest look at a tiger you would ever get, it was amazing, I loved it. What do you think of tigers?**Pr맧**
I like tigers.  The comments keep getting longer... but questions shorter... I'm starting to feel left out.

Have to tell you what? That I'm the princess of letter characters or how to do those letter characters???**Pr맧**PS - It is easy>>>
You have to tell me what you're the queen of... and no one cares about the characters.... they just get annoying after a week or so.

Yay I got an award hehehe,Why have you singled me out and told me off for things that other people do too? **Pr맧**
Because.  And yes, that is my final answer.

What do you think a flying fuck would be like?I saw you say this in one of your answers and thought about it for a minute.(credit where credits due)**Pr맧**
I'm not sure if it would hurt or not... I guess it all depends on the landing.

Actually my email is everywhere shit I just gave out my new email uh oh..............**Pr맧** And the question today is how are you DC and have you done anything interesting latley?
I am alive.   I keep on breathing and my heart keeps pumping... that is very interesting as it does it all on it's own and my life is just a byproduct of it.

Wh 㣣 ?**Pr맧**
About getting a life and realizing what the connection is between rainbows, dreamers and you.

You only get 3 weeks vacation time, you must very stressed out that is probably why your so cinical???We have 4 weeks a year and even thats not enough>**Pr맧**
I'm averagely stressed.  And I'm not cynical, I'm something.

:-)    a big happy smile from me, I'd just like to say I'm over my bad mood and that I just had to get all of that out my system. I'm sorry DC and I will not stalk you, I will not use your ask ?'s page as a message board, I will be nice, I will act like a proper sock monkey and not a spoilt one, and I will always ask a question. When are you going to be in the chat room?**Pr맧**        PS- I really love everybody and I'm not as cinical as I make out.
Bad mood?  Anyways... I will be in right now, that is, my right now, not the now that you are reading this.  And love is not tolerated here.  You leave your loving at the enter screen.

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