Why do I get extremeley annoyed when people are tradtional?
most traditions are ridiculous so they tend to get annoying to those of us with our own minds

Did you know some people eat monkies and gorillas, like in africa and shit? Hey DC, have you ever had to run from someone trying to eat you? Besides that flabba the slut person?
yes they do... to some cultures the cow is sacred and they don't eat it... and twice but i survived

Judging by some of your answers in the last questions update, it seems that you think Miss Rogers' Sweater and I are, in fact, the same person. This is not true ... we are two entirely different people who both happen to enjoy a good Slurpee and love to complain about school. My question is, where are my pants? McDiablo
no i know you're seperate... perhaps it is you who are having the identity crisis... do you deny that you have gone out and bought your own sweaters to pretend to be miss rogers sweater? do you deny you sometimes sign your name as hers just to see how it 'feels'?

Yesterday, my cat jumped up on two out of three kitchen counters, the microwave, the dinner table and even, somehow, managed to jump up on top of our dollhouse. She's not allowed to do any of this stuff ... what kind of drugs is she on? McDiablo
none... she is a cat and demonstrating that if she chooses to do these things, she can and WILL

Why do Christmas commericials have to be annoying? I mean, I like Christmas and all, but the ads suck. Why don't these marketing people put out something funny that I'd want to see again .. not some 'heart-warming' shit? McDiablo
ads always suck... xmas sucks... and marketing people have their heads up their asses from what they're told people should think...

Sometimes when i listen to songs by the Smashing Pumpkins i get to feeling very sad, nostalgic and depressed. I almost feel like puking. Is this at all normal? I feel so verrry alone... *sigh* - SiNiSTaR
yes it is... why do you think jcp and vers 'wedding song' was ava adore?

i get really tired of smiling at all these clowns who think my sole purpose is to serve them and deliver to their every whim and fancy. I'm so fucking sick of it. What the fuck can i do? - SiNiSTaR
punch them in the gut

What's your opinion of fuck buddies and people who have them? - SiNiSTaR
if both are aware and consenting then i see no problem as long as they are smart enough to not breed as a result of their arrangement

I recently read Catcher in The Rye and i fucking loved it. Have you read that yet? - SiNiSTaR
of course i have! it is a good book

Did you know Jesus has his own website? He actually invites people to bathe with Him. Would you do it?- SiNiSTaR
no i wouldn't... i don't trust him

Where can i find cheap strippers, quick? - SiNiSTaR
near the airport

why does life suck so much
if it didn't then the good parts wouldn't seem quite as good

Whats up with the world today ?
the humans have screwed it all up

Y'know i feel sad for the guy who plays frodo from the lord of the rings . Every one calls him frodo now. He can't go to a store or a resturaunt without being called frodo. I can not remeber his real name but this is why i don't want to get famous or anything like that. What do you have to say?
well i would think that sucks... but then again... he got paid a lot of money and it's his job... people should pay me that kind of money too

If i where a short person i think that i would find it offending to play as a Munchkin or an Elfi n a movie. People get to laugh at how funny you look in your umpahloompah suit and they're not laughing at your costume they're laughing at you ! I think its sick to see someone cracking up over your misfortune ( unless your getting hurt but not seriously hurt ). What do you think about this subject ?
i think that they can be talented actors as well and if they choose to act in those roles then why not..

If two ducks meet at 3:00am in a grocery store on TUESDAY, one with a massive head wound and one with a gerbil stapled to its wing, will the potatoe chips become soggy if they tell each other to peel a carrot and throw it 20' across the pond and they both do it at the exact same moment? if not then will Bill Clintons milk become sour ?-guy
you didn't consider the 'egg' factor... which makes your whole question null and void

so i be a keener and start doing my homework today (friday)? - Miss Roger's Sweater
a keener? i haven't heard that term before... and sure do it so you can slip into a coma for the rest of the weekend

should i start wearing my white glasses without lenses again in hopes of starting an anti-fashion trend? - Miss Roger's Sweater
sure... it might hurt to try but that's part of the fun

my mom is leaving for mexico in less than 2 weeks.. should i be afraid of 3 whole weeks with my brother? - Miss Roger's Sweater
not at all... you should be afraid of the hidden cameras installed all over your house

is it wrong that i am strangely amazed by my cowlick's eagerness to be spiky? - Miss Roger's Sweater
it's not wrong... just different

Why do i have to bake 16 dozen cookies for girl guides? - Miss Roger's Sweater
you are a sucker and agreed to do it

My sister is younger than me and has recently beaten me with the 'getting a boyfriend' thing. Is it normal that I am not depressed about this? McDiablo
why should you be depressed? so you don't need a boyfriend to have a life... i say you point and laugh at her for having to deal with the relationship bullshit

Do you want to go downtown and break a window with me? McDiablo

Do you have a silly nickname for your mayor? Or is your mayor, unlike ours, a smart guy? McDiablo
are you assuming my mayor is a guy? how horribly sexist of you

What would you do if someone just came up to you and randomly said, "Oi!"? McDiablo
i'd say 'bloddy hell'

what music do you like?
stuff like that here

if i say "jungle" does that mean Im a jungle man? Do you like the world Jungle? I think it's a funny word.
no it doesn't and nor does it if you wear a loincloth in your apartment

Do you like peas? how about carrots? do you like them together? would you like me to bring you some in a flower decorated dish?
sometimes, yes, not really... and no

Why did your cat come to my door last night begging for food? she claimed you hadnt fed her. I think thats mean.
that's not my cat... that is a imposter cat

in the interest of furthering our acquaintance, i will need to ask you 2 very important questions: first, what do you think lewis carroll meant by, "'twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe: all mimsy were the borogoves and the mom raths outgrabe"? secondly, what constitutes 'great amounts of money' to you, as i would like to request a sexual favor....
1. no idea and even though he may have been questionable around children some of his books are good.... 2. anything over 1000 dollars

what is your favorite beer?
i don't have one

What is a good tip for people who want to breed shrews?--Syko Morgana
one dead shrew won't get you anywhere

I saw in this movie this girl went like AHHHH and pulled this 7" long metal thingie from her head.. why ?
it probably tickled having it there

Are you a stoner ?
dave's not here man

Which do you find more attractive: Sweet, sensitive Girls who like wearing make-up and dressing-up and doing all the girly things in life or, Girls who like listening to rock music, don't really care about make-up and are interested in motorcycles and cars and... well, yknow, stuff like that. *TAKE NOTE: Both are nice, kind, funny and fun to be with.
the one that doesn't care about make-up and isn't girly...

If you could kill one person on this planet and get away with it, who would it be?
i'd find the person making all the real decisions in the world and kill them because this planet sucks

Why do people say "money doesn't grow on trees" when it does? I mean paper is a fuckin tree, cant they think of a better saying?
no they are stupid

Isn't clapping really stupid when you think about it? I mean, it's just slapping two parts of your body together, in this case your hands, and creating noise. When lots of people clap I want to yell at them and kick their children. Don't you think clapping is stupid?
clapping is mostly annoying but sometimes it gives you something to do

FOX should start a new comedy/sports series called Retard Football... don't you think?
they already have that show...

Where do you draw the line between real insanity and just being silly? FartMonkey
when you become a danger to yourself and others instead of just being the local oddity

What, in your opinion, is the most hideously ugly vomit inducing music to slaughter cattle by song ever written? FartMonkey
christmas carols especially if they are being sung by a choir of children, celine dion, brittney spears, the mom from 'all in the family' or maria carey

This is the first year where I'm just not excited that its christmas, and am completely not looking forward to it. Is this because I am a teenager now and teenagers are supposed to hate everyone and not care about anything? Or is it all the jellybeans I've been eating lately?FartMonkey
its mostly the teenager thing... but those green jellybeans are the root of all evil on tuesdays so i wouldn't count that out as an answer either

when someone say... what in tar nation... where is this "Tar Nation"? can i find it on a local map?
they're making things up to confuse you... kind of like this 'stage' we're apparently in

I start work tomorrow and I have to get up earlier than usual. Will I be able to pull it off? McDiablo
no so you'll fake it like the rest of us

The mall I work at is full of old people who walk slow and shop, but mostly walk slow ... should I ask someone to install a moving sidewalk for them? I'm sure they'd appreciate it. McDiablo
just push them and then shovel them into various stores

My Granny was over and wanted me to print up 30 copies of Christmas letters. Who the hell is she sending these to??? McDiablo
you and your family... for the next 8 weeks

Why is it that the song you hate the most is the one that always gets stuck in your head? McDiablo
just to piss you off until you freak out and start repeating words over and over and over

i have just finished baking about 20 dozens cookies... permission to slip into a coma? -Miss Roger's Sweater (almost wrote cookies)
yes... and send me some of these cookies of which you speak

is my headache the reaction to (a) baking dozens and dozens of cookies (b) listening to my mom 'oldies' radio station while baking dozens and dozens of cookes ? -Miss Roger's Sweater
both a and b... plus the whole alignment of the moon thing

i am happy to see the "no cheer here" section of the website.. is it wrong for me to dislike christmas with a passion? - Miss Roger's Sweater
hell no... its annoying... only good part is the time off work

i dried and folded my brother's laundry, should i send him a bill in the mail? - Miss Roger's Sweater

Where is my brother? I have baked donzens of cookies and he has not come running home as if cued... should i be scared or rejoice at his absence? - Miss Roger's Sweater
rejoice and eat as many cookies as you can before he comes home... be sure to vomit upon his return

Why do so many people think money is made out of paper, when it is really made out of cotten? (Nameless)
its made out of plastic army men

Why do advertising companys try and use beautifull women to get me to buy things. One really hot chick is not going to get me to want to buy a stupid fucking botle of colone. It only makes me want Hot Chick.(Nameless)
they think it works and that's as much thought they put into it

<some url> This story belongs here. Why don't you buy it? (Omuletzu)
with what money? with the millions i make off of the stories from here? why don't you buy it for me?

So, why do you think there are so many pot dealers named Dave? And where did that theory come from? I've heard people say it for years and research has supported it. Also, Dave usually has kindbud. What's up with that?
i blame dave and his mac

Good golly .. I started work in the mall at the good 'ol chocolate store again today and I'm already going crazy over the Christmas music. Should I just be grateful that they didn't play an Celine Dion Christmas tunes? McDiablo
yes you should... that would be cause to cram your head into the fudge bucket

Will my dorky Literature teacher like my essay? McDiablo
hell no

Do you have an explanation as to why my cat is so fascinated with garbage cans. I know cats are easily fascinated with thread, dangly objects, window panes and their own reflection .. but what is up with this garbage can fetish? McDiablo
it's large and can hold lots of stuff... cats like that sort of functionality in objects

Don't you just love the smell of the garbage disposal? (this question was inspired by the previous question) McDiablo
hell no

how can fire be it has no mass no weight and takes up no space you could stick your hand through it and it wouldnt move or shift so i ask how can fire exist
it doesn't actually exist but since the humans and plants THINK it does, it somehow seems to

How do we know that corn is yellow? Can you prove it to me?--Syko Morgana
last time i saw corn they were not yellow and that one guy had hair like monkey tails

How do I take care of sock monkey bites? It didnt hurt, and there was no blood, but I still need to do something just because it would annoy me if I didnt.--Syko morgana
put a bandaid on it and have mommy kiss it better.. if that doesn't work then you'll have to amputate

DC, you are my hereo. Now what do you do?--Syko Morgana
i strut my funky stuff

Am I obsessed if I start having dreams about DC and The Insane Domain? Not saying I did.....Just if it happens one day.. you know..Ill know what to do...--Syko Morgana
if you do then yes you're obsessed but thats ok... just send us gifts and money

dc. you cant fob me off again with your foolish answers to my goddamn IMPORTANT questions. surely you must realise that i depend on you to answer my life threateningly important puzzlers. okay. now, im an alcoholic, an insomniac, bulimic, and the general consensus is that im a bit of a psycho. i also have an imaginary friend. what i want to know is, should i take steps to change myself?
stop drinking, can't help you, stop that stupid shit and that's ok... and imaginary friends are ok too... so just work on the drinking and throwing up

What is the answer for your existence ??? By the way, where the h### m i ???
42... answer to life, the universe and everything (thank you douglas adams) and you're HERE

Whats up with Hotdogs?
something very nasty and horrible... run away

why am i doomed to spend my life alone with no woman by my side why do they hate me so much?~Sk8erGecko (i have returned after great time just like in the prophecy)als ocan i also bribe you wiht a slc punk tape i don't wan't mine anymore i watched it to much i can see it in my head if i close my eyes and i dream about it
meh just focus on something else like sending me presents in the mail and not the 'look what my cat made for you in the sandbox' kinda present

where is the emergency exit? - Disco Bill
to your left and straight down 200 miles

can i send you all the money in the world? i need to send it to someone you see. - Disco Bill
yes... yes you can

how do you like your nipples? Do you like them big like, pancake nipples? or small, or how?
i take them any way they come

Now are you bi, or did i just read some of the questions wrong. sorry im much too lazy to go back or them ad it would be quicker for you just to tell me or bitch me out for asking after somone else did. thanks.
check it out yourself

How cool is it that a guy in Miss Roger's Sweaters' creative writing class read a poem about 7 Eleven? McDiablo
was it a good poem? if it wasn't then he should be beaten with straws

Do you ever get weird food cravings? McDiablo
yes sometimes ... i like cheese

How did the word 'scrunchie' come to be? McDiablo
i'd tell you but then i'd have to look it up or put some thought into a dumbass answer for you so just think of a good answer for yourself

Tonight is my last Psychology class ... should I dance up a storm to celebrate or just quietly take my exam? McDiablo
take the exam and then do the dance

What does the country Hondures do for Christmas? Do they even have a Christmas?
i don't know... email someone from there and find out yourself

Are bannanna's really evil and out to get all those who eat them?

If it happens, should I be afraid of an insane lifejacket trying to drown me when the planet has run out of water? -WTF/NTM-
pretty much... but then again most life jackets are just out for personal glory

Do you believe in the evilness of spatulas?
not unless they come into direct contact with my ass at an alarming speed

Is KMFDM really a drug against war?
why yes... haven't you seen the video? it explains everything

if you dream about losing your teeth like lots of times already, what does that mean?
it means it's time to move onto different dreams

what is the medicine that makes your throw up?
that red stuff...

Why am I so cold? (Omuletzu)
i blame the snow, the weather patterns and that guy with the fake hair that tells me all about them

how come whenever someone, or i, ask a questioni really want an answer to, you somehow try to make your way around it?! Damn you DC, damn you!
no idea what you're talking about... perhaps you're just not understanding the meaning of the big words... or maybe you are in such deep denial about my answer that you just think that i haven't answered it when in fact i've given you nothing but the truth

why does it say you updated today the 5th when you didnt? how stupid do you think we are? do you think im gonna waste my time browsing this whole damn NOW boring site(since your lazy ass doesnt update or add anything new anyone) for something that was updated today. hah..fool.
i did and you're just one of those people who try to think all 'different' by doing silly things such as pretending to live a day in the past when in fact you don't...

Oakville what? Do you hate peopel who don't express any emotions at all? I think its scary. --The Anti-Christ--
just leave the vulcans alone... they don't need their emotions... they've got pointy ears

how can a country so uprightous and full of itself continue to believe that it is the best when everyday when the media shows how shitty it really is with little timmy and tommy having mini-gang wars with their fathers mini-gang guns. myself im amazed that they managed to get to the point when they can ignore other countrys enough to make themselves look bigger in their news to deceive themselves into believeing they are better for shame. and since i answered my own question, would you like some pie? - Disco Bill
only if it's freshly made pumpkin pie

to avoid the coldness of my house, should i just stay in bed forever? - Miss Roger's Sweater
absolutely... there was once a man named Jimmy McBuggin and he decided to that very thing... he was in bed for years... met a nice lady... accidently lit the bed on fire while trying to have a candlelit dinner and since his legs were so weak from never being used... he burnt to death in his bed...

which celebrity would you most like to get jiggy with, and what is infiity minus infinity? hahahahahaha you have been questioned by the god of all evil.
since i'm going to pretend jiggy means 'hang out with' i'll say david bowie because i saw a show about him the other day and he seems like the sort of person that would be cool to hang with

are you feeling gay? why is the sky blue? no-really, i'd like to know... ???? ?? ????
not today, something about water vapor/light refraction... and that's all you're getting

why do i keep finding myself playing solitaire on the computer? - Miss Roger's Sweater
it's a great way to increase your mouse coordination... and if you get very anal about you it can achieve a wicked time... the quickest i ever won a game was in 72 seconds...

i have no school until tuesday, what am i going to do with myself? - Miss Roger's Sweater
you're going to get out some uncooked noodles, your paints and construction paper... then you're going to build yourself pretty pictures of castles and strange creatures

I have a sharp pain in my foot, why is that? - Miss Roger's Sweater
i wasn't going to say it was a dead baby bird but then i decided to anyways

Following a great number of critism that my website rips yours off - which it would do if I hadn't had the idea before I came here - I created a section in my new forum called "theinsanedomain.com is better than boggoblin.co.uk because..." and no one has said anything about it. Why? - Mzebonga
whats scary is that i posted to the boggoblin site and i have no idea where it went and i got confused and then i cried and the whole thing got blurry for awhile...

There are a lot of weird things on my computer desk. For example, there is this bottle of bath and shower gel to my right. What the hell is it doing there? McDiablo
it's getting ready to attack... and on my desk there is a simpsons coffee mug... half a chip bag... a screwdriver... some pens... some cds... usb cable... one of my speakers... a lighter... a tim hortons coffee cup... and a safety pin

Hello, what the hell am I doing here? McDiablo
helping me come up with ways to kill the bitch who lives above me and seems to enjoy her hobby of dropping coins down her drains or walking her fat noisy ass all over the apartment as loud as she can... she must die with horrible pain

Where did this sudden pain in my wrist come from? McDiablo
you should be sitting properly... legs 90 degrees... feet flat on something... arm 90 degrees to the mouse... and stop dancing around like that cuz that's not helping

This guy I talk to on MSN likes to just suddenly say *loads up his m-16 ... shoots you*. Is there something wrong with the air in New Jersey?? McDiablo
there is something wrong with all the air on this planet... and as long as he doesn't actually DO that then i'd just find something of your own to threaten him with such as 'loads up slurpee sniper gun... shoots you' or some shit like that

can you bite me on the bum if i pay you a dollar?
alright but only if your bum is clean... am i to draw blood?

I AM the neighbour whose grass is greener, I cant live with this jealousy going around, what can I do ??
salt the land so nothing may grow... then they will all be sorry

i heard you take shits on people and lick it off there face..whats up with that?
you heard wrong... i THROW it at people and they cry it off

What do you think of someone who is permanately stoned? McDiablo
i think 'why do i care about this? oh yea, i don't'... i'm way more concerned with that guy in the purple hat that sometimes has a bike but other times doesn't and it's the same bike but he has no home so where is this bike unless he's faking the whole thing and just doing this shit to confuse me

Do you have a favourite key on your keyboard? Mine is the Print Screen key. McDiablo
i like the DELETE key... it's always there for me

Why do I find a documentary about the Cirque du Soleil to be so damn fascinating? McDiablo
it's the way those people bend....

My cat is truly curious about this electrical train we have around our X-mas tree. How long before she gets electrocuted? McDiablo
how long before you sick freaks unplug the thing and stop putting electrified toys out for your cat?! (actually there probably isn't enough current there to harm your cat and the wires are most likely covered in plastic anyways to prevent that very sort of thing from happening...)

there is a scarily creepy customer who comes into work and makes perverse comments to me. ive tried telling him ive spent time in hospital for substance abuse, time in jail for abuse of children, and time dead just for fun, but he insists on harassing me. should i murder him with a stick and blame it on my boss?
no... just have him 'fall' and blame it on some ice or water or something...

isnt it cool when we lite people on fire?
not always... but i'm not allowed to talk about it

How many times does a peanut butter man make peanut butter?
all the damned time and it's pissin me off

ummmmmmm..... nope... can't come up with a reason not to

My cat somehow climbed up our (fake) X-mas tree ... even my now deceased cat didn't do that! What happened to her fetish with dangly things (ie: ornaments)? McDiablo
well i hope your deceased cat wouldn't be up your xmas tree... and my parents have a cat like that too... once they figure it out i'll let you know

Did you know Shoppers Drug Mart has a post office...'cuz I didn't...? McDiablo
they are sneaking things in there all the time when you're not looking....

Can you think of the stupidest question someone has asked you (and please don't say 'this one' ... hehee)? McDiablo
it would something that i deleted... and i don't make it a habit to remember that sort of information... so my answer is no, i can't think of the stupidest question

Got the giggles? McDiablo
not at the moment

how are you today?
i am adequate

when will this horrid holiday season end? - Miss Roger's Sweater
not soon enough... it will drag on for a few more years until they find a new one

why do i feel sick? i'm not sick at all.. what the hell.. - Miss Roger's Sweater
it's your socks playing head games with you

have you done all your christmas shopping? i am rebelling against the system and probably doing none.. take that capitalism! - Miss Roger's Sweater
i was dragged out once with my mother and the evening ended with me dragging her out of the mall in a headlock

If curiosity kills cats, how do they plan to take over the world? I'm guessing it's all just a conspiracy. Not the world domination thing, I mean the curiosity thing. Yeah. FartMonkey
the whole thing was made up as part of a disinformation campaign to lull the humans into a false sense of security

I know you hate britney spears, but do you hate avril lavigne? Do the facts that she is canadian and hates britney spears help any? FartMonkey
who? never heard of her

I can't figure out why Americans(me) make fun of Canadians(you). I don't see the problem.I have no actual evidence that you talk funny. Avril Lavigne is cool AND canadian. Let them explain THAT. Wait, no, let US explain that...dammit now I'm confused FartMonkey
humans are just stupid and they make up excuses to feel better then others... we're so much better then them because we're smarter and monkeys

Why dose every family gathering have to deal around the stuck up family. I hate the stuck up family. I hate the mother, the father and thier children. I would like to kill all people who think they are socaly better thain others. "For I shal eat thier harts." (Nameless)
exactly... this year i am hoping to avoid this family and the constant discussion of the neighbors and what kind of cars they drive...

What is the purpose of armpit hair? who invented pie? If your friend had sex in her bed last night, but there are no visible stains on the sheets would you sleep in that bed?
i'm not allowed to tell you... Mr. Filling... and i'd sleep in my own bed, not my friends

Where what went with the who and how? Blurry? - Mzebonga
<slaps you> snap out it! i told you to stay out of the catnip!

don't you think it's just sick that eminem's old crappy shack of a house where he grew up is selling on eBay for like a gajillion dollars? goddamn! - SiNiSTaR
it is sick... but hey... if some idiot is willing to pay for it then they deserve to have it taken... whoever said that 'a fool and his money are soon parted' was right

Last night i told God to please let me die in my sleep. However i woke up today and found that i was still alive. What the fuck is wrong with God? or is there a god? wait, why am i asking you this? - SiNiSTaR
yea i heard your request and i was busy last night... you'll just have to wait

there's this animated life-size santa thingy at most of the malls i visit and it does this obscene dance where he kinda shakes his bum and wiggles his crotch. What kind of fucking santa is that to let kids see? - SiNiSTaR
i think it was made by priests who have recently 'lost' their positions in the church

Does it hurt when a chick is givin head and she has a tounge ring and it gets in the hole
i would imagine it does

what do you think of sum41?
i don't...

why does mcdiablo/miss rogers sweater always ask questions about her parents or cat? is there something going on there we should be concerned about?
they are seperate people and we should only be concerned with the duct tape monkey smothering someone in their sleep (maybe you? maybe me?) and that plastic bin filled with month-old green things

So what do you do when somebody gets you a Christmas present you really don't like? are you an asshole about or it nice?
depends on who it is and what the gift is... if it's breakable then i drop it...

what is a pathological lier and what is its disorders
someone who lies a lot and the disorder is them lying a lot

i found this lump on my left testicle what should i do?
take a shower and you'll find it's just some leftover pudding that harded from last weekend

why is my shit brown? i mean you can eat a fucking rainbow of colors, but it all ends up brown, the only thing that survives is the shitty corn-monkie boy
did you ever have an art class or some paints? have you never mixed all the colors together? the combination of all colors is brown... so when you eat lots of colors... your shit is brown... i mean... ignoring the whole actual process of what's really going on with the digestive process of course

My friend seems to have found a guy who has the ability to bake cookies. How many males out there are able to do this? It just seems like a rare talent (since my dad can't even cook Mr. Noodles)... McDiablo
i sense some sexism... so only girls can bake cookies? are you saying that only women belong in the kitchen? just because your dad isn't that great at cooking doesn't mean all men are... jcp can't cook anything unless heating up her coffee in the microwave counts as cooking

I haven't had iced tea in awhile ... but I'm drinking some right now. Do you think it's missed me? McDiablo
i think so... it felt a bit left out of the whole beverage drinking moments you've been sharing with the other drinks

I work in a mall and I was on my way to the bathroom when I heard jingle bells down the hall ... it was Santa! He said to me, "Good morning, Merry Christmas." I just said, "Hi." Are you proud that I didn't run off in the other direction? McDiablo
i'm proud you didn't run off... but you forgot to kick him! next time follow through with your mission

My sister is armed (and possibly dangerous) with her school's digital camera. Are you scared? McDiablo
yes... tell her i'm not home

You say you could be bribed with PS2 and GTA3. How about Vice City?
sure... send it NOW

do you agreee with me that america is a big fascist imperialist greed monkey?
leave the monkeys out of this

Miss Roger's Sweaters' mom went to Mexico for the holidays. Is she going to have 100 of her closest friends over for a 'get together'? Does she even have 100 friends? McDiablo
no but if you count all the personalities in her friends heads then yes

The current time is 6:52am ... Miss Roger's Sweater and I are both up. We have an exam in about an hour. Who the hell expects one to think at such an early time?? McDiablo
they have a 6:52 AM now?

Are you proud that I ate breakfast (I usually skip it)? McDiablo
what is breakfast???

I bet one of these days I'll spell my name wrong and accidentally send the question off without correcting it ... and you'll laugh, won't you? McDiablo
i'll not only laugh... but point at the mistake as i laugh... then i will forward the mistake to all i know and all the cats i know... we will all laugh and you will laugh at first until you realize why we're laughing and then you'll fling slurpees at us and we'll just laugh and laugh until you cry and then we'll have tear slurpees

here's a little vioce inside my head and he keeps useing all my kleenex and when i tell him to replace them he refuses and the bad thing about it all the little mother fucker has a bad mouth on him. Waz up with that!!!******kleenex girl
your voice should tell you not to say 'waz up with that'... and to send me stuff... and to stop it with the kleenex

Which was invented first, pants or shorts? Fartmonkey
shorts... they grow into pants as they get older

Grey or gray? Disc or disk? FartMonkey
gray... disc for cds... disk for floppy disks

Why do the five minute fries take eight minutes to cook? McDiablo
they don't... you've gone crazy

If I start a riot, will I get protection? McDiablo
not around here... we're the insane type that do crazy things during riots

Will I have to put away all those damn boxes by myself? McDiablo
of course... boxes stopped moving themselves ages ago

I've been getting up early lately for work. Is it sad for me to now think, "Woo, I start work at 8:30am tomorrow. I can sleep in!" ? McDiablo
i'd quit and tell them to shove those boxes up their asses

Hey DC I'm back, how does this make you feel? - dane
kinda sick... but then it goes away... sick again... now ok...

What is your opinion on flavoured milk? - dane
i'm pro-chocolate milk but anti-milk in general

is my guestbook getting popular? first you sign it, and then Mike from Mideck.. -Miss Roger's Sweater
mideck is copying me and probably has a secret sock monkey suit hidden in the closet

my mom is officially out of the country.. slurpee party? - Miss Roger's Sweater
hell ya

christmas shopping or my english final exam... which one is worse? - Miss Roger's Sweater
shopping is always worse

Why don't i get erotic pleasure from your porno ?
you are a sick twisted freak.. thats why

I can't grasp the rules... When do you kick me out and give me my complmentary can of sausage meats ?
we just kick you out and kick your ass

Do you suspect any of the (I beg forgiveness for having to use this term) regulars who ask questions here to actually be one person? FartMonkey
well i know that two of them are seperate people... but beyond that i haven't actually thought about it... are you trying to tell me something?

Isn't the knowlege of how bees have sex enough to make you never ever touch or smell a flower ever again?
well i'm not fond of fondling flowers as it is... so i think i'm ok with it as long as i don't think i'm a bee and try to pollinate things

What makes my wristwatches all slow down or go too fast? Whatever it is, it works gradually...once I figure it out those bastards will have it coming to them...I could also accept advice on methods of revenge
it's the magnet in your head that your parents forgot to tell you about....

Isn't fire just the best overall solution to everything? Speaking of which, is Sanimal dead? It's about time for his semi-annual question answering. FartMonkey
mostly yes... and sanimal is brain-dead

What should I do to people who constantly are reciting toungue-twisters, especially the Peter Piper,etc. one? I've had just about enough -FartMonkey
slap them so their lips swell up and they can't speak as well

If I told you to stand on the blue line, you would deliberately stand on the green line just to spite me, wouldn't you? Fartmonkey
no because that would be what you were expecting... instead i would argue with you as to what 'blue' is

Do you smoke? FartMonkey
tobacco? hell no

If green comes from blue and yellow, where do blue and yellow come from? FartMonkey
blue comes from the land of bluania... and yellow comes from the sun as a gift which is actually a curse but ah well it makes the planet light up

Spikes or studs? FartMonkey
a little of both

The other day a former friend droped a some what new glass pipe I had bought. I beat his ass. Today he tried to replace it with a crappy used brass pipe. I took the pipe used it, then beat his ass. If I see this low life tomorow what should I do? (Nameless)
beat him with the pipes and insert them into his ass and force him to buy you a new one

So "jcp can't cook anything unless heating up her coffee in the microwave counts as cooking". Can VER cook instead? (Omuletzu)
well of course... otherwise why would she marry him?

"Where the insanity runs rampant... and so can you" What does that mean? That I can run rampant here? Explain that! (Omuletzu)
you mean you haven't been? hahaha... hey everyone! point and laugh at omuletzu!

Would Xmas shopping be any better if you could just get everything you want for free? (Omuletzu)
that and if the malls were emptied out so i could shop in quiet

Party - what do you expect from one? Dance, drink and chat or women fighting over men, uninvited guests arriving with wine in plastic bags, some poor guy barfing his guts out and everything blurry because you drank too much? (Omuletzu)

"Questions are usually answered every other day, or every day. either way come back and find out" When will you change this to conform it with reality? (Omuletzu)
well i'm hoping to have reality conform with the statement... but this whole 'work' thing that i've explained to you guys is still there to make me spend time elsewhere... if i get even 10% of this site's visitors to send in just 10 bucks a month each... then i can update this site daily... constantly add new stuff and everything

Well, I have work to do, but I can't get started right! The deadline is drawing near and... why is it called deadline anyway? There is no line and no death, usually... and I just can't work for more than 2-3 hours every day (today I won't work at all). Advice? (Your advice'll probably be late.) (Omuletzu)
see you understand this whole stupid work thing.... i say you use fire to resolve the 'deadline' issue

I don't have enough food for today's lunch. After lunch I have to travel - 1.5 hrs by bus and 3 hrs by train, plus the time I wait for the train and bus to come. Why am I so lazy? Someone just came to ask if we want food - she went to buy something. She didn't enter this room, but I heard her asking. I could have just yelled that I want, or got up and... but noooo! I just sat in my chair and... I suck! (Omuletzu)
i've had that happen... that bitch... she should have asked you if you wanted food too

let's say i'm feeling a bit nastalgic and going through all the old questions... will you answer me like you would 3 years ago? please? *HUGS* hahaha luv nikon
hell no... i'm way more bitter and not easily sucked in by your harmless 'luv nikon' anymore... i know that behind that is a nikon that wants to kick my ass and pinch me... don't you deny it... wow... asking questions even after 3 years??? you must have serious issues like i do...

Sure I move boxes around all day (and heavy ones, mind you), but how weird is it that I like my job? McDiablo
it's a good thing that many people can't say (like me)...

When will people get it through their skulls that Miss Roger's Sweater and I are two different human beings? Sure, we both like Slurpees, ask questions involving our parent(s) and pet(s), but .... well ... yeesh! McDiablo
well you know how people think... 'all insane people look the same'

Would you like to meet Bob Barker and possibly steal his little microphone for me? McDiablo
yes... i would beat people with that thing so you'd have to take it away before i broke it

Why do you answer your questions so frequently, are you some kind of robot, or a Jewish person?
if i were a robot i'd be replacing body parts instead of seeing the doctor and that nurse that likes to bruise my arm up every time she takes blood from me

So what's up with all the hats? FartMonkey
i'm pretending not to notice the hats

You know those rings that get on your important papers from when you accidentally set down your coffee cup on them? Do you know if anyone owns them? Cause if nobody does I guess they're mine...along with all the burnt out lightbulbs. FartMonkey
don't you touch my burnt out lightbulbs...

I have gone anti-comma. Would you like to be an anti-commaist too? FartMonkey
i use my comma when needed in sentences so just leave me out of it

Would you choose the hair dye, the tape recorder, or the spoon? Or would you weld them all together into one uber-destructive force that would eliminate mankind? Or would you just sit on your lazy butt and sing about cheese? Fartmonkey
i would use the tape recorder and tape my songs about cheese... then i would sell it online

How come none of the fortune cookies I have encountered lately do not actually contain fortunes? I mean sure the little paper is there but they're just dumb chinese sayings about feeding men with fish for a day. Fartmonkey
you're getting those messages too? i thought i was SPECIAL damnit!

Why does a vein pop out on my forehead when I talk about explosives -Matt
poor genetics

I seem to be enjoying hanging around with people three years younger than me ... what do you make of that? McDiablo
nothing... age is irrelevant with some people... if you like them then good for you

How long until my nails just suddenly break off? McDiablo
i say you show them who is in charge and break them off yourself

You seem to be a cat lover, DC. What say you start a section when the members send in pictures of their cats? Aww ... cute little kitties.... McDiablo
well you see... we would then have to charge you money for that, as it would take up a fair amount of space/bandwidth that otherwise WE would be paying for on your behalf... which is unfair

My friend asked me if i was excited about lord of the rings 2 and at first all i could think about was of frodo and sam getting it on... then i started to think of midget porn and then i remembered seeing some that made me sick, i think it was swedish midget porn. anyway are YOU excited about LOTR2? - SiNiSTaR
i'd be excited if someone took me for free

just when i thought that i had seen it all, my eyes popped out my dick got hard and i dropped my jaw. but... i don't HAVE a dick! What the fuck? - SiNiSTaR
damn... what was it you were looking at?!

How can anyone eat fruitcake, the only kind of cake i know that is heavier than the oven it is baked in? - SiNiSTaR
i have NO idea... that shit is just sick

Should I run upstairs and smash my roommate in the head with his guitar? It's not like he's being very loud but, he doesn't seem to know how to play it and I'm in a bad mood.

Do you agree that sex ruins friendships when you fuck somebody you've known for a while and then it doesn't work out?
depends on the maturity of those involved

Read any Kafka?
no... gonna send some to me?

If all the questions we ask are rendered 'pathetic' by pressing the button, how come you give good question awards to questions that are, like all the rest, pathetic? FartMonkey
do you actually think there is logic to be found here? hell no

Is it all just a scam? FartMonkey
of course! everything is always a scam

What are your feelings towards emoticons? I myself have never been close to emoticons...I get the feeling that I'm being tracked by them...you know? Gives me the creeps. FartMonkey
sometimes i use them but very rarely... vulcans would never use them

Sausages with cheese in the middle... WTF where they thinnking??
that sounds wrong on every level

How come in digital clocks, between the hour and the minute (like 7:30), there are two dots? Why isn't it one dot? Or three dots? Who thought of making it like that? Or does it make it that way by itself? Are there really really advanced little digital clock minions awaiting beneath the earth's surface to arise and kill us all? FartMonkey
to track you when the emoticons aren't able to... so you rip them out of your clock... or cover them so they can't spy on you

How come the palms of black peoples' hands are white (usually)? FartMonkey
no idea... that would be something to look up on a medical site... something about pigmentation though

Would you happen to have any relatives in India? I heard there are some temples where monkeys are holy, and that there's even a monkey God by the name of Hanuman. Legends speak of him highly and rate him as a bit of a pyromaniac. The last time I saw him handing out fruit to people at this Hindu temple. U know him by any chance? --Fraktal--
i probably do... the monkey family is quite large... perhaps i should visit and find out for sure

I will change my site so it isnt at angelfire cause i hate angel fire cause they have adds cause they suck ass, what internet thingy group thing do you do your site at? - dane
i hate angelfire... we use www.ihosttech.com as our hosting company

have you considered a hemit crab for a pet? - dane
no... i am owned by a cat and she doesn't allow me to have any pets

do you think americans eat to much cheese? - dane
they eat too much of anything that isn't good for them

war, what is ti good for? - dane
population control

if no one is around and you are asleep and you fart but it is never smelt, does it really exist? - dane

My boyfiend has ended up in Prison, Should I hang around till he gets out and use him for the sex or should I tell him to get fucked and use some other poor fella for sex?..... Etik_is_high_as_a_kite
i say you get on with your life

why does it take so long for girl guides to go to sleep? - Miss Roger's Sweater
its the blue uniforms... gets them all wound up and giggly

when will i get to finally get a good night sleep? - Miss Roger's Sweater
when you are dead or really old

are you as happy as i am that i passed literature? - Miss Roger's Sweater
probably not... unless you send me presents

it's been 4 days since i've had a slurpee.. am i going to go into withdrawl? - Miss Roger's Sweater
i'm surprised you haven't already

Where is my leg? Last time I saw it, was when I was with you. So what have you done with my leg? - Fido Dido
um... i thought i gave it back... ?

hmm..lessee heree...isn't the word spleen funny?~SG*
no... EMU is a funny word

WHY DO I SUDDENLY DISLIKE THIS SITE?! *cough* no updates *cough*
with all this xmas bullshit going on... i think i deserve a bit of slack... either that or you can *cough* up some money so i don't have to work anywhere but on this site... then there would be updates every day!!!!

Has it ever occured to you that we are The Sims and that God actually enjoys the game? AnthraxBoy
i think if that's true then he/she is doing what i do... and torturing us

why do the good question award dino heads look different?I dont like them. I think the other ones look better. Does my opinion count?
no not really... but thanks for sharing

are you a cotton sock monkey, or polyester?

I AM, but then again I may not be, Lucky guy this Zaphod B. who doesnt give a rat's ass, but then again, He is just this guy, You know him ?
he rocks and i don't care what you say

My computer was on the fritz. Are you happy that I found life beyond the internet? McDiablo
you mean there is life out there??? when did THAT happen?

Do you believe in carrying out the morning ritual known as 'breakfast'? McDiablo
usually no unless my mother forces me

I have to give my local college my money so I can get eduMAcated there ... should I middle finger them when I leave? McDiablo
of course! they expect it

Could you provide me with some statistics as to how many preschool children worldwide have eaten paste this week? FartMonkey
all of them... so 100% and any who say they don't are LIARS

If the 'Wicked Witch of the West' gets flying monkeys..how come we dont?..And does the 'Wicked Witch of the West' (W.W.W) control the 'World Wide Web' (W.W.W)? -Skittles
those monkeys want to work with her... they have contracts and benefits... you don't just 'own' flying monkeys... and of course she does

Do you think us kiwi's will keep the america's cup? - Etik_is_high_as_a_kite
huh? sure

Am I crazy or is it just lack of sleep? - Etik_is_high_as_a_kite
it's a little of both and quite frankly i've had enough of dreaming for now

I have really noisey people living in the flat next door, should I pull out a base ball bat and chase then down the road every time they make a sound?- Etik_is_high_as_a_kite
yes you should unless they are having a competition... if they are then you should join in and see what kind of prizes you can win

Would you like to be my new flat mate? - Etik_is_high_as_a_kite
no i don't share

What should I drink... Gin and L&P or Canberry cream and milk....... - Etik_is_high_as_a_kite
mix them all together

I changed my site from stupid angel fire to brinkster so i have no pop up adds or anything now so will you change my site link from your selection of site which are at angel fire if i send my new address in an email to you? - dane
why should i? i don't even see a link to this site from yours??? i'm outraged... after all those questions i've answered and NOTHING... not even a link

My wife wont try anal sex but she lets me stick my finger in her butt. She says she feels like pooping it out, i want anal sex with a woman and most probabaly i want that woman to be my wife (not as man so no jokes) , what should i do? - dane
i say you get a real doll (www.realdoll.com)

Do you like David Bowie? - dane
i like the 'outside' and 'earthling' albums

are all canadians lumberjacks? - dane
of course not

What would happen if I drank 10 gallons of water in 1 hour? FartMonkey
well i'm sure at some point there would be a lot of pissing and puking of water... can i watch?

If I told you that the new design for the main page is cool, would you think that I was just sucking up? FartMonkey
well no because i'm not the one who did it... so i will tell jcp and she will be pleased

what do you want for christmas? besides money.. - Miss Roger's Sweater
fight club dvd... time off from work (paid)... dune by frank herbert and any heinlien or larry niven books (i think i have the spelling right but i'm too lazy to check)

is it a bad thing when the gas station lady recognizes me, and asks how my brother is doing? - Miss Roger's Sweater
hell no... maybe you can get free stuff sometime... is she cute?

is it ok to travel about a half hour just to place a pylon (or two) on a friend's doorstep? - Miss Roger's Sweater
not at all ... especially if it will make them a) laugh their ass off b) scare the shit out of them or c) make them think someone is stalking them

how come 7eleven is getting so darn hi-tech? - Miss Roger's Sweater
it is? i haven't been in one for a long time

I am officially broke ... okay, not entirely broke, but most of my money is gone for educational purposes. Want to help me rob a bank? McDiablo
nah.. its much easier to just start up an ebay store and sell crap to idiots that pay too much for shit

I pushed the 'send your pathetic question' button twice before the question was actually sent. Did the button have a moment of rebellion or what? McDiablo
it probably did... or it thought your question was so pathetic it didn't want to send it... next time bribe it with cheese

Is it really a small world after all (shoot, now that song is stuck in my head...)...? McDiablo
well sometimes it is... and stop thinking about that song

If you are calling someone a loser in text, only you spell it "looser", and not on purpose, is it just backfiring your label onto yourself? FartMonkey
yes... so you find a new nickname to use

Do the three colors that make up this entire site have some meaning, or is it just that white and red on black looks cool? FartMonkey
we like black backgrounds... and the red and white stands out the best on it... and the red is BLOOD red

If the earth is flat, what's on the other side? And if the earth is round, what's in the middle? FartMonkey
it's round according to a few sources... they claim on the inside is all sorts of rock except it's in liquid form... sounds a bit strange though so i think they are lying and that the reality is the matrix

Will you call me a mother fucking insane idiot? klenex
only if you pay me to

Do you know of any of those websites where you type something in and the computer says it? I saw some people at school using one of those but I can't find it...I need to make some prank phone calls. FartMonkey
no i don't actually... i just use my own voice...

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