The Salumbos

Macy and John had married in high school.  John was recently laid off from his job at the local shoe factory,
and Macy was working nights at the cafe.  George and Lila are a year apart in age,
with George being the eldest at 12.  They run around wild and aren't disciplined at all. 

 Macy, in a fit of rage, blocks off the entrances of the house.    Things begin to break down.

Macy just sits and watches the tv while the kids play amongst the garbage.

Macy and John drink to escape their bleak reality.  Both are tanked in front of the kids constantly.

A neighbor, caught up in the drama while looking in the window pisses herself, then collapses in the street.

George has been pushed out of the house and forced to live on the street with the collapsed neighbor.

The garbage continues to pile up... and little George pisses himself while trying to get back into the house.

He keeps passing out  and is very hungry.  He hasn't eaten in days.

Lila has not been to school and therefore is sent to military school.  Since all the doors are blocked, she just marches around in her uniform for awhile.  George has become delirious and stumbles in front of the school bus.

George is not doing well, and Macy and John are not getting along well at all.  Both argue drunkenly into the night.

Lila passes out on her feet after drenching herself in her own piss.   George is starving.

The nosy neighbor dies of starvation in the street, and George is quite saddened.

He pisses on her grave and passes out.

Macy and John have come to blows.  Macy is kicking John's sorry ass.

George finally dies on the lawn amongst the garbage and old newspapers.  No one cries at his grave.

John is reduced to an emotional wreck as Lila dies in the filthy kitchen.  

The arguing continues and Macy decides to leave home.  But alas... the doors are still blocked!

Macy collapses outside and dies quickly.

John cries for Macy.  He still loved her bitchy ass.

John sleeps in the garbage.

His possessions are repossessed because he hasn't paid the bills.

Macy comes back and scares the shit out of John.

Even the kids come back to torture John.

John is so tired, so uncomfortable...

he's starving and badly needs a shower...

He is so lonely.

John pisses himself constantly.

He curls up in a ball and dies.

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