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DC is an insane sock monkey who left the website in January 2004 to pursue a job opportunity. We didn't hear from him for months, and suddenly in July he appeared again to answer questions and give us an update.

July 5 2004 - well i was SUPPOSED to be going away to get a new job... went for interviews... gave them my resume and everything... it all sounded good... So i get to the place and find out that the bastards lied to me... it's actually an asylum and they're admitting me! the first few weeks flew by as i was given one drug after another (and stealing them from the other patients)... but without a computer i was beginning to feel alone... so after formulating a great escape plan, i broke free of my evil captors and ran... (don't worry, i grabbed enough painkillers for everyone)
now i'm on the run... I stole a laptop from some guy in a fancy suit... so it seems that i'll be able to answer questions for now... but i won't be answering questions about my current location or anything that will give my whereabouts away to those after me... I'm trying to get here and answer questions every week or so... but i can't promise anything...

Since then we have had no contact with him except for some mailed envelopes with clumps of fur or dirt in it.