The sad tale of the son of Titan.
Frances J Worthington III
The man who slept his way around Strange City.
Kendra Perry
A troubled teen deals with death and despair.
Nathan & Family
The sad tale of another son of Titan.
Allan & Neil
Allan and his father in an old trailer.
Neglecta Family
A stupid bitch and her poor little boy.
Crazy Old Man
Short story of a man gone mad and some aliens.


How to kill your sims.
Ways to kill the
ungrateful jerks.

The aferlife
Death isn't the end.

Strange sim stuff.
Strange occurances
and other things.

Family Album.
Sims in The Insane
Domain hood.

Last names for Sims.

Version 1 stories - Normall - Goth - Salumbos - Cannable -

The real Sims 2 website / Modthesims2.com
Killing the Sims is a graphically heavy site so don't whine when it takes awhile to download