The Goth Family

All seems peaceful on the outside... but Nika, Jon and Emily are trapped inside.

There is no escape from their haunted mansion. They are too stupid to climb over the fences.

the garbage piles up... it's beginning to stink but there is nowhere to put it.

ghosts arrive every night... scaring poor Emily

she doesn't go to school and gets ordered to go to military school.  She's too tired to go...

Emily passes out in the bathroom... when Nika goes to help Emily, ghosts surround her.

they terrify her, then go back to their graves... for awhile.

Nika is forced to watch as Emily starves to death on the floor.

the ghosts continue to haunt poor Nika.

Nika is completely devastated by Emily's death... and can't seem to focus anymore

the fish die, the flowers die, and their cactus dies... Jon and Nika don't speak much anymore.

the garbage situation is sickening

Emily comes back... but as a ghost... and begins to terrify Nika and Jon.

Emily has found a new friend to haunt with...

Jon passes out from exhaustion... 

Nika finally dies of starvation, and Jon commits suicide.  Both still wander the night...


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