When you refer to clean nuggets it angers me... HEY!! Did you ever realsize that it doesnt matter what you eat, becuase it will look the same in the bathroom anyway... unless you eat dead peoples toes.... ummmm [?]
What would you look like if you ate dead peoples toes then??? I have been eating them for years and I think I look ok.

You didn't answer my question... I think it was gibberish, i forgot the question.... but heres an IDEA how bout you answer the gibberish questions with psycho  babble, and the normal crud with other normal crud?
Because the stupid crap takes up space and time.  So does the normal stuff, but at least you can read it.  That is EXACTLY why you don't have a section here where YOU answer questions.

why r u so sarcastic, is it because your sock-monkeys ran away? where can i return them?
You can send them to me... through email... they'll fit!

have you ever been t-bagged?
no idea what that is, so I can't respond.

Mommy,mommy weres my mommy, do u know were my mommy is, mommy, mommy come back mommy  are  u my mommy
I don't know where you're mommy is... and I sure as hell ain't your mommy!

i want to kill my ex boyfreind for what he did to me how would u kill him
In any way that looks like an accident... or you'll end up in jail.

you are starting to piss me off dude
And why would I care????

Who allows the stupid people to spawn?We should make a law or something.
The stupid people let stupid people spawn... they should be sterlized!

Ever see a movie that was so horrible,  you wanted to poke your eyes out with a red hot poker?
Hmmm... I think so... Julia Julia was really bad.

did you realize you are a hypocrite? that is right you a hypocrite.  "THE OPPOSITE OF DOWN". now reference me bitch
FINE STUPID KELLYKINS.... Kellykins is the person who always says the Oppisite of down in reply to what's up... HAPPY KELLYKINS?????

How come pickle juice tastes like salty books?
I would like to know why you are eating books instead of reading them!

damn, man! it's been a long time since you answered any questions. you lazy sod!
HEY! my laptop was BROKEN! even I get a vacation!

why am i grounded?
Cuz you were stupid and got caught.

what kind of computer do you have?
A good one for now.

if i killed a crippled lady then took her whell chair for a trophy would i be wrong?
It would only be wrong if she came back from the grave and demanded it back and you said no.

why are you the way you are
because I am. 

If a sanitarium is where they send crazy people to get sane again, would an insanitarium be where they send sane people to go crazy?
Good idea!!! I like it!!!

why are sock monkeys flying out of my nostrils, slamming into walls, and then turning into little gelatinous love machines?
Why not?  If that's their thing... who are you judge them???

Should i try to impress my girlfriend when i invade the mind of my host organism?
Depends on the girl and the host really.  

I'm getting a horse this weekend and i am having trouble coming up with a name for her. got any ideas?
How about Pumper?

whats the best placto find pictures of naked dead ladies on the internet?
Haven't looked... try www.rotten.com or something!

Help, someone took away my sock monkey and won't give it back.  I tried screaming, trowing rocks at him, I even tried to be nice but it didn't work.  What should I do?
Get a rifle!  Then shoot.  If that doesn't work, go steal something of theirs, take a picture of it with a knife at it and demand the monkey back or the item gets it.

SAnimal says he/she/it hates you DC.Doesn't it realize how awesome you really are?And where does SAnimal live?I think he/she/it  should be tortured until he/she/it joins your fan club.What do you think
Where did SAnimal say HE hated me?? He's kinda daft anyways... we barely tolerate him as it is... SAnimal lives in a messy pit he calls home. I have a fan club???!!!! Woah!   I think that he should be forced to bow down to me and give me all his money!

dose the light in the refrigarter go off when we shut the door please i must know i made a bet with that dude that dosnt leave my kitchen that i dose becuase i think that the food is alive and they sleep when the light is turned off most of the time and why wont that dude leave my kitchen?
Yes it does.  There is a little switch that is pushed down when you close the door that shuts off the light.  Saves you on hydro... you should be happy.

Would a real friend be there to help you move the bodies?
A real friend would, as well as help you eat them.

why arent you answering questions?
I was away on vacation, and my laptop didn't work!!!!

why, do i see car lights as purple lights now?  it fucks me up
Try taking off the purple glasses... and relax a bit on the acid.

what would you do if your friends tried to tie you to a chair with jumprope and tickle you to death?
I'm not ticklish.  And I'd kick their asses.

My friends think I'm insane, I tell them that if I was truly insane, they wouldn't be alive anymore.  But they still think I'm insane, what should I do?
Spit, scream, kick and threaten until they think what you tell them to

will i pass my driving test?
depends... follow the driving test rules we have here... and you'll do fine!

"if we teach our children by example,we have only our selves to blame for who they become"(The Outter Limits)i belive in this very strongly,i also pity those who cant teach theyre children at all.im only 17 and i am very greatful for all that ive been tought,these are my thougts on this quote.what are yours?
Well, I agree to a point... but some kids have chemical imbalances etc and that is not the parents fault or the kids.  Plus... some kids, no matter who the parents are, they will turn out to be little fucked up freaks.  In any cases, parents plop their kids in front of a TV and then wonder what went wrong.  I think that it is both the kids and the parents who should take responsibility.

You haven't answered any questions lately.  Are you dead?  If so, tell me!
Vacation... like i said :)

That makes no sense... so try the garbage.

do you enjoy life and the reality around you?
My own reality is lovely... and you people are just twisted dreams.

why did bill hicks die of pancreatic cancer? why did he get cancer? he was such a subversive, devious, intelligent person, and he was so funny... the world lost out truly the day he died.
Because everyone dies.  Obviously he had something else to do.

Where can i meet a hot insane person like myself?
Where ever I am, and in strange places.

um um um um.....i don't know...do you?
I know all.

It is me again!  The girl who actually asks you questions about the questions you get.  You say you are single, but yet you aren't.  What do the voices that you hear say?
Which voices??? there are so many...

You answer 3 to 20 questions a day?  Wow, I was thinking more than that, but of course you probably trash over half of the quetions you get.  I assume that by looking at all of these stupid questions.  You must really have some major patience to even waste your time on answering most of these questions. I guess I need to get to the question though. "Are you single?"
I have only not answered about 3 questions, and that was due to the fact that they weren't questions, but just random characters.  Am I single?  I am a single being with many voices inside, as are all of us, yet we are all still connected and not really single at all.

There's vampire squrriels outside my house waiting for me to come out and bite me. 
How scary.

Have you ever had sex before?
With what?

How can I make balloon animals?
1. Go out and buy balloons. The long thin ones are the best.
2. Put on some fun music and stretch out the balloon.
3. Proceed to blow air into the balloon until it has a fair amount of air in it. You should leave some balloon left at the end so you can twist the balloon easier.
4. Ask the kids what kind of balloon animal they want. Kid around with them a bit.
5. Announce what animal you are going to make and start a drum roll.
6. Make the balloon animal by bending and twisting it into shape.
7. Give the child the animal.
Isn't that easy??? You'll be the life of any kids party! It's bigger than the separating thumb trick!

i slept with you once, didn't i?
That all depends... what number did i scratch into your forehead?

do you like pearl jam?
I used to.  I don't care for them much musically now... but I do support their fight against ticketmaster.

if i think my girlfriend is cheating whats the best way to find out if she is?
There are a few options.   1.  Ask her.   2. Ask her friend who likes you.  3. Follow her (be careful, if you get caught, you ruin it all).  4. Find her journal.  5. Kill

am i psycho or psychic?
Neither.  You're trying too hard... just relax and everything will be fine... just fine...

what do the fish like?
Fish like small weird things that experience weird stuff.  Read the article on Fish On Wheels... that is the future of what fish will like...

Does Chris like me?
Not really.  He is using you to get to your best friend.  It happens a lot... keep on reading...

do you know any really funny jokes?
Yes I do.  

Okay.. i have a boyfriend i dump him... Why does he have to go for my BEST friend???  do you know how much that sucks?  Has that ever happened to you?
I have never been dumped for my best friend, because my best friends are all really UGLY.  You see, that is the trick.  If you hang out with ugly people, you always look better in comparison.  Chicks do this at bars, the "Fat Girl with Skinny Girl" thing.  But guys have to be nice to the fat girl to get the skinny girl to notice, because the fat girl is for weeding out the losers.

can i link to your site?
Yep, but you can't steal it's content.

i have lost the girl i truly loved.
Perhaps it wasn't love, but the idea of being in love that you loved.

do you smoke?
Not anymore... i quit quite a few months ago!

does your life like completely suck? or is it just me?
It is COMPLETELY your life that sucks.  Sorry about your luck.

Why don't you get a chat room in here?
Build one for me and I will.

do you want my eyeball? it's blue.
No thanks.. got two of my own. Thanks anyways!

to answer that guys question, the best place to find naked dead ladies on the internet is http://www.shownomercy.com
Well there you go!

are you cool?
Depends on your definition of cool.  I am of average temperature at the moment.

are you a homosexual?
I can't say that I am, but I haven't experimented so I can't be sure.

why does love hurt so much?
Cuz if it didn't... what would be the point?

have you ever been in love?
Yes I have.  I have loved pets, people and things.  Love is a versatile word.

hoe many stupid people dose it take to screw in a light bulb?cuz i cant do it my self and i want to know how many friends to invite.
Invite as many as you can, and the ones that show up will give you your number.  And add two, so that there are people to send me stupid questions.

why do chiropractors have such a bad reputaion??????
I am unaware of any reputation that chiropractors have!

Dead people toe crap looks like... something.
Not exactly in the form of a question, but they look like dead people toes.  Sometimes they look like skittles if they're real small and have no toenails.

What is a blasphmy?
It is the act of dissing this site.

why am i insane dont get me wrong i like being insane i just want to know why i am insane?
Why not?  If there was a logical reason, then you aren't really insane at all.

why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour ?
Because stupid people are in a rush, and feel more in a rush when they are slowed down.

what the hell is that?
Exactly.  Now send your money to me.

why is my name the part of the paradox of the matter void?
Because the Great Void wanted it that way and who are you to question it's motives?

should i get dreadlocks?
Get?  You mean grow?  Sure.

should i turn punk?

theres something on my shoulder and its giving me the evil eye what should i do ?
It all depends on the size of the thing on your shoulder.  If it is small, grab it by its head and twist until it snaps.  If it is large, or your mother, just ignore it and it will get upset that you're not listening and leave to complain to other family members.

i ate at jack-in-the-box last night. i had a shake and two sourdough jacks.
Excellent!  It's about time people started eating well.

My bestfriend mad at me 'cause his girlfriend likes me.  Why?
Because he is insecure at the moment and probably worried that you'll be so flattered that you'll go for her.  Best thing to do is both of you ditch & forget about the girl.  Worse thing to do is sleep with her behind his back.

What is the most discusting food you have ever eaten?
Mashed turnip that my mother made.  It was so gross that I spit it out and refused to eat another bite.  She was upset, but I refuse to put that shit in me.

what is the question to the answer to the life, universe, and everything? the answer is 42, so what was the question?(and yes, i'm giving reference to the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy)
Thank you for adding the reference :)  It is an excellent book!  The question was to be figured out at the end of the Earth, but that came too early (by 5 mins) due to a highway being built.  If anyone knows the question... let me know!

what is a condom?
Its what your parents should have figured out before having sex in that dumpster.

Are you accepting any new members?
Not at the moment.  What do you have to offer anyways?

what dose it take to be insane...or sane for that matter?
If I told you, what would the point really be?

what the hell did i just submit?
A stupid question.

my love is back! she isn't gone anymore! hell yeah!
Oh yea.  Boy is my life complete now.

How come i have a man living in my oven he wont get out why is he there and how come he wont get out ?
He is there because there is food on the inside that he can live off of.  When he goes to work at night, clean out the oven and he won't live there anymore.  Be sure to keep your oven clean from now on.

if all the world is a stage were does  the audience sit ?
Out in space!!! Humans aren't the audience!  Earth is one giant comedy.

Where are the answers to the questionnaire? I want to see what everyone else answered
There are so many that we are still working on it... It's insane how many people answered!!!!

i more then like him, im in love with him.  and hurts so much when he talks about her, i want to be more then just his friend, but i also want him to be happy and if that means listening to him and just being his friend then thats what i will do but its so hard, i dont know if i can get through it.
Well, you're going to have to.  Either say something which may end in uncomfortableness, or just get used to not being able to be more then friends FOR NOW.  Who knows... maybe someday, but don't spend your life waiting.  A friendship is worth more then a guy.

i really really really like this guy but he likes/loves some one else...what can i do?
Nothing.  Find someone else!

why do all the guys go for my sister?
Maybe your sister is easy, and in that case, you don't want those guys.  Either that, or you aren't a very friendly or interesting people.  It also depends on if you are in school and what grade.  If you are in high school or lower, the odds are that guys around you are still very immature and go purely for looks and popularity.  Not all guys do this, but most are indeed led by their pecker.  If you are a nasty bitch who complains and whines all the time, and you never brush or wash your hair, then the fault lies on you.

no, when i said that i have lost my love, i didn't mean our relationship ended, i meant she still loves me, but she's GONE.
Well then be happy you had that love, the love was returned, and that the love never faded.  

don't worry; i wouldn't even think of stealing the any of the contents of this site. that would be damn near blasphemy.
ha ha ha... I like that!!!

When will books hurl themselves off the roof?
On December 11th at 8:30PM 

ok, i rectny used some ofthe stuff from your site on my personal web page, then noticed a thingy that said anything used had to be given full credit and a link back to the site, i did this. but PLEASE still go to check it out to make sure i really really dont want to be sued for stealing any of your stuff and some junk....email me at AcidBath54@aol.com and tell me what the hell to do the web site url is www.angelfire.com/ct/fireyhell, thanks.
Well, I'd prefer that you link to my site but if you put that link at the top and the bottom then I'm happy and I'm sure the others will be too.  Actually making The Insane Domain.com a link would make me happier as well.  Other then that... rock on...

If my home were accidentally burnt down using karosine, malotov cocktails, a rag or two, maybe a deceased sock puppet, and a blue tip strike anywhere match.....would they catch the arsonist?
That depends on if he stands there with a sign saying "i'm the arsonist" or not.  Also, if columbo is working on the case... the arsonist is SCREWED.

Do you think that on my 18th birthday, I could actually find someone slutty enough to sleep with me?
Sure! There are lots of them out there!  No one said they were good looking though... or not full of disease.

why does music these days really suck?
You're listening to the wrong stations, wrong cds, and at wrong levels of volume.

I broke up with my boyfriend and he won't leave me alone.  He follows me everywhere I go.  What should I do? 
Well, I have heard people bitch about this, when it was all in their head.  Describe exactly how he is "not leaving you alone" and how he is following you.  Then I'll let you know what to do.

I am trying to take over the world.  Do you have any suggestions on how to achieve this?
No.  Why would I tell you how to do it when I'm doing it before you.

Here is why cats can't take over the world, and if they do, it wont work out: THe persains/other purebreds will end up all snobby, and snooty and crap, and then all the tabbies will remember thier free lives, instead of being ruled over by furniture scratching  fat cats!! So then they willl revolt, and win... and eveerything will be normal.
Cats already have taken over the world, they just use us as puppets to do their bidding.  Sure, they let us go around and do what we want most of the time, but when it's time to eat... you better believe we're gonna hear about it.  Some excellent thought was put into your submission however, so you win the DC good question award.

im in love with some one that is not in love with me and i seriously dont know what to do. Its seriously killing me in side. I love him so much. i know that this is not a question but i really need some help.
Oh man... STOP THE DAMN WHINING!!!!  Get over it already!!!!  I'll tell you what to do SHUT UP AND GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE.  No kidding you need help... go get a shrink.  If this person is the only thing in your life, then your life SUCKS and you need a damn hobby.  Now STOP whining!  How old are you anyways??? 12? 13?  

it is bambie again, i know y'all hate weddings, but i am having a renniassance wedding. it will be neat and unusual. no royalty, we are all gonna be peasants. this will take place on 10/14/00. whatcha think of the ideah? please be serious.
It is a good idea.  There are some wedding ideas at http://www.brainybrides.com  and I can get Anna to send you info on weddings too if you'd like.

what are y'alls real names? mine is bambie and people sometimes don't believe me. do any of you have wierd names like mine?
Cyan (a friend of ours) is the only one with an odd name.  I think it's cool that her name is a color.

What are you really? Male or female?
I'm a sock monkey.

i clean my oven out daily like u said i should do but the guy who lives there just moved into my refirgerater now what should i do about him?
clean the refrigerator, and buy crappy foods like tofu.

Last night i was adopted by aliens

what would happen if i burped into a jar and i spray painted a diffent color
then you would have a burp in a jar in a different color.

Not sure.  Could be your breeding, could be your constant bitching.  

I see that you don't play Pokémon.  You don't like them or something?
Why would I?  They are for children.  Pocket monsters... how scary.

I try so hard to be nice to him but God some times i just want to take a rope and strangle him. I'm afraid that one day all this anger inside is going to surface and ill ruin what friendship i have with him. But hes not very considerate of other people's feelings, but i love him and i would do anything for him no matter what i have to go through. i seriously need some help. I dont know what to do.
I don't see any questions here... and not very much information.  Can't help you.

What do you do when your in love but you cant have the person your in love with or that person is just not in love with you?
Then shut up and get over it.  That's it. Find a hobby.

When you say "Give in and give it all to me!" what if they give you bad stuff? like dildos and crusty escalators....... or dead peoples toenails!!
Even better.

whos judy???
Not anyone I know.

Use for a senior saying?  Like old people??? ha haha... or a damn yearbook saying?  Say "See you all in 10 years when I gun you down at the reunion."

Who started this page? And if it was a group of people... then who are they?
This page started in 1996, at the hands of an insane person, JCP.  The first few pages were rough and frankly quite ugly.  But the dream stayed alive.  By 1997, the name The Insane Domain had been adopted, and items such as Ranting, Raving Reviews and People That Suck had begun.  SAnimal and myself (DC) joined in, and began adding sections and updating the ones JCP had begun.  Sylvia joined us about 2 years ago.  We're thinking of adding the older pages back on here, so you can laugh at them... :) 

I think that you are cool. WHat do you have to say to that??
Thanks, but I think you should get out of the house more.   So you can buy me stuff.

What do you think of the name Laina?  I cant stand it cuz nobody can pronounce it! 
Great, then no one can give you shit cuz they're never talking to you if they can't say your name.  "who did it?" "laina" "who? Lena?" "no, laina" "who?" "nevermind, Judy did it."

Why people suck?
because people are human and that's what humans are good at.

if you could fight anyone in the world, who would it be?
Well if i could fight anyone and WIN, I would fight Tie Domi.  Normally, he would kick my ass, but he is a great fighter and it'd rock to fight him. 

if you could fuck anyone in the world, who would it be?
Who ever the richest and oldest person is, male or female.  Then they'd die, but not without putting me in their will to receive all of their wealth.

andy admitted to sucking a retarded kids dick all last year(the sick fuck) but now he says he didn't. why?
Maybe he and the retard had a falling out and he's still a bit bitter.  You're not much a friend if you don't hear his cry for help.  Try going out for coffee with him, or letting him suck yours. 

do you smell what the rock is cooking?
No, but I'm getting a cold so my sense of smell isn't that great.  I'm sure whatever it's cooking is good... stoned food always is.

why did monica albright suddenly go all preppy on Twitch and Mojo?
No idea what show that is... so I will assume that she did because the wardrobe sucked and the writers were trying to have her quit.

where is my penis?
You don't have one... oh wait... there it is... ha hahahahahahahahhahaaaaaa

how can anybody have fetishes?
Very easily.

why does my cats asshole smell pleasant?
Because you have been licking it all day and did a wonderful job.

is my food getting cold?
Yes.  Now shut up and eat it.

it is 5 :33 PM central, tuesday. what is bill clinton up to right now?
Probably about the knees.

why should i only hit submit once?
Because I said so.  You don't need any other reason.

Blasphemy sucks... I dont like blasphemy... I dont like the government either. Now let's stare at the fish!!!
Don't you think that staring at the fish makes it feel uncomfortable? How rude of you.

did you get really drunk on your 21st b-day?
Yes.  But remember, in Canada, the legal drinking age is 19.  So it was no big deal on my 21st birthday.  Since no one thinks about this - NOT EVERYONE LIVES IN THE DAMN USA

do you have a problem with garden gnomes stealing your socks?
No.  We have talked it over and come to a workable solution.

Do you believe that cheese is the substance of life?
Really old (like 7 year old) cheddar is.  That crappy swiss cheese certainly isn't... all holey and gross... 

how old are you?
I'm 22.

whats your favorite kind of  sandwich(sub, club, any kind)?
a triple fried egg chilli chutney sandwich made by my friend Dave.

I have on Purple socks with pom poms
That's great.  Too bad it's not a question.  If it wasn't for the pom poms, I would have deleted this question.  Pom Poms rule.

what's your favorite kind of pie?
Hmmm... pumpkin or kid pie.

how old are you people? are you all male? what state do you live in? sorry if i sound like a questionare. i am human and i suck.
We are all between the ages of 22 and 27.  No we are not all male.  We do NOT live in any state, as I mentioned before not all people live in the US!!!!!! We are CANADIAN!

how can you find the guy of your dreams?
Lay out a trail of porn magazines and raw beef to your door.  Then club him over the head and tie him to a lazy boy.  After three days and three meals, he's yours.  Either that or go to a yacht club and find the richest old man and sleep with him.  Make sure you get included in the will.

I dont want to live anymore, will some one kill me!
Ok, but I have some forms for you to fill out first.

why do i have to keep fuckin falling in love with guys that arent in love with me!?
No idea.  Maybe you're setting your sights too high... or you are purposely liking guys who won't like you back so that you won't get close to someone and then get hurt.

How come every time I stare at something for a long time, everything else around me gets really, really dark?  Is there a ghost hovering over me?
Two seperate questions.... first answer, because that's what happens, if you don't like it, don't stare.  Second answer, yes, but not always.

no, no, no... monica albright was one of our friends(i am mojo and he is twitch)who suddenly turned preppy and became a snob. sorry, i just had to clear that one up.
Sure, now I can sleep.

I challege you to a Pokémon match, you can refuse if you want to.  No one can beat me!
That's great.  How about this, I don't play that little game, so catch all you want.

why do i suddenly want to send u all my money  and all my stuff of vaule to u?
I don't know, but don't fight the urge! Give in and give it all to me!

i have just caught a fart and spraypainted it purple. it's in my pocket. what should i do with it now?
Mail it to me.  I don't have purple yet.

Why is EZCheese such a great investment?
Because if you eat enough of it, you'll live forever.  Market that and you'll be rich forever.

when is your birthday?
Every year actually.  Seems kind of frequent, but I insist that it's not because I'm trying to get gifts every year.

what is rob zombies original name?
Robert Cummings

gimme some advice, please.
Kill yourself and leave anything of value to me.  Be sure to kill a few friends and your family before yourself too.

why does mr.worsham say no everytime i ask him a question?
Because you're always asking to go to the bathroom and we all know you don't really have to go.

Why don't you love me anyway?
Because love is a disease designed by banks to make you spend all your money so you have to borrow more.

are the guys at the pentagon reading this?
not sure, but it's a good idea for when i take over the planet.  They probably aren't because they don't have the internet up their asses where their heads are.

why are hillbillies into gay shit?
because straight shit is so neat and tidy.  They like to be loose and wet.

why am i hairy?
blame your parents... it's all their fault.

do you spit or swallow cum? for free, that is.
For free? no... i don't do anything for free.

do you ride?
the bus? never.

why does everyone think im morbid and different when all im doing is being myself? i think they're all ugly, but i don't tell them that.
Well stupid people like to share their opinions on what is morbid and what isn't.  You can tell them they're ugly when you're their boss.

Why do guys think breasts are the COOLEST things in the world.
Because they don't have them, and if they do, they certainly don't want them.

what was that dudes name? you know, the guy on that movie who had that hair... and he was always wearing that shirt. he had that wierd hat, too. WHO THE FUCK WAS THAT? i can't remember.
Corey Feldman.  

i have a hedgehog in my cubbard, a sense of security in my pocket, a ren in my stimpy, a burger in the fridge, a fool in the white house, and an unreadable, kickass girlfriend. am i well off?
Yes, but only because of the girlfriend.  Everyone else has the other stuff.

dammit, everythings changed. when i was 12, i was perfectly happy with porno, and if i did have a girlfriend, it wasn't something to worry about, only to have fun with. then this so called "love" and 'heartbreak" thing came in fucked it all up, and i realized that porno sucks, woman are treasures... and now fall in love and get my heart broken. shit don't get me wrong, i'm not whining, i'm just curious: why can't i ever go back to those simple days?
You can, but it requires drugs, and you going out with 12 year olds, which will land you in jail where you don't have to worry about it.

i hate limp bizkit and kid rock. what about you?
I can't hate limp bizkit because they toured with Faith No More, and since Faith No More is wonderful, I will not diss whoever opens for them.  As for kid rock... no opinion... haven't listened.

what's your favorite TV show, movie, song, band, person, cat, sockmonkey, and book?
TV show... I have a few... simpsons, red dwarf, 70s show.   Movie - toys, mortal kombat, contact.   Song - Anything by Faith No More.  Band - duh... Faith No More.  Person - me.  Cat - mine  Sock monkey - same as person.

do you have any piercings?
I used to have my eyebrow pierced, but it pushed itself out after 4 months.  I am thinking of doing it again though.  Not including that since it's gone, I have 5.

how deep is the deepest spot in the ocean?
Too damn deep for me to go down there with a tape measure!

what is your favorite birth control device/method?
For you?  Not having sex... but you should consider getting fixed too.  Just in case.

what is your mothers maiden name?
I don't know... I'll check my label.... oh no! It's been ripped off!!!  I think it was Contains New Materials Only....

People keep calling me devil-child. Should I be worried? Why do they keep calling me this???
Why worry... DC stands for Demon Child...  you should be happy... but don't steal my name.

How come you've only given one good question award?
I had only thought of it that day.

Do you ever wonder why the world is so paranoid about Y2K?  Its just another year like all the other ones.  All it is is 2000.  When the year 1000 came around people didnt even use the same calander system.  Most of them couldnt even read!  So im not really understanding what the big deal is all about!
The big deal is about the four digits in your computer that say 1999.  When computers were first designed, space was expensive and to save space someone came up with the idea of using only the last two digits (99) and assuming that the first two were 19.  This saved a lot of space, but as we got closer to 2000, they realized that it had to be changed.  So the whole problem is the older systems.  Even then, some it doesn't matter, and all you'll have to do is reboot.  The main problems are things that rely on the dates, like accounting or hydro etc.  If your home computer can't handle it... then big deal... it will work until you get a new one. 

why am i so stuiped and why am i here is it to annoy the hell out of people like u ?
Well you spelt stupid wrong... but you're not annoying me... it takes more then that.

What happen to the Pinatas?
They got annoying.

How do i become a member? I've got some great sockmonkeys.
No one can become a full member anymore.  They can become friends... but no more members.  We'll let everyone know when that changes.

how do you and i am think that i don't watch big brother ingsoc 1984 iggy pop and sid vicious... jesus and material goods... i have seen the game in the wild and it is good... i have a mobster lobster and a pot holder/roach clip on my head. jack in the box. 1984. i was drrropping a/c/i/d/ and the bottle broke and i took too much- what should i do? nevermind. i see god. i'll ask him.
Hahahaha.... let me know what your god said

How do they get the monkies to do that crap on TV??
Training and lots of bananas!

is the "day" in labor day capitalized?
Doesn't look like it.  But if I wrote it like Labor Day, then it is.

are you feeling better?
Somewhat... thank you for asking

im bored. any suggestions on what i can do to make the boredom go away?
Fun.  fun makes boredom go away.  Sounds like a long shot... but trust me.

how come you havent been answer questions lately????
I was sicker then a sock monkey full of vomit.

do you spit or swallow?
Depends on what it is and how much I'll be paid to swallow.

who is the munchkin man?
He's the guy from munchkin land.  duh....

dammit, are you on vacation AGAIN?
No... sick.  Very sick. Hospital sick.  They had to re-stuff me.

as a representative of all sockmonkeys, i say that you're a poser.
Then you are not a true sock monkey.  Also, this is not a question.... 

i didn't like the higgins of the house. do YOU?
Well I don't have one.. but if I did... I don't think I would.

i have cum in my pants. what should i do?
Wipe it off... or wash it out... don't give it to a girl you like and ask her to clean it or lick it off... she'll slap you.

You say you're 22, do you wish you were younger or older?
Depends on the day and the charges.

why am i always so cool i feel like a popsical all the time why
Well, get that stick out of your butt, and live somewhere warmer... then you'll feel more normal.

what is the meaning of life?

Did you follow your driving test ideas when takeing your driveing test?
SAnimal wrote those... and I never listen to him...

The question to the answer to life, the universe, and everything is 6x7 (or is it 7x6???). Anyway, theres your answer (or is it also a question...?)
It is both the question and the answer.  Once you realize the truth,  you discover that neither matters.

What are sock monkeys? And where can you buy them?
Sock monkeys are monkeys made of socks.  You can buy them lots of places... or make your own!

Shoudl'nt ask DC questions be called "Tell stuff to DC"? after all, my question won the good question award, and its not even a question:)
Exactly!  Who said it had to make sense?

you're a male sockmonkey. admit it.
I am a sock monkey.

I think my cat is the leader of all those street cats outside my house.  Everytime I see them, they are always following my cat and they even try to get into fights with other cats that try to fight my cat.  I'm not making this up, what's up with my cat? Is he some sort of supercat or something? By the way, name is Nightmare.
Well nightmare, your cat is the ruler of the cat underground.  Be proud, be happy, and make sure that food is out every day or they'll be piss to clean up.

I'm plotting someone's demise.  Any suggestions?
Don't get caught & make it look like an accident.

why do you damn canadians have to have such light money? damn vending machines won't take canadian dimes...
Not sure... probably because it knows that its really worth 5 cents.

if i went up to New Jersey to steal a mans pants do you think it would persuade him to come all the way down to texas to retrieve them? and if so which sock monkey should he bring?
Yes I think you can... and he should bring the pantless sock monkey.  You know, the green one.

are you going to add more conversations anytime soon?
Soon... no one will talk to me anymore over icq.

Some wants to buy my purple Sock Monkey because they never seen a purple Sock Monkey.  He's giving me $50.  Should I sell it to him or keep it?
Hmmmm.... that depends on how attached you are to the sock monkey, if you think it will be treated well, and if you have a sock monkey to replace it.

Moses has that staff god gave him... it's the staff of god for moseses sakes!! He'd kick jesuses ass with it. (Yeah, imm a jewish dude) And think abouut it, jessus betrayed by his own "father"*cuz god gave moses the staff, and christain say Jesus is god son)
I forgot about that staff... hmmm... it's gonna be a close fight....

Why do you think cats meow?? meow really isnt a word, its a sound..  but we gave it a word.  Do you think the americans like making useless words to make themselves feel better?
Yes they do.  In fact, their whole economy is centered around it.  That and useless products.

Are you and Anarchist(I am)? communist? democrat? Republiccan? Anti-politician? Athiest? Satanist? Buddhist? Paganist(All hail Loki)? Murderer? Fachist(I forgot the correct spelling)? Rapist? Monkiest?
No, no, no, no, no, no, was but not anymore, no, never heard of paganist only pagan, not telling, no, no, sometimes.

I was reading through some RedMeat comics the other day and something hit me, at first i thought it was my sock monkey flinging it's feces at me, but then i realized it was a "revalation". how do i go about publishing this "revalation" and will anyone listen? will you listen? About that "revelation" it turned out it was my sock monkey throwing it's feces at me. do you suggest 409 or Fantastik to get the stains out of my carpet?
I would suggest getting a whole new carpet and floor.  Even then the smell might linger.

if it wasnt for my horses i wouldnt have been in challage for 2 years what the hell dose that mean
It means that the horses kept that person living.  Who knows... sounds stupid... smack the person who said it.

Ok let me get something straight....you don't believe in God, but you believe in sock monkeys....what kind of stupid shit is that?
Exactly!  Why would anyone believe in a god when there's sock monkeys!  See, someone gets it!

Who would win a fight? Jesus or Moses?  I've been thinking about this for far too long....
Hmmm.... I think Jesus would win due to the fact that he had more well-fed friends.  Moses only had slaves as friends, and they're too weak.

i think your new shirts are the coolest.. did you know that my sock monkey believes he has direct access to god?  he thinks  he is all mocho, and struts around the house holding some sacred leaves!! how do you stop such a holy sock?? oh nevermind  he.. AHHHHHH ..........
Thank you... and your sock monkey is ill.  Douse him with water and keep doing that until he calms down & his fever breaks.  Then replace his stuffing.

I have a purple chicken what should i do with it
Do what ever it is that you do with normal chickens... talk to it.  Don't treat it different because of the color of it's feathers.

Why am I and my diciples considered a cult while the Boyscouts are an "organization"?
Because the boy scouts organize a hostile take over of our youth, while you're just hoping for it and not actually making any plans.

How does santa get all those toys into one big bundle of love?
He doesn't, the elves do.

Do you believe in God?  If you do ask yourself this if god has always been there and nothing before him, then, what?!!
No I don't.  

Is life part of the eternal dream of the divine sock monkey? Or is it that we are all going to hell?
Earth is hell if there such a place.  Life is just a big dream that never seems to end, and when it does, you wake up and don't remember a thing.

do you think that rock music is being killed by all these genre names? think about it; classic rock, industrial, ska, punk, rockabilly, rap-rock, heavy metal, nu metal, death metal, grunge, oldies, indie, acid rock, soft rock, country rock... i mean shit, does everything have to be rigidly classified?
I think it is somewhat, but it lets some bands be quite large in their own genre, where before they'd be unclassified and never discovered.  I personally don't classify all the music i like... it's too difficult.  I think that the names are more for commercialism.

how can i get the deebiysit to leave me alone?
A long sharp stick.  Prod until left alone.

i suspect my friend of becoming a speed freak. he shows every single symptom of it, and he once told me he did meth, and when i called him an idiot, he said he was just kidding. what should i do? there's no evidence, really, to implicate him other than his behavior.
Then get hard evidence.  Other then that... be nice.


you never answered that part of my question; what's your favorite book?
Not sure... I like so many.  Asimov, Douglas Adams, Red Dwarf books... Lots!

my sockmonkeys don't like one of my friends. whenever they see her, they cower in corners and stare at her. should i trust her?
Not at all.  The sock monkeys are always right.  Trust them.

where in canada do you live?
In Ontario.  

are yu an atheist or an agnostic?

are you in love?
Yes, with many things.

what was the last movie you saw?
Last movie I saw was when a few friends came over and we watched Toys with Robin Williams.  That's a cool movie.

what's your favorite website?
Mine... hahaha... did you expect any less?

I don't really have a question.   I just wanted you to know that I think piercings are sexy.
I think it all depends on where they are, if they're infected and what is through them. I personally like eyebrow rings.

do you ever feel that if you knew what you did when you were a baby, you would do some things differently?  i dont think i would.. Babys always get away with doing really bad things all the time!!!  I should know i have a nefew around the house..
I would do many things differently, such as not working, and shitting my pants.  Maybe people would think I'm cute again.

would you consider letting me add stuff to your page?
No.  You're not a member.

Are you updating the quotes any time soon?
Maybe.  We've been working on insane gear.

Ok for starters, I'm on the edge of flunking chemistry.  If you had the choice to get out of chemistry would you?  But consider the fact that I need to have knowlege in chemistry and I have to put up with it in college.  Again, would you stay in chemisty?
No.  But I don't need it.  Why would you be taking something you don't like?  That's a waste of time and money.

Im sitting around having a coke right?  I open it and fizzy stuff goes all over the place!! Then i take a sip and it tasted like someone spat in it!  Once that happened  I set it on the table and my cat pushes it off the table!!  What do you think is up with this soda!?!?!?
Just throw it out... don't ask... don't turn back... just toss it. 


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