My sis (skittles) want's to know what JCP means,...what's it mean?(she asked the question bout god and goddess of death)...~SG*
it stands for her initials... her first name is jennifer

You are so sexy when you tell people off. How did you ever survive high school without killing yourself? In our country (Cheney/Bush Inc.) they pipe oderless, poison gas into the ventilation systems of the schools that cause suicidal impulses when you're too honest or simply think too much. I had to smoke a lot of pot and read Kurt Vonnegut or Hunter Thompson through most of my classess not to surrender to the hot, poison air. Were your schools any kinder or did you have to have a tracheotomy piped into a secret oxygen vest to preserve your brain?
jcp enabled me to survive... no they weren't any kinder and they filled the place with jocks and the bitches that go with them... i did pretty much the same thing you did to survive but with asimov and some other authors books

How did you go about becoming a vegetarian? Was it gradual like beef, then poultry etc.. or all at once? I think I remember that you are not vegan but, what do think about veganism? Thank you for not eating meat.
well schizoid had been one for a few months and jcp decided that everything he was saying was making sense so she switched and then after telling me all sorts of this stuff about whats in the meat, what they feed the animals, etc i decided that it seemed like the right thing to do to... i started by cutting out beef... went to my doctor to ask about vitamins and things to be aware of so i didn't get sick... 2 months later i cut out chicken/turkey... 3 months later fish and seafood... i still have some eggs in products but not eggs directly... and i still have cheese ... i am unable to replace that at the moment but don't have the stuff with rennet in it... for those who go vegan i give them full credit.. it is very hard to do... it's difficult enough being a vegetarian and trying to get information out of resturants, labels and still try to avoid all those bigbusiness corporations

Is the old hindu woman who collects deposit bottles with a shopping cart from my neighborhood an agent of the old monk that gives me riddles and grins at me in my recurring dreams? I'm thinking this because sometimes he shows up sitting in a grocery cart that rolls along by itself.
yes she is but her assignment isn't related to you or your dreams so just keep giving her the bottles

How old were you when you first tripped on a) acid and b) shrooms? And please don't lie and say you've never tripped at all because nobody is going to believe that shit. Even if you "haven't" I would greatly appreciate it if you would "lie" and give us a number. Please and thank you, most illustrious sock monkey.
a)16 b)17

Do you support free psychadelics dispensers in the schools or do you think that rigorous testing is in order before kids should be allowed to participate, like an honors society? And why? (40 bonus points)
well only if it's psychadelics like shrooms that haven't been toyed with chemically cuz acid is bad shit for you... and i say we get that soma shit brave new world had

Can you tell, or concoct a predominate suspicion, that one person is asking a particular set of questions if they do not use a nickname? If so, what leads to your conclusion or suspicion?
well it depends... if things are spelt correctly (some people never get certain words correct), the level of vocabulary, if they seem to talk about a particular subject over and over... things like that

Jamie The Transvestite gave me a pill and a purple, plastic mushroom cap with orange spots grew on my head. I peeled it off and bit it because it was the kind of consistency, between wax candy and a pen cap that a person might be neurotically attracted to chew. This lasted about an hour or two, I'm not sure,-- time was all fucked up. What do think She gave me? (10 points)
i say she gave you some fun times and something to think about... do you have any left?

Read any Lovecraft or Crowely?
not that i remember but i've read a LOT of books... i do not recall reading any books by them

Why are George W. Bush's eyes so close together? And what the hell is with that idiotic smirk he always has on his face? - Waxter
robots are sometimes built defective

I really want to join your community by putting up a link to the insane domain on my web site, but there is one problem. I don't have a website, and don't know how to make one. What should I do? - Waxter
well there are a few ways... 1. buy macromedia dreamweaver and fireworks, take some classes... 2. find someone with a copy of dreamweaver and fireworks, find stuff online to teach you, teach yourself to use them... 3. steal frontpage from someone and slap something together... 2. cry until your mom makes you one... 1. pay me to make you one and train you how to update your site... and use our hosting company

Did you ever like music that you are now embarrassed to admit that you liked and, of course, what was it?
yes... i liked varga for awhile... some of madonnas earlier stuff... once i hit grade 8 i began to figure out what music i liked and still like most of them

They say that when a tree falls in a forest, and there is no one around to hear it, there is no sound. But, going on that same logic, that would mean that if there is no one to see the tree fall, it doesn't actually fall. So that just defeats the point of the phrase. So basically, the phrase is "if no trees fall in a forest, and no one is around to see or hear the nonevent of nothing falling, then nothing happens" What do you think of that? Isn't philosophy just stupid? - Waxter
well thinking is encouraged by sock monkeys but yea some of it is pretty stupid... and if there are no other species around to notice the existance of humans then in fact they were never there at all?

This rich, suburban business asshole pushed in front of me at the public market, exposing his sweaty, post work-out, wreaking, stinking armpit directly to my face as he yabbered loudly into his cell-phone with his other hand. I told him, loudly to his face, "You fucken stink!", and stormed off in disgust. What else might you have done?
jammed his cellphone into his mouth... wrapped his tshirt over his head hockey-style and shoved him into a display of koolaid so the packets would bust open and stick to his sweaty body... dying him different colors

If you pissed on your money would you still spend it?
yes.. money is dirty shit to begin with... imagine how many people have touched each bill... where they've had it...

How many jism particulates do you reckon travel about on the average dollar bill?
perhaps not a whole lot... i'd say that 'drugs' would be the most common thing found on them

What percent of all cash, world-wide, would you guess has been used, at least once, to pay a prostitute?
probably a lot more then most would be willing to admit

How many new mattresses per million do you think were actually screwed on by some factory or outlet worker before being purchased as new?
not as many as you'd like to think... but hey maybe you lucked out and got one of the 10 or so

Who deserves a slower, more painful death, Celine Dion or Britney Spears--and why, if you will?
britney because at least celine sings what she wants and isn't a complete puppet for someone else... and celine doesn't influence young kids to wear slutgear and fuck (fucking is fine but kids breed more kids)

Who deserves the slowest, most painful death of all time, and please describe it all in vivid detail?
well time doesn't stop so the potential for someone more deserving is always there... and i don't know everyone that's ever existed and everything they've done... and to pick just one? that'd be even harder... so many people deserve slow horrible deaths beyond describing...

Have you read "Everything You Know Is Wrong" from the good folks at Disinformation?
i think i've read some of it while hanging somewhere but no so send me a copy (and for those that haven't completed the thought yet... that snail mail address can obviously recieve mail so if you send me the book then use that address)

Have you seen the movie, "Koyanasquatsi"?
no i haven't.. i did see drawing flies last night and it had jason lee and jason mews in it... it was funny/weird

Eighteen primary, polyp coordinates converge at the time-rectum between this universe and the first five layers of Cat Space. After the vessel is released into the next dimension, and immediatley covered by "quantum sand" from the next, there is a warp, implying gravitational pull and thus a quintuppple dimensional body orbiting the portal. Do you think that Dr. Flabby The Tabby was correct in his hypothesis that these bodies are sentient and somehow "responsible" for fluxuations in the flow of interdimensional trade, or do you believe, as the maverick Dr. Mr. Whiskers, that the bodies once hosted life but, died out eons ago and only appear sentient because of the half-life of their radioactive egos?
well i've been studying the works of Dr. South-Paw Kittles and she's raised some intersting questions that neither of the theories you've mentioned have addressed... you should look into it

Out of adversity comes what?
balloons, tears and a novelty noise maker

Can you fix a garbage disposal with a spoon and a broken N'Sync cd or is that just an urban myth?
sure you can do anything you put your mind to (your mom told me to say that)

im so insulted that you grouped up all the questions and didnt answer any. i really wanted answers to some of them!! would you at least answer them now? -Bearded-
well it was just too fucking much at once... so resend maybe two a day and i'll answer them...

I noticed that you actually have a way to send you money on this site. A proper, real, legit way! I never realized that. Does anyone ever actually use it and send you money? - Waxter
no everyone hates us... only sending money when you want something from us...

And out of intrest, how often do people actually order snail mail? I'm trying to decide if I should or not. Help me decide - Waxter
we've had about 6 go out already... and yes you should... it will be fun... all the cool kids are doing it

why did a guy just steal my hairband, then click enter twice? Tell me he is an asshole and i'll tell him back.
he's an asshole but you needed to get rid of that hairband

DC i love you. other than sending you money what can i do to make you love me? and please don't tell me that there is nothing else i could do. some bitch
well you could send me presents... take me camping... read books to me... hurt my neighbors so i don't have to... clean the kitty litter... rub my back... and my tail of course

I'm trying my hand at alchemy. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to turn mushy brown bananas into gold. The instructions that came with the kit don't really cover this topic. Can you help?
no... the gold is MINE

do you by any chance know what OPOPANAX means? i've looked it up in all my frikken dictionaries, can;'t find it anywhere.-marissa
haha no i haven't looked it up yet either even though i've seen it used quite a lot now thanks to stephen king... he does it to make us learn things (the bastard)... i use this site to look up words

so dc, i'm gonna get the t shirt made if you remember what i'm talking about if i sebd you a pic, would you post it on site? marissa
yes i remember and yes i will.. you should make me one too and mail it to me

Don't you think it's anoying when you get new clothes and wear them for the first time and people say " OH are they new clothes " even thought they know for a fact that they are?, and the same thing goes when you get a hair cut or something like that - dane
congrats on asking a real question dane... your parents must be so proud... and people for some reason like it when people mention their new shit so they do it to others ONLY so other people say it to them... my friends have learnt that if i notice the new haircut or clothing then it doesn't look good... i don't notice shit like new clothes and haircuts...

Do I ask too many questions? Did you know that the word CUNT means Cant Understand Normal Thinking? That said, am I a cunt? LubisKo
yes and well that depends on what you mean by normal

It's true, isn't it? The dolphins really are after me. Ever since I went to Sea World when I was 5 and was bitten at the "pat the dolphin" stand, they have all been after me. What should I do? Feed them puffer fish? Or should I just prevent them leaving the planet shortly before it is destroyed by the Vogons, thereby changing the future so succinctly outlined in the bible of insanity? - Fish
there is nothing you can do but avoid them... never go to sea world again and encorage others not to

Do you prefer to have the toilet paper going over or under the roll? I always have to have it going over and I get really pissed off if it goes under. - Waxter
over the roll... under lets it drag against the wall if it gets unrolled

I know you live in Canada, but can you guess what country I live in? And what countries outside of Canada have you been to? - Waxter
the uk i'm guessing... and i've only been to the state of florida in the US... i've stayed pretty much in ontario

Whats with all these dumb "romantic comedies"? They are all exactly the same! Girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, but boy doesnt fall in love with girl so girl works hard and boy eventually falls in love with girl (you can reverse the sexes if you want a slightly varied plot).
i don't know but it SUCKS... and then people wonder why kids are getting dumber...

I just read your warning to Dane and Bearded. I couldn't help but chuckle. Do you want me to bitch slap them a few times for you? McDiablo
yes please

I went to the Vans Warped Tour yesterday. There were many bands there and what not and lots to why did some people chose to go there and sleep? McDiablo
well sometimes a lot of drugs and alcohol makes you tired... so you rest during the day and then party all night

Got a cure for a sunburn? McDiablo
when i got burnt once jcp brought me some green aloe goop and that worked well

I'm sun burnt on my face...know any ways to stop the redness?-Feckur
peel off that skin... put aloe goop on it

Ice Cream or Sherbet?-Feckur
vanilla ice cream if you've got it... if not then sherbert

Who is dane, and why the heck does he keep asking so many questions? - R
sometimes people get out of control and need to be reminded that i'm not a damn machine who has a lifetime to answer hundreds of damned questions... but so far he's smartened up so no fatal beatings are needed

My mom for some reason laughs when I tell her that I want to have a tea party! If I am ninteen and want to have a tea party (a real one) would that be alright with you?
yes it would be alright with me and your mom is just jealous she didn't think of it

I am going to University in the fall, and I am going to live on campus, what would you suggest, are some absolute essentials that I must bring with me? - R
toilet paper... clean sheets... quarters... soap... something scary to scare away the morons... something cool to peak the intrest of other cool people so they talk to you... puppets... your pillow... some tinfoil... lots of lighters cuz you'll never find one when you need it... jcp wants to put together an insanity pack for school in the fall... you'll need one of those too haha

My sister giggles everytime she engages in conversation with males, is there a cure for such diseases? - R
well if she's still a teenager (or not yet one) then there is no hope for a number of years until her brain starts working again

My friend was so psyched about Warped Tour, now that the day has past, is there life for her afterwards? - R
no so she'll have to fake it like the rest of us

i see you. i look straight into your unwavering gaze and am immediately thrown into this dark abyss. torid waters throw me and threaten my life but you save me with your words. you speak and i am brought to the surface. all is calm now. what do you say?
i say 'where's my coffee?'

Is the myth about dopplegangers true? The myth says that if two dopplegangers (people who look, act etc exactly the same) ever meet, it will be the end of the world. Is it true? - Waxter
i don't think its true

How do you know the answers to all these questions? - Waxter
well i'm very smart... and due to the voices in my head.. have many thoughts on many things so one of the voices can always provide me with an answer even if i can't think of one

Who names the ingreadiants in those products from chemists? I mean, they can't be real! Diaclozine? Trimoxidlilyhydropinnnnnnq? Gillio-plorine? What the hell is that? They say, "Now with extra Beta-hydroxy!" They could say anything, and it would make no difference, no one knows what it means! It must be made up! So who actually makes up these outlandish names? - Waxter
they make the name depending on its chemical make up but then again i could be wrong cuz humans are dumb... so they name it and we just eat it like it's all ok.. for fucks sake they can even slap a nice name on it and advertise it on tv now like it's candy

Why do people always ask me for ID? It's like they are relying on me to prove to them that it's me. Cant they just look and see that it's me? And besides, if they really want proof, shouldn't there be some third party involved? For all they know, I could be lying and I'm not actually me. There's some food for thought. - Waxter
id is a bit strange because it all always be faked but hey humans haven't figured out something yet and we should be glad cuz they'd tag everyone like animals and probably fuck it all up if they did it now

Who the hell is that Yankee Doodle guy? I mean, why is he going to town on a pony, why does he bother to stop and pick up a feather, and WHY THE F@#$ DOES HE CALL IT MACARONI?!?!? Who the hell calles a feather "macaroni" for christ sake?!? - Waxter
i'm sure there is a reason behind all this but let's face it... the writer was probably drunk and thought they were pretty witty coming up with all that shit

Dang it! Why wasn't there a booth? Why Why Why???? McDiablo
i blame the half of the glass that's empty and that book with the red cover

Does everyone own that shirt? McDiablo
yes... everyone

Can I still bitch slap Dane and Bearded? Wanna help?? McDiablo
yes and i'll help bitch slap anyone cuz i'm just that kind of sock monkey

Why doesn't my dad wear his glasses? Vista
he doesn't think he looks sexy when he has them on

Gonzo is still mad at me. What did I do? Vista
pull his nose and then slap him

Have you ever watched the Anne of Green Gables films? Vista
i was forced to watch one of them in school

I'm scared to ask four questions in fear that you will shut down this section. What is an appropriate amount of questions to ask? Vista
3 or 5... as long as there is some thought put into them

I keep forgetting to come back here and ask questions.. is it cuz i'm too busy drinking slurpees? should i seek some professional help? - MIss Roger's Sweater
no i think you should just balance it out a bit more.. or perhaps combine the two together... drink slurpees while you read this site and ask a few questions

at warped tour i met Narduwar.. and got his autograph, how cool is that? - Miss Roger's Sweater
well it's cooler then going to meet mike patton and instead falling into a closet where you get your underwear caught on a hanger and it yanks your underwear up your ass so you cry and end up not meeting him

I broke my g-string on my guitar you think that's funny? - Miss Roger's Sweater

Do you like Deadsy?aren't they cool?I love Elijah ^_^~SG*
i don't know any of their stuff

my mom downloads more mp3s than i do, is this wrong? - Miss Roger's Sweater
not if your mom is downloading the same songs over and over...

i'm watching a documentary about mascots for companys like the koolaid guy, jack from jack in the box etc.. should i get a life? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes... but then again you have the whole slurpee thing going on so i think you're ok

so dc what is it like to be dc i mean i am not you so i would like to know what makes you tick once so what is it like to be DEMON CHILD !!!!! - butthead
it is kinda fun... kinda strange... and yea

Way to go DC! Those people that asked 20 or so questions each time were getting annoying... I love you... Do you want rampant sex with me? I will stroke your tail until your orgasms will create such a well of good karma, that several million people in New York City spontaneously combust... - Fido Dido
sure thing... and i wasn't aware there were several million people in new york... can we go somewhere less populated? those humans annoy me

Do you love me, DC? - Fido Dido
of course... you offered to stroke my tail

What happens when you touch together the blue wire and the red wire? Fartmonkey
well that all depends.. usually it just makes a cool spark... but sometimes it stops the timer

Tell me this: When you go crazy, they put you in a straightjacket so you can't strangle people or stab yourself, right? So why don't I put bentjackets on the market so sane people will be forced into them by insane people so they will go crazy and be forced to stab themselves, etc.? Fartmonkey
good idea... send me one to strap to my family members

My dog keeps licking his arms, is this normal? Fartmonkey

Is there a world record for most number of swear words in one sentence? If you know, who holds it? Fartmonkey
i don't know i doubt it but then again fox probably has some damned show on it

What do you to do people who taunt you? Fartmonkey
depends on the moment and what is within my reach

And my last question, which is an actual meaningful question: Is there an actual number of questions that you have in mind before you become angry? Referring to the warning for dane, bearded, etc. for asking too much? FartMonkey
3 to 5...

okay fine... since you have to cope with so much, i sympathize and will make life just a little easier for you. does that make you happy? -Bearded-
sure... it saves me the time of deleting them

i know this is corny, but just gimme a straight you believe in soulmates? and if you did, how would you know he/she is yours? -Bearded-
i think that that sort of connection can exist and that you would just feel a connection... unless of course they send you a memo informing you of your soulmate status

Last time I asked you about what I should bring to University with me in the fall, and you suggested an "insanity pack." Now my question is, what would one find in an "insanity pack" ?
you would find it here and buy it from us... send us money and we'll put together a pack for you

If I am legallly blind and have no way of getting out of my house, and I am so gee golly darn bored of T.V. and books what should I do?
i say you leave the house and find that stupid dog that barks all the time and throw things at it (well ok where you think it is cuz you're blind)

What happens if I consume an entire bottle of cough syrup at once? FartMonkey
well if it's one of those big coidine filled ones then you kinda float around for awhile... maybe pass out and generally have a good time for awhile... and other times you puke your guts out cuz it's too much

DC, who is your celebrity crush? Vista
kermit the frog

Is there anyone you'd like to middle finger right now? Vista
yes... and they know who they are

There is a red scrunchie on the floor. Should I pick it up and fling it at someone or just leave it there? Vista
pick it up and fling it

***IMPORTANT QUESTION HAVING TO DO WITH SENDING YOU GIFTS AND MONEY****I tried to send you five American dollars-cash- in the snail mail disuised as an exquisite handmade invitation to an Asian wedding. It came back stamped "return to sender with "no such company" handwritten on it. I am glad to say that the cash was still inside but, when I checked the address back to where you tell us to, I had addressed it correctly. I do not have a credit card for paypal. I was even considering sending you that Disinformation book. What am I going to do now?
it should have worked since we've gotten others... perhaps the postal person wasn't trained yet... or maybe they were so pissed off that they didn't get invited to the wedding that they did that to spite us all... try putting c/o iHostTechnologies under since we rent it from them...

Laugh My Ass Off @ you DC, why don't you want us to ask lots of questions?, on the title page it says go ask questions untill your k-board breaks - dane
well i've changed that... i demand questions with thought now cuz you freaks think i have nothing better to do then answer hundreds of stupid questions

Were you a fan of New Kids On The Block? I wasn't concious enough in that era to have musical tastes...-Atlas
<sarcasm> yes i loved them all and i still scream when i hear their songs </sarcasm>

OK DC I promise I will not ask ten thousand questions every page, does that please you? - dane
it would please me more if you sent me money... or maybe some broken stuff

I am currently making a web site would you like to see it when im finished? Im not asking if i can post it here cause i know i cant im just asking do you want to see it - dane

Hey DC a qeestion about making web sites what is the the html for this kind of box i am filling out now cause I cant find it anywhere not a message board or anything, how does this work?, does it get sent to your email when we ask a question? - dane
no it doesn't... it used to be that way but it got stupid having 20 to 50 emails a day

DC I will not ask anymore questions untill you update the next new questions part so i think I have only asked about 6 or so, are you proud of me?, i know i asked that once before and you said i didnt do anything for you to be proud of but now you do i am not going to ask a lot of questions so are you proud of me DC? - dane
i don't think proud is the word... not pissed off applies... so that's a step up and you can be proud of that

Heheheheheh, Ancient Egyptian people had such funny names. There was Sheshonq (pronounced SHEE-shonk), and Amenemonet. There was even Neberkeperkepernewarakaouriamun. Do you think that I should rename my pet rock Einstein (I called him that because he beat me in an argument) one of these names? - Fish
absolutely.. fish love egyptian names

Did you know that the barnacle (an aquatic shellfish-like animal that anchors itself to rocks and doesn't come off) has the biggest penis length to body size ratio of any organism on the planet? A barnacle's penis may be up to 8 cm long - up to 4 times the length of it's body! On the subject, did you know that the word "dork" means a whale's penis, and a "twit" is a pregnant goldfish? So many useless facts. - Fish
yes.. very useless

What's brown and sticky? answer: a stick! You like? - Fish
no that was horrible

Sorry DC, you got it wrong. I'm not from the UK. Wanna guess again? - Waxter
no i'm not really interested in playing.. so either tell us and ask a question with it or keep it a secret forever

What does purple taste like? ~P.N.

Have you seen or read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?
yes i own the dvd but haven't read the book

Can sock monkeys get sunburns?
some of them yes

How's your mother?

If theinsanedomain was Fantasy Island would you say that JCP is to Mr. Roarke as you would be to Tattoo? In other words, are you having sex with JCP?
i'm glad you put it into other words cuz i had no idea what the hell you were talking about cuz i haven't read/seen fantasy island... and no

Do you speak any languages other than English?
i took french up to grade 11 but don't remember most of it

Who would you have play your part in a movie about your life? Who would you have direct and write or would you do it yourself? Who would you cast as other major characters from your life?
no idea maybe some freak... i would direct and write it... i would cast my friends as major characters.. JCP, poptart, red... all of them

If you could leave this world and live in the world of a particular book or movie, where would you go?
probably isaac asimovs foundation world

Do you think that the voices in your head might just be feedback from other people talking to themselves, sort of like picking up bits of other people's conversations on a cordless phone?
it could be but i think they'd tell me if they were

my teacher gave me these sunflower seeds when i left school, and i forgot about them for a month or so until my mom took them and planted them next to our water tank in front of a white wall. anyway, only one plant grew, it grew to about 5 feet tall and huge sunflowers started blooming, these big, unbelievably beautiful sunflowers surrounded by an old rusty tank, a white wall and a drain, with no other plants by it. they look so out of place there, they should be in a huge field of sunflowers, in a place Faraway, a place not like here. and almost evrytime i look at these sunflowers, i think of this place where i would love to be, where the air is fresh and clean, and there is no pollution. anyway, my question is, do you have anything,is there anything in your life that reminds you of that place, that world, when you look at it?-marissa
nothing in particular... so i just visit it in my head and dreams

why did my tail fall off?
it wasn't really a tail

oh sage, do you read edgar allen poe? what is your favorite story of his? i like The Raven and The Tell Tale Heart. but then again, who doesn't.-marissa.
i like the raven as well

Is it possible to get a cramp in the finger?Arm?And/or any other strange places such as places other than legs?-Skittles
yes.. i think you can get cramps anywhere there is muscle

the rain feels so good on my skin. sliding down my face, my arms, my back; so fluid, so natural. thinking it's just a dream i close my eyes... only to then be hit by a passing mac truck. do you ever take moments like these?
yes... and damn getting hit by that truck really smarts

there are boys in the girls bathroom..explain the insanity of this?
the signs are merely to suggest a door... you are free to choose

are you the monkey god?if not, do you know were i could find him?my monkey suboobe has lost faith
i'll be your god...

If there were a fag on your back would you beat 'em off?...gopostal
there are a few definitions of fag so i'll just say that i don't like having anything on my back

Whats the best way to kill yourself? - Fido Dido
it depends

Do you love me? If I... Wait, what was the question? - Fido Dido
i could say i loved you but only to make you keep rubbing my tail

You say your ideal question limit is 3-5 questions...if I were to ask six would you delete one, or take time out of your busy schedule to track me down and rip out my lungs and play them like a bagpipe?FartMonkey
no i wouldn't... basically i want questions that have some thought into them... or require thought to answer them... if they are truly pointless then i'll delete them

I keep getting advertisements for weight loss in my email. I am an underweight teenager, thus these ads are severely unnecessary. What should I do? I can't just ignore them because they clog up my mailbox, and there's no way to unsubscribe! FartMonkey
filter them out using keywords.. figure out what mail server they're using and let them know you're being spammed... block the sender...

How much is an insanity pack, and where do I send the money too? - R
well at least 10 bucks... if you send more we'll make it a bigger one... we'll be posting a pic of some of the insane stuff we'll be sending out online soon

What is your opinion on the Boy Scout leader in the U.S. who was dared to dress up as a Girl Scout and sell cookies door to door?
as long as he didn't lick the cookies or going door to door naked then i don't care

Have you ever seen the daytime soap Passions? Most of my friends feel that it is tragically pathetic, but I feel that it is rather a profound satire of the over dramatic soap opera. I mean wouldn't you enjoy the antics of that delightul little doll turned boy Timmy and his Princess Tabatha entertaining? Could you not appreicate that good Charity is in a block of ice and that the evil one is trying to siduce Miguel into sleeping with her so he will go too hell?
i don't watch soaps... i don't watch reality shows... i dislike them

Considering that D.C. and Ed the sock are so witty and intellegent (of course D.C. is much the more wiser) do they chill together in their spare time?
sometimes yes

Does Shakespeare float your boat, ring your bell, sing your song, read your book, brush your teeth, tie your shoes, melt your butter, tick you tock, or bake your cake?
no to all

I have this odd addiction to the supply store STAPLES. Often I have been known too frolic the iles prancing and dreaming that one day I could own every pen/pencil/heighlighter/whiteout/post-it/indexcard/eraser/ruler/paper/notebook/binder/felt/pencilcrayon/whiteboard/tab/dictionary/thesuarse known too human kind. I consider this quite healthy, but I just don't know how too reach such a goal, what should my first step be? - R
i say buy me lots of cool pens so i can draw with them... then reward yourself with paper

Could you do me a favor? Could you give me $5,000 (dude in Canadian) so I could afford to go too University? - please?
how about you give me 10000 and then i'll give you 5000 out of it and we can both go

Where did clowns come from?
eggs... polka dotted eggs from outer space

How much cocaine do you think went into the inspiration behind the invention of spandex?
a whole lot..

Do you have any sleep disorders?
at the moment? yes but i don't know what it is and the closest i've found is vivid dreaming

Any run-ins with the scientologists lately?
hell no...

What's the nastiest thing you've ever received in the mail?
if i told you... you'd cry

my lungs hurt tonight, should i use my asthma inhaler or enjoy the pain? - Miss Roger's Sweater
enjoy the pain until it's not fun anymore and then use the inhaler

do you know where all the green slurpee straws go? there will be some for a week and then for the next month or two it is lame colours like blue, purple, pink, yellow.. - Miss Roger's Sweater
they aren't so special if they're there every day...

What is your medication schedule?
one pill a day

today was "operation t-shirt" maybe you can answer the question that i wrote on my shirt.. "Where did i park?" - Miss Roger's Sweater
you didn't.. you don't have a car remember?

can breathing in fabric paint cause lung pain 6 hours later? - Miss Roger's Sweater
perhaps... all i can tell you for sure is that my dishes are still dirty and they hate me so won't do themselves

Can you recommend a good religion? How about a hotel?
none at all, and that one i stayed at that one time with that guy and girl but that's a whole different story

Have you ever listened to Art Bell?
no i haven't and haven't heard of them

Why aren't you having sex with JCP?
she prefers beating me with a stick

Can cats tell time?

Are you just a character invented by JCP?
only on tuesdays

Did you know that there is a glitch in the bible? In the Noah's Ark story, God commands that 2 of every type of animal be brought onboard the ark to prevent them from extinction. No mention is made of fish!!! Therefore, when the flood came, it would either be salt or fresh water. If it was salt water then all the fresh water fish would die, and vice versa!!! The bible is advocating genocide!!! bastards!! Is it all a conspiracy to destroy me and my friends? If so what should I do? - Fish
well the whole thing is a glitch so i say you find a new book to believe in... like hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

if winners never quit and quitters never win, does that make people who never quit and never win idiots? - Fish
it makes the whole thing futile cuz if you do then so what and if you don't then so what... either way you die and are forgotten

Can you make your butt clap to the beat?
just my tail

why is there air?
because there are lungs

This ad on TV said the movie 'K-19: The Widowmaker' will not let your eyes leave the screen. What happens when the movie is over? Will your eyes still be glued to the credits?? McDiablo
yes and then they will force commercial after commerial upon your poor eyes until you die

Whoa...that was weird. Is your website possessed? McDiablo
yes it is actually... it's been around since 1996 so there are always a few dark corners and forgotten links out there... it's hard to catch them all...

Do I HAVE to take my sister and brother to the dentist? McDiablo
yes... NOW

Why make trillions when we can make...billions? Dr. Evil
exactly... and since i'm your favorite sock monkey relative... i say you give me some

Why does that guy keep on winking at me? Vista
he likes you... and wants your socks...

Should I meet a supposed rapist at the show? Vista
i would have to say no.... unless the claims of them being a rapist is false cuz maybe they were accused by some fuck up who just felt like being horrid to them

Why dont' you ever call? Vista
i broke my phone

which ocean would i be able to find bearded clams in? do they taste good? what do they look like? what do they smell like? and how?
i'm not sure... and i don't eat clams or dance in circles with them until they die

what would you do if your son was home crying all alone on the bedroom floor cause he's hungry and the only way to feed him is to sleep with a man for a little bit of money and his daddy's gone somewhere smokin' rock now in and out of lockdown, i ain't got a job now... so for you this is just a good time... but for me this is what i call life?????????????? :(
i'd have to say i would go get help... and then return to this site to amuse yourself

When are you going to stop answering these pathetic questions and shut the hell up?
in a bit... but maybe i'm lying

Do you like to play stink finger? If so, why?...gopostal
uh no

Why did YOU cross the road ? Why ?... gopostal
i had to go get some ice cream

Keep this in mind while reading my IMPORTANTquestion ! Lollypops are cheeper while icecream is more enticing. In the ever changing world of child molestation should I update to ice cream cones or stick to the good 'ol lollypop?...gopostal
i say join us ice cream people and let the sheep suck on sticks

Can you fly?
yes but i'm not taking you anywhere

Have you practiced your escape route?
of course... every week

Do you have to wear business-people, grown-up clothes to your job? Would you call it a suit, uniform or costume?
no i don't i dress normally.. i just have to make sure i don't wear any shirts with 'offensive' material on them

What do you care about?
words, my brain... people sending me free money and free gifts

I have a tendency to assume that people who work on their tans and actually talk about it out loud are fucken idiots. Am I being too harsh?
perhaps but then again i think the same way... who the hell cares

why does EVERYBODY follow those yellow lines on the road?even when there are no other cars coming?weird
those yellow lines know things... KNOW THINGS.... don't cross them

My friends keep giving me damn signs (like for sale signs and those blinky things that are at construction sites). Should I put an electric fence around my yard so they are unable to come in? McDiablo
yes you should... NOW

Want a Cherry Blaster? Damn, these cherry blasters are sure you want one? McDiablo
no i don't like cherry flavored things

What does DC stand for? Haha, just kidding--I know what it means. Did I make you shake your head in disgust? McDiablo
it made me raise my eyebrow in annoyance

If I have a picture of someone who looks like a monkey butt, can I get a dino head? R

DC, what is the html for this Q&A thing Im not going to steal you Q&A thing i just want to know so i can do it for sendinf emails on ym site and fuck it i dont know how , so could you be as kind to show me how to do it pretty please? - dane
there are lots of places online to find many ways of doing what you want... or try a newsgroup... go to the website of the company that makes your html editor and look for 'how tos'

why do they call the president the leader of the free world when he is only the leadrer of america? by the way with out hawaii and alaska is smaller then australia, ha ha - dane
people suck so they lie... and yea there are a few countries bigger then them

ok ok those are the onlt two questions im gonna ask for this Q&A so are you proud of me now? - dane
yes... if a had a dane biscuit i'd give you one

Why are there so many fucking people out there determined to piss me off to the piont of me killing them? LubisKo
it's what humans do best

When I used to ask loads of questions it was funny, right? Oh, and I told you that All About was working again, yes? Am I really a deluded asshole? - Mzebonga
you usually put some sort of thought into them... perhaps you did... and yes... but most of us are

do you like nachos?*hands you some nachos* ~SG*
yes with cheese

Hey DC i haven't been on for awhile because my internet decided it hated me and went 'kaplooey!'. anyway it's fixed now and I just want to ask you, did you miss me? and, what's new in your life? any sexual encounters? - SiNiSTaR
of course... new job... yes but nothing i'm allowed to disclose

what can i do about my insane jealousy of other people when they get good question awards/good answer awards and i don't? I can't stand it!! >:[ - SiNiSTaR
i say you stay up for a few days and come up with a question that gets two good quesiton awards... oh oh... try to contain it....

my orthodontist looked at my x-ray and told me i have the biggest sinuses he's ever seen. do you think that this was a pick up line and he wants to father my bastard children or am i just a freak with huge ass sinuses?-marissa
i say that he was trying to hit on you and instead of poking around in your mouth with the metal pick he was dreaming that the pick was actually his dick... so i say keep your mouth shut and never see him again

why doesnt anybody get awards anymore?? i vote this for the monkey butt award!
someone just got one

does McDiablo think he's really as funny as he thinks he is? -Bearded-
probably but i thought mcdiablo was a gecko with no determined gender

Why don't you just answer the fucking question? - Mzebonga
i did twice but then again i could be lying

Are the letters x and z really necessary? FartMonkey

Whatever happened to Sk8erGecko and his quest to get a good answer award, Do you remember him, and will he be missed?-Sk8erGecko
i don't recall that name i think you've made it up to try to make yourself feel more alive

What are your favorite bands DC? Mine are The Offspring, Rancid, NoFx, The Vandals, Guttermouth, The Casualties, Green Day, Sublime, System of The Down, Kottonmouth Kings, and Podunk Arkansas. What do you think about that? oh yah and do you play a instrument, I play the guitar oh yah and ide really like to see you answer this one so if you must deleat one of my Q's plz don't answer the were was I one unless you really have a witty answer well good to be back L8ers...-Sk8erGecko
mr bungle, fantomas, pwei, tea party, bowie, misery loves company... no but i'd like to play drums... and i have no idea what you're talking about

hi im rick single male 29 soledad ca usa new to the computer world want to know where i can go on here to fine women that like to have sex with email address or something. thanks.if you dont know thas cool i thank you anyways

How is cheese made?-Skittles
they mush up cows and add orange coloring

It's happening again, I was pressured to pop large amounts of Benadryl and all I have left are these horribly intense hillucinations and psychotic episodes - and that god damn 2x4 but nevermind him. What do you suggest I do about this cannibus grabbing at my ankles? -Lodi
put on red socks... they HATE that and will run away screaming

What the hell? Now I'm just confuzzled... - Fido Dido
well that's just too bad

I know people who frequently go on this site and get annoyed that you don't update often. What should I tell these people? McDiablo
well tell them that i'm gonna try answering them starting tuesday... i'll be away camping until then!!!

Sorry about the German in the last you have a desire to learn another language (besides french)? McDiablo
i deleted it and yes i'd like to know every language

hi DC! im DC(DemoniCat) did you know today is my 3 month anniversary with my boyfriend? i want to celebrate it with him, but he is in Greece right now on vacation. he has been there a week now, and he has one more week to go until he come back. anyway, yesterday was the worst day of my life, i got physically abused by my father in the morning, and then i was bleeding all over the place, and im still bleeding, but now i have things controlling the blood flow, and this morning my father tried to hurt me again, and so i ran up to my mommys work to get away from him and he chased me. i was wondering if there was anything i could say to him to make him stop hurting me like this, because i am a fragile person, and i cant deal with it all. can you give me any advice on this? and just for the record... im not joking about of this, it actually happened. u_u ~DC
well i'd say get some help from local authorities and when you're done getting a restraining order then come back to this site and let the insanity flow through you

I've been sick thats why I havent been here in a while. Did you miss me? Sally
yes i had wondered where you had gone

Will you call me please? All I have been doing for weeks is sit in the back room with the girls and play Canasta. My number is 9-1-1. FartMonkey
sure i'll call you every hour and hang up

What the hell is the deal with bacon??
i don't know but it sure looks sick

It occurred to me recently that we, as humans, lie almost every minute of our lives. It seems to be habitual. Even without realizing it, we will lie. I'm not talking about big lies like saying you didn't cheat on your girlfriend when you did, I'm talking about small lies. "The fish was 2 feet long" when it was actually 1 foot. "I'm eating dinner right now, I can't talk to you" when in fact you are playing Nintendo and just don't want to talk. We lie about the smallest, most trivial things and then say that we have never lied in our lives. What is it about humans that makes us like this, and makes most of us unable to see that we are? And what can we do about it? - Waxter
can't talk right now... i'm playing nintendo... and you humans can only kill yourselves and each other to stop the lying... although if you take out politicans and religious people you'd get rid of the biggest liars ever

Why does a dog hate when you blow in its face but it'll still its head out the window while in a car?
your stank breath compared to the air outside... hmmmmmmm

I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me? - Fido Dido
you lie... waxter is sick of it

I noticed you haven't updated in awhile. Is that because you were too busy gawking at the Pope and his swell Popemobile? R
no it was because i got busy and wasn't able to update

I'm back! Where did I go? R Dire
you went to that place where they have those white houses

anymoment... wow... Amazing... is that what it's like to be insane? - Fido Dido
well every persons insane is different... that's just one part of insane... glad you liked it

Garbage used to be a cool band back in '95 whatever happened to them?
i'm not sure but something went horribly wrong

What the hell kind of name is Telemachus? Like, if you had a kid and it was a boy, would the first thing you say is, "His name is Telemachus!"? McDiablo
well it sure beats having a name like akroqrkaaowiaskowoo...

I've been asking questions here for awhile now. Do you think I've been asking better ones, or do they get lamer and lamer as time goes on? McDiablo
i don't recall any really lame questions from you... so carry on as usual and i'll give you a red lollipop

What advice would you give to someone (namely me) who is beginning to embrace their dark side? McDiablo
i'd say to enjoy your time together

Do you want to meet my alter ego? McDiablo
sure why not

Wut'n'da'ell'doo'ya'thenk'ur'up'2?Kan ya speek'n American? - Betty Lu-eez
ok that was annoying

Don't you find those Mr Men and Little Miss books awfully delightful - R
gee golly whiz they make me smile so send me some

Everwhere I turn there they are! I eat sleep and breath them! Why? Why? Why? - madam cleo
the ants love you... you are their leader... they want to bring you food... you will like the food...

Isn't my brain annoying?*pokes brain with a stick**drools*~SG*
yes it is... can i poke at it too?

why when i wax my car does it always rain????? mother nature is a evil meanie. i want to cut her.
how about you keep your car in a garage after you've waxed it?

there are people out there who like to steal tails so be very careful! the rare sock monkey tail is worth 200 in the black market. they will cut it off and rape your ass with it. and haveing things shoved up your ass is bad unless you are a gay sock monkey. oh....the question is you know where i could get a pulsating pussy for my sock monkey?
i'm not sure... but if you find one for yours then maybe you can get one for uh... herbert... yea for herbert

if insanity runs rampent do you? if so where do you run?
just run... run... run.. run... run.. run... run.. run... run.. run... run..

C'MON DC!!!!! you don't remember the ALMIGHTY SK8 GECKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heads are gonna roll! do you feel you've lived a full life DC? cause i feel like monkey kabobs tonight...-Sk8erGecko (**®µ£ė§ Ą££**)
not a full life yet... i need a few more days

the red one or the blue one? or the blackone and the purple one? but what aboutthe grey and tn one? all these pills are cofusing wich one was speed again? beter just take em all wht o you think?-Sk8ergecko
i say take two of each

"So how goes it?"(Heroin Bob-SLC PUNK) have you seen this movie?-Sk8erGecko

?eivom siht nees uoy evah (KNUP CLS-boB nioreH)"?ti seog woh oS"-okceGre8kS
you're not impressing anyone with your fancy backwards typing

Yes, but in the Grand Scheme Of Things™ (©God, 0 AD. God is a ™ of Religion Inc.), waxter doesn't matter the slightist, so we can ignore him. Besides, I love you more than he does, and I give you better orgasms when I stroke your tail like this... <strokes DC's tail> So, who do you prefer? - Fido Dido
can't talk... having tail stroked...

Why? Why do you decieve us so? Why the cryptic "I could be lying"? Why do you torment us so? Why do you give us hell when all we want is answers? Why? Why DC? Why are you being a bastard? Why don't you just answer the fucking question? - Mzebonga (PS: That really is one question, I mean, I didn't want to spam you shitless, I just wanted to be melodramatic. Is that okay? Oops, shit another question! Stinky Monkey Butt for me.)
you did a great job at being melodramatic... or am i just lying to taunt you again?

i hate mothers that push their strollers around the mall.why do they do that? there is like 3 of them blocking the whole isle. i fucking hate that!do they have mind vibes that tell other mothers to walk in front of me?
i say avoid the mall and just growl at the mothers if they follow you home

What news of the Cats invasion plans...? - Fido Dido
well they're having a small argument about the installion of mirrors so they can view themselves

Eh, gross, what is that? It's eating you, I thought you should know...? Dc? Dude?
no that's my eyebrow piercing

I hate rhyming. I hate rhyming because I think it is dumb. Do you hate rhyming?
sometimes... other times it's unavoidable

Will I die if I sleep in a haunted house?
not unless you run around screaming

Why can't I fly even after learning the words to "I Believe I Can Fly"?
the song does not make you fly... it makes you suck

If I go in some kind of nightclub where some guy is playing a guitar, and I go grab it away from him and crack it in half over his head, will he be angry?
perhaps... but if he's insane he'll thank you

What kind of music built this city?
i'd like to reach through the monitor and bitch slap you right now

What if I were to row row row my boat down the stream hard, as opposed to gently? And what if I go angrily angrily angrily angrily, life is all a hallucenogenic substance-induced vision?
you're going to stroke your paddle hard until you pass out?

Yeah, um, remember when I told you about the werewolves? Uh, it;s happening again, I would appreciate your help
distract them with some ugly sofas and hide

Would you be angry if I told everybody your name was Piggy Wiggy?
no because they know you're a liar

WHy do the big kids all laff at me
its the belts you wear...

Don't you hate that commercial where the guy says the stuff about the things?
yes... especially when he says that stuff about that other thing

I think i'm in love with you dc, but it might just be denial from my boyfriend breaking up with me. do i have a right to be sad?
yes and a right to send me gifts so you feel better

with all these little girls getting kidnapped and raped i have like these moments of pure rage. i want to hurt the people they are such fucking moron assholes, have you ever felt this way?
yes... i get that way almost daily now... towards all sorts of different rejects

DC, do you ever hear voices in your head? If so, do you recall the first time it occured? Just recently was the first time I heard a voice not of my own in my head, it was very shocking, I thought I had enough problems, but then it occured. --InsaneLane
of course i do... many voices actually... and i don't remember a time i didn't have them... they are fun and provide you with insight and information you otherwise wouldn't know

Will Florida one day decide to seperaste itself physically from NORTH AMERICA and then kick the US in the ass? --InsaneLane
well i thought so too until i intercepted a message from florida to another insane state (i can't tell you) and they are actually plotting to collect up all the oranges they have grown and throw them at a certain large state they do not really like that much

Yes, officer, yes officer, yes, officer--where is the salad? Vista
well basically i'm pretending it never happened... it takes a lot of work but hey i need a hobby

Should I just hold my breath when people around me are smoking pot, or is there anything else I can do to avoid inhaling it? Vista
well you could sit by a window (if it's open) or go stand outside for a bit... if it is in your own place then they can do it elsewhere

Why do people go "oooooh aaaaah" when they watch fireworks? Vista
they are stupid and easily impressed by bright lights

DC i am kind of sick of your page i use to love it but now that i found out that you are a poop head cause poor little baby doesnt want to answe all our questions. If you dont want to answer a million question close the fucking page down you stupid dumb fucking jerkoff, we should be able to ask as many questions as we want to god fucking dam it, I hate you and I hope you die a painfull death you mother fucking stupid god dam ass whore - dane
you even forgot to make it a question... but you fail to grasp the thought that a) this is INSANE question and answers and b) i am insane so don't have to answer what i don't want to

I was drawing a really good picture of Trowa Barton from Gundam Wing*sniff sniff*....It took me hours.....When the power went out!What should I do?-Skittles
you should learn to save your work more often

Will you knock three times on the ceiling if you want me? McDiablo
i knocked all night... where were you?

Who is this liquid man they speak of ? McDiablo
well they weren't supposed to tell anyone but the liquid man has escaped and is believed to be somewhere in the oceans plotting revenge on us all... then he will be free to wipe out mud man

Should I take a walk through Victory Square by myself amongst the drug dealers? Or should I buy an ice cream cone? McDiablo
i say get the ice cream and buy me one while you're at it

What do you do with the cheap novelty glow ropes and flashy swords the day after? - R
if you're not too fond of the taste then shove it all in the microwave for a few minutes and throw the resulting mess at someone

I have the urge to burn something. Should I go to Miss Roger's Sweaters' aunt's house and burn some papers? Or should I just sit here and count all the apostrophes I used in the last sentence? McDiablo
i say you go burn some of miss rogers sweaters aunts house, burn some papers and discuss amongst yourselves why i used no apostrophes at all

Which one of these aromas do you find most entertaining for your sense of smell and why? B.O? or, Pot Smoke? - R
i would have to say pot smoke as many people do not have an appealing body odor

Ok I love slurpee'z, but the most dreadful thing has happend to me lately, I have found a new addiction... pancakes.......... what the heck do I do? - R
you dip them into maple syrup, eat them and then wash it down with a slurpee

are u male or female...according to human standards
according to human standards sock monkeys can't think, much less answer questions on a website... so i don't compare myself to such silly standards

oh man DC you're on a updating frenzy, i even missed the last group of questions.. this makes me wonder, is this a sign of old age? that i'm so slow in my question writing process that i'm missing the updates? - Miss Roger's Sweater
perhaps... or perhaps i've just been so super quick that your mind just can't handle the truth of my updating abilities and i'm gonna make you go more insane when i start updating this daily

i got a new set of strings the other day and so i dont have a broken g striong anymore. do you think my new strings are pretty? 4 are bronze and 2 are just steel.. - Miss Roger's Sweater
they are lovely and i'd touch them but they make strange sounds and then nothing is exactly the same anymore

is it wrong that mcdiablo and i are gonna take an 8am class? the school's not too far from home and we dont have classes after.. - Miss Roger's Sweater
it's not wrong... it's just strange... but strange is ok... so go with it just make sure you go there in your pjs in case you are tired

i got new shoes last week, they're airwalks.. i know kinda poser skate shoes, but they were only 14 bucks so that's ok right? - Miss Roger's Sweater
if they fit, are comfortable, no horrible corporation forced kids to make them and yet they're cheap then it's ok

when someone says "the other day" what's the maximum number of days ago they can refer to before "the other day" is too long ago? -Miss Roger's Sweater
six... then it becomes 'last week'

okay theres this dumb evil bitch that started havin sexual relations with my ex, and is now ruining my relatioship with my best friends and my new person, how do i torture her and make her realize she is a sad little person?
if everyone is letting this happen then i say ditch them all

Why is it that the Marshmallow Penguins and the Parachuting Plastic Pickles have to fight all the time! They're keeping me up at night!
i say bury them all in a sandbox at night and put buckets over their heads... that will shut them up

Excuse me, but may I ask what the hell Fido Dido is talking about? God being a TM of religion? Maybe so, but what did that have to do with me? I havn't said anything about god in ages. What is he/she talking about? (BTW, I love you more) - Waxter
don't play innocent with me... i know what you've been plotting.. you and that god of yours

why doesn't anyone like me?
it's the fish... if they die you are supposed to remove them from the tank and dispose of them instead of just adding more... your overflowing fish tanks of death make you stink, your house stink and your whole life stink

Is it really a paranoia thing? McDiablo
well it started like that but quickly evolved into a 'gotta have my teeth yanked out cuz there is nothing but a gaping hole there and it gets bread stuck in it'... personally i blame the lack of federal funding

Should I get dressed and then go prance in the rain, or just leave my pajamas on and ask you some questions? McDiablo
i say do 10 minutes of both... and 10 minutes creating art with crackers

Is my epidermis showing again? Should I get Miss Roger's Sweater to buy my an epidermis cover? McDiablo
yes... and get me a tail cover... maybe some flannel pants....

I quite enjoy exploring a variety of literatary options, could you expand my horizons and suggest some quality reading material? - R
well that all depends on what you want to read... funny is douglas adams as i personally enjoy his dirk gentley books... stephen kings dark tower series is good... dune... myst the books... isaac asimov of course...

hmmmm.... can i touch you?? -kt woo do u have aim? talk ta me sum time.........missdevil57.. lataz
i'm not sure what's going on here but i'll say yes to the touching

Am i expecting love in my life
no... but that's ok it would just bring you sorrow and bad haircuts

HI!You are a idiot!Why do I think so?Timon
you're confused

I like a carrots!Why I love carrots?Timon
it's the pointy ends...

Do you watch porn?(I sure do)Timon
yes but not all that often anymore

Please tell me, is there a Santa Claus? Timon
no it's a big lie designed to teach kids the ultimate lesson in life 'never trust anyone, even family'

What is your opinion on the Dutch?
i have no opinion on them but if they're those people that balance the ropes and turnips on their heads then they rock and i hope they come to my city again sometime

A neutral substance has an abundance of what type of ions?
the type that just cling to you no matter what you do to try to shake them off

Is it true that if I make an ugly face that it will stick like that and I will be shunned forever and confined to a dark tower alone eating fish guts forever and ever? FartMonkey
hell no.. you'll marry the person who crossed their eyes and had them stick that way... you'll share the tower

Is it also true that if I eat only sugar-based foods and never brush my teeth, they will all rot and fall out? FartMonkey
yes... unless you have those new 'never rot' teeth

When will they ever learn? When will they eeeever learn? FartMonkey

what is ejaculation???and where could i get some?
ask a few guys you know.. i'm sure one would be willing to share his with you

Are we supposed to try to get a good question award? I think if you pretend to stop giving them out then people will stop asking stupid questions. Compare the first few pages to pages 30+. The questions just suck now because they're trying to get the award.
exactly... plus i'm insane so my standards change... and sometimes i'm just a bitch

WHY DO YOU NOT ANSWER ANY OF MY QUESTIONS SERIOUSLY I think i'm to smart for you and you can't begin to comprehend me so you don't answer me you play thse little games to get out of it WHY DO YOU DO THIS!-Sk8erGecko
that's it i'm getting the puppets....
<stupid puppet resembling Sk8erGecko> Hey DC <bounces stupidly>
<DC> Hey Sk8erGecko. Ask me a question and i will answer it but i'm insane so my answers won't always make sense... in fact most of the time it's just me yammering about shit all. do you understand now?
<stupid puppet resembling Sk8erGecko bounces stupidly again> yes DC i do... but i'm lying so i'm going to throw myself about until i bleed...

DC! Why didn't you answer my questions? I had some real gems too :( - SiNiSTaR
you were rough with my tail last time... that will learn you

Do you like to watch hentai or do you think it's a load of monkey crap? - SiNiSTaR
yes i do and yes sometimes it really is

Camping? Again? is this just an excuse to smoke pot a far enough distance away from quality law enforcement? - Mzebonga
that and light fire to things and watch it burn

There's a pool of stiff Jell-O which is 40'x40'x40' deep. If you jumped in the middle of this pool could you swim to the side or would you drown?
well if its really stiff then you'd just be climbing around in it

What is that man doing to that woman's head?
he's shampooing her hair... i freaked out too the first time i saw that...

Did the Romans invent toilets?
sure why not... it sure as hell wasn't those good for nothing moths

why do women always assume we know what there talkin bout?
not ALL women... so don't assume that all women are the same

I've been making a lot of movies online lately. Should I join a support group to help me stop? Vista
well let me see these online movies and i'll tell you if you need help or not

My sister is reading over my shoulder. What should I do to stop this? Vista
a sharp elbow to her stomach should do the trick

Does Uncle Ben's rice taste like plastic to you...not that I EAT plastic or anything....? Vista
i don't eat that stuff so i can't offer any further information

I burned my tongue on the soup my mom made. Should I eat some ice cream? McDiablo
yes you should... quickly

I suck at hugging. No, really, I do. Can you give me hugging lessons? McDiablo
sure i can... just come over and i'll show you

Why do people always talk about licking poles in a New York City subway car? McDiablo
it's fun and you can help germs travel across the land

Am I a psycho, groupie, cocaine or crazy? McDiablo
psycho and crazy

My friends and I are frequent visitors of this web site. However, I have one friend that thinks that she knows you so well, that she tries to answer the questions that I ask you before you get the chance too. What on Earth do I do? What do you do? - R
i say you smack her one... and i'll just keep answering my questions as usual to keep you amused while she's off crying...

spaghetti and meat balls? - Miss Roger's Sweater
no thanks... i don't eat meat remember?

my mom took the week off to clean the basement.. the basement is scarier than my room was.. are you as scared as i am? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes... why would someone take a week off to work?????

do you think that it's funny that when i say something stupid or say words funny i just say "don't worry i'm just drunk" - Miss Roger's Sweater
sure unless you've been pulled over for speeding

is "thursday" an appropriate name for a band? - Miss Roger's Sweater
sure.... i've heard worse

Why do guys have to be assholes all the time?? I mean really....
no idea what you're talking about... we're nice enough to put up a site... not have any ads on it... let you people send in questions, answer what ifs & questionnaires and give you things like wallpapers and graphics... all for free... so i'd say that we're pretty nice

When you find a poodle in your breakfast cereal, what does this mean? - Fido Dido
it means that you've won!!!!!! lucky you!!!!!

On this page you see a little girl giggling at a Hippopotamus. I wonder why? "Don't say things that hurt others," said Pussycat, "like 'Isn't that hippo fat?' or shout, 'Hyena, I hate you!" whats up with this?
it's trying to teach manners... manners are something most people have forgotten

Will you rub your tail on me?
of course

Why does my brother have mood swings? Is there such a thing as male PMS? Vista
yes there is... he has it and the only way to help him is to force feed him raw eggs

Why do parents tell their kids to 'go to their room'? What kind of punishment is that? "Go to your room and play happily with your toys..." Vista
the parents are more concerned with not having to see/hear the child then actual punishment... if they were more focused on punishment then they'd force the brats to hang out with them for a few more hours

Is it ketchup or catsup? Vista
it's anrowkarowkamfsoawkeruq0peaqequp

I find that my meat-eating friends, family and co-workers often forget that I don't eat meat, despite repeatedly stating or referencing the fact. I am nearly always forgiving about it because I don't expect people to remember every detail about me but, it does seem peculiar to me how frequently that particular detail slips people's minds who might even remember other things about me that are much less significant. My best friend is also a vegetarian and notices this quite a bit. Do you think that we're just noticing it more than other things because we're thinking about it or do you think there is something in the meat that makes people not able to remember that someone doesn't eat meat?
i'm not sure what it is... i think they're just used to assuming that everyone is the same that they forget the differences... there are vegetarians who complain about people only associating them with being one and talk about nothing else... so either way people just suck

did you know that Spiro Agnew is an anagram of "grow a penis"? - Fish
no i didn't but now i do

Why did you change the big tell-off message? I hope it wasn't because you started feeling guilty because you were right and brutal honesty is the backbone of your talent. It's what the best writers and other artists are remembered for. As long as it wasn't guilt, I promise not to cry.
i changed it cuz i wanted to...and i don't detect any guilt so there will be no crying

You seem like a bright, intelligent, and sharp fellow! Did you attend University to compliment your already supirior charm? And if so what Post-Secondary Institue did you obtain your education from. You see I am passionate about following in your footsteps!
i attended a few college courses and will be attending university within the next 5 years... and have many certificates from specailized schools/training centers... if you truly want to follow in my shoes then i'd suggest getting some bells

Red is my favorite color, in fact "Red is Best!" (its a delightful childrens picture book). All of the best things in life are red, licorice, strawberries, the question portion of this web site is red too! Now what is your favorite color, and why? - R
i like the color black if you count black as a color... and i'll tell red you're in love with him

How do you benifit from answering all of these questions? Does it supply you with spiritual/finacial/emotional satisfaction?
i don't really benefit i guess... but it beats arranging furniture with a fork...

If I wanted to send you a birthday present (cuz come on you are just so gee golly darn swell!!), what would you want me too send you? - R
some books... a dvd or two... cds... cash... comics... spawn comics...

Have you ever really wondered if you are truly insane? Perhaps your a revolutionary phillosopher, who will change the distrubed ways of this world!!! - R
well that woudl be fun... i would make a lot of changes and then get shot... i can see the headlines now... sock monkey assassination shocks the world

lately i've been enjoying emocore music a lot, which has a fair bit of screaming in it.. am i starting to become "hardcore"? or just a big sissy? - Miss Roger's Sweater
emocore? i haven't heard of that term before... and no screaming doesn't make something hardcore... although it's a good start

velcro or laces? - Miss Roger's Sweater
laces... it's the only way to keep my boots on properly

"Cross out the eyes, blur all the lines?" - Miss Roger's Sweater
sounds like fun

i was watching a ghost tracking show on tv with my older brother and he said boo (in order to scare me) and i jumped.. how should i repay the dork for his actions? - Miss Roger's Sweater
stab him repeatedly... unless you're lazy... in that case just keep spraying his bedsheets with something stinky...

i'm going to "play land" amusement park this weekend.. should i go on the wooden roller coaster? it would be my first time.. keep in mind i'm a big wimp.. but i value your opinion, so should i go on it? - Miss Roger's Sweater
wooden rollercoasters are a bit bumpier then the newer ones... i'd say go on a newer one first... then try the wooden one a bit later

Is the "Hokey Pokey" REALLY what it's all about? - Fish
yes... and that song is about having sex with hokeys

Why did the Japanese kamikaze pilots in WWII wear helmets? - Fish
brain injuries are quite painful apparently...

if you hammer a nail threw your foot...wat would you do besides call 911...wat would you do?-junk mail
well i'd be pretty pissed off about having to put my project on hold... i'd probably throw the hammer around and maybe smear blood on my face and scream until someone else took control of the situation

What would you do to Bin Laden if you had the chance? pisssed off Amercian. (POA)
i don't know

if a store is open 24 ours a day 7 days a week and 3 days outa that week everyday they close 6 hours early...wat complant would you make if those were the only days you could go shoppin but they was always closed?--junk mail
i wouldn't complain i'd just go shop somewhere else that's open... and i'd buy some eggs there and throw them at the old place while they were closed... then again if a store is open all the time then it can't close early cuz it doesn't close at all... if it does close then it's no longer a store that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

I am glad you are updating everyday, but isn't it just more work for you? McDiablo
no it's easier to do it every day if i just get the time...

Why do the classes I want to take have to be full? Why the heck do so many people want to be edumacated? Why do I want to be edumacated? McDiablo
i say you just quit and teach yourself online for free... sure there will be a lot of pop up ads but you can deal with it... can't you? can any of us?

Do you enjoy pencil crayons? McDiablo
no not really

Are you going to give me drugs or am I going to have to take them from you?
don't even THINK of touching them... i gave you some yesterday... did you take them all already???

I hate my country (U.S., of course). Any suggestions?
find a new country to live in... but make sure before you go that you line up a job, learn the major language(s) and read up on their customs... or find your own planet

Have you ever had a "paranormal" experience?
sure all the time...

If I fill the house with mud, will the mosquitoes go away?
i don't think so...

How's your transmitter working?
not too well actually... it won't send out... i've been trapped here for years

How are we supposed to lug all of this candy back to the home planet?
i'll help... and we should eat some of it to lessen the weight

I'm the cello, are you jello?-Atlas
hell no

I've used one of your pictures for my avatar on a message board that I'm a member on. Are you ok with this? I mean, people have commented on how cool you look and everything!-Atlas Just to make know what an avatar is right?
yes i do... i have been online since about 1995 and using computers since before that... so yes i know what avatars are ... and what pic did you use?

dc?!?@dear dc...why have you closed the may results for the questionaire and the what-ifs i miss reding them so bad, dc?is there anyway you could please put them back on this amazing entartaining site..please my dear wonderful dc with much love, keeelllii
um the questionaire/what ifs were closed that month... so there are no answers to post... the july ones will be online soon... probably this week

why doesnt glue stick to the inside of the bottle?
it does... it just doesn't harden there

Oh Great DC, please answer my puzzling question. I have asked it of many friends, but none give a decisive answer. If you were goin out with a hot chick, and this chick alows you to do anything and everything you want in bed, would you allow her to use a strap on and do you in the ass? I have not encountered this, nor will I likely ever encounter this situation, but I'm quessing that you may have DC. WWDcD(What would DC Do)?--InsaneLane
personally no... but that is because i do not want to be done up the ass at this point in time... perhaps someone else wouldn't mind though... if i ever felt the desire to have something jammed up my ass then i would give her a call and ask her to be gentle

No now I understand but I have another question how did the american people ever become stupid enough to elect Bill Clinton president?-Sk8erGecko
it's been a distrubing trend for many decades now... it's not just americans... it's all humans pretty much... i say the smart seperate, build a space ship and blast the hell away from here... i'd rather die in space then on this nasty human-ridden planet

say I have a really hot teacher and I would give anything to get in her pants but it's almost utterly impossible how would I accomplish this havin her commit soditory rape without the use of bribary-Sk8erGecko
you won't be able to... so just stick to your daydreams

geeze your Q&A page is so short now , why is this? - dane
cuz i've been answering them daily so there are less questions to answer

do you like toast? - dane

Why do people point at there wrists when they ask for the time? I mean its not like I point at my cotch when i ask to go to the restroom-Sk8erGecko
this isn't original at all... but they do it because 99 percent of the population is stupid and needs the obvious pointed out to them

what if I can give you grand theft auto 3 for ps2 but not my PS2 what do I get-Sk8erGecko
well i'll send you a thank you card

How do you speak gibberish?
you use words that aren't words in any other language

If you were really that smart, you'd invent a huge spaceship and blast the idiots into space. Thus, you would be free to live in a peaceful and clean planet where water cars and tar free cigarettes are not supressed by industrial and commercial forces. Do you think? Perhaps your pool of ineffable wisdom is not as deep as we once thought. - Mzebonga
its easier to design a small spaceship for the few people worth saving instead of a massive one for all the idiots... besides... this planet stinks of humans... so swim in that bitch

Is it a good thing when books poison your mind? McDiablo
yes... unless it's the wastelands and all you can think about is dum a chum

Do you ever wonder where people come up with the names they use when they ask questions or answer the questionnaires? McDiablo
yes some of them... i'll make note of that and have jcp put a section in my.theinsanedomain for that

Is DC your real name or a nickname? McDiablo
DC is my given name... and my nickname

Hmmm... I tried weed for the first time yesterday... One of my big brothers (the cool one) took me to one of his friends' house, and they had a bong, and a vapouriser... and it was nice, and I had fun, and it was great... Do you advocate the use of pot? - Fido Dido
yes i do as long as it doesn't control one's life

Could you do me a huge favor? Will you congradulate my friend "Miss Rogers Sweater" for riding the wooden rollar coaster today? - R
congrats to her... i won't get on those stupid things... damned man-made contraptions

What do you do when you get tan lines on your face from your spiffy shades? - R
i laugh

whats youre policy on the consumption of elves? and how about mass elf farming for the preservation of the species?
well i've come to the conclusion that it's not very nice to eat elves

I'm thinking of knitting you a little French Maid sock monkey, but i don't know how to knit. Any suggestions? i really wanna make a sexy, slutty little french maid for you to have when you're feelin frisky - SiNiSTaR
use soft wool... and no pink... is it done yet???

What usually blows your mind drastically, fantastically? - SiNiSTaR
well written books, really fucked up thought out movies

I can get a hold of a bunch of BIOHAZARD stickers. Would you like me to send you some to stick on things for fun?
sure that'd rock... if there are enough then maybe i'll share with some insane envelope people

The dog ate the drugs you gave me. Can I have some more?
no... that's it

How many people have you had sex with?
today? none

Have you ever met anybody through a website, yours or any others, and was it worth your effort?
yes in a way

Wouldn't you agree that cocaine is basically an asshole drug? Most people that I've met who liked it were already belligerent and hopped up naturally and then they go snorting that shit and it just seems to amplify their already obnoxious personalities.
yes they suck avoid them and whisper things at them if you can't avoid them

Agent Posner The Fugitive Dissident Kitty has filed his ten-thousand page manifesto on cat superiority and it seems that angry, young cats everywhere have been inspired to riot in the streets by it. Well, the rioting is more like napping and the streets are actually window sills but, it has caused quite a stir among the feline bohemian set. I know that you have been prophesizing a cat takeover for some time now but, some outspoken voices have recently started to emerge to wide acclaim on the topic. How do think this might all effect global stock interests?
well the cats have told me everything and i don't want to give anything away... so all i can say is beware of Blu


Did you know that if the glass is half full, some fuck's already nicked half your beer? - Fish
damnit... here i thought it was all perception

How many moose does it take to completely eat my English teacher? I've killed her, broken all her bones and chopped her up into little bits, but I need to conceal the body by feeding it to moose. Some people say that 3 moose should do it, some say that moose are vegetarian, some ask about why I want to feed a body to the moose, so I've had to kill them too. Okay, how many moose does it take to eat 7 bodies? I really need to know as my cupboard is getting really full, and my parents are beginning to ask about the smell. - Fish
two... but they have to be special moose... so i say you find some killer deer instead and feed it to them

Miss Roger's Sweater rode the wooden roller, does that mean she will go on the Dumbo Ride at Disneyland? McDiablo
most likely... and then... <gasp> space mountian

Dane signed the guestbook at my website. What do you think of this? McDiablo
i'm outraged

Why must the sun burn our epidermis? McDiablo
it hates us so very very much

Should I keep it real, y'all? McDiablo
fine but take it elsewhere

I have been spending more time with my boyfriend thats why I havent been here lately but I will try to pop in every now and again. I'll update you on whats going on. We go on holiday in a week and a half I'm looking forward to that. What have you been up to ,anything good? when I get some money I'll do the snail mail thing. Anyway both cats have awoken and would like some attention of the patting and cuddling kind. Sally
i was on a holiday to ottawa a week ago which rocked... glad to hear the cats are good... and send me austriallian dollars i've never seen them before

Why don't you swin in it, BITCH? - Mzebonga

One baby to another says I'm lucky to have met you. Kurt Cobain - Genius or twat? - Fido Dido
he's a bit genius and a bit what

Anymoment... Is it a true-life story? If so, who's is it? You should think about making it into a film... A classy black and white art film... - Fido Dido
kind of but not really... and i'm glad you like it... part four is done and will soon be added...

I say 'hecklesville' instead of 'hell'. For example, "What the hecklesville is going on here?" My question is, what and/or where is hecklesville? Is it a place worth visiting? McDiablo
it's similar to hell but has a different area code...

Is it true that if you're cross-eyed and someone punches you in the face, your eyes will stay crossed? Shall I test out this theory? McDiablo
find a cross eyed person and punch them... then you won't get hurt

I'm a video game junkie, how sick is that? McDiablo
less sick then being a banjo junkie

did you miss me? (seeing as how i was torcherd for the last i dont know how many weeks, i thought it might be possible that you remember and miss me) Some Bitch
i think i did but i might be mistaken

would you rather be anorexic or obece? Some Bitch

Yesterday at my aunt's funeral, i taught all the kids to stick their tongues out at all the dried up old people. The response was very pleasurable. Being kids, they were stupid enough not to tell on me... are you proud of me? I plan on teaching them to do other stuff like cut pieces of cloth from the adults' clothes and stealing the dentures of the old prunes... what else should i teach them..? - SiNiSTaR
yes i'm proud of you... like the time i taught my cousins to smash peeps (those small marshmallow chicks that come around at easter) with hammers... then throw them in the sewer... so teach them that and telling people that they're stupid

How many children do i put in a Swiss Children Strudel? - SiNiSTaR

What would you say to someone who said "I'd love to have your baby....for breakfast, lunch and dinner"? - SiNiSTaR
i'd say sure and work out a day

Does a sandwich taste better when it's folded in half? Vista
perhaps... i say you try this with 6 different sandwiches and let us know

On a 20 question test, Bob completed 75% of it. How many questions has he done? Is it sad that I didn't know the answer to this question? Vista
its sad that you were asked that... what purpose does it have? none

Can quotes from the Harry Potter books be perverted? Vista
anything can be perverted

why do men suck at relationships
HUMANS suck at relationships

why the hell do you have a question and answers section? [how are we suppost to win an award if we dont put our name or email adress?] {by the way, i got a playstation2 and grandTheftAuto3, but since u cant contact me ;to bad} suxor on my cocks. (all 12 of them).u monkey fscking cock smoker. *pushes you. :|
anyone can win an award without a nickname and piss on you for not sharing your playstation...

Guess what? In high school the agenda's had articals in them about how to write a good essay, but I just got my "Inside UBC" agenda and there are articals inside about "how to make your favorite drinks" and "how to survive a hangover?" Now dude, what would the articals in the agenda's for the prolatariate be about? - R
well since i'm not in school anymore, my whole agenda and aricals are about socks, touching my tail and having coffee brought to me... let's get on that shall we

Ok this university thing is very complicated, and they are shoving down our throats the idea to become involved and join some clubs. I was wondering if the Sparticus club is acceptable, even if it Communism is dead? (I heard that you can get free food) Or would the aristocratic club, "The Afternoon tea society" be a better investment of my time? (I am hoping that they serve Earl Grey) - R
the afternoon tea society is better... plus they meet in the afternoons, giving you plenty of time to recover from those wicked tea hangovers

Ok so I am moving out to live on campus for the first time, and well I am a little aprehensive? What are some of the best methods too make many many new friends.... in a hurry - R
well the point is to make real friends... if you didn't care about who then you'd hand out free beer and drugs and condoms... if you do care about who then hold auditons and have them fill out the proper paperwork...

Is there somthing wrong with me if I have a craving too adopt those pylons (orange stree cones for the Americans in us all) from the side of the road? I hear "Amazing Grace" everytime I pass by them, and everything goes black and white! I'd like too think that I am supporting a worthy cause by delivering these bundles of love on peoples doorsteps under the cover of darkness..... its just like Santa Clause on Christmas Eve! I don't really see a whole lot wrong with what I do, but perhaps I am blinded by love. What do you think? - Toothfairy
i think you're doing a great job and to adopt all the pylons you can unless they already have homes...

Does the sock monkey icon have "nystgmus" (an eye condition which makes your eye's move frantically)? There are eye drops for problems like that! Should I ask my optomotrist for an extra perscription of the stuff if its covered in my health care plan? - Sensory Nystgmus
it could... we don't really speak to each other since the falling out of 1999

Where and how do sock monkey's get their eduMAcation? - R
we're mostly self-taught but sometimes we go to school like you humans

DC...I'm worried and this was the only place I thught I could turn to. I have recently discovered that I am turning into a.....a....a....geek!! At first I could console myself w/ at least being no where NEAR as pathetic and annoying as that dumbass Dane, but maybe I'll end up turnin into him?!?! This has caused me many sleepness nights. Also I have suddenly started reading comics again, why?!?!? Like, spiderman and other shit...I didn't even see the movie!! And I read like 10 times more books than the average teenager or even the not so average teenager. Am I geek?!?! Will my insanity EVER return?!?!? Can anyone (I'm looking pointedly at you, DC) help me?????
comics are fine... don't you dare come down on them... now if you start wearing 'the tick' tshirts then you should be put out of your misery... reading is fine... just remember that most people are stupid and it's better to do your own thing before you turn into another mindless idiot wandering the streets

Is there truly anything except wealth that separates us normal people from the popular crowd? Or are you one of THEM? FartMonkey
i'm one of ME... the popular crowd = stupid people who can't think for themselves so they do whatever the media/majority tells them... popular doesn't exist outside of school and bullshit media

DC Dude, my mom goes on these cleaning rampages, and if you get in her way (look or talk too her) then your pretty much up for cutting block! Now, I considered my options, and in a stratigic move I attempted too make us both allies (you know pitching in and helping!) However, she still got angry with me, and well what do I do? - R
i say you hide in a pile of clean laundry until everything calms down... or perhaps disquise yourself as a potted plant... that way the worst she can do is water you

Why do universities have so much red tape and paper work? Why can't they get their acts together? Do they know that they are only making more work for themselves? - R
nothing in this world is actually made easy... they like paper... they live on paper...

what is this about?
well it started off with some circus music and some guy yelling 'round and round we go' but then it all stopped and the guy was all 'roly poly, topsy turvy' and suddenly there is puke everywhere but no one wants to clean it up and the music starts up again and it hurts now

Have you ever thought that someone's ass was so nice that you just felt like biting it? - SiNiSTaR
yes... and once i did

The cross (where jesus christ was supposedly nailed on) is a torture device used in those days to panfully execute criminals. Right? So isn't praying to the cross kinda like praying to the electric chair or something? - SiNiSTaR
i pray to the electric chair... don't you? but yes.. now that you mention it....

*looks at dead frogs* What do you have to say for yourself? *points to frogs* - SiNiSTaR
um... i found them that way?

You're killing me softly, sock-monkey. That anymoment story has got me all turned on and ready to dump everything but my computer, my bed (I like to sleep--I did sleep deprivation as a hobby in high school and as a career for 5yrs)and maybe the fridge and some cds right on the fucken curb. How do you stay so sexy? I wish you were my neighbor so we could drink coffee and smoke kindbud and decree as fraud all of existence on a regular basis. I wouldn't even require you to show me your tail unless you wanted to. Sometimes sex with other people ruins a good coffee-clutch. When will you be moving to my neighborhood and how can I help you?--Enfante Terrible
well if you'd like to pay for my rent then i'll move beside you.. then we can hang... and part five is on it's way soon... i'm thinking there might be 10 parts but we'll see

How disappointed were you when you found out that was just a website about books? - Mzebonga
i was pleased... i wasn't disappointed at all...

Are there little people in my computer? I can hear them sometimes... - Fido Dido
yes... but they don't like you so don't talk to them

Hi, DC...I was camping for a few days, but I'm back now *random peasants rejoice*. How come there were no beavers at Beaver Pond? I wanted to see our national animal up close. McDiablo
well they were there but you know they are... they are RUDE

Why do bugs fly directly into our eyes? McDiablo
they are suicidal and mean... MEAN

I have this fear of falling down an outhouse toilet. What can I do to cure this? McDiablo
never use outhouses... learn to piss... or get campsites near toilets

I'm going to be returning home in a few days from the depths of Langley.. have you even noticed i've been gone? - Miss Roger's Sweater
um... yes of course

i think that the sky must be destroyed so we can breeth better.... how can i do this?
i say start with destroying those things.. you know those things that bug me... yea those

It's always the same. But the spoons help... right? - Fido Dido
well... no not really

All I need now is a roommate.. Where can I find one? - Fido Dido
try one of those cardboard cutouts... they are the best

Do wild cows exist?-Atlas
i'm not sure... perhaps if some have escaped... started their own underground society

Why do paediatricians play mini-golf on Wednesdays? - Fish

Should I ask you an insane question or just pretend to ask you an insane question? Vista
well... i'll just pretend to come up with answer instead of one for real

How empty will my bank account be after I pay for my courses today? Vista
beyond empty... your children's children will be paying that off...

You know that little light bulb that blinks on Buzz Lightyear's arm? Well, is it really a camera, one of Bill Gates' many, spying on us thru our TV's?? Vista
yes it is but it's not used by bill gates but used by the rotting fruit in your fridge that you forgot about last year and it's begun to hate you with the fire of a thousand suns

who do you call when your WINDsheild's BUSTed? marissa
ghostbusters... oh no wait...

oh esteemed dc, what is your opinion on chunky peanut butter?
i say it bothers me as it looks a whole lot like chunky shit that's hard to wipe from your ass

insurance rates are so seems like they are making me pay unusually high payments they make young people pay more for something they didnt even do. in my experence i have had more elderly people cut me off or do illegal driving manuvers. i just doesnt seem right!!!! i hate paying 454/month! i have a clean record and i pay more just cause i am not married. you'd think people who are married would get in more accidents becouse they would be bitching at each other. does this seem right?
i say that most people shouldn't be allowed to drive at all, much less get insured to do so

people are so stupid??
its what we do best

how much money would some sexual favours be? maybe i'll work out a deal with you sometime
sure... i'll be waiting with my bell boots on

why do people in chat rooms ALWAYS use the name sexy in there user name? like "sexygurl","sexyboi","sexyhomosapien" i hate people like that
its like those people who dress real stupid... or crank their shitty music in their cars... or decorate it with bullshit... they have nothing but the fluff and bullshit to offer

i have problems dc as many of us dysfunctual gonna bore you wit some stupid pathetic things which should be put to shame 4 being called problems with some of the tradegys goin on the world today...first of all i have this bf that is perfect 4 me...kinda shy though and kinda slack..but i met this other guy who isnt slack at allll or shy and increadable anyways one day we were talkin on this electronic instant message device called we were talkin and he starts askin me 4 blows(quite the charmer also) and wantin to go out wit me..but i had steve(my bf)i didnt want to dump him and hurt his sensitve feelins..So i decided to cheat(the slut i am)cept my bf came over and it got screwed up...well anyways i like both what should ido?...sry could go more into detaul but not in the mood
that is by far the biggest amount of highschool bullshit that has been sent in here... may it be a shining example of the stupidity going on around us every day

Dc, Did you know that I'm madly in love with you and want to make hot steamy love to you.. -wink-
no i didn't know that...

Why's my mom so mad about me and my brother leaving the back door open last night?? I mean, my brother and I were still up, for all she knows we might have been going to close, maybe even lock it! She just went insane and then said she was disapointed I was still up at 3 am, and what was I going to do when school starts again? Wwhen I told her I was probably going to be tired she started yelling again. I swear there is no pleaseing some ppl. It's not like there's anything to steal in my house, or that someone could get in w/out my dogs going insane...ack, how should I handle this one, DC?
i say you just say sorry... there is no other way out of it

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