D.C.~ Hey man, what's up? Do ya feel it? Do you wanna catch the vibe?
Not much, feel something... don't know if it's IT... and yes... I really want to catch the vibe...

where can i find a black market sockmonkey?
If I knew that... I'd have a harem of sock monkeys!!!! Let me know if you find any!

Why does my cat like wet washclothes? its like, the only thing that will make him shut-up!!
thats messed up!!!  Send pictures....

How do you infuse a watermellon with alchohol?
I think that you need to do it a day or two in advance... put the watermelon in a sink or someting, cut a hole in the watermelon and put the bottle of alcohol on it upside down... it will seep in it... maybe someone knows for sure out there???

what am i?
I know you are, but what am I?

gee DC your answer to my "you're become sane" question seemed kind of defensive, are we feeling testy? I dunno what crawled up your ass and died but the whole "bitter badass" thing faded a long time ago. Perhaps you should take another vacation?, and I didn't mean the site being cutesy, cute can mean it makes ya laugh. You're just trying to be shall we say "insane" too hard. I mean the entire insane act is old, and trying to replace it with your bitterness won't work either. Shit, the damn site doesn't even make me laugh anymore, People who try too hard suck, wouldn't you agree?
I am not testy.  How about you pay me to go on vacation???  All I need is a sock monkey outfit, 10,000 sock monkeys and a van.  Blah blah blah to the rest of it.   yes people who try too hard suck, and so do people who demand shit of someone yet keeps coming back and asking dumb questions

If I tell you where i live, will you kill my brother?
Only if your brother lives there too... and that you're home.

Hey DC Just wonderin whats with that jizz with class it doesn't do anything, is supposed to do something?? Love Ice Pryncess (sorry I haven't visited in a while and asked a question but you probably don't care anyway)
It is doing exactly what it's supposed to do.  Wait till the Finger Factory opens.

DC you're becoming too sane, you need to step down, atleast SAnimal is a bit off his rocker, sure he's bitter..crude..and well hated, but atleast he could be classified as slightly mentally incompetent, DC you're just..getting normal, why do all the cute sites suddenly start sucking?
Blah blah blah... shut up... blah blah blah... shut the hell up and don't EVER call this site cute.  Go screw your stuffed animals already.

how much will you blow me for
That depends... can I use mayo???

i love me
Somebody has to.

is your bus here yet?whats your favorite beer?i like the jim stories...they make me feel just like i did before the failed frontal lobatamy,half my brain is in a jar....is yours?
Soon... I hope.  I can't drink beer anymore, but when I did... it was Canadian.  Yes, it's horse piss but it did was it was supposed to do.... make me piss more.   My brain was in a jar... but then I thought it was spaghetti sauce and I ate it.  Try having yours with mushrooms... mmmmm good.

they say prostatoution is a vitemless crime....if thats true then wheres my wallet.you got my wallet?do you bitch do you!?kindly return my wallet--demonboy
Oh! this is yours!!! silly me.. can you call me bitch again, only this time spank me when you say it...

when did this site get so fucking weak, it was so very entertaining like forever ago i demand you just improve and entertain, i mean for fucks sake why did you guys actually take your medication how fucking dumb was that!!!!!!!!!! and what was with the make a cool thing then remove it after a fucking month, weaklings just fix it and flush your medication.........
We're working on it... we are going through all the stuff we had and adding/removing what we want.  Give it another week... someone had been slipping us our medication in our coffee.

what the hell is this acid dc shit?..does it by any chance feature dc on acid..that would be very giggle provoking..oh by the way..tickle tickle..
It is my music ... go listen to it... i'll be releasing new and more insane stuff soon.

when will i die?
today if the rest of the world is lucky

If after falling down, I use the phrase"guess I'm not a weeble after all" , am I dating myself?
What does the first sentence have to do with the question?  if you're dating yourself and not sure where the relationship is going, you should break it off, because your uncertainty shouldn't be focused on the relationship, but instead on you and your self discovery.

the question was: if anal sex strips the participants of their virginity, as you said, because a guy is penetrating a girl with his dick, then wouldn't that make oral sex a de-virginifying act?
no... the penetration must be below the waist.

DC, why the fuck can't you answer any half the questions anymore? sometimes you just say some stupid meaningless puppet-like blurb to get out of answering a question. what happened to the good old insanedomain days? and sanimal, your teenybopper angst is getting in the way of your creativity.
I do answer the questions.  I answer the questions the same way they're asked.like your opinion matters -SAnimal

why does it take you two a while to answer questions whe nit used to take you a day?
had to work too much lately... that's why this week it will improve... i'm back baby

i was looking at a patch of ground, and i realized that it was kinda interesting, and then irealized that when i was little i could amuse myself with that patch of ground and its inhabitants for hours. i can't do that now. why can't i?
Who says you can't?  All you have to do is ignore the people who will scream at you to get the hell off their lawn and try to avoid the whole cop thing... but you could always make your own dirt mound in your backyard and play in it and gather ants or something.  I do it all the time.  Mud is still fun too, no matter what age you are.

I'm american, it's depressing isn't it?
intensely!  I'm actually surprised you realized that there were others who aren't american!!! good for you!

have you ever taken a bath with mayonasse and stuck a finger in every place you could all at once?trust me its not all that fun....unless youre kinky.are you kinky?
Yes I have, and I suppose I am.  I prefer yogurt or pudding though... it just makes it easier to get someone to lick it all off.

why can't i get rid of this stupid OCD?
why can't i get rid of this stupid OCD?
why can't i get rid of this stupid OCD?
why can't i get rid of this stupid OCD?
why can't i get rid of this stupid OCD?
why can't i get rid of this stupid OCD?
why can't i get rid of this stupid OCD?
why can't i get rid of this stupid OCD?
why can't i get rid of this stupid OCD?
What makes you so sure you have one?  Maybe you just want to think you have one to be cool... nice try poser...

so now that you've seen the CLERKS, what did you think?
It was kinda funny.

Why does Kevin Walker always hang aroiund my friends and I, he's like a fucking stalker, how can I get rid him?
Throw wet paper towels soaked in food coloring at him.  That should do the trick. 

Do you like Chase Rodgers, of martinsville,texas?
Only on Fridays.

this whole dc-sanimal rivalry is all a show, isn't it? it seems fake.
I'm as jealous of you about as much as a mother likes to cook her own baby up and eat it.   Yummy.

have u seen the movie CLERKS?

I'd rather drink my own piss after it's been put into a bottle and left in the sun for about a month.

i am from texas. my girlfriend is cool because she has my same gramma. i like inzame domane. my cat makes funny noisers. y'all are kewl.i gotta go.this ol' butt is goona explode if ise don shit soon. kewl sigt!
Sometimes gum is chewy.

If a potatoe is a mini-van, then would a bag of chesse be a sports car?
Only if it's orange.  If it's white, then no, it'd be a moped for Barbie.

do you masterbate? 
My sock monkey touches himself... it makes me blush.

do you masterbate thinking about men?
My sock monkey thinks of the socks I'm wearing...

do you masterbate thinking about men dressed in womans cloathing?
My sock monkey puts on the dress he stole from a cabbage patch kid....

are penguins really sensative?
They flap and flap... but never fly.  How sad.

weell sanimal, then that would also make oral sex a de-virginifying act, according to your answer to the anal sex question.
SAnimal tried that ... but didn't like the taste of shit. Think about it.

if i gave you 5 dollars would you blow me ?
If I gave YOU 5 dollars, would you blow SAnimal? I think he needs it.  I'll give you another 5 to bite.

  i want good grammer and clean cars. i want to be a hypocrite. i want to make good grades and have tons of friends and be president of all the clubs. i want to base myself on waht others think of me. i want to be materialistic. i don't want to be subverted by free thinking, as it's not good for my career. i want to look good on paper so i can get a good job and live in the suburbs free from brutes and riff-raff. i want to be a hypocrite, a closet atheist, a facade of my true self. i can achieve all of this with... NEW, IMPROVED CONFORMITY! will you join me, heathens, in my crusade to change america with my new product?
how about simply getting a large balloon and painting something on it?? and then have the balloon pop and shoot out prizes for everyone! I'd buy that for sure

have you seen the movie CLERKS yet?
NO DAMNIT I will let you know when I do!

Then when are you going to see it?

sailors on the sun can this really be fun? bare butts in the wind they are my kindred. that's beautiful, man.
Thanks.  It took a lot of blood, sweat and coffees, but i can now die.  It is all that I am, all that I can be.

i missed you, DC. why does sanimal suck so bad?
Do I really need to explain?  Sigh.... fine... thrown on head as child.

If today was an orange, and the mailman was Saturn, wouldn't it all be a lot easier?
Not if today was ORANGE!!! what the hell is YOUR problem??? orange days suck.  Now if it were a black day, then it'd rock

Why cant you guys get along? WAIT!! CUZ THEN THIS SITE WOULD SUCK!! Heres a question: How many lungs do you use for entertaining wood chucks??--GrimmKaos
I usually use one on my local wood chucks.  I don't want them getting too excited and exploding.  But for visiting wood chucks, I use the full two lungs baby.

have you read my tips on the use of violance in the "quoets" section?ifso what did you think?--demonboy"_"
I think you are funny.

DC, What's your name? What's your quest? What's your favorite color?   SAnimal, What's your name? What's your quest? What's the square root of 562?
DC, to find that thing i lost that time, black.

if a guy has anal sex with his girlfriend, are they both still virgins?
Depends on the moon phase and where the video camera was placed.

is it illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling?
it better not be...

what the fuck is wrong with this question page?
The dance moves, way too fake, obviously computer generated.

Why do you even bother letting people ask questions, cuz you now they're gonna say something stupid? Spacey
because some things just have to be asked, no matter how stupid.

All geniuses are insane but are all mental patients geniuses? Just thought i should ask.  They never laugh at my..... my..... oh well, i'm not anything but weird. Not funny, or.... or... hey I don't stutter!! Why have my parents been telling me that
Yes, but in ways you can't even imagine.   Your parents don't want to alarm you.

How do you ake a malotov cocktail?
Take a chilled molotov, stir it and serve in a chilled glass.  Add a few olives and presto, a molotov cocktail.  Once of those little umbrellas look good too.

wow you guys are sort of like loveline..minus the sex problems and freaks with screwed up genitalea..no im not implying that people should turn this into a loveline..anyway, DC is sort of like a disgruntled Dr. Drew and SAnimal is a fucked up drunk Adam Corolla, you understand? that made no sense whatsoever and it TICKLED, but there was a question mark in there..
tickling is ticklish.  i'm not ticklish though... well... maybe in that one spot... ok... two... but you'll never figure out where....and congrats for getting the question mark in there!

are you waiting for the bus?did you read the newspaper today?did you read the artical about the eskimos?well the artical was saying that the eskimos would eat the fat off the whale,do you know what the fat is called?its called blubber,the eskimos eat the blubber.and do you know what kind of whale!?its called a BALOOGA whale!what do you mean you think im in the wrong site,that scientific question is what drove me to madness!that and other things(evendently among them "pixi-stixs")why cant i sign the guest book?thank you for youre time, yours truly, demonboy"_"
Haven't you ever heard the song about the balooga whale??? it ROCKS!  Blubber is fun to throw at people... but hurts like hell if you get hit with it from above...

DC, you came back, good.  That ass SAnimal was getting on my nerves, anywho, have you seen a killer white bunny?
Yes.  But I promised it that I wouldn't tell you where it went.  All I can say is ROSEWATER, SOCKS and LAMPSHADE.

You know what...? I like DC way better! DC is actually nice, but insane at the same time, ya know?  Kinda nifty-cool!  But SAnimal is just a bitter little tart that uses his insanity as an excuse for being messed up!
A rotten tart filled with puss, maggots and puke actually.

Is gumby green?  (yes)
Gumby is actually made of hardened toothpaste.  He's all minty and full of fluoride.

im confused....(wispering)will you help me.......?
Confusion is fun.  Sometimes I like to be confused.  Trees are confusing.... all leafy.

why are you wispering?
I only whisper when the voices whisper that whispering is what they want.

did you ever help create a cow ?ifso why?ifnot why not?
Cows don't really exist.  They are figments of some guys imagination that is being forced on us by the FBI to make us eat more burgers.

dont you... realize...that evil...(get redy for it now)..lives in the mothafukin' skin!?
There is no such thing as evil, just crippling pain and the curse of life.

Whats with this "coming soon, Acid, DC thing. does it have something to do with me? Acid--
Acid DC is my music.  I'll be putting it on mp3.com soon!  MP3s for all!

I've seen that moive CLERKS, it was okay.  You should see it DC, won't you please see it?
GIVE IT UP... enough with clerks already

ok, do YOU like the movie CLERKS?
What the hell is up with this?  Wasn't I asked this before???? Get over it dude

why cant light escape a sigularity,if light has no isotonic mass?i think its because of the curvature of space around the sigularity.what do you think?
I knew this... but forget.

when will DC be back? you suck.
Yes, I'm back.

Did you kidnap DC and if so when are you bringing my little sock monkey back?
I'm Back!!!! YEA!!!!!

This place sucks! It SUCKS!!! You hear me? IT SUCKS!!! Screw you all! You're all a bunch of fucked up weeners that use insanity as an excuse for your screwed up little minds! YOU ALL SUCK!!!! By the way, do you like pickles?
Pickles are good. I had one a few hours ago.  If I get the chance, I'll have one again, but maybe with chocolate pudding.  Speaking of pudding, I have Popsicle waiting in the fridge for me.

okay then, what's the difference between a Satanist and a Devil worshipper?
Actually, the real answer (as far as I know it) is that a Satanist does NOT believe in Satan.   A devil worshipper DOES.   If you want to learn more, search for your answer online.  Try the Temple of Set or something.

So, how are you doing today ... well, that's todays social-talk, NOW GET BACK TO WORK!!!
Getting back to work implied that I began working at some point.

I hate you so much right now!!! Can DC come back, please? please??? Was that a good question?
That was a great question!

What have you done to DC? WHen is he coming back? When is Faith no more gonna bring out another album? Love Ice Pryncess
Faith No More have released their last album titled "Album of the Year".  They have released We Care Alot, The Real Thing, Angel Dust, King For A Day, and Album of the Year.   They are now broken up and they all do various side projects.  They broke up last year, after the release of Album of the Year.  I have heard rumors of a unfinished record deal, but you never know.  Patton is now in Mr. Bungle, and they are due to release a new album soon.

Hey this is princess, I know I haven't written in a long time, I just wanted to see how you were DC and will you have my sock monkey, he's a red one with purple paws, a gift from me to you because I haven't been here for ages.  I'd also like to let you know that I've matured as a sock monkey, I'm no longer that silly little monkey that you once knew. Princess xoxo
Sniff... I'm so proud... little sock monkeys growing up... sniff... be sure not to forget us!

sometimes when i see small elderly chinese people on the street, i get the urge to stretch my oral cravity over their cranium and bite down, i have contemplated going ahead and doing this several times, because some of the people look quite tasty, but i fear i may have trouble swallowing as i lost all my teeth in my battle with a drunken transvestite goatboy when i refused to pay it for ejecting it's sperm into my ant farm. I have finally achieved the ability to unhinge my jaw, but I often have trouble mustering up enough spittle to get lubricate the cranium and get it into my esophagus, plus the little elderly people often defend themselves by plucking the attackers eyes out with their tiny fingers. I fear being blind may be scary and dark, and the idea of choking to death on a wrinkled chinese man/woman frightens me to urination, still i can't seem to shake off this desire, what should i do?
Tie the people up first and then try eating them.  Don't forget to cover them with sauce first so you don't have to worry about saliva.

Dead cows don't have dicks Dear steers and bulls do Coz cows are GIRLS and steers and bulls are BOYS how you mistake that?!?! ugh
I knew that... so where is the problem?  Maybe you should stop playing with dead animals...

you're male. you revealed yourself.
This isn't a question dumbass.  And great evidence you have presented.  Thanks for coming out!

on the ho and jose question did you mean the ho put the ho in jose or that the ho put him self in jose thus jose a ho in him?

I'll give you a sock monkey but only if you give me a purple one, (my cat destroyed my purple sock monkey) ~P.N.
Why not just buy a sock monkey and dye it?  I'm not giving away any of MY monkeys.

hace you heard of gg allin? if so, what do you think of him?
heard of him... but have formed no opinions

what happened to all the sock monkey shirts?i dont even have sense enough to say name... maybe its because im living with half a brain.i cant find my other half?--demonboy"_"
The shirts were taken away ... we might make more... but I'm thinking of making insane grab bags and selling those.  What do you all think of that?

who put the ho in jose?
well if jose paid the ho then i guess the ho put the ho in jose.

did you knoe dat in tha old days mexicans cosiderd plowing hoes valulbe an even used it as a form of money,its was know as "mexican hoe money"--demonboy
I didn't know that.  How wonderfully full of useless information you are... that's why we like you demonboy

if i found your house and went in and killed you what would you do...gopostal
well i guess i'd be dead.  I would like my head chopped off and burnt with all my faith no more stuff.  the rest can go to science.

WTF is up with all the retarded question? I dont believe DC can help you with those. Life is meant to be lived insanely, not retardly .. . .damn you people, damn every friggin one of you for forcing poor DC to put up with YOUR shit. You should suffer by living normally for awhile .. .that aughta teach you. Do you agree with me DC?
Yes. Yes I do.  Now send me sock monkeys.

are you my bitch or...just a bitch?
I saw a bitch once... I think... I may be wrong though.

i like licking mayo off my nipples dont you?i would like to lick some off your nipples, can i? you can do it back, would you like to do it back?yours truly stump
i don't like mayo on my nipples, however pickle juice is great.  No, i do not want you licking my nipples, as i have hired flying monkeys to do that job.  My back is off limits to all, unless of course you have 2 sock monkeys to give me.

Life is a blur of stupid, dumb and insanity. stupid's the same as dumb, so why put them there?
Because I wanted to... and this whole site doesn't always have to make sense.

when should i smoke two joints? in time of pace or in time of war?
why only two?  and smoke them whenever you want... just don't drive after.  Plus, it just tastes better if you smoke them in times of insanity.

ok, i can understand the gibberish part, but what the hell is with the retarded question rule, isn't this the INSANE domain, i didn't know you had turned into Ann Landers! Could you please define a retarded question? and don't just say "yours" or "yours is a good example" if you want rules, you need to actually be specific, is this supposed to be a serious part of the site or what? Please Specify..
I don't want the same questions over and over, and I don't want questions that I can't reply to.  An example of this is 'carrots are orange?".... i don't mind a few of them, but it just gets out of control too quickly.  you and i may be intelligent, but let's face it, the majority of the world isn't... that is who the rules are for.   Yours was a fine question. and sometimes insanity is serious too.

why is it when you mix mustard and ketchup you get orangiish colors .. .it's kinda freaky .. . .. and have you seen the broccoli man? I think he raped me sock monkey . . damn whore.
this borders on retarded.  yes i have seen the broccoli man though... he was having sex with the velveeta cheese... but boy did they both taste good

my girlfriend says i'm cute as hell when i'm mad, so she gets me mad on purpose, and then she's all over me. what should i do?
piss her off and when she's all upset, tell her that she's ugly when she's upset and dump her.  If you actually like her, then tell her to stop it.  if she doesn't, then she's a dumb bitch and you don't need her anyway.

is it just me, or do you get the buddha thing going for the first 30 seconds afte you cum? ya' know, that "i have achieved enlightenment, ultimate wisdom. i have no need for mortal desire." and then it's over.
sometimes.... other times it sobers me up and i'm all like 'who the hell are YOU???' to my partner.  usually they leave after that... which is good cuz i hate sharing my sock monkey bed.

hey dc... free porno galleries... lots of em... for you... www.thehun.net oh yeah, question... umm, why, uh, did soundgarden break up?
i don't know.... maybe they figured out the same was kinda stupid.  chris cornell is still going though....and porno galleries are fun... just don't join in because the guards will drag you away.

i'm an asshole. what should i do?
lick yourself, other then that... enjoy it.

my girl bought me a cool shirt. what should i do?
shred it and mail it to her piece by piece with hate letters and dead animal parts.  that'll teach her.  also, don't refer to her as YOUR girl. women, like cats, belong only to themselves.

i don't have a vagina, i have a penis. what should i do?
well since that is such a strange thing to have, i say you find yourself a cabin in the woods and never mention it again to anyone.  freaks like you should be as far away from society as you can get.

i like butterscotch. what should i do?
spread it on a dead cows dick and lick it off.

my computer works. what should i do?
stop writing me dumb questions, and start complaining to whoever you bought it from.  It should have something wrong with it at all times.

I am having a problem with getting papercuts on my penis during sex with my centerfolds. Any advise on how i can fuck my prize centerfold with out getting cut so bad. My penis thanks you.
try putting the picture in a ziploc bag.  wetting the paper before hand works too, but only once.  make photocopies if needed.  and tell your penis to stop calling me.

i can's cum from blowjobs. anything else is fine, but not that. how can i help this?
use them to get you honry, then do other stuff... maybe you should be the one doing all the licking and sucking anyways and your body is trying to tell you that.  think about it, maybe YOU should be the submissive one.

what's better, the torment of existence or the horror of nonbeing? i borrowed that question from calvin and hobbes.
good job on adding the reference.  My choice would be the horror of nothing... because if there is nothing, then there is no horror, so there is nothing.  and nothing is nothing while existence is just a waste of my time. either way, they both taunt me daily.

there's tantric sex. what about tantric masturbation? i want that, too, for those lonely nights where i'm horny, but also lacking in spiritual fulfillment.
well that i can't help you with.... have you tried the newsgroups??? alt.magick.tantra or something... i can't remember.  if you find out... then share.  maybe you should invest in a toy or something... maybe even a cheap hooker or two.

who will give me 50.00$ to tell you who demonboy is...sign...gopostal
not me.  how about i give you 50 for you to tell me who i am?  if you're obsessed with demonboy, then do it on your own time and get your hands out of your pants while reading this question about him you sicko.

Have you ever had someone just walk up to you and say what the fuck? I had someone do that. . .. how do you responde to that question when someone asks you that?   PS I'm trying to get a picture of my cat with the washcloth on its head . . .. .out of film.
Yes I have actually... I just said "Exactly!" real loud and kept walking.  Cats are nice.

have you seen joe? you know the bud ice penguin.
No I haven't... but I'd assume that he's in the cooler with all the beer. 

we are bread to suffer and born to die...humans are truly vile creaters, dont you dink-- demonboy
Exactly... good point again by demonboy!

Do you really eat the red ones last?
I don't eat any of them at all... 

why are u such a fuckin bitch?
Cuz it's fun and easy...

Kids do suck, if only there was a way to avoid childhood, and give birth to adults...
But that would really hurt the moms... but hey... at least they'd think twice about having sex... sick of these morons breeding because they're too dumb to figure out how a damn condom works.

Why is it that so many toys are steriotyped for boys and girls
Because society sucks and the parents fall into these traps... fight the system!

Why does my brother walk around the house saying "No pants!!" even when he clearly is wearing pants?
Maybe he is saying no to the pants... are they touching him?

If you had a choice would it be the only choice you had?
if it was... it wouldn't be a choice!

did you give me the green head because i asked you what your favorite beer was?or because im in the brian in a jar club?sure i'll spank you....only if i get shiny wallet bak--demonboy
it was the jar thing... and you bet you'll get a shiny wallet... 

If we live to die? Why do we live in the first place? I mean, is it REALLY worth having a kid for sex. . .the sex is better, but why the hell do we have to have kids? To have sex? and if we're all gonna die anyways. . 
We indeed live to die... but the challenge is how we die.  And no, it is NOT worth the sex if you get kid from it.  Kids SUCK.

"i want out. i want in." why do they change their minds so often? where can i get a new mind? hehe, your funny - Fido Dido żeat tae?
well the lollypop men have decided that minds can be changed, especially if it's cats wanting in or wanting out... new minds are hard to find on this planet... hell working ones are a rarity! 

i think george bush is a silly man. a down right fucking retard more like. am i right? do i win? eat drink and be Mary? - Fido Dido
you win a gold star but not my gold star so go out and get your own damn star... i'll be mary this time but next time YOU'RE putting on the dress

can i eat? i wanna run around and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round etc. żeat tae? winners drink mjlk. yes that is with a j. - Fido Dido ps can i have my own insane section. ta muchly. i will pay lots of money.
yes you may eat... and send us some examples of what you have to offer and we might give you your own section... contact us through the interview form

i like the yellow ones, they make me craaaaaaazy. have you felt like starting a sentance and not. - Fido Dido
i don't like yellow... but the RED ones... whoooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... and yea sometimes i start and just...

Why do the birds attack my windows?
your face is wormy looking and the want to peck your face apart

why even respond?! i'll take this to the next level. you will be begging for mercy when i'm done with your sorry ass!
as soon as there is a question mark then i am prompted to respond.... yea the next level! i didn't even have to kill some large creature to get to it!   yea... making me beg... bring it on... i won't even ask for money if you spank me hard enough

What is it that prevents me from getting up in the morning and screaming
 at the top of my voice as I realise that there's no point getting up at all. - Mzebonga
prevents you? why arent you doing it? i do that every day... FFFFFFUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK the neighbors and there never was a point to getting up... besides maybe coffee and feeding the cats

How much beer would I have to drink before I fill up and can't fit anymore into my huge, fat gob? - Mzebonga
i'm not sure... everyone is different so i recommend you set up a video camera, give it a try and then mail us the tape

Is it normal for me to go to an Aerosmith concert with my 2 older brothers and mom and dad? Is it normal that we all were clapping hands and had goofy smirks upon our faces? Is it normal that I enjoyed it?
everything was normal until the part about liking it

we all do... and here's the instructions

can you use a tubesock as a condom?
yes but it doesn't work very well at all

Do you think their is anything wrong with kids stealing old peoples swizzle sticks?
no i don't unless the kids use them to whip the old people into bloody messes... that's just not nice

Im having problems eating my cońo! I can't reach it what should I do?
steal some old persons swizzle stick and use it to reach

what will cockroaches do when everyone is dead?
eat us and then become massive and take over the planet... then eventually learn to fly in space and leave

So what if I like you whats wrong with that?
nothing... do you want to give me money then?  i'd really like that...

How many soul mates would you let pass by then?
as long as they have the proper documentation, i see no reason to prevent them from going where ever it is they're going... but as soon as that documentation gets lost or destroyed... well they are just fucked

Do you Shirly Manson?
i'd gladly have anything to do with her... no fee required

is it true that if u crush a 10 pound object in to the size of a grain of sand (therefore you would have a grain of sand that weights 10 pounds) and u put that 10 pound grain of sand onto a ship the grain of sand creates enough energy to travels faster than the speed of light??
short answer yes, long answer no with a but...  and i think that you're just obsessed with the whole 10 pound thing and perhaps you should judge people by how they are inside and not on the outside...  you know it's ok to have 15 pounds of something too...  15 pounds of sugar is way more fun then 10

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