hey seth smack the snob bitch....hey dc <thinkin of the next dumbass question to piss princess bitch off>...hehe...well dc what do u think of bill clinton? ~~roobbiinn~~
I think he looks like a weird mr. potato head.  And what a lovely puppet he makes for his wife.

do u have n e religion in ur life whatsoever?
Why yes I do.  My parents are each of a different religion, and friends that are wiccan and those who practice witchcraft but are NOT wiccan (I know not to get them confused), christian, satanist, atheist, agnostic and those who just don't know.  So yes, there is religion in my life.

What is that person trying to say by "asking insane questions"  How does he know what's an insane question or not.  Maybe the person who's asking it think it is, he or she doesn't know.  What do you think DC?
Insanity is all a state of mind and perspective.  One can not try to be insane because then they aren't.  What makes them insane is when they do odd things that they think are completely normal.  It's all mirrors and smoke kids... don't pay attention to the sock monkey behind the screen.

Do you get a days off from work? Sally
I get weekends and 3 weeks paid vacation time.

Whats your favourite lanimal?
The mountain lion... also known as a Puma.  Basically I love felines.

is your cat by any chance tasty with barbeque sauce? it's been awhile since i've had grilled housepets
I haven't tried that... and don't plan to.  I've told her that she'll become mittens for me when she dies.  She's too small to eat.

DC why are you so annoying?
It's my nature really.  Annoying is better then stupid.

I'm gonna use this page as a message board anyways because you don't have one - I hate robin whats up with her she asks stupid questions too and other people don't ask questions and I'm the one who gets my ass ripped, well you all suck dicks!And to the person who said we post our squabbles up yours too! I'll ask a question now because DC(dickhead child) will have to post this because theres a question in it - here where I live we have McDonalds too and there was a rumor going around that a guy had ejaculated in burger, not quite the SPECIAL sauce that was asked for don't you think thats absolutly gross and would you ever buy  a burger again?moo.By the way this is the INSANE DOMAIN so any stupid questions asked will be because your site is named accordingly, why would you ask sane questions, we would all be goners then and so would our sock monkeys!  **PrInCeSs SaLLy**
I'm letting this one slide cuz I did bitch you out... Plus... your email is on here somewhere and these people who you are dissing just may decide to use it.  Yes it is gross that someone did that... but it probably made the burger better as McDonalds is disgusting.

I know all about the cat's plans to take over the world.My cat is 6 months old.Is he too young to be in on the plan?What are some signs,that he has joined the ranks?Will we be enslaved,or killed?Will Paula die?I hope so.I know that's alot of questions,but,I'm hoping you'll be in a good mood and answer them all.
No, he is the perfect age... purrrfect age.  I kill myself.   You won't know if he's joined... they are too good at hiding it.   Paula will die eventually from a train.  I answered them all... does that mean I am in a good mood now... hmmmmm

r K MK
Boy... guess what she figured out how to do....  I think she has a problem and that her family should step in.  Here are more of her questions... guess what tipped me off????

What is M˧????
It is purposely getting in the car with half-blind grandma during rush hour thinking that it might be a good laugh.

How many cats have you had and what happened to them all?**Pr맧**
When I lived with my parents, we had two siamese cats.  The older one died and we got a tabby.  I moved out and rescued Anna.  So the total answer is one... as Anna is the only one that is completely mine, not my parents.

My feet are bony or veiny, the skin on my feet is soft, they are beautiful feet, what do you think of your own feet then?**Pr맧**
My feet get me around like they're supposed to.  I put socks on them and my boots.  They are feet... I don't look at them if I don't' have to.

Robin never asked a question just made a statement why do you not tell her off???**Pr맧**
Favorites.  Ha haha haha...  maybe this green head will shut you up

You cried , I don't think so especially for something we did, you probably never cry because your so cinical???**Pr맧**
Everyone cries.  So yes, I do cry.

I'm not rubbing your tail anymore because you never return the favour???**Pr맧**
You have a tail too??? Oh... THAT'S what that was... sorry...

I'm a great fuck and your a great fuck, we would be just fucking great together!!!hehehe**Pr맧** ps that is my new name, previous name-Sally and no I'm not the princess of fish DC!!!!
Are you the princess of special characters??? :)  You know you'll have to tell us.

Do you have any other special people in your life at the moment apart from me?**Pr맧** You better not or i'll stalk them and you????MUHAHAAHA
I only bother with people if they are special.  Well... there is family... but you can't do anything about them.  Why would you stalk anyone??? Well... I guess it is fun though... 

are the prices of gas as high in canada as they are here in Michigan? this really sucks! ~WitchMaster~
Well Michigan is pretty damn close... and yes they are just as high.  I say replace the cars with new ones that don't need gas or any other hurtful substance. 

What would you do if you saw God?
How would I know that it was God?  And if it was, I'd ask to see it all.

I see Demons. do you see Demons?
I call them friends...

if God were here dont you think that he would want you to have a friends page?
I do not see why God would really care... I know of many other things to worry about.

and i dont think DC should bitch out any one, and if he does thats his own choice and as far as i can see it it was never any of your business in the first place unless you happen to be one of the girls that wasnt asking question. am i right?
Yea... my own choice.  Yea!

there's this one real cocky, snobby girl in my class (she's most likely watching me type this. i hope so) who sits next to me and glares at me and calls me lazy and incompetent. what should i do? she's really fucking annoying.
Just smile with an evil grin.  And know that although she is bothering you now, in less then 5 years you won't give a flying fuck and you'll see her in the drive through window at the local fast food joint.

do you ever wonder why?
Then I wonder why I should care.

dont you know that flies lay maggot eggs,not maggots?
Yes I did actually.  Quite sick ... 

DC when are you going to bitch out all these little girlies for not asking questions in the section titled ASK DC?!? doesnt it bother you that they keep posting their little squabbles? i mean can't they figure out how to fight in the form of a question? don't you think i have? hint hint little girlies.
Yes it does.  I cried all last night about it.

do you ever wish that sometimes you could just believe that there was someone up there controlling things and that if you prayed enough that he would make it all better? wouldn't that be nice. too bad i'm stuck in reality. luv nikon
If someone up there was controlling things... I'd have a few complaints.  Not about my life but about those lives across the ocean.  I'd ask what the hell was up with that.

DC...does it get on ur nerves when u get questions that make no sense whatsoever??...for example-->stupidass rainbow questions....eternal bliss shit....question questions....popmycherry crap...ok we already know hanson sucks (so y stick with the "hanson" topic)....well i know ive asked stupid ?'s in the past but well u know um altering influences has alot to do with it......so stop with the stupid ?  n e ways...to finish my statement with the stupid questions question....."so stop with the stupid questions"...this is the insanedomain....ask insane questions!!....ok how's that?...no need to be sarcastic...i know im full of shit....*robin*

You should have a message board , why don't you?
Because I haven't had time to make one.

Why is no one ever in your chatroom?
I have no idea.  How fun can chat be?

Why is the sky blue?
From what I remember, it is due to water vapor.

Why are losers so annoying?
Because they are losers and that is what makes them losers!

Why is DC so damn pretty?
Cuz I'm one gorgeous sock monkey.  It's the socks.

When are you gonna stop being smart and cinical?
When I die or get de-stuffed.

Can you rub my tail?

When are Hanson gonna just give up their careers and go back to the rock from which under they came?
they didn't come from under a rock, they were made by producers from lumps of clay.

Why are you so mean to me? I don't deserve it!
Because and that is only your opinion!

Do you like it when I rub your tail?  LOVE SALLY
Usually... but your nails hurt.

SAnimal can't get me, I'll get him! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! mmmmmmm Have you been playing nicely with SAnimal lately?
We don't play together.  We exchange email once in awhile and see each other like maybe once a month.

Is Anastasia a good cat? What ticks her off? Is they anyone she dislikes? Sally
Yes she is.  She gets ticked off when I don't pet her all the time, when I sit on her house and when you don't give her catnip right away.  She does not like my mother.

What kind of cat is Anastasia?
She is a tabby.

Will anyone ever measure up to Anastasia? We know?
Each cat I have ever had is special in it's own way and I don't love one above the other.

Do you like rap music and what do you think of people who listen to it?
I don't care for what I have heard and I have no opinion on that broad group.  Those kids that listen to puff daddy should be shot though.

Does Anastasia have a boyfriend cat?
No she doesn't.

Whats the reason why you and SAnimal don't get along?
I'm smart and he's jealous. Ha hahahaa

That popping my cherry was a bit rough, I hate to see what you would do to burst my bubble?
Same thing but longer ice pick.

ok if u had your choice between a burger king burger and a mcdonald's burger...which one would u pick???????
If I HAD to choose? Then mcdonalds.  I would prefer Fast Eddies or Arbys though.

how do doctors tell an insane person from a non-insane person????
If they have a stamp on their hand that says "insane" then they are insane.

How come you cat only sit there and purrs?  My can sit in my land but she turns, claws at me, purrs, bites my hands, and uses my hair as her toy.  Is there any way to stop this or should I just let her keep on doing it. 
My cat does many more things then sit and pur.  She jumps really high, like about 5 or 6 feet up into the air.  She is even attacking the text I'm typing on the screen right now.

do you ever wonder how many times people touch your food before you eat it?    To think what they could do... SICK
Yea... and if you're at a fast food restaurant... imagine what that grubby pimply teenager has been touching before touching your food???

Why are clowns scary?
Just look at them... it's creepy.

I'm having a bad hair day do you have bad hair days?
It's just hair... not good nor bad... just hair.

Why do you find feet so disgusting? I don't mind all bodyparts! (except if a person is fat then they are just gross all over)because my boyfriend hates feet too but mine are nice feet. Sally
feet are all bony, veiny and sick.  I just can't stand them.  Chubby feet are funny but still sick to me.

Well I'm sorry I was just apologizing to robin isn't that allowed or does everything have to be a question?
Well let's think about this just a little bit.  I will spell it out for you... Ok... we've got "ask", that comes first.  I would say that the word means that a question is to be ASKED.  Now what seems to follow that is "DC", which just so happens to be ME.  The "?" is to symbolize the word "questions", and hence the "'s" that follows the ?.  The sum of these words works out to be Ask DC ?'s.... which means, you ask me a question, not use this as your personal message board.  Plain enough?

Ahhhh! You didn't answer question correctly, I asked "What is eternal bliss for you" not whether you had eternal bliss!!!! Sally
I did answer correctly.  You just didn't understand.  That is a sad thing for you, but I am quite content with it.  Eternal bliss is an illusion.

Kris I don't think I'll combust but maybe you might heheehe , now better put a question or DC will rip my ass, ummmm hows it going DC what have you been busy with??? Sally   PS- get in the chat room!!!When is soon ?Soon is soon? Huh???
Damn right I'll rip your ass... you narrowly adverted it this time.   It's going fine, work and Soon is SOON now stop asking or I'll have to start deleting files.  That or I'll send Sanimal on you all.

How would you pop my cherry??? Sally
A large sharp ice pick that is rusted and crawling with maggots that are laying eggs of more maggots.

I noticed Hanson were back too, how could anyone suck sooooooooo much??? Sally
I have no idea... they must me robot puppets because anyone that pathetic would have killed themselves on drugs a long time ago.

Who's department is ranting reviews and where can I write to them?
I have no idea at the moment.. it used to be JCP but she's busy.  I'll have to find that out.

i knew id piss some people off...hehe.....do i care?....*robin*.....kisses to all!....~~
Why is this even posted?? Is this a question to DC? NO.  Exactly.

canadian bacon was a funny movie(as far as i remember)a guy from an infultration unit was shot to end his misery,he had an ingrown toe nail.anyways how many question have you answered so far...i mean ever!
I have no idea how many I have answered now.... I mean ever.  Sounds like a dumb movie and I'm glad I didn't see it.

You live alone with your cat. how cool do you feel?
If I said cool, it'd be a load of shit.  I may be a slave to a pussy but at least I don't have to tell her she doesn't look fat and she doesn't tell me what a loser I am for watching hockey and ignoring her.  My pussy sits right there on my lap and purrs.  Bet your mom doesn't do that... or does she?

personally i think all of this bickering and arguing could lead up to something possibly as big as the apocalypse thing..or many cases of spontaneous human combustion (which would be cool) ...i mean why must we argue about "mypenis" the dog, so we have a few desperate "sane" posers (people who just go around saying they're insane and really aren't damnit..) whom can't come up with their own original stuff, i say shoot them down and be done with it! thank you, this has been a spontaneous outburst by Kris, so how's life DC?
Life is just grand.  Isn't it always?

oh my bob..i just saw on tv that hanson has made a comeback..WHY?! WHY!?!??!?! i was so sure that they were either dead or bound and gagged..and here they are BACK! trying once again to brainwash the minds of young teenies everywhere..if this doesn't give you evidence of a satan i don't know what will..
Comeback? When the hell were they considered great?  A few dozen pre-schoolers and morons don't count.

are raindrops on roses, whiskers on kitten, bright copper kettles, and warm woolen mittens a few of your favorite things?
No.  But my cat is one of them, not just her whiskers.

Which ICQ program do you use?
Ummmm... ICQ IS the program I use.  

Why don't you have a page of photos of you guys ?
Because we're not that conceited and no one will take our pictures.

What is eternal bliss for you DC?
I don't know... I haven't come across it yet.  Do you really think I'd keep going to work if I found eternal bliss???

Sorry I didn't mean to be mean to robin but she she shouldn't rip things off other people! Sally
That isn't a question Sally.

Are you a great fuck???
In my mind... yes.  But I'm biased.

When are you updating ranting reviews???
Not sure.  That's not my department.

Do you all get along well at insane domain?
Usually... Sanimal and I have our moments though.

When are you gonna be in the chat room? You haven't been in for a while. Sally
I've been super busy lately... but soon!

can i steal you for a day?
Well if you ask it isn't stealing is it?

what happened to the photos in the nightmare section? Can you get more photos? Sally
No one will take our pics anymore... !!!!! And I'll be linking the nightmare site back up into this one :)

DC my hands are getting tired now , can stop rubbing your tail? Sally
Not yet... just a bit more... oh yea...

Your very clever , yeah sure! Only kidding! hehehe
What the hell?  Too much sugar?

Can you pop my cherry and burst my bubble? Sally
Sure, but it will cost you.  More for the first one due to your happiness.

Do you know why I can run rampant with scissors, because I'm a hairdresser , ya'all better watch out!!! hehehehe Sally
That explains it all.  Too much hairspray fumes!

why are the monkeys in my way?
Because you keep walking towards them.  Stop doing that and they won't be in your way.  Do you find you have the same problem with walls?

Crap.... where is my penis?? I mean dog... WHERE IS MY DOG. (Please write: Under the table as an answer Signed, I am and Idiot, and I hope you can't see my IP adress...(Thats where my dog is now)
Ha ha ha... time to lower the crack intake

how soon is soon? because thats when you said you'd be posting chat room times
Soon as is soon.  How soon is now.... how now is soon?  Soon?  Soon.

No I don't cut myself, I like who I am.  A psychopatic maniac, I was just asking if you did it to yourself when you were a kid.  Well, did ya?
No I did not.  If I were going to cut myself, I'd be dead cuz I don't do half assed jobs.

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?
If you're so smart, why do you ask others questions?  Love and lust are different.  One is sexual, one is mental... so they can mix... all the more power to everyone.

ummm.....you know, i said i wanted to be shot, so you jsut leave my knees alone, i mean, im not gonna run away....for what?? i wanna be shot... BTW: I think Sanimal should explode... seriously, just start trying to insult you, and puff up and EXPLODE, splattering brains (which he has very little of) and other vital organs all over your walls (if you actually let him into your house...)------GrimmKaos, shoot me baby one moore time (i would like to pop Spears's titties with a REALLLYY sharp pin.) ahem== bye
Woah... that was quite a bit of nonsense wrapped up with insanity. Well done.

Why are park ways called park ways when you really don't park on them, but you drive on them?? And why are drive ways called drive ways when you really park on them??  Ahhh... Please help me! 'Tis dreadfully confusing!
Because humans are fucked and like to say stupid things.  So suck it up... get used to it

Are you male or female???
Haven't we gone over this??? I'm a SOCK MONKEY with NO sex.

my boyfriend is a faggot, what do I do?-Brandy Palafox
I have the feeling that you aren't Brandy... but if your boyfriend is a faggot, then that means he likes other guys.  If you are a guy, good for you... and if you aren't, then you two should talk.

i know numbers are infinite, but what's the highest number?
0... think about it.

o my god my hair is on fire nooooooooo noooooooooooooooooooooooooo get it of o shit theres one of those damn 1ft monsters with a toothpick he has a wicked look in his eye shit hes going to kill me and my hair is on fire helllppppp ooo noooooo riki lake  and she is going to eat me some body help me will you help me
No I will not help you.  If you can't figure it out yourself like the rest of us did... too bad.

Ok is left really the answer to life?
No, 42, smeg, and patton are the answers to life.

can i kidnappe you, and give you half the ransome money i will request?....would anyone give me ransome money?
If i knew of someone that would pay ransom money, i would have kidnapped myself a long time ago!

When you brush your teeth, do you brush them horizontally or vertically?
I like to mix it up.

Are you gay!?  What kind of stupid question is that?
It's a stupid question.

Only if you are a guy and willing to give me millions to sleep with you.

are you a faggot? because casey bush is.
I'm sure that this is your way of getting by the whole having to ask me a question, but still slandering someone.  Well done.

i know this isn't a question, dc, but i don't agree with that long paragraph person who thinks this swite has gone downhill, and that stupidity is running rampant. i think it's amusing.
SWITE? You've seen my SWITE!!! oh my!!! ha ha ha... I didn't find it horribly amusing... but i must tell you i felt a stirring in my loins.

Are you incredibly stupid or are you just incredibly stupid?
Love SAnimal
If I'm you, I'm both... but I'm not, so I'm neither.  Have I told you lately that I HATE you?

what's the circumference of the earth?
You NEVER ask a Lady that... poor Mother Earth...

why is stupid vandalism so damn fun?
Because you're stupid... hence the stupid vandilism

I was wondering... have you ever taken a shit... you know, one of those liquidly lumpy baby-food looking stinky to make your eyes water ones... and then looked into the toilet to see your exact double staring at you because you are a stupid shit?
Love SAnimal
Seen myself? No... but there have been many times I've sworn YOU were what I saw splashed across your slutty mom's bedsheets after a good fuck-fest with all the midgets from the Wizard of Oz.

You say you don't like kids, but you were a kid yoursefl once.  Where you a loner or did you use to cut yourself because you didn't like yourself?
I was a loner.  Did you cut yourself because you didn't like yourself?  Do you do it now??? Maybe you should and will your possessions to me?

why does no one love me other than family and friends?
How could someone know you enough to love you if they weren't a friend or a family member?  Or does this apply to you "Masturbation ensures that the person you are fucking is the one you love the most"

why isn't there a law against stupid people? i think they should take all the stupid people and put them on an island somewhere...
Because the ones making the laws ARE the stupid ones... they aren't usually stupid enough to outlaw themselves.  And they have done that... now they have killer dingos.

Why do you take the time to answer all these stupid questions anyways?
I'm into torturing myself.  This one was good enough to last a week.

ooooooooooh dc does herbal essences give u orgasms?
If they give ANYONE orgasms, they aren't using it the way it describes on the bottle.  I'd love to see pictures though...

this is a qustion that has been plauging me for some time now"how much dose it cost to make money?"(in the u.s.)im sure not that many people take that in to qusetion and im also sure that the cost raises the inflation rate?
It costs twice as much as what you want to make... maybe more if it's computers.  Inflation is an evil trick for greedy people to charge more money, make more money and finance the evil bidding of Elmer the monkey and his minions of flying zebra with no stripes or hooves.

My middle name is Jaldwenulantopula, do you have a problem with the name Jaldwenulantopula?  Damnit why does everyone criticize me for my name, it wasn't like I had a choice, maybe I should take everyones advice and become unborn, by the way, do you like body glitter?
I was wondering how long it would take!  The body glitter looks good, but the hot pants AND the glitter would look even better.

i have recently been edgy and mean. my love life is fine, my school life is fine, i've just been kind of a jerk lately. why? i can't help it. i wish i was back to my normal self.
WHY?  Being a jerk is sometimes fun.  Let it go through your system, and be sure to remember who DIDN'T deserve it so when you end up with them as your boss, you keep your mouth shut.

im here im here!!!! Now what do you want??
Uh... wrong number... sorry dude

Do you know what I'm going to do to you??? Oh you just wait and see...  Love SAnimal
Oh what big boy... I can't wait! <giggle>   Gonna tie me down and lick me all over like you do with your dad?  I'm not as hairy... but come on big boy... I'm waiting

Won't you be my neighbor?
NO.  I've had enough of your stupid kids running around screaming.  Either put leashes on them or shove socks in their mouths to shut them up... or I'll get my shot gun out.

You really are a cynical person aren't you. I hate you and I didn't ask for you to be in my bed anyway. Who is writing questions that aren't really from me???
So you are assuming that you are the only person in the world with your name??? Unless your name is Jaldwenulantopula, I find that hard to believe.

Dammit!!! DC, say something!!!!! ok, fine fine, fuck you!!! Will you fuck Sally?
something, and no I will not.

How cna the yougurt be so orange?? Shit, monkey noses in my bed again. AND I LIKE NOIISE TOO!!?? Wait? You goiter, it speaks? It likes to say, "Moo! Moo, I am the goiter, LICK ME!! LICK ME!! WAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!".......--GrimmKaos, I deserve to be shot.
Grimm, yes you do.  In fact, when I do shoot you, I will first shoot out your knees so you can't run away.  Then I will shoot your wrists.  I will then douse you with lemon juice and cover you in salt.  While you are screaming, I will get an ice pick and jab it into your voice box.  This will silence you, and I will watch until you bleed to death.  :)

do you like pics?if so what kind?
Nice pics... weird pics... odd pics

what do think is the grater number,forks or basterd children?
Forks.... by far.

were you aware that 4 out of 3 people have problems with fractions?
I'm not one of those people... my IQ is much higher then that.

if there is only one female smurf how does she become a mommy smurf....do smurfs have sexual organs....?
OK... enough with the fucking smurfs.  They are CARTOONS.  They don't do anything unless they are drawn. I'm sure if you search around that you can find Smurfette getting gang-banged by Papa and the rest of the freaks.  NO MORE SMURFS.

dont you just hate it when you get sick...and no one willwait on you?
That's what marriage is for.... having someone else around to clean up your puke.

am i wrong in thinking that the Matrix could have been 8,000 times better if they had cast someone other than keanu reeves? am i the ONLY ONE who thinks he's a horrid actor? please tell me i'm not delusioned by his bill and ted's excellent adventure imagine and tainted with the oblique image of him saying "DUDE!"... i wanted it to be a good movie. i really did, so much potential.
He is a HORRIBLE actor... but at least it wasn't Christian Slater, who was offered the role first.  He turned it down due to the work out schedule... so it could have been WAY worse!

what the fuck is wrong with you and this site!?i used to love this site,but now i only check in on it in hopes it gets better.i n the begining it held true to its motto"where insanity runs rampid...and so can you"but latly it seems more like "where stupidity runs rampid..."what is up with all these people claiming to be sock-monkeys,the ask dc started out well,but then ended being housing for a horde of stupid questions,and commentarys for people who bitch about stuff that dosent affect me!(yes i know this includes me,but i am doing it for a greater good)i cant even qoute any more!its ironic that the things you were against (stupidity&people who bitch too much)is basicly what your site has become.P.S.i appologize for my bitching and any inconvinece it has caused anyone,thank you"_"
I have no control over the questions that people send me... and yes, the majority of them are getting stupider and stupider.  However, if you send in good questions, then you will get good answers!  It's not my fault that people ask stupid things.

why dont you change the pictures and art you guys have?(it sucks except for that leaf monster thing)
Ya ya... well we're working on it... ok... i lie... I am looking into it.  Actually, I'm putting together cool clipart for you freaks to use on your own sites.  So shutup.

Have you thought about the monkeys in the forest with their crocodile friends and the shadows that await them?  And what the deal with the big old house?  Also, would it help if I respected you a little bit, DC?
Yes I have.  The monkeys are aware of them... but what about the tombstones?  The big old house is now occupied...  I saw trucks there.   And no respect is needed... just fear.

all my teachers hate me and get me in trouble for little shit and watch me in every single fucking thing i do. what should i do? this fuckin' sucks.
Don't go to class or don't screw up.  Those are your options.

imagine urself sittin down listenin to typo negative and presidents of the united states of america at the same time...really trippy....ok 1st do u like meat?...if so y?...and if u like vegetables ur sick!!!...the cabbages havent done anything to us !!
I wouldn't listen to presidents of the united states... I don't care for them.  Type o is boring now... so they'd get turned off soon after.   I do not mind the taste of meat... but I don't particularly crave it though. 

notice how pissed and princess both start with "p"....is there a coincidence there?
Uh... no... it's just the language.  Otherwise wouldn't there be a connection between smart and stupid?

am i stupid?...if u say yes u win a free trip to harvard to learn y ur wrong *robin*
Yes you are.  Where are my ticket?

is it normal to have an orgasm every 5 mins?
Normal?  Well, if you always have one every 5 minutes, then it is normal for you. 

where did lacy go?
How the hell would I know?

free gift if i order now?...arnt all giftss free?
They used to be... but now it means you are sucked in and have to either a) buy more stuff or b) buy more stuff for the loser who gave you the present.

Did your parents have a disposition, that no matter what you did, wasnt pleased with you? What should i do?
My parents were mostly proud of me.  What should you do about what?

what is the most sexually explicit dream you have ever had?
Anothy Keidis (the loser who doesn't like Mike Patton) was doing nasty things to me in my basement.  I woke up in TERROR.

where does a smurf come from.....?
A mommy smurf or a laboratory.

How do you know I don't really want to know how you are, I always like to know how you are and what you and your sock monkey tribe have been upto??? Sally
I'm ALIVE... what else does it matter?  My sock monkey tribe has been tired lately... stupid weather too.

I would just like to let everyone know that I didn't write that bisexual question, someone has put my name to their question. Everyone knows I'm bisexual anyway??? Sally ( aka **Pr맧**)
I think that no one cares who you sleep with... what does it matter as long as it ain't in my bed.

In your colomn stuff that sucks there was a statement that said -monkeys having sex in your bed- I thought monkeys had no sexual bits???( Thats what DC says anyway) Sally
SOCK monkeys have no sexual bits.... go to the local zoo where there are monkeys. REAL monkeys are fully equipped.

Okay, I'm getting piss off at all those people saying things about Princess, if they don't like her questions, they don't have to read them.  They can just skip them, or maybe they're too stupid to figure that out.  I know is not a question but I just had to say it.   "_"
Good answer.  What was the category again?  oh yea... Bitching 101. :)

What colour does a smurf turn if you suffocate it?!
Pink, bright pink.

I would like to know why people think my questions are stupid and thier questions are great when thier questions are just as stupid too, and could you ask a good question anyway and what question would be a good question ask to you???Sally
A great question would be to ask me if I have thought about the monkeys in the forest with crocodile friends, the shadows that await them, and what was the deal with the big old house???

Well sorry nikon for not being able to spell, gee there are other people that don't spell things right but I get a kick up the ass for it, I never said I was perfect, and Seth I don't think I will kill myself I wouldn't give you the satisfaction, about the characters I only just learnt how to use them actually so there and so what if I use them whats wrong with that? Thank you Gimm Kaos for saying I am not a bitch, I love you heaps (only kidding thanks for the good words about me though) So how are you DC and where were you this week??? Sally PS- If it annoys people me using characters then I won't use them
I am sick of the HOW ARE YOU question... no one really wants to know anyways... all they are looking for is a "fine" so you'll shut up and go away.  I have been no where this week, just work and that BARELY counts for anything.  Have I mentioned lately that bosses suck ASS???  No respect I tell you... no respect... and that's all I'm asking for.  Just a tad of respect every few years.

Should I tell my friends that i'm bisexual?**Pr맧**
If they'd give a shit.  Does it really matter unless you are going to sleep with them or have them set you up on dates???

i love my girl very much. what should i do?
Keep loving her and make sure that you treat her nicely.   But humans are foolish and always screw things up. 

my dick has scabs and pus all over it. i think there's maggots inside it, too. can you help me with what to do about this unfortunate situation i'm in?
First of all... STOP JERKING OFF... at least for awhile pal.  After that, perhaps a doctor.  Or you could just soak it in peroxide and hope it drops off so you don't have to worry about it.

do you like the movie CLERKS?
Never heard of it.

hmmm... i have cum stains on my pants. what's the best cum cleaner?
Saliva.  You figure it out.

what would you do if you woke up one morning and your dick was 20 feet long and spiked at the end?
I would be quite worried.  Then I'd smash things...

I can take clay and mold it to look like a human, does that make it so?
It won't be just so until you add a funny hat.  Then it is so.

If I made that screeching sound again... will you pat my head?
Hmmm... sounds familiar...

Why ask stupid questions when you don't want stupid answers?
What an intelligent question... the person ask must be BRILLIANT... hmmm... didn't they put this as an INSANE THOUGHT OR IDEA????

Damn all the stupid people.   Can't they read signs???
Another great question... but I've had enough of my own questions.

What the hell is 'apple pie and motherhood' supposed to mean???
I'm still looking for the answer to this one... strangely enough it is from a training session I took... a QS/ISO documentation... so you can see why I was confused... technical stuff and suddenly apple pie and motherhood...

why is smurfette the only female smurf? and do you think papa smurf is abusing her in any way? she seems a little antisocial to be the only girl in a compund full of guys. nikon
You just don't see the other girl smurfs.  'They are DAMN ugly.  Smurfette had surgery to look like that.  Her head is filled with silicone.  Just like reality... hide the uglies...

Wake up, DC You need me.  Im the only one who can save the site. Ive got the monkeys.  Did im mention im crazy?Spacey
I don't need you... this site doesn't need to be saved.. let it die!!!  Monkeys rock, and good thing.

I think that the word In humane has no reason existing,In humane: the human act of a lack of pity or compassion. what the fuck is that supposed to mean? Humans by definition are not "humane" at all. our entire race depends upon the supply of minerals to tear out of the earth and enough animals to kill. humans are by far the least "humane" creatures on the planet. If you ask me Humane, and Inhumanes, definitions should be swapped. What are your views?
Humans are sickening little creatures who rip apart their surroundings and then move on.  As for the language, it is a pathetic attempt at trying to connect with other humans when they will never truly understand each other.  So the words themselves mean nothing, they are just distractions from the feelings themselves.  It's so pathetic that they even turn on themselves, picking at each difference such as color, sex and age.  The word Human should be a curse word, it's a cursed life.

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