today at work some guy called me 'sweetie'.. was he just trying to get my attention to ask me a question or was he a pedophile looking for potato salad... - Miss Roger's Sweater
a bit of both actually... as he ate it... he had thoughts of you...

Was 1995 a good year for you? McDiablo
it was okay i guess... nothing in particular stands out from that year....

why are tile floors so slippery sometimes? - Miss Roger's Sweater
people have been pissing on the floors... it sucks... it's sick... but that's just the way it is

Are we really living in some computer simulated dreamworld while machines are feeding off our energy? (and, no I didn't see The Matrix Reloaded today...) McDiablo
yes... and neither did i... i saw it over the weekend...

is it wrong that i buy 6 mr. noodles at one time? - Miss Roger's Sweater
nope.. it's better to buy them in bulk for the coming of the hot water... we will dance in a sea of noodles... and all will be good again

When is it wrong to mock people? McDiablo
there are a lot of times... but there are a lot of times it's ok... so try not to do it to nice people... those overly nice ones deserve it though

the imitation crab salad smelled like potato salad today... was it tempting me to the dark side? even though i would never eat anything called 'imitaiton' and/or 'crab' - Miss Roger's Sweater
never look at it directly... that's how it gets you... just look around it... you should be ok...

Sometimes a band won't release a new album for four or more years. What exactly are they doing during that time? McDiablo
touring... writing more music... deciding on cover art for the next album...

Do you have any guilty pleasures that you'd like to share with us? McDiablo
excessive masterbation... oh no wait... that's not the right answer... um... i don't think i have one

What do you make of a dish that looks like owl barf with crushed potato chips on top? McDiablo
you make it into pieces of owl barf with crushed potato chips on top by throwing it onto some pavement

I don't know if any one has asked you this before... I have a theory "What colours you see is what colours you see yourself". So in other words, we all see this website as red, but red could be a different colour in everybody elses eyes. I will see something which is RED, but if you had to see through my eyes, it will be BLUE because you see it in a different colour in your own eyes which you are brought up to beleive is RED, and visa versa if I had to see through your eyes. I reckon we see everything in a different way, that is why this theory of mine is driving me insane trying to figure it out why. Do you beleive in this theory?
red? this site isn't red at all... and i'd have to say sometimes yes

Am I a piece of furniture? - Omuletzu
yes... it's happened twice now and i've enjoyed sitting on you each time

well wouldnt only two countries be bi-national? therefore its a lie and IHOP isn't international. I mean c'mon, its seriously false advertisement and they are trying to give people the impression that IHOP is all over the world when it really isn't!--Syko Morgana
i say you take your questions to them directly... if that doesn't work... interview employees and find out the TRUTH

Have you started working on that list for me to be your friend yet? How come its going to take so long to make it?--Syko Morgana
um... no i haven't actually... and i'm not sure...

Can I move in with you and your cat? Im a great cook....--Syko Morgana
luring me with food won't work today... a back rub might do it... and maybe the new tomahawk cd... haha

Look DC, it stated in the front of the menu "When IHOP started as a small pancake house in California..." it was NOT international! It was never international to start, therefore they should be sued for false advertisement...??--Syko Morgana
go ahead.. sue them for all the pancakes in the world... that will show those greedy lying bastards and all their little friends... they'll be crying big tears and begging for mercy... but you'll show them and their little syrup bottles too

Do spiders have feelings?--Syko Morgana
sometimes... some of them are just nasty unfeeling spiders who like to crawl into your bed and bite you on the ass

Are you a blonde?--Syko Morgana
no... jcp is the blond around here... she has enough blond hair for everyone... she's like cousin it from the adams family

What can I do to get you motivated to get hopping on that list? I am so excited about the list I am going to wet myself! Thanks..oh ya, if you dont want to do a list you shouldnt have brought it up so now i am going to nag you about it for a long time...---Syko Morgana
well wetting yourself will not be on the list... and nagging me is on the list of things NOT to do... what do you have to offer me in the ways of friendship that will encourage me to make a list?

why the heck haven't i been paid yet? - Miss Roger's Sweater
not the right phase of the moon yet

are the fish going to attack me today at work? even though they're already dead, and in pieces.. - Miss Roger's Sweater

can i have your permission to OD on slurpees tomorrow, seeing it will be my birthday... - Miss Roger's Sweater
why yes... and happy bday to you

i had a dream about a dream about a long winding road, where i dont know where to go and what to do and then i saw you. What does it mean???
it means that you will wander life aimlessly until you give all your belongings to me... and then you will find true peace

Why do people do their Christmas shopping before the last minute? I do mine between Now and August, because they haven't put up the prices. Sometimes I wait before the shop closes on Christmas eve, because the hour before they sometimes to a 50% off sale. Cool! Oh by the way, what do you want for Christmas?
are you talking about xmas in MAY? xmas sucks enough as it is without having to think about it 6 months early... damn you need a new hobby... and while you're out you can buy me playstation 2 with grand theft auto...

how come in various countries in asia anything that is old, rotting, or just plain nasty is labeled a "delicacy" and sold at an outrageous price?--Syko Morgana
that's the way things work...

are there sock baboons?or sock orangatangs?--Syko Morgana
yes... out there somewhere

Doesn't Orangatang sound like some sort of orange juice drink?--Syko Morgana
yes it does... but not a very good drink... it'd be the type of drink that mcpukes sells us and it's just syrup

if someone threatens to tie you up in a dark room n force you to watch teletubbies all day while feeding vile green liquid through your nose, what do you do to get out of it? - SiNiSTaR
i tie up that person who threatened me and force them to watch all those horrible teen movies until their head implodes

why is it only AFTER you have had sex that you realised you shouldn't have done it with THAT person, even tho before hand you already suspect you might feel that way afterwards?? - SiNiSTaR
well you DID realize you shouldn't have beforehand... so you're stupid for doing it anyways... at the very least make sure you don't breed due to your stupidity...

So, my friend is going to England tomorrow for three months. Will she survive without a computer? McDiablo
barely... if she goes into shock tell her to eat a calculator

I hear a *ripping* noise upstairs. What is my brother doing? McDiablo
is it a sound of paper ripping or more of a tearing flesh kind of rip?

How come drunk people think church is on Monday? McDiablo
well mostly it's because they are drunk...

do you realise that i was just 16 when i first came here and now i'm almost 20?? oh my god where did the time go?? - SiNiSTaR
yea??? that's a long time... ! you can play with my tail whenever you want and afterwards i'll get us pizza

Imagine you're driving a bus one day, At the first stop 5 passengers get on, at the 2nd stop 2 get off and 3 get on, at the 3rd stop 4 get off and no one gets on, at the 4th stop 2 get on... ...what the drivers favourite colour?
olive green

Do you think it's kind of amusing that a lot of Americans I talk to on MSN would rather live in Canada? McDiablo
i have the same experience... including family members too... we'll trade... people who don't like living in canada can go live there... trading places/jobs with people who don't like the US and want to live here... we'll even make a lame reality tv show about it so we can convince them to do this

I noticed the sock monkey up for adoption has a lot of white strings on her. Is this so she remembers things, or is it merely for decoration? McDiablo
a bit of both actually... think anyone will bid on it? poor herbert was left to die last time... he still screams in his sleep

Why would anyone want to try using you as toilet paper, DC? McDiablo
some people have anger issues and would like to inflict their asses upon me...

Why is Greece called Greece, not Grease?
the greeks don't need no stinkin A ...

well what sort of things do you want me to do so that i can be your friend? i will do almost anything you want.--Syko morgana
well i'd like some time off work... so you go to work for me and i'll take the money... work on that one first...

When we become close friends, do you want to go eat a IHOP?--Syko Morgana

The next time you go into an IHOP, would you be tempted to plan on asking them why they call them selves international when they arent?--Syko Morgana
next time? i've never been to one... i can't even tell you where one is around here... i'm fucking sick of them already... no more ihop!

do you like to dance naked?--Syko Morgana
not really no... oh ok who am i kidding... yes... i'm naked right now

Will you answer the questionare/what if's for me?--Syko Morgana
no answer them yourself

why do i have bumps on my dick?
it's from you having your hand wrapped around it all the time... stop it for a few hours and it'll be fine

Why is it that when ever you release feces, people say you're taking a rap or taking a shit when realy, you're losing a crap. Why would you want to TAKE a crap? Crap's smelly and uncomfortable. Losing a crap feels good, and makes you feel lighter. Why is it that so many people in america want to take craps instead of loosing them ?-BLAZEMAN
next time someone says it... ask them that... see what they say... pound on the door if you must... but get an answer...

How do you feel about your birthday? I hate mine..seems like it's always the hottest day in the freaking year and I usually spend it pretending to like people and their crappy gifts..I hate other peoples birthdays too...all the giving..there's no time when there isn't some occaision to have to buy crap for people...ok I'm done ranting now and you may answer the question.. FartMonkey
i don't know... it's just another day usually... i get some stuff sometimes... some cards with signatures of family members and then it's over

On an unrelated subject, what do you have planned for my birthday? It's in only six days..egh FartMonkey
same thing as last year only better

Everyone I know sees leprechauns when they're high..I've never been, as far as I know, and I see leprechauns all the time...what does this mean? FartMonkey
it's their sick joke on you... their secret name for you is leprechaun...

At this very moment, who do you most want to harpoon in the belly? FartMonkey
that crazy guy with the beard... the hat and that stupid grin...

If I requested that you would simply delete this question, would you? FartMonkey
well i'd think about it... but then decide that it is a question... and that i do have an answer to it

what is the full definition of insanity? If you can hide your insanity are u still insane or only if you are caught doing the insane act?
INSANE 1 : mentally disordered : exhibiting insanity, and yes... you can be insane and keep it hidden for years... you don't have to be openly insane to be truly insane

why do some people pronounce 'tampon' like you would pronounce 'harpoon'? like, what the hells a tampoon? - SiNiSTaR
i would run far far away from these people... they might tampoon you and i'll bet that hurts

One fine day, my mom walked into my room where i was reading, and she held up my little canister or whatever u call it, of pepper spray and asked, "what is this"? I said, "thats my pepper spray, but it's expired." and before i could do anything, she automatically and deftly unlocked the safety catch on it and sprayed it in my room, not at ME thankfully but in my room anyway. less than a second later i was already out of my room and downstairs. i yelled at her. "Mom!! Why did you DO that?" and all she could say was "it was like a reflex, i'm sorry, i didn't mean to". we were all sneezing for like a half hour after that. seriously. anyway what do you think of my mom's excuse for her actions??? - SiNiSTaR
one fine day? how many have you had? how come you get all of them? i think that your mom is allowed to exhibit her insanity so you can learn to understand yours... plus... if you had a kid, wouldn't you want to spray them with pepper spray every once in awhile?

dont you think people getting high on cough syrup are really pathetic? - SiNiSTaR
yes ... nyquil should only be used for good

do diet coke employees wear earrings. there is a stud earring in my diet coke? i don't wear stud earrings
i don't know... maybe you should phone them up... you may not have noticed but this isn't the diet coke website

Does ignorance equal irresponsibilty? (Armadillo)
that all depends on if cheese is involved

is cheese good for you?
well no... not the cow milk type from what i've heard...

Imagine the world totally opposite, north is south and south is north, the way we see colours is in negative format. Humans are sockmonkeys and sockmonkeys would be human, genders are reversed too and so are roles in society. Cats will chase dogs and (gasp!) dogs will take over since it is the opposite world. Majority of the population is gay and we fly in the air, fish walk on land and birds swim in the sea. We breathe through our arses and smell with our willys, take a guess where it comes out when we go to the toilet? Talk about speaking shit! I was drunk last night, what do you think of my mind right now?
well that other world would make a bit more sense ... and also suck horribly... i think i should give you some shock treatment so i don't have to think about it anymore

Is this the correct definition of WIERD?: WIERD, something that is not normal to you. So if someone says I am wierd, I am not normal to them, so I will try to be normal to them, but normal to them is wierd to me, what kind of f***ed up world is this?
look it up yourself.. and who the hell cares if someone says you're weird... say thank you

I just saw a rather terrifying painting that my art teacher painted himself...a self portrait...any suggestions as to how we can dispose of it? It's brings nothing but fear and terror! - Ybloc
the only way is to torch it in a bonfire... collect the ashes and flush them down the toilet

I was at a school band concert the other night. It was good and all, but towards the end, the conductor wouldn't stop talking! It was getting late, and my friend suggested that we throw something at him and hope that it nails him in the nuts so he could double over in pain and we could make our escape. We decided that wouldn't work, and had to suffer through the speech. What can we do the next time that happens? any suggestions? i'd be happy to take them!- Ybloc
start coughing and make your way out of the place... or stand up and scream 'FIRE!'

There are some bands nowadays who do not use spaces in their name, for example, exithiside. What's going on here? McDiablo
they are lazy and stupid

When will my brother develop quicker typing skills? McDiablo
when he meets someone interesting in a chat room

what color are your bed sheets?--Syko Morgana
dark blue

I accidentally shot my friend with my 9mm now he will not talk to me. It was a complete accident the police know it he knows it but he can't get over it. I collect guns and I was showing him my new sliver 9mm that I just got. It was loaded I knew it but it just went off I didn't even have my fingure on the tigger. It hit him in the front of his leg and went out the other side the police came figured out what happened and I did not get in any trouble. My friend didn't press charges either but he will not talk to me what should I do.-BLAZEMAN
you're a dumbass and that's what you and your friend get for being dumbasses... go away and don't return

i got into a car accident on monday, will my stupid whiplash go away? - Miss Roger's Sweater
that's shitty to hear... hopefully it will go away soon... in the meantime, you should make a slurpee-bag and have it cool your neck..

is it bad that me car was rearended by a semi-truck? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes it is

is it ok to be really scared of semi-trucks right now? cuz they're kinda scary looking when they use you to stop on. - Miss Roger's Sweater
yea you are allowed to be scared of them for awhile... i think you should go stab the tires of all the ones you see so that they aren't on the road scaring you

is 'a fuckin' semi-truck hit me' a good excuse to not have to do the dishes for a few days? - Miss Roger's Sweater
that and any other chores...

should i get into accidents more often as since my accident my slurpee consumption that doubled even though i hardly leave the house? a couple of my friends have brought my some slurpees to help with my suffering.. - Miss Roger's Sweater
not a wise career choice... but it's ok to turn to the slurpees... they understand

do you remember who it was who was obsessed with stealing pylons, spray painting them metallic blue and leaving them on people's doorsteps?- SiNiSTaR
hmmm.... no i don't actually... sounds like you've got something to do now... wouldn't it be easier with a search function? yea... i bet it would... does anyone want to be the data entry bitch and put it all in a database for me? yea... i thought so

when they said 'i' before 'e', except after 'c', they forgot to mention about the word 'weird'. i also get confused about the spelling sometimes, but now i know. so why the fucki didn't they add "except after 'c' and 'w' "? - SiNiSTaR
ok... once and for all... the english language is messed up... there are no real rules... words are borrowed from various languages... and depending on where you are, different meanings are attached to the words...

dc why was it that i decided to drink such a ridiculous amount last night? and why exactly do i feel so shitty?
well when you're drunk, more seems like a good idea... and you feel shitty from doing all that drinking... have some water and try not to think too loudly

I know this guy who has bigger boobs than my sister. My sister has HUMUNGOUS breats. Not that i realy pay attention to that, it's just that my mom's always whining about her small boobs and always brings them up while at dinner. Is there any chance for this poor,fatman ?-Losr
your mom brings up her boobs at dinner? damn... someone needs to get her a hobby... stop looking at your sisters boobs... as for the man with the breasts... well he probably gave up on trying to touch those belonging to a real girl, got denied a lot and decided to grow his own... so don't feel bad for him... he gets to touch breasts whenever he wants

It's my birthday the 2nd. Did you remember to get me something? FartMonkey
it's today... and here... i got you this.... XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX...

Can you list some things for me that you've accidentally chugged? FartMonkey
i'm one of those people who are paranoid of chugging things by accident so i am careful about what i chug... however i have chugged sour milk by accident... that sucked a whole lot...

If you're insane..can you ever truly become sane again? Permanently I mean, not like a full moon thing...FartMonkey
well i guess you can... you can get some of that InsaneGum to help you with the cravings for insanity until you can truly quit

So..will you answer any more questions about your list of things you won't answer any more questions about? FartMonkey
well maybe but that might be added too

I had a dream that my dad fell down the steps and I saw it all through the water in my toilet bowl, sort of like a looking-glass type you have any idea what this means?--Louie
it means it's time to look at the world differently and to not be so mean to your dad

My friend has severe road-rage issues...a little while back we were riding in his car and we stopped in the middle of the road so that he could wave a plastic ice-scraper thing at another driver behind us...should I keep some sort of taser or other harmful device with me in case he decides to turn that peice of plastic on me?--L
yea i'd also get a new/better friend while you were at it

Wouldn't it be cool if you could see your farts?--L.
well not really no... but it would be useful to see other peoples so i'd know when to run for the door

do you believe that the idiots are taking over our world too? ~steevie~
are? they already have in most cases

one sugar cube or three? ~steevie~

Is it rude not to scream "Hello" across the street to neighbors? I mean, I smiled, that should count. I've known most of them since I was about 3, so they should know I'm not the 'Hey let's stand outside and chat for an hour" kinda girl. - JCP
i think that it's ok... i mean... who has time to stand outside and talk about nothing? well maybe they do... but it's just mindless small talk and you're not very good at that... so in your case, no it's not rude

so where do you see yourself in 20 years?--Syko Morgana
no idea actually... it would be cool if were retired or working parttime on something cool...

Do you agree that only the good die young?--Syko Morgana
no... all sorts of people die young... it's just really shitty when the good do die young

why do i keep wearing my black hat around the house? - Miss Roger's Sweater
why wouldn't you? it's ok... as long as it isn't a huge top hat that you tip to everyone as you walk by

If the baby can run around with just a diaper and a t-shirt does that mean i can too? - Miss Roger's Sweater
sure you can... however be prepared to have someone try to 'change' you...

i have to water plants for my friend while she is away, are the plants going to attack me? - Miss Roger's Sweater
some of them will... the others will prefer to wait until the others have eaten their fill

I got up at 4:30am when my brother came home from work.. what the hell? - Miss Roger's Sweater
exactly... what the hell?

okay dc. I've always what different colors do the sock monkeys appear...because i saw a blue one on ebay..but i think an orange one would kick ass
well so far the following colors have been made.... red, green, blue, black, orange, light green, gray and white

i didnt want to adopt kayla, but can I adopt you?--Syko Morgana
i'm a free range sock monkey... i belong to no one!

what do you do if you find out that your sock monkies that were adopted are being abused?--Syko Morgana
well we'd have to find the monkeys new homes while we beat the hell out of the shitty owners

I'm very pleased that the sock monkey was adopted. Have you done a full background check on the person who adopted her? I'd hate to see her end up in an 'abusive situation'. McDiablo
all this concern for sock monkeys... glad to see it.... and we've checked out the buyer a bit... have yet to hear from them... so we'll see how it goes

Why does it seem that some American people are obsessed with Bruce Springsteen? What is so fascinating about this guy? I don't think I've heard more than one song by him. McDiablo
i have no idea... he sucks's all the same people here now isn't it?~SG*
i think we scared everyone else off

Why is that when a white calls a black the "N-word", it is racist, but when a black calls his own people by the "N-word", it is not racist? Why? PS. is there a racist word for whites?
i'm not sure why... i guess it's just one of those things... and yes there are a few for whites...

Are you a college graduate?--Syko Morgana
well i took a few courses but no, not a graduate... are you offering to pay for me to go?

Would you take orders from Mike Patton?--Syko Morgana
that depends on what he's ordering me to do...

Is there any way that I can get that song out of my head?- Ybloc
you would think so but no... it will not go away... just like 'this is halloween' by danny elfman... it's so catchy

I'm worried about my seems he has decided to grow a mullet...any advice on how to convince him to cut it? i've tried running at him with scissors, but it didn't seem to work...-Ybloc
wait until he is asleep and cut it off... you're doing him a favor

There is a guy who is really rude and annoying and does anything to piss everyone friend thinks we should tie a rope around his nuts and dispose of him over a you have a better suggestion? -Ybloc
just push him over the cliff... tying a rope around his nuts is too much work...

I may very well be sitting next to a pervert...what should i do?!- Ybloc
begin to worry about the wet spot on the bench that you sat in...

The other day, having the munchies, i stole and subsequently ate my little brothers sonic the hedgehog birthday cake. The next day when i took a shit it was bright blue just like sonic. What implications does this have on my life?
well it does make for a great campfire story... too bad you didn't have pictures of it...

Hey hey i am back! DC why in the cornflakes did you lock me in the closet?-monkeeskittles
you liked it and you know it... now take those pants off and march right back in there... i'll deal with you later...

Do people who use letters and numbers in place of words think they are smart?....'cuz I don't think they are. McDiablo
they think they do... and no they aren't... just like those idiots that wear their hats sideways on their head...

My sister has her hand lotions and perfumes all arranged in a neat line by the sink. Since when did she become so organized? McDiablo
since she caught that little gnome stealing her stuff... if she doesn't keep it neat she won't know if anything is missing... so now it's stealing stuff from you...

What would I do if there weren't multiple 7-Eleven's in my community? McDiablo
you would scream in terror and quickly migrate to a slurpee loving community with a 7-eleven

Was it you who slashed my tyres last night?!? If not, WHO?
last night? no i did it last week... i think dr. who did it... if not... then why not dr who... why not???

I always wake up with horrible rugburns on my forehead. Why? FartMonkey
i have no idea... but you obviously have a severe sleeping disorder

How many times a day on average do you suppose you shout "I'll kill you"? FartMonkey
i don't normally shout it... i normally say it softly so only the person i am threatening can hear me

why is the floor spoiled like milk all of the time ?
so when the cows come home they are all 'damn who left out the milk?' and then they clean it up using wigs they found buried out behind the farm that one day after mrs jones disappeared

how did a crack headed has been sock puppet get his own stupid ass web site ?
i'd tell you but then you'd go off and make one too...

whats IHOP? Sally
international house of pancakes... and i'm answering this only because i know sally doesn't have them where she lives and it's a legit question...

It's my birthday on the 5th of june are you getting me a present? Sally
that's today... so happy birthday to you...

how accurate a picture a picture of europe and asia did greek geographers have by the 4th centurary, B.C.?
that all depends on who you ask

There's a screwdriver on my desk. I really don't know why it's there. Anyway I just randomly wondered how many strikes with a hammer it would require to drive it into my skull? FartMonkey
well it just so happens that on my desk there is a hammer! i'll head over so we can figure this out...

Do you like soy milk?mmm its good.--Syko Morgana
i've had one type of it and it was horrid... i think i need to try some other brand or something...

What is your opinion on stoned giraffes?--Syko Morgana
some of them are just out of control and need help... but the rest are pretty cool

since this box is for pathetic questions("send your pathetic question") and i've never really won a good question award on ask dc is there some box somewhere for "send your great question"??--Syko Morgana
that should really mess you up for awhile...

I just stopped by to check and see if you answered the questions. It still said June 2. So I refreshed the page. Am I really that desperate? FartMonkey
yes you are... but it's ok... we understand... well ok we don't but i thought lying might make you feel better... did it? you can lie if you want to...

Now I'm not one to bitch about meaningless nonsense- well.. actually I am..nevertheless, I got a good question award a while back and it has yet to be added to the page of good questions. They will never believe me now. This has been my lifelong dream. Can you please make it come true? *shuffles out of room backwards, bowing* FartMonkey
fine fine damnit... i updated it... happy now?? yea you better be

DC stands for demon child, eh? Are you a child? Will you ever grow up? If you will and haven't yet, will your name change to DA, demon adult? Or just demon? With no note of your age bracket? How about DM, demon monkey? How's that name sound on me?FartMonkey
you're FM... and i'll be DC forever... it's too much of a hassle to change my license and stuff if i change my name

If you were to have an out-of-body experience and visit this site and ask DC a question, what would you ask? FartMonkey
i'd ask a number of things but nice try, you'll have to come up with your own questions

Why the hell are there those stupid sites where you get to rate how hot or how ugly a person is? what are your thoughts about those?- Ybloc
i think it's pretty stupid

Should I get the fries or the burger?- Ybloc
the fries unless it's a veggie burger

Are people such idiots that they keep answering the what ifs and questionnaire with "stop asking me questions, you're confusing me!" and continutally getting stinky monkey butts? If they're really whining that they don't have to answer all these questions can't they just go somewhere else when they see that their "clever new angle" isn't getting them any GQ Awards? Sorry, just had to let that little rant out..FartMonkey
are you trying to use logic with those people? they have never heard of such a thing...

What is the stuff in lava lamps? How do they get it in there? How come it takes forever to heat up and only starts bubbling when I'm not looking? FartMonkey
it's secret goo from the planet lava... i have some of it here... shhh... it knows i'm typing about it

Have you noticed my growing hatred for people since I started coming here? FartMonkey
only the stupid people.. we're so proud

What's the purpose of ants? Do they have any other function than to be eaten by other animals? FartMonkey
to build those cool ant hills

Where the hell have I been? - Mzebonga
yea... where the hell have you been????

Seeing as how you've updated the page now, may I retract my other question ridiculing your lack of updatingness? FartMonkey
too late... i'm outraged

Do you think cats kill and devour old people? Have you ever noticed how the old people who die usually have many cats? -ferretchick100
yes it's happened a few times...

i was sitting around a large round table one day that had a bloody monkey head on it that kept on telling me the evils of doing laundry. i told it to stop but it never did. the question im trying to ask is, why do people suck sooo badly??? love the sxi purrsin
it's what they do best in most cases... the rest of the time they just don't know any better

You know I just read the questionnaire and what ifs...I was sad to realize that there were no more to look at..and now I have to wait a whole nother month till the next ones get answered so I says to myself I says what DC needs is an ARMY of SLAVE CLONES to answer a NEW set of questionnaires and what ifs EVERY TWO HOURS and get breaks ONLY for either going to the TOILET or serving you REFRESHING ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES and telling you what a great LEADER and ROLE MODEL you are and possibly even having some FUN with your TAIL. What do you think? FartMonkey
i think that would be great... when do they arrive?

There are some songs where I think I know the lyrics, but then I finally read them and I realize that I was way off. What causes my brain to hear certain things that aren't even being said in the first place? McDiablo
i think it happens to everyone... it happens to me...

Will the driving laws here be drastically changed? McDiablo
yes... but not soon

When is it appropriate to use the winking emoticon? McDiablo
pretty much never...

why does it rain water and not something cool like vodka? irish psycho
rain water does so much for you and you want more? shame on you

do you like plaid stuff? Would you wear a kilt for me?--Syko Morgana
no and no...

Did you ever watch Nickelodeon when you were a kid?--Syko Morgana
hell ya... i loved 'you can't do that on television'... that show was wicked

What would you do if you found that you had a stalker who thought you looked nice in fuscia diapers...and you've never knowingly worn fuscia diapers? Keiko
well i'd be greatly disturbed... fuchsia does NOT look good on me

if you untie your bellybutton knot does your ass fall off?
no... but at least YOU asked first... <glares at empriss nikon>

What was life like before the Insane Domain? Funny..I just can't remember...FartMonkey
nor can i... i think i might actually have had a life before this... it's a bit fuzzy though...

Is it possible to EMAIL people anthrax? FartMonkey
yes... you can also download some mp3s of theirs off kazaa or soulseek

Do you believe that humans ever actually have been on the moon? FartMonkey
sure, why not... now let's see some money spent on living there or on mars...

What would you do if you lived on the moon and all you had was a can of paint (black), a jar of pennies, and a guitar pick? FartMonkey
i would be very happy and i'd sing about it

It was my birthday yesterday (7th of June), and my Grandma is in hospital suffering from a stroke and may only have days to live. But my question is, do you like Joy Division? - Fido Dido
thats shitty for you... and i don't remember... i can't think of any of their songs that i know....

How come when the others said it was their birthday(s) you gave them nice little pictures of a candle and a cat? WTF was my little picture of? FartMonkey
are you saying you want to be like the others? you don't like what i gave you? how rude is that???

Is a verbal copywrite ever as good as one in text? FartMonkey
ok who put you up to this... was it the sock elephant? if it was him just tell me...

What's the longest you've ever gone without answering questions? FartMonkey
well when this first began it was every few weeks... for awhile i was able to answer every day... lately the longest i've gone is perhaps 5 days...

what the hell is today? irish psycho
today is uh... uh... oh yea... june 9 2003

my computers benn really fucked up lately so i took it apart and put it back together and know its perfect. waffuck? irish psycho
that's what you get for using a computer...

Hi! yeah ill admit i liked it and im waiting!!! when are you coming over??--monkeeskittles
well i'm feeling lazy so you come over here

So you're only going to sell the porn star tshirts? If so, will the other one be available on the black market? FartMonkey
haha... yes for now it's the porn star shirts and if they sell well... we'll sell the people suck next... we don't have a lot of money to do such things... my.theinsanedomain should be going up very soon and then that money can go towards hosting/bandwidth and making more shirts etc...

At what intervals of time should I count up how much is in my change jar? Should I have a seperate jar for pennies? FartMonkey
when your jar is too heavy to run away with (in case of fire) then i'd say count it up... yes you should have a seperate jar for pennies.. make sure you grab the non-penny jar before running out of your burning room though...

has all the sun gone away because i have a day off of work? because it was freakin' hot all the days i worked... - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes it is... and now we all know who to thank...

McDiablo and I are going on a camping trip with some friends to alberta later this month.. the car trip is going to be like 12 hours.. what the heck can i do for 12 hours? - Miss Roger's Sweater
take notes... start lists of things all the way there... you'll start to notice patterns... you'll know what i mean

when will Jack (the bird that reside in my kitchen now) learn to answer the phone.. so i can stay in bed... - Miss Roger's Sweater
you have to train him with the right kind of crackers

i poked a fish tail last week at work.. and then immediately after thought 'why the heck did i do that?'.. can you make sense out of this incident? - Miss Roger's Sweater
no.. but that is what work does to you...

i think they should make a sock ferret, what do you think? -ferretchick
i think i agree but not if it's going to attach itself to my leg using its teeth

so...i have this friend who has decided to become a hippie...what the hell has happened to her? -ferretchick
depends on how you mean hippie... if she doesn't bathe anymore, then that is a bad thing and you should hose her down for her own good

if my sprite bottle is empty and the cap says i just won a free sprite will they send it to me or will they make me go to them? why are they so cruel?! -ferretchick
being cruel is what they do best... and you are now the laughingstock of your town and/or city

it's been a while since we've had a plague or other major disaster to kill people off for a you think we need another plague (preferably to rid us of the stupid people)?
we have a few going on... it's just that they're killing people slowly... it would be nice if those being shitheads and making things suck for people would go first...

when it rains do chickens drown themselves while staring up at the onslaught of water? -ferretchick
i don't know, as i do not have any chickens... well not anymore...

have you ever experienced a deep emotional trauma? if so, i'd like to hear about it
several... well ok just a few... yea more like a few... you have now officially heard about it

i thought cats were almighty, how can you be almighty as well? -ferretchick
they said i could be for awhile... what's it to you?

are u actually made of a sock?
two socks actually... some wire.. some stuffing...

o my crap DC...fathers day is this sunday...why oh why are mothers day and fathers day so close together!?..sheesh..ok..welll what should i get my dad?*has no money or friggin clue..and has made everything she can think of in past years* dc! ~Syn
yea they should be further apart so they can't compare gifts and figure out who got ripped off due to lack of ideas... i like to stick to buying entertainment items such as cds, dvds or books...

will mcdiablo like the birthday present i am getting her? - Miss Roger's Sweater
who wouldn't? add a coupon for a free slurpee and she'll probably piss herself... oh oh.. did i spoil the slurpee surprsie?

are babies born with the ability to walk and just fake not being able to so they can be carried around for a long time? - Miss Roger's Sweater
no more baby questions from you! babies suck... they make horrid noises... they are evil

can i officially throw away my pants for the summer? of course i will wear shorts.. not go bareassed for multiple months.. i might get arrested... or photographed.. ahh - Miss Roger's Sweater
i told you i didn't know you didn't want photos taken... i said i was sorry... and keep a pair of jeans around for late night camping... and for when your drunk friends smear your legs with that self tanning lotion

is it ok to make a video of trees making out at the beach and other beach oddities? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes... send a copy to us...

What's with everyone's sudden obsession with sonic the hedgehog? FartMonkey
sudden? i think it began awhile ago... maybe that was just a dream... maybe this is a dream...

If I gave you $20 would you eat this old pizza crust I found in a parking lot today? FartMonkey

Why did you answer a question with a question? - Mzebonga
well i can pretty much any way i want... if i decided to answer every question with 'AHHH IT HURTS ME EYES' then i could do that... so uh... where the hell have you been?

Is there a problem officer? - Mzebonga

What are you thinking about right now? FartMonkey
about bart simpson being on the tv... going biking and how my legs are kind of sore from biking

Why can't I find a guitar pick? There are four in here...did you hide them from me? FartMonkey
i thought they were chips ... but don't worry i'll have them out in an hour or so... then you can have them back

How come Miss Rogers Sweater gets a personalized statement in the Rules? FartMonkey
that's just the way it is... must everything be the SAME with you? it's ok to be different

I'm bored..wanna go force feed Sanimal some glass shards? FartMonkey
sure... just give me a few minutes to answer the rest of these questions....

I have always wondered about the old saying, "it is the best thing since sliced bread.". My question is what was the best thing before sliced bread?
cracked rocks

What time do you wake up in the morning?--Syko Morgana
when i have to work... 8am... when i don't... anytime after 10 am....

Do you have any bad habbits?--Syko Morgana
yes i constantly play with my tail...

i want to be the worlds biggest Insane Domain advertisment. what do i do? --Syko Morgana
well start out small with a pamphlet campaign... then a parade... some fund raisers... posters... that sorta stuff

do you find me, at all, intimidating? hmm? - Empriss Nikon
let me check... nope... not today

What is something you can't live without? McDiablo
oxygen... or music

Someone is selling chocolate bars from England at the mall my mom works at. She bought one for us and the slogan on the wrapper says something like "Not For Girls". What's up with that? McDiablo
i'm outraged... i say you write the company and find out why they do this

Was it appropriate of me to cackle loudly upon hearing that the Justin Timberlake/Christina Aguilera concert was cancelled last night? McDiablo

DC, look at the picture- <deleted broken link>And then tell me....How DO they do that? -ferretchick
damnit people why do you send in broken links?

How come you took off the list of cool viewers? I DEMAND respect! Oh....wait, no I don't deserve respect...sorry about that. FartMonkey
ok... i'll forgive you this time... and i don't know why the list was removed...

what the hell are those things at the top of this page right above "where insanity runs rampant..." are those canteens?--Syko Morgana
they bottles on a counter...

Have you ever took your fist and smashed the glass?--Syko Morgana
yes... but you can't prove it

What was the last thing you ate?--syko Morgana
some chips...

I think I just heard a spaceship land outside my window. What should I do? FartMonkey
take your most favorite things... and a good towel

You want to know where I've been? well, I've been doing end of year assignments and exams, going stark raving nuts from the stress, packing up, moving back home to my folks, looking for a job and trying to get a girlfriend. Which is more, i'm still waiting for you to e-mail me back about the old Cats sections that used to be on BogGoblin. So, I guess the issue ought to be "Where the hell have you been?" - Mzebonga
i did mail back didn't i? i can't even check cuz i'm not at home... i think you're just looking to blame me... i'm hurt... is this because i didn't help you move? i told you i was busy that day...

What font do you use to make the graphics? - Mzebonga
are you asking so that you can create that 'i hate theinsanedomain' page where it looks like this site but is just making fun of us? i don't think so... i'm not helping you with that again...

*sings*I dont wanna be a chicken, I dont wanna be a duck, so kiss my ass...why are you poking me? *sings* I dont wanna be a chicken, I dont wanna be a duck, so kiss my ass...dc, do u think i could become famous with that song?
hell no that was horrible

is there a corrolation between the character of medusa in myth, and the character of medusa in art? discuss with reference to at least 3 different myths. (i you?) - frazicus
yea nice try... do your own homework... you're not fooling anyone

How many loud concerts will it take before my hearing totally goes? McDiablo
how about you just go get some ear plugs!?

Can a man really live in a big fish? -JellyFishToast
sure why not... at least for a bit... maybe for a long time if it's made of concrete

Did you buy the new tomahawk and what do you think of it? -jellyfishtoast
damnit no not yet and yes that's bad of me... you could buy it for me... and the songs i've heard so far from it rock...

so what are you guys doing in Ottawa?--Syko Morgana
we went to visit johnny poptart and to bike around...

Why would I want to create a "I Hate" website? *innocent look* If I wanted to do that, I could just nick your graphics anyway. It's all far too easy... - Mzebonga
yea well we know you're type... and don't think we're not hurt...

And, which is more, you did e-mail me back. But you only said "We'll see" or "I'll let you know" (I can't recall - my computer crashed and I lost most of my old e-mails), which means you never actually said whether you want this shit or not. So, do you? - Mzebonga
i did say... maybe you are just not open to my answer... or maybe you're trying to trick me again so i'll fall for the 'gag gift' and you can all point and laugh...

see. the thing is dc...i /did/ know. the corrolation between medusa in myth and in art is that she gradually moves from being depicted as a monster, to being depicted as a victim. a shift that is a result of the two medias' effects on each other. of course i do my didnt answer the question. so answer me this? did you have the ability to answer that on your own?
of course i had the ability... i do not have the drive to do so though... mostly because i don't care about knowing the answer to that... in fact i'm making a point of not remembering it even though you told me

Did you know that it's bright and sunny at 5am this time of the year? If you do know that, then I feel sorry for you...McDiablo
it is? that seems wrong... you must live in a strange world of candy, sunshine and fun...

Who the hell parties on a Monday night? McDiablo
someone who doesn't have to care about what day of the week it is... or some jerk who is doing it to piss you off

How badass is my mom for calling the cops on my loud neighbours? McDiablo
congrats to your mom... she gets some cool points

Does being polite really work?...'cuz I don't think it does. McDiablo
well it's good to try being polite first... if that doesn't work then kick ass

i've been eating a lot of vegetables lately or "vegeta-bowls" as i like to call them. should i drink a lot of slurpees to balance out the healthiness? - Miss Roger's Sweater
no i think you're doing fine... just don't cut out the slurpees or you will go into painful withdrawl

what the hell, why is hotmail being a bastard... i don't believe them that the 'server is too busy'. - Miss Roger's Sweater
hotmail is a spam bastard... that's what it does

we're going to alberta for five days starting on saturday... should we attempt to steal a pylon from that slightly boring province? - Miss Roger's Sweater.
yes and some dinosaur bones for me...

i have a bunch of things to do today, but only feel like sleeping.. can you write me a note excusing me from the world and all my plans so i can sleep for the next 5 hours? - Miss Roger's Sweater.
To Whom It May Concern: Please excuse Miss Rogers Sweater and everyone else from having to do anything this week...

Have you heard Metallica's new album (or any of the songs from it)? And if you have, do you know what in the hell is up with their "new sound" which, in fact, sounds like EVERY OTHER band I've ever heard?! I love them but what happened!? ---by the way I'm forming a plan to kill the new bass player..I'd love to have your help or ideas....--The Rock Nerd
metallica died a long time ago...

do you choose life? - Nikon
i choose to beat you senseless using my tail...

last week my sock monkey was missusing his authority so i threw a peice of krypto0nite at it and then he hissed and jumpped out a two story window and got in a limo with Tory Spelling,Barbera Strisand,and the evil ,souless, downright cold hearted Martha stewart. Do you have a hunch where he could be???? STEVEO SPROUL
he is in the sewer system... just leave him there for awhile... he'll come back

Why do you canadians call Macaroni&Cheese "Kraft Dinner"??--Syko Morgana
we don't... some people call the kraft macoroni and cheese kraft dinner because i think it's labeled that way... i do NOT call it that...

this morning, i stumbled upon a small cbat. this cat was dying. i was in a car. i reached a metaphorical fork in the road. i couldn't decide whether to back over it to end its misery or to drive away, and tell this story later to my friends. which should i have done? i am so very confused. i also have no friends. take that into account.
you should have taken the cat to a vet and had it either fixed or put down...

I am in love with my sister she is 23 and i am 19 .. she is a lesbain. a few day go she was rubbing my back and we started to kiss and we made out.. and she makes me very wet.. i have a bf but I seem to have feeling for him right now.. doe this mean i am a lesbein? is it wrong to love your sister? confused sister
shut up and go away idiot

Outside my window, I can see deep sea fish girl and her weird, creepy boyfriend. Deep sea fish girl sends shivers down my spine. We don't know her real name. No one does. Not even her boyfriend. He just uses her for kinky ugly sex. We should give her a name. That can be our question, or one of them. Apparently her name is Hannah. My stupid asshole friend just told me that and spoiled the image forever. But please still suggest a name for her. Hannah or Deep sea fish girl won't be accepted. I think we had another question to ask you, o great DC the sock monkey. My friend Tom wants to ask you if Saddam Hussein is still alive or not. If he is, do you know if he has any kind of address or phone number where my friend can talk to him? He has a lot of complex oil related issues to discuss. OK, well, we'll obey your wishes and not ask any more questions. Would you like to hear another story though? That isn't a question we want you to answer. Yes or No will do. Actually... that is an answer to the question we don't want you to answer. We're all very sorry. Just tell us what to call the ugly girl and whether Saddam is still alive. That's all. Thankyou, o great sock monkey. Lots of love Ruari, Tom and Sankey. And Emma.
sadra is her name... and i don't know about saddam... and no i don't need to hear your stories... i have my own... and please send me gifts of thanks

why do they call you the "almighty"DC you look like a regular old doped up sock munkey to me ?????
well you obviously have issues with your sight

Toaday I woke up and bought a glow worm, duct tape, and a pack o fruit stripes gum... why would i do such a thing? - JellyFishToast
i don't know but you can send me the glow worm and duct tape

Is pepsi really giving away 1 Billion dollars.... seems like feeding some hungry people would raise sales more then giving it all to one person? -JellyFishToast
you are quite right... so ask the bastards that and see what they say..

why, why do lesbians always seem t like me?
are you lesbian too? maybe that is why

What is the air speed velocity of an unlaidened swallow?- GFY

What is your IQ ,and why do u think your so smart and witty?- GFY
last time i checked (many years ago) it was 136 or something... i don't know what it is now... and i bought my smarts and wit from a store that closed down many years ago... wits n'smarts it was called... yea i remember the day dad told us we were going... i put on my red sweater and headed for the car... the ride there we all sang songs together... it was such a great day... too bad i didn't take pictures

Is it really tricky to rock a rhyme?...and I'm not quoting Run-DMC at all here. *Cough* McDiablo
damned tricky

Miss Roger's Sweaters' work will be going on strike in a matter of days. How convienient is it that she is leaving town for two weeks during this time? Did she know that a strike would occur and plan her whole absence accordingly? McDiablo
that is some great planning on her part... congrats to her...

Juicy Fruit gum doesn't really have a long lasting flavour. Why is this the case? McDiablo
they just don't try hard enough and would rather have you chew two pieces then put more flavor into just one

So, I'm going to Alberta along with Miss Roger's Sweater as you already know. We shall return on the 25th which is the day after my birthday. Will I come back feeling more adultish like the 20 year old I will be or just as weird and 12 year oldish as I was when I left? McDiablo
well you'll mature but only to a weird 14 year old level... which is still very fun...

Why don't you actively encourage questions from incestuous lesbian girls? Maybe you could make sock monkey porn with them - Mzebonga
well i'm not for the whole incest thing... and those questions suck to answer... i guess if everyone wanted those sorts of questions they'd be at some sex website instead of here... though i'm quite willing to produce sock monkey porn with them... or at least tape it for them and distribute copies

Can I have a bite of JellyFishToast?...Please? --Goober
sure... go for it

As a prerequisite of this question, consider that there is a God. Given this fact, what would you most like to say to him? - Mzebonga
are you saying god can't be female? or asexual? but i guess i'd say that humans are quite horrid and that i'd like to know what caused them to be so fucked up...

DC, I believe I've recently uncovered one of the lost wonders of the world in the back of my closet. Now before you roll your eyes and wonder what the hell I'm jabbering about, let me explain. Last week while I was doing some spring cleaning, I came across a rather unusual object behind my dresser in my closet. What is this object you ask? Well, believe it or not, it's a regular white cotton sock shaped like an uncircumcised penis! I know, I know, hard to believe, right? It's true though! It's completely unaltered, how such perfection has been achieved naturally I do not know. I AM wondering though if perhaps it could be YOURS or even the penis of an unfortunate sock mate who might have gotten too close to my ice skates? I'd send you a picture for identification but I'm unsure as to how and whether or not you'd care to see, would you? It's rather unique, not as glamourous as the vagina carrot that was on Ebay but I'm quite proud to of found it. :P - Kitten
hmmm well it's not mine... i'm more of a gray color... as for sending pictures... sure go ahead and i'll ask around in case it's from a monkey i know... we lose body parts all the time... unless (no offense) the money who it belongs to chewed it off to get away from you and doesn't want it back... it's hard to tell

Let Syko Morgana know this: IHOP is actually international. I've seen IHOPs in Europe and Asia. Therefore IHOP is considered international and thus her argument is lost. Now then, I should ask a question, shouldn't I? Well I just did but here's another: What do you like on your pancakes? I like mine slathered in butter and topped with goat's blood and the souls of innocent children. It's a bit fruity but great with your morning coffee. - Kitten
i like nothing on my pancakes... i prefer to dip each piece i eat in maple syrup

Do you like porn ?
hell i star in it

normally the questions are in bold and now they're not - DC
how observant of you... that is quite true... i've decided not to put them in bold anymore

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