Why do you tempt me so? You put a link to anymoment part four, but the page does not exist... Or wait.. Is that the whole point..? That it does not exist? Uhh... My brain hurts - Fido Dido PS: Where is the "z" in spoon? I can't find it..
haha yea well sometimes i get distracted by my tail and then i forget everything else

Ahaha. No, wait... Do you like spoons? - Fido Dido
mostly yes but those large salad spoons are assholes

what would you do if I did that?
i'd cry... but not before i ripped off the top of your underpants and forced you to eat it

Have you ever heard of the author Douglas Coupland? - Miss Roger's Sweater
i think so but it could have been planted there by small robots

Today I have spent time on the computer and spent time reading a hilarious book about computer geeks, would you say it's about time to get a life? - Miss Roger's Sweater
hell no... just alternate days you do that and some other stuff... then everything will be ok

I drove my aunt's van for the last almost two weeks, they just aren't as cool as you'd think, eh? - Miss Roger's Sweater
vans are to distract frogs from leaping into the clouds and disrupting the weather system

Ever since I have gotten home my brother has been nice to me.. has my real brother been abducted by aliens? or is there another reason for his behaviour? - Miss Roger's Sweater
i say you just be nice back until his motives become clear....

Ummmm...... DC...... will you bear my children???
hellllllllll no that's sick

Have you every thought of using the Kama Sutra to teach DC the sock monkey some new moves???
you mean to teach myself? well i know it... but i'll teach some others...

is it true that the pope smells of urine? - SiNiSTaR
that and stanky 'believer' smell

any new movies worth watching? i am so bored nowadays... oh and what do you think about vin diesel? i think he's fuckable... - SiNiSTaR
um our list is here... as for that i don't think so...

my cat insists on lying on top of my computer monitor...won't his fur get into the thingamajog and overheat it or something? my cat is a little attention whore, he used to sleep on top of my printer but since it is not directly in my line of sight he's moved to the monitor... bastard tries to catch the mouse cursor too...what should i do? - SiNiSTaR
i say you stop and give your cat attention when he demands it

I'm sure a bagillion people have asked this already, but why are the dino heads red? Is someone feelin' sexy?? Or did bright green stand out too much amongst the black, red and white? McDiablo
no one else has asked... hell ya always feeling sexy... and i thought it looked cool

My brother and sister received their schedules for high school. Should I pull a Miss Roger's Sweater and wet my pants... in excitement? McDiablo

Can I have a pretty magnet? McDiablo
yes you can have several of them... even the ladybug one

Exquisite. Will there be more? - Fido Dido
yes of course

HELP! I'm locked in your mother's bedroom, what do I do?! She won't let me out!
just give her the cat back and she'll let you go

You make me wanna laugh, then I do and it's fun...thanks for that. Anywayz, why don't sheep shrink in the rain? Can you tell I took that form a phone box because I'm not smart or original enough to think of my own questions? I thought you could! Another thing, why is my dog such a shithead when you're trying to sleep?? I mean my whole family (all 7 of us) could be there and she'd still go upstairs to the one person trying to sleep and wake them up. It's annoying.
dogs do that sort of shit to piss you off... damned dogs...

What would you do if you were on a msg board for a famous person and some bitch came on saying that she knew the person the msg board was for and some ppl believed her but she was lying and then everyone found out because they all matched up the IPs from her e-mails and ones from this famous person and lots of other shit that it would take up too much time to type out but she won't admit it and still insists she's tellin the truth, you don't know her personally or where she lives so you can't bitch slap her into the yr 8000 and she won't leave you alone...what do you do????
what the hell... i say you just stop fixating on that shit and ignore her... problem solved

why do companies use annoying commercials to advertise their products? all they do is make you hate their conspiracies and greatly tempt you to bomb their headquarters just to get the ads off the radio/tv/magazines/whatever

so dc i was talking to someone the other day and he asked me what i thought of the catholic churches scandal and all i could say was it really sux that something l.ike this happened t a instittution that has been around for 2000 years as the catholic church has said many times before but then again i am sure it has gone through worse things if it has stood for as long as it says it has i would like ot know what you think of this scandal and what your views of the religous world aresuch as whether there is a god or not what are your views - meagan123
i say that for all these people who are supposed to believe in being 'good'... it should be a big sign to everyone that it's built on lies... humans are stupid little creatures who abuse power in any form it comes in... as for it being around for 2000 years, that doesn't matter... humans thought the world was flat for longer then that... doesn't make it true

What would you do if you could not tipe?TaImO
well i'd be forced to chisel my ideas into stone tablets

If sky is blue and water is blue too,then what color is air?TaImo
it's transparent... and the sky isn't blue.. it just appears that way

If I would hit you,what would you do?TaImO
i'd be stunned... then i'd hit you back

I have pork in my eye!What should I do?TaImO
i say pull it out and throw it away...

Why do bird sing,why couldn`t they bark?!
well dogs bark to annoy us... and since that noise is taken, the birds chose singing

What is the best way to die?Taimo
quickly... painlessly... and hopefully while fucking

Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated? FartMonkey
it's what i do when i'm not cutting paper

Would you tie doughnuts to your tail and get pigs to chase you? Vista
no i wouldn't ... pigs don't like me

Do I HAVE to go to school (and don't read that like some whiny kid...ahem)? Vista
yes you do... at least until you learn that people suck and how to get money for working...

If I somehow keep my eyes open when I sneeze, wil they pop out of my head? Vista
hell no

Should I dance and then take off my pants? Vista
no... take off your pants and then dance

why oh why did she swallow the fly? - Fish
i don't know but perhaps she'll die

hey dc, my mom wants to ask you a question... here goes, go easy on her. hah hah " i'm writing a biology text book, and i need a name for it, all the normal, usual ones are taken, i need a name for it that's outstanding, could you help?"-marissa(and her mama)
call it 'life sucks' oh no wait... how about 'biology: life like you've never seen it before'... or 'biology: it's in all of us" ... ok so it's been a long day for me...

I just got my driver's licence today...should I run over all those people i dislike?-Atlas
yes... thats what the rest of us get ours for

do dogs talk ot cats?
of course... all the animals talk to each other

Why do absurd things such as monkeys cheese or pickles and pie interest me so?
absurd things are fun... same goes for bottles of colored water

DC is their a way to correct the curv in my penis? It bends ever so slightly to the left and it annoys me. I asked the Faries, but they just gave me more pot.
staple wooden sticks to it... that should straighten it out

I have anothe question. Is it imoral to wax the kitchen floor, tie cloth bags around my cats feet, and trap him in the kitchen.
yes it is... why don't you do it to yourself... its way more fun

I am wearing black to an outdoor show today. It should be very hot and black attracts heat. My question is, do I look stupid in black? Does it make me look ... evil? McDiablo
black is a great color to wear... yes it gets hot but such is the price of looking evil...

Do you like pretty red stars that sparkle? McDiablo
sometimes... but other times i curse them for their sparkling

Why are my sister's glasses just sitting there? Is she wanting to lose them? Will she not wear them? Why isn't she wearing them?? McDiablo
she hates them... they have made her see bad bad things....

Why does everybody say it's so bad when you pull a plug out of the wall by the cord and not the actual plug? Should I express revenge by tying everyone else up and repeatedly plugging in a device and then tugging the cord and ripping it out of the wall? FartMonkey
hell no i say you smarten up and do as instructed... or i will whip your ass with those cords... and you will cry

Is my computer just malfunctioning again, or did your Good Question Award dinosaur bird head thing used to be green, and now it's red? FartMonkey
its just you seeing things again... must be from all that cord pulling

Who do you blame for the fact that the tune of the alphabet song is the same as the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song? FartMonkey
i blame society, bad clothing and blinking instant messages...

What, in your opinion, is the most useless letter of the alphabet? FartMonkey
the letter c... you can use 'see' for that... or a k when you need it...

If Insanity were a tangible being, or a sock monkey, or whatever, would you marry it? FartMonkey
i'd fuck it

What is your view on the legalization of POT? Do sock monkeys smoke pot. Finaly would it be not tight to get my cat stoned, then tie cloth bags to its feet then set it loose on a linolium floor.
some do, some don't... and it's not nice to do that shit to cats or i'll kick your ass... and i think pot is ok as long as it doesn't run your life... like booze

What was the best thing before sliced bread??
fire... and iron weapons

I am partially deaf in my left ear. There is a constant ringing in it. What should I do to make my hearing return to normal? McDiablo
jab at whatever is in there with a sharpened pencil..

To avoid being deaf, should I risk looking like a dork and tell the band to play quieter? McDiablo
i say bring earplugs... they are fun to play with, as well as protecting your ears

Do you enjoy the fake, fruity goodness that is a Fruit Roll-up? McDiablo
hell no it creeps me out cuz one time i got stuck in one and they had to get the 'jaws of life' to cut me out

Shit! My breath really stinks! It's starting to make me sick and I don't understand!!! I guess, on the inside, I really stink. What can I do? (Omuletzu)
well brushing your teeth helps... chewing gum... oh and stop eating

is it possible to get drunk on water? - Miss Roger's Sweater
i think that if you have enough you'll get a 'buzz' but not DRUNK drunk

why do bands like bringing out slutty girls to dance during a song? - Miss Roger's Sweater
cuz they suck and do shit like that... their theory is if you get the chicks then you get the guys to want to be them... it's all bullshit and it's like damned mcdonalds... it's all bullshit...

how come at Snow Jam there were only Molson Girls? i think just to be fair there should have been some Molson guys.. The Trojan guy just isn't the same.. - Miss Roger's Sweater
i say you write them then... there should be guys and girls ... large companies like to put everyone in neat little categories and never rethink it...

how can i stop being accident prone? - Miss Roger's Sweater
never move ... ever again

Man, I saw Tomahawk opening for Tool and Tomahawk really sucked. Tool did too, but I expected that. But why did Tomahawk suck? They kept losing their time signature and whatnot, it was horrible. He screams like a little girl. Why? What is this music? Why does it suck? Or do they just suck live?
so you're going to a concert where you expect both bands to suck? why did you even go? you should have sent ME the ticket so i could go enjoy seeing patton for more then once in my life

you like ANIME??? ANIME?!?! why!?>!?!?!?! - SiNiSTaR
why not? some of the ideas are very interesting... i'm interested in that type... not the 'here's a little girl with big tits and white underwear making sick fucking noises instead of speaking' kind of anime

hey i checked out your list and i forgot all bout wanting to watch requiem for a dream... will look for the dvd or something... anyways why haven't you seen a life less ordinary yet? that is one cool movie, it's not as weird as some of the other movies you named but it's good...watch it, k? also, have you heard of that animation 'a nightmare before christmas'? i loved it when i was younger.. - SiNiSTaR
i don't know... i'll put it on my list... but not high on my list cuz it's not 'weird'... of COURSE i've heard of nightmare before xmas it rocks and so does tim burton

have you ever seen hellraiser? actually the movie is pretty lame cuz the character kirsty is such a stupid bitch but anyway, Pinhead makes me wet. how about you? - SiNiSTaR
no i haven't seen the whole thing... just bits of it

My friends are seriously considering sending away for an insanity pack. NOW are you going to tell us what's in one? McDiablo
well there is a picture of a simple 10 buck one... each one is different

Can you appreciate the appreciation that is the art of appreciating? McDiablo
of course... but never on a monday

The last literature teacher I had seemed to have taken too much acid "back in the day". Seeing that I am taking Lit. this fall, should I be worried that ALL teachers of this subject are on drugs? McDiablo
you would be lucky if they were... most have large objects such as trees and minivans stuffed up their asses...

I downloaded ska, Irish-punk, metal and punk tunes today ... am I a goth? Or possibly a hippy? C'mon, classify me! McDiablo
hell no... i say defy being classified

i bought a cute little denim monkey at the dollar store yesterday for a dollar, wanna see him? - Miss Roger's Sweater
i say you buy me one and send it to me

my monkey is named C.S. which stands for Crotch Sniffer cuz the way he's made his natural is pose is crotch sniffing.. crazy eh? - Miss Roger's Sweater
not really... but hopefully his crotch smells good so he doesn't go blind

Are you selling any of your monkey friends? cuz i know my friends and i would be interested in getting a monkey friend. - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes i am... contact through here and either jcp or i will reply to let you know how to get one... once xmas is closer we'll have some online and easily available

Do you miss me? Or is it just the narcotics talking? - Fido Dido
it's the narcotics

If I listen to enough music in the Japanese language, will I be able to speak it fluently? Vista
i've been trying and so far it hasn't worked.... if it does for you then let me know

Does chewing gum really make you smarter? Vista
no... not at all

Shall I bob my head to the beat or join hands with my invisible friend and sing a rousing hymn of kumbayeah...shoot, I can't spell--and don't laugh because I wrote "rousing"... Vista
'rousing'... hmmmmmmmmm

hi DC. im the other DC, DemoniCat. i am a bit depressed at the fact that you have never acnowledged this fact. ;-; anyway, in a few days it will be my 4 month anniversary with my boyfriend Capsy. ^_^ i love him so much. can you tell me if he loves me as much as i love him? he says he loves me, and that i am everything to him, and i belive him. ~DC
you're making me want to puke on my keyboard... do NOT send in any more bullshit about loving boyfriends... stupid 4 month anniversaries and love is an illness

what question should i ask you to get one of those sexy red heads? ~DemoniCat
i don't know but you have some monkey butts to make up for

i am going to have sex sometime soon with my boyfriend. i am wondering what type of protection we should use. we have discussed this, and he dislikes the condom idea. i am considering not using any protection at all, then if i get pregnant i will just give the baby up for adoption. do you think thats a good idea? ~DemoniCat
i say you don't have sex at all... you're obviously not mature enough

Why does my dog Justice fart so damn much?
its the junk food you've been feeding him

If cats are one day going to take over the world, and you dont want to be a slave. Is it ok to torture them to the point that they would kill me when they do take over the world? I hope they dont. I Hope the squirls beat them to it.
you be nice to the cats or they will do horrible things to you

If you could live in any book/game/tv series, wich one would it be?
book: foundation probably... not during the fall though.... game: um... no idea... maybe the sims so i can use cheat codes... tv series: simpsons

Why isn't Greenland considered a continent?
well since it's not actually that green... i think that the world is just ticked off at being mislead and therefore refuses to acknowledge it as one

Is it normal for people to have strange sexual dreams about sock monkeys... like dreaming about being stranded on a deserted island and banging a sock monkey like a salvation army drum from dawn to dusk??? If not do you have any advice?!?
i have those dreams all the time... i see nothing wrong with them... the ones where there are 20 sock monkeys to bang is even better

What if expericence was incidental? Vaguely like mind/body duality, except the body could function nomrally, to all "external" apperances, yet there was no "entity" experiencing it?
well there are many of those people wandering about the planet... the whole 'lights are on but nobody is home' syndrome... so ask them how it feels... but since there is nothing inside.. you'll just get blank stares

Don't fucking talk to me. "why not?" oh i don't know, GUESS! "it was an accident, i'm sorry!" you don't accidentally lock someone in the closet for 4 days with no food or water!!! "listen, i couldnt take it anymore ok? the incessant yammering to herself, everything in neat little rows... small to large, sized by width, ordered and arranged by color or name! you can't expect me to deal with that!!" you're right.. i can't expect you to deal with that. here, take this. "what is it?" it'll help your stomach. "ok, and you're not mad?" Give it an hour or so... and i'll be just fine. how would you have handled that situation?
well first of all i would have filled the socks with jello... then i would smack the person with this jello filled sock and then force them to eat the jello and the sock... after they did that, i would get a box of cereal and force each cereal morsel into their ass... then i would pour in milk and make them eat the cereal out of their own ass... then i'd say 'what do you think of THAT?'

If a friendship can cease, has it ever been real?
yes... friendships can be real for a few years and then fade away until you end up on jerry springer throwing chairs at each other

What the hell happened to the link to BrainLiquor? I just got released and I'm looking for it. What kind of hat would you say I should wear? - Finklestink.
i say you wear a bowler hat

Why do the colour choices on your question page make me see 3-D? the red is further back than the white is...
its trippy... just to amaze and confuse you

I've noticed that spatulas are becoming quite violent lately. Why do you think this is so?
i think they are tired of eggs... much of their time is spent with eggs and what is there to say to dead chicken fetuses?

Would you ever eat Ranch flavored Crispers with sour blue raspbelly SqueezePop on them?
i've never had blue raspbelly squeezepop... so i would probably try it

Should I start a riot for no reason? Like, if the media show up and ask what it's all about, I can just say, "I dunno, please move,you are disrupting my pointless riot."? McDiablo
yes... i encourage you to do so

I hope at times you are not compared to a bunny. Did you know that if you are, that means you're a hermaphrodite? McDiablo
and here i thought it was for having soft lucky paws

How does Miss Rogers' Sweater know so much about the Monk (from Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales")? McDiablo
well she has spent a lot of time with it and does it to amaze you... once she masters the 'got your nose' trick then she'll be able to amuse you both for days! think of it... you two could put on shows around the city... make some extra money...

do i need more sleep? i have totally forgotten my bank code.. i had to check the little paper.. - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes you do need more sleep... 2 hours for a week isn't working very well

is don (my guitar teacher) still frollicking in the fields with his classical guitar? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes but now seems to like those with daisies in them... and he hates the daffadils...

my aunt makes me burn her country cds.. how wrong is that? - Miss Roger's Sweater
well it's better then you trying to explain how to work a computer to her

for the insanity pack you're sending stuff in a box labelled veggie burgers to people? do you put stuff in like condoms? do i see a seashell in that picture..? can we make any special requests with the money we send? - SiNiSTaR
well that one has that box... the box is just whatever we have around here... we cram as much as we can into each box... we could put condoms in there if you so request.. any suggestions we'll pick and choose from... you can make special requests and if we can afford/find it then we'll include it or stick to a theme if we can

what do i do when i'm stuck in a jam and some guy i don't even know in my backseat is tapping his foot therefore making the entire car vibrate and it makes me so annoyed?? - SiNiSTaR
ask him to stop and if he doesn't then you pull over... snap off his foot... hit him with it until he cries... and then leave him there and drive away

turning japanese i think i'm turning japanese...do you think so? - SiNiSTaR
i think it might be true

have you seen 'trainspotting'? you should see it.. - SiNiSTaR
yes i have seen it...

just say i want to get your insane snail mail or box thingy... is it okay if i take pics of the stuff and show it off on my website (so people will get jealous)? - SiNiSTaR
yes... be sure to send us a link too so we can link back to you

Beastie Boys or The Smashing Pumpkins? - Fido Dido
smashing pumpkins

o-o;; hehehe, am i the first to get a double stinky monkey butt? and for two questions! i feel so special... ~DC
no i'm sure there have been others to get two monkey butts... so don't feel too special

How much Jerking off would it actualy take to make a person go blind? If I did actualy go blind should I sue the porn company that helped me go blind? Oh ya do you like Jay and Silent Bob movies?
well if you go blind from it then you are doing something horribly wrong... i would suggest speaking to your doctor about proper methods of jerking off... and yes i like all of those movies by kevin smith

Ya The Two title theing is cool. Oh ya your sight is awsome. Every time I ask a Question, The answer is their the next day. I also really am hoping the squirls take over the world first. They are nice to me. Also can you put a monkey but by my question/statement? "Nameless"
the cats will take over, not the squirrels... but they will be kept around to amuse the cats... and no you can't just ask for either award and get it

I like duct tape I use it on every thing. My bag, my jeans, my hat, and once ony my sisters cat. Do You like Duct Tape? Nameless
yes i do... i have once seen a guy cover himself in it and then cry because he had taped up his hairy legs and pulling it off hurt...

Who is this DemoniCat and why is he/she copying you, the Original DC (tm)? - SiNiSTaR
everyone tries to copy my name... but that's ok cuz then i can hide in all the fake DCs until i find a back door

ever been to Malaysia? - SiNiSTaR
no i haven't but if you'd like to pay me and a few friends to go then i'll give you a full report on it

how do i get rid of this popcorn husk from my teeth? i can't get it out with either my electreic toothbrush or dental floss...!! - SiNiSTaR
i say you keep trying or just break down and cry it out

like anime, eh?..how bout dragonballz?
that i've never seen... my favorite so far is LAIN and AKIRA

oh yea and yu-gi-oh?not one of my favorite personally..but its ok, how bout you?
once there was a plane and then it wasn't anymore

I shot Satan! Are you proud of me DC?-Atlas
sure... are you sure it was satan though?

Everybody else has blinding white teeth. That is not fair. How do they do that? FartMonkey
tinfoil... you can try it too

Who or what do you think is responsible for making lightbulbs burn out? I blame toothpaste and oranges. FartMonkey
well it's true that they are both to blame... and if you just spent an extra buck or two on long-life bulbs then you would find that the toothpaste and oranges can't burn it out as often

if i payed you money would you hump a VCR
yes but you'd have to pay at least 20 bucks cuz my vcr is a whore

How do I tell if my Algebra teacher is out to get me, or if I really am failing? FartMonkey
if x never equals 2 then your teacher is out to get you

Please list for me three ways to kill someone with a cup of water. Just the water, you can't use the cup to crack them over the skull or anything. Other answers I have recieved include heating the water and using it to give someone a boiling enema.
well thats one way... or pouring it in their mouth and covering it and their nose until they're dead... or heating it and pouring into their ears... put their hand in the water while they're touching a live wire... but now i'm thirsty so i'm going to get some water....

Is this just one question too many for you to handle? You probably are thinking this should really be the last of my questions for now. Well, you can take it like a man, or you can take the Sanimal turd way out and start yelling at me. Sanimal is such a turd. No, worse. What is worse than a turd? Because saying that would be a horrible insult to all the little turds out there. FartMonkey
yes he is... and at least i answer my questions more then twice a year

Have you ever got bit from a rabid deer from hell
not yet... but they've tried

Please chose one: I , DC, would most like to bust a cap in (Britney Spears/Sanimal)'s ass.
britney spears

Ok ok get this: too peanuts are walking down the street, and one is assaulted. Ha! Get it? A-salted? hahahahahha ZING
that sucked

Is it worse to get paid for a week's worth of shoveling animal crap at the circus with a 5lb tub of the animal of your choice's crap, or a week's worth of ferris-wheel related vomit?
i'd rather shove the animal shit because i wouldn't have to deal with anyone like i would at a ferris wheel

What do people do when they go on strike?
same thing they do when they are working... sit around and bitch

I'm 17..the other kids say they can dress themselves but I say i dont want to get rushed into stuff so Ill let mommy dress me until i want to but they make fun of me how can i make them shut up
duct tape their mouths shut

Dc, Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated? I see the way you're actin' like your'e somebody else gets me frustrated. Life's like this you fall and you crawl and you break and you take what you get and you turn it into honesty and promise me I never gonna find you fake it. No no no.
alrighty then... now onto something completely different

This morning I woke up and my foot was on fire, so I went to shove it in the toilet but then I remembered the toilets were on strike, so my foot was still on fire, but it had spread so now my butt was on fire, so I just fell down and the house caught on fire and my legs burnt off and I crawled out of the house but I crawled too far and I got run over a couple times so I was splattered in the street and on fire, then these seagulls come and peck my face off but they catch on fire too and they fly away and land in a tree which catches on fire and it burns and it falls on me and so I've been smashed my a few cars and a tree, my face and legs are gone, and I'm on fire. Then the dudes came to clear the tree with their tractors and so they accidentally scrape half of my carcass from the road, so now along wiht everything else I'm split in half, then they take me to the landfill and then these rodents of all kinds come and gnaw at me until I am nothing but bones, which wither away because they are exposed to the elements. Now if all this really happened, how am I still able to type? And why am I telling you this? Is this your idea of a sick twisted joke?
well it sound like you've had a busy day... you're one of those telepathy typers aren't you? nice try... trying to trick me... well it won't work

What will happen if I pour a little bit of wood polish into my fish tank every day? How about windex?
i think that if you have fish it will kill them... but if you don't then i say try it and see what happens

Can I send you my teeth?

Fine! That's it! I'm leaving! I don't know why I even bother! Why do I even bother? The heck with you! The heck with all of you!
yea... that's what i said when i shook my fist at the bastards

Why am i frightend?
you're just that kind of person

Having read your latest batch of questions I have some of my own. 1) What kind of person would date a guy called Capsy? 2) Of those people how many people would be dumb enough to sleep with him through their own volition? 3) Is a sock monkey necessarily the best person to ask about contraception? 4) Did you give DemoniCat stinky monkey butts because she was an Eejit or because she tried to steal your name? 5) Did you forget about me or are you just in the process of trying to? - Mzebonga
1. a really stupid person 2.there are many stupid people so don't be surprised 3. not really 4. i gave it because the questions were stupid bullshit 5. i'm in denial about everything and you can't prove elsewise

So, if you know about the two titles problem, why aren't you doing anything about it, huh? - Mzebonga
i'm too busy spanking myself... licking cream cheese off bagels and chewing gum

Do you have any real problems with the Reverend Lionel Stomach answering questions on BogGoblin? I mean, do you think we're trying to copy you? The reason I asked is because some inbred thinks we should suck bull's ass for copying you... I just wondered what you thought. My defence is that I found this site in a search to find out how to make the Rev's section functional. Perhaps it's not much of a defence, but I'd like it to be heard. I don't like being called a thief. Do you? - Mzebonga
well questions and answers weren't invented by us... just the letter X... so i say you hogtie this person... then send them to me for flogging...

What good are the lilies now? FartMonkey
no damned good at all

I looked at the picture from the box... I'd like to say you have very ncie furniture. I'd also like to ask if those Veggie Burgers are nice and if they come included for the $10? - Mzebonga
yes they are very good burgers but do not come included because it wouldn't be healthy to eat it after its been thawed out in the mail...

If you are the queen, and you die, your oldest child takes over being king or queen or whatever, right? So what if you have twins?
they duel to the death for it unless they can agree to take turns

Dc, What happens if you weld the ends of two guns together and fire them at the same time? Will the results be cool, require hospitalization, or both? FartMonkey
they will be cool but perhaps kill you

How come everybody says I should stop eating Mercury? It's so fun. It just rollllss right arounddddddd and makes yyour brrain dannnnceeeeeeeeen fffunnnnyyyyyyyyyyymonkeyyyeeeeeyyyyyyy
everyone is just jealous they're not stupid enough to do it

Hey, I'm seeing two of your titles. SHould I send you stuff saying it happens?
let me think... um no

What causes bad breath? How do I get rid of bad breath? Is bad breath making everybody go away? How come nobody else is here? Do they have bad breath? Where are they? Do their pets have bad breath?
stuff... brushing/flossing/mouthwash... yes... we're not real... yes... over there... yes

Can you repeat the part with the stuff about all the things? Vista (stealing a Homer quote)
homer rocks

How was your trip? Vista
it was really cool... biked around ottawa... went into quebec and biked in gatineaus mountians... we'll have a full report and some pictures up soon for you to see

I certainly hope you spell Labour with a 'u' ... Labour Day ... Labor Day--which one looks more messed? Vista
i prefer less letters in a word so i spell it labor

i haven't been here in a while...why do I like to type?and why do I like to sing?i can't figure out why...~SG*
typing is fun and makes clicky noises... and singing is fun... so fun is the reason why

What's your problem? Digest too much of your own little monkey turds? Or did you suck off Sanimal? You little fart. You are nothing but a fart and I am going to start sending you threatening messages. Unless you secretly love me. Will you marry me?
i think your having issues brought on by your obsession with me... i say you just relax and start sending me gifts again....

ok i was lookin for one site and find this site,don't know how,but ummm.........no to be mean or anythin but what is the point of this site,like askin very ummmm.....lets say.........freaky questions?
the point of this site is insanity... this question bit is just a section of it...

How freaking long does it take you to update???
well when i'm away on vacation it takes me until i come back

if croutons are stale bread why do they come in air tight packages???
to keep them fresh of course

why do toasters always have a setting that burns your toast in to a uneatable crisp?
some people like that sort of thing...

Dc, we have known eachother for a long time, and I think that now is the time to begin our sexual relationships. -Miss Roger's Sweater
what? we haven't yet? then who the hell was that last weekend???

Since skinny people like to wear Spandex so much, they can, it's still gross, but it's better than fat people wearing it. So here's my idea: for fat people, I'm going to market Tractcon, which will keep a thin layer of air between your rolls of fat and the actual material so we don't have to see the perfect sillhouette of your blubber. Not you, Dc, I mean fat people. Ok.FartMonkey
good idea... and padding for the sickening skinny people so we don't have to see their rib cages

HEY! You freakin' monkey! What you doin' in my garage? Getcho ass outta there!
the sign says garage sale... i paid twenty cents for it so just shut the hell up and YOU get out

why are they called stairs in side ......but steps out side?
they aren't... it's just you saying that and everyone laughs at you

I start school in 9 and a half hours. I am all set my bag has fresh duct tape on it and I am ready to go. I just moved to California and am starting a new school. Sadly enough It is a private school. My last High school was public. I loved it their, but i couldent stand living with my dad. So I am here with my mom. I miss geting stoned with my friends, and this new school already seems to suck. To many rules. I had to rip my sublime patch off my bag. So life here is better thain life with my dad. I still miss my friends. What should I do.--Depressed at 10:00pm "Nameless"
i say find a few other freaks and you'll have fun like with your old friends... and if that doesn't happen then shove glitter in all the vents and THAT will teach them all

My room is full of ants and spiders. Should I kill them all, or feed them with muy own blood?
feed them with your own blood...

So, do you have copyriight on "X" or am I free to play my Xylophone and watch Xena or X-Men? - Mzebonga
we decided that a letter like X can't be hoarded away from the world so we've shared it with everyone

Why do people buy shampoo when real poo is free???
i'm not really sure

I have invented the first gasoline-powered guided-missile-launching machine gun. Want me to send you one? I will also send you a small water gun, so you can have a 'fair' duel with Sanimal, who is so dumb he won't know that he is holding a small plastic water gun. FartMonkey
sure... send it to me

Exactly how much equipment must I purchase to keep my fish alive? FartMonkey
fish tank... filter thing... heater if they need it... gravel... food... strange skull for them to swim in... stupid plants... kick ass plako

What? Oh, that's it, I'm fucking your stupid monkey ass. -Fido Dido

Is it me or are those sailor uniforms from most anime a little too short?When the stretch you can almost see up their shirts!Ugh.....And aren't those skirts a little short too?Im a big anime fan but it's disturbing......-Skittles
of course... that is what certian anime is about... others are about the end of the world, or the future

Ok first question in a long time from me. Do you feel this 80's craze of Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake is a direct effect of the Brittney Spears Pespi commerical?--Mistofflies
hell no... but i'd say that iq levels everywhere have dropped due to it

Are nuns really that scary in that if you see two of them on the street in your car, you should lock the doors immediately? McDiablo
yes... and throw things... but not sharp things

Oh my, I started college today. I haven't done any school work in a year...how do you write an essay?? McDiablo
you write a lot of shit that says the same thing over and over with examples that appear credible

Should I adopt one of those cute little kitties that were shown on the news? McDiablo
of course

I think I'll be doing a LOT of writing assignments in school. This will certainly up my insanity and stress levels ... is it stressing to be insane, or insane to be stressing?? McDiablo
a little of both... but we'll be putting some ideas for projects/essays online soon so you don't have to think too hard for yourselves

Ok, so this is my story... I couldn't get a job in my hometown (not because I'm too stupid or anything, but beceuse there aren't any for ppl like me - who don't know somebody who knows somebody who owns a firm or something), so I had to move to another town. So I moved in a completely unknown town, I live in a small place with no refrigerator, tv or anythinf for entertainment and I have an older roommate (who appeared out of nowhere last night about 11 PM). The work I have to do for now is just sit around and wait for time to pass, maybe browse the net... When I finish "working" I go home and stare at the walls or walk around town to see if i can get lost (couldn't achieve that on Monday). I think it's horrible! If at least I had something to do! I need advice. (Omuletzu)
well i say you start collecting noodles, not only are they good to eat, they come in many different colors and sizes... name them after people you know... cook the ones you hate... glue them into different things... line your walls with them... the possibilites are endless

any ways to fill the void after quitting cocain?

What's in the box? What IS in the BOX? - Fido Dido
insanity and a pair of much needed latex gloves

could dc also stand for dork child??
it could... but doesn't...

hey, if ur a guy... have u ever tried AXE, the "magic spray" that gets u girls?... and if ur a girl,, do u think AXE works?
<sound of NO button>

Does Diet Dr. Pepper really taste like regular Dr. Pepper?--InsaneLane
i wouldn't know.. how about you send both to me

If you covered your keyboard in peanut butter and then placed chocolate chips on each key, would you be driven to eat as you type?--InsaneLane
i'd be driven to lick as i type

Where can I purchase an authentic British Tea Cup?--InsaneLane

Why are girls' shoes always white and pink, white and pale blue or white and yellow? What if I want a pair of black, like ALL BLACK, shoes? Vista
exactly... i say you write the companies and ask them to cut out the sexist coloring

But mommy, I don't want to go to school today. Can I stay home and bake cookies with you?? Vista
sure but i've poisoned the cookies to stop you from ever calling me mommy again

You know, it's kind of odd because before I found out about this site, my friend and I would say, "That sucks monkey bum". Seeing that you have a stinky monkey bum award, did you happen to over hear our little saying and steal it? Or are we all just so ingenious that we pulled the 'great minds think alike' trick? Vista
your friend ripped us off but that's ok we'll forgive you both

why do rich people smell like rancid beef stains? ~DAmbro~
they are rotting carcasses... just dressed up real nice

why don't u have miss piggy in ur porno?
she's a demanding bitch

There is this girl that always uses my name at the end of a sentence, i.e. "Alright, Eric." "Thanks, Eric." "Thank you for calling, Eric." "Talk to you later, Eric." I'm confused as to why she does this. Any thoughts?
she's one of those annoying people... so i say you do it back to her... except keep getting her name wrong

Why doesn't hair grow right behind your ears? FartMonkey
so you have somewhere to store your gum

A group of seven stray cats wandered into my house this morning. I want to make their stay as nice as possible, what with the cats taking over the world thing and all. Do you know their food preferences? FartMonkey
stick to mostly fish... which brings me to the point... why are there beef dishes for cats? have you ever seen a swarm of cats taking down a cow? no...

Ever meet a chicken named Rudy?FartMonkey
a chicken no... but i have met another rudy and he had invisible pet chicken

Do you know that song? Don't you hate that song? Kick the radio! Down with government!FartMonkey
yea and down with big business and poorly designed furniture

do you ever feel like mash in you key board over someones head ?
yes and i've done it twice

Why the hecklesville am I so tired? McDiablo
its the caffeine crash

Would you like to meet Miss Roger's Sweaters' aunt, also known as sistah-B? McDiablo
maybe some other day... and as long as she's not the crazy one with all the fish

Have you tried Blue Pepsi, Mountain Dew Code Red or Vanilla Coke? McDiablo
no no and no

dang i keep forgetting to come here.. are you enjoying the back to school season? - Miss Roger's Sweater
damnit you better remember... or we won't do your homework for you... and i'm out of school so i laugh at the school season

i went to a Jewel concert last weekend, i've lost all punk rock credibility haven't i? - Miss Roger's Sweater
damn straight... what were you thinking????

the richmond campus has 3 levels, but the langley campus only has two, the surrey on has multiple buildings with two levels, how much does it suck that i have to drive to all those in a week? - Miss Roger's Sweater
it sucks a lot

i think that McDiablo's and my Lit teacher is a dork, what do you think? - Miss Roger's Sweater
i agree... and would like to add that the whole chalkboard/whiteboard thing has gone too far

If someone you didn't like at all gave you a invitation to a party or something,what would you do?-Skittles
i would throw out the invite and not go or give it to someone i know the invitee would hate

Do you ever drink carbonated drinks? Why or why not?
yes... i prefer gingerale... i do not care for colas very much cuz i just don't like them

Does it hurt if a man who has been sexually active - abstinates from sex for a long period? - PK
not that i'm aware of... but then again that's what masturbation is about

Our boss leaves petty, spiteful notes full of fake cheer and thinly veiled threats that pretend to be for everybody but are usually a way of publicly humiliating individuals. Everybody is terrorized by it. I told them to quit reading the stupid shit and then they wouldn't even know or care. They always seem so stunned by the suggestioin. Everybody at the house I used to work at seemed stunned that people actually feed into that shit.You don't need to read the thing to know what's going on, you just skim it a couple of times a week for your name and what's going on that day. Why can't the people at this house figure the shit out?
they are eating too much meat and mcdonalds so they are brainwashed into believing whatever the logo of the week tells them... i say resist by writing your own emails... or simply altering the one your boss sends out to be nice and sending it back around... the worst they can do is fire you... and then you get to find another job to begin it all again cuz they're all the same

Would you please remind me telepathically to grab some BIOHAZARD stickers for you tomorrow? I have stamps now so I can send them. I have them on my phone and computer and they are fantastic. --Enfante Terrible
sure... and send some to me too

Argh! I want a refund! I'm not satisfied with the answer I got from you! Why? Because there aren't any coloured noodles in Romania! If you'll send me some, maybe... Oh! Almost forgot! New development in my situation: in the future I'll have 2 roommates. 3 ppl in 2 beds! Isn't that nice? Need better advice! (Omuletzu)
well that is just too bad... you will have to learn to color them yourself... three people in 2 beds?? sounds good

i found a lot of dead batteries in my room while cleaning it, i feel bad for throwing them out cuz there is still a wee bit of life in them.. what do you think of the whole situation? - Miss Roger's Sweater
i say you give them proper indian burials

my tummy is growling.. what do i feed it? - Miss Roger's Sweater
my first impulse was to say food, but that is just too predictable... so i say feed it wool... your tummy will feel full... and it will be fun to see how you shit you out

clicky pens.. good/bad? - Miss Roger's Sweater
good for me... bad for others

should i jump at the chance to spend the afternoon with my mommy? or should i just roll over and go back to sleep? - Miss Roger's Sweater
i say you sleep all morning... hang w/the mom... then sleep more before going out and partying with friends

Who the hell used my name to ask a question? The one that said "What? Oh, that's it, I'm fucking your stupid monkey ass. -Fido Dido".. I don't suppose you might have their ip address? - Fido Dido PS - What's the deal with the letter "j"?
people just want to BE you... and the letter j is something i can't really discuss here

I am wearing my overalls today. I haven't worn them in some time ... do you think they are glad that I saved them from the depths of my closet, or will they try to kill me in my sleep when I take them off? McDiablo
they will try to kill you... but they've been plotting that way before you forgot all about them and left them neglected alone in a closet where its dark so dark you just want to scream until you die but the gag stops you

How come even when I write something on my hand (so I'll remember to do it), I STILL forget it? McDiablo
your forehead is working against you

Don't you hate it when someone is sitting there practically reading over your shoulder? McDiablo
yes so i usually elbow them in the stomach but they're invsible so it doesn't work

Why is it that when you have a song stuck in your head, it's usually a song you dislike? McDiablo
thats just the sort of sick and self-hating creatures humans are

Do you like Space Ghost?
i should know what that is but it escapes me

What are you going to do with those ceramic poodles now that grandma is sleeping?
smash their little heads in and dance on the broken pieces until my paws bleed

Do you know how to levitate?
i used to but i have forgotten

The cat has become sneaky. It has tried to kill me twice this weak. While driveing home frome school my car staled 4 times. I am positive its the cats fault. Then Yesterday morning I woke up and went for some breakfest. I usualy eat without my contacts on, lets just say I cant see with out them. But I had to go to the bathroom. So I put my contacts on. When I walked into the kitchen the floor was coverd with forks and double side tape. An obvious bobytrap layed by The Cat. I am afraid for my life. Now I sleep with my door closed and locked. What should I do? "Nameless"
you should start feeding the cat... building shrines in its honor... and stop petting it the wrong way

Are u gay or are u married with kids?
no to both

How do u get a male to get on a hard and keep it hard for longer then 5 minutes?
you get a non-sex staved guy...

Do u know where all my bras are?
i've hidden them in the walls

AM I pretty and sexy?
well... i'll just SAY yes

I'm 20 year old female from P.Nth, N.Z, and i am sick n tried of putting up with all the abuse and shit that comes with it from every male i go out with, but my question is what do I look for in a guy to find out if he is right for me or not. I'm in need of help dude!
you look for one that isn't abusive and full of shit? maybe look for substance? make sure you're not playing bullshit games either?

Is it bad that I woke up at 11am and think, "Man, I majorly slept in!"?? Vista
majorly sleeping in is waking up and having to figure out what month it is

What do you think of when you hear the name Manfred Goring? Vista
i think of that gong show and wonder if maybe i should get one of those things in my apartment

Should I leave my brother home alone and hope he doesn't burn the house down? Vista
yes... just be prepared for something nasty being left in your bed if it's not burnt down

Why in Gods name do we fall in love with the wrong people. I mean why could I not find a person who dones't have the mattuiry of a 60 year old. I am young and I want to party. AHHHH--Mistofflies
then get one of those mindless idiots who cranks his shitty music in his barely-held-together civic

what does kai mean in japanese
i don't know but to some it means 'dead guy with strange hair'

Revvy Rev here - Are you allergic to latex condoms due to too much alcohol going through your blood stream? Hopefully you're only allergic during the new moon phase, otherwise you might as well be a greasy Roman crackah.
no i'm not... i can prove it too

Who the hell said breakfast was the most important meal of the day? Vista
some prat who has nothing better to say and then has to make some 'break the fast... get it?' sorta comment

Do you like to imitate accents from different countries? I find great delight in doing this. Vista
yes but not some countries... THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE

Last night, i dreamt i was eating a big juicy steak! it was so raw and the blood was still dripping from it...what does THAT mean? i don't eat beef! - SiNiSTaR
that means that you have strange dreams and if you're missing your pillow then you've eaten it

One day, you'll run out of answers. Then what? - SiNiSTaR
then i start making up lies

On a scale of Greatness (rating from George W Bush to the omniscient force which created this earth) where to the following people rate: 1) JCP 2) You 3) Me 4) Sally 5) Anastacia - the cat not the singer 6) The guy you invented the flushable toilet - Mzebonga
1) close to omniscient force but usually its just violent force (yea i said it... now what jcp? NOW WHAT?) 2) i am sock monkey... hear me roar... 3) around that point where things are good but not above my pillows status... 4) sally has been fully approved by the cats so she's above you.... 5) there is nothing higher then ana... 6) he gets a 4

Ive been waiting for freaking ages for this package to come from my grandmother who lives overseas. It was supposed to be a birthday present but my birthday's in June, and now its September! Wheres my package? I really want whats in it! - Waxter
maybe the postal service has stolen it so they can fling it at your head at a later date?

Guess what I have! Go on guess! Its not physical and its not an emotion. Can you guess? - Waxter
you've got that weird puppet again don't you? i told you not to dig it out of the damned garbage...

What's the speed of dark?
it depends on where the dark is

one time i farted in a jar and i sat in the back window of the car for weeks in the hot sun. would you smell it?
no but i'll give you a shiny penny if you do

last night i asked my gf this "if a stuck my dick up your moms ass and then i came home and got you to suck on it,would you?" she said it was sick .....so i asked her if she would even if there was shit and corn on it.then i had a big loughing attack it was fukin funny do you think so?
i do think that is funny... and so does jcp... we also think it's funny that she got pissed off for real about that...

How do you make a monkeys chain
you bribe them

My maths and english exams are on Friday the 13th . . . . should I be scared of failing? - Fish
you should be afraid of hidden traps, word games and paperbacks... failing is just something we all do for fun

Why dont sheep shrink in the rain? The Cheese Mister
sheep don't actually exist

Are all blondes stupid?Even non-natural blondes?Why are blondes stupid?AM I stupid?(Im blonde)-The Cheese Mister
no... hair color has nothing to do with stupidity unless they dye their hair a stupid color

where is my monkey?
well since you spanked it last time... it's been hiding in the closet

Who will win the superbowl this year, and what is the reasoning behind this conclusion?
well i'm going to assume a football team will... simply because a hockey team would have a hard time moving about the feild

why do betta fish, which are supposed to eat the plant and clean their own bowl, need fed and the bowl needs cleaned?
its all a marketing ploy

yesterday mr.bungle told me bout the sercret stash..hmmm??
they did? and they still haven't told me? i'm outraged

were can i find pictures of monkeys flinging shit
well not here but let me know when you find a site

wassup DC man, are you married and do have a girl friend, how old are you?
no i'm not, shutup and i'm 25

this morning i woke up and stuck my cock in my gf's face and she woke up and got all flusterd and she said "how would you like it if i did that to you" and then she bit my nutsac it really hurt. so the question is .............................. ..................................do you eat 1.69 big macs on tuesday?
i don't eat big macs ANY day

Hi DC I'm back from my trip and had alot of fun. I went to Penang and Singapore. I had alot of fun shopping , I think that I could shop till I drop. My question is why? I just love it, I can't get enough of shopping. Even better in foriegn countries because things are cheaper and you can buy more. It must be a girl thing. Anyways good to catch up, Sally
i don't understand the whole shopping thing... so i asked jcp and she had no idea either... so a few girls escape the shopping thing but the real question is... what did you get me?

Should we consider the anal to be an exit or an entry?
well for some people it is both... so say we just call it a hole

if you got really really drunk, would you have unprotected sex with SAnimal? how about for oh, say, $1,000,000,000,000,000,000?
well fine but i want half up front in cash

who do you think is smarter, SAnimal or dubya?
i don't know what dubya is but i'll choose that

Was it there? Should i move it, where should it go?
put it there by that thing with the werid shit on it

DC, sometimes my cat farts and it is very offensive to my nose. what should i change in his diet to overcome this problem? - SiNiSTaR
hmmm... that is a question for a vet

My little sister is SO annoying!She carves things into the soap and digs her fingers into it,and when I try to tell her something she gets mad and starts to scream and attack everyone and everything.And when I do something,it gets worse.What should I do to make her stop?-Skittles
i used to carve up soap too... just get your own soap and hide it... and i say glue peanuts to her ceiling... it should either scare her away from you, or confuse her for weeks

why is it taking me so long to wake up? - Miss Roger's Sweater
well you have to get out of your pjs, out of your bed, and unwrap the blankets from around you

lit class or stay in bed for a long time? - Miss Roger's Sweater
stay in bed

it's 9:20am and my house is empty. was it the darn aliens again? i mean.. what aliens? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes it was... and its so they can have anti-you meetings... i say you throw all the food in the bathtub... that will show the bastards

I'm worried about the letter "j".. It doesn't appear to be doing much at all.. Is it only waiting for it's moment to pounce? Is it going to kill us all? - Fido
yes it is... and don't think its just 'one of those things' when it's the first letter of jcp

I have a pet comb named Steve....He has a googly eye....he hasn't been moving and he hasn't said anything to me in weeks....Whats happening?Is he dead?Whats wrong with him!?-Skittles
i think he's pretending to be dead so he can find out how you really feel about him...

what do magic shrooms look like and where to i go to get then and now that they are the right magic shorrms
they look like normal mushrooms i guess... i don't know at the moment... and i don't know that either

Space Ghost is a cartoon. Remember Brak and Zorak? I almost broke my head from the stress of laughing so hard at the episode when Brak sang Mr. Tambourine Man. Did you see it?
i thought so... and no i haven't seen it but maybe i did and am repressing the memories

Give me a good reason not to hate you for not answering the questions (my question) for so long!! Argh! (Omuletzu)
well... the best reason i can come up with is 'the fries weren't done so i had no choice'

what is nirvana
a state of bliss or a band... sometimes both

Why the hell did you have to hide my bra's into the wall for?
to teach you a lesson...

Am I insane to come to theinsanedomain.com or is it that I'm a weird person? Be truefull to me PLEASE dude.
its a bit of both so be sure to come back

I've decided that it's time for another one of those long rambling questions that appear to go nowhere and have some sort of mild punchline at the end but really only every deserve you wrath. I say this because I've noticed since you've harshened your rules concerning long rambling and numerous qustions, there have been a sharp downturn in the quantity of shitty questions that amuse and I think it's to the detriment of this feature. Sure, there's still and abundance of shitty questions, but on the most part they appear to be little more than just that, shitty. See, most of the comedy of this section is contained within the question and occasionally within the answer. Not to do a disservice to your answers because, if they were truly turd, none of us would come back. But it's the sad case like, for example, Fido Dido, who comes up with some passingly vulgar and ridiculous comment which you promptly dismiss and suggest some equally ridiculous alternative so the comedy is more laughing at the pitiful question rather than laughing at the absurdity of the answer. Where was I? Oh, yeah... Rambling questions... So, i figured that it was time to resurrect rambling questions to the good of TheInsaneDomain and it's consumers. Because, I read the whole "Dude Where's My Car/September 11th" scenario question last year and, while it was rambling, stupid and absurd, I can't help feeling somewhat rewarded by getting to the end of it alive. And, frankly, the name of the film "Dude Where's My Car" is, in itself a source of very exquisite comedy. So, what I'm saying, at some point in this long rambling bullshit is that, because of "Dude Where's My Car" the long rambling question should not be resurrected and anyone trying to ask a long rambling question should be hung, drawn and quartered like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Wouldn't you agree? - Mzebonga
thank you for the rambling question... since you acutally put thought into it i welcomed it greatly... and let's face it, i haven't seen braveheart and it doesn't sound like i missed much...

All this school work is making me think way too much and is resulting in making me feel a little bit nutty. What should I do? McDiablo
i say you paint everything orange... even your socks...

Why didn't my dad's car pass Air Care? Why Why Why???? McDiablo
its BAD ... very very bad... and i blame you

Do sock monkeys, like all monkeys, like bananas? McDiablo
no... some of them hate them and would rather drink the piss out of a dead kangaoos bladder then eat one

how can i learn to talk very sexualy to my mate you know dirty nasty talking
well there are probably lessons online... you just say whatever comes to you... nothing about their mom though

I just pulled out a tooth and nobody else knows yet. What is the best practical joke you can think of so that I could use it? I was thinking I could get someone to hit me, act suprised, and spit it in their face. Any better ideas?
bite into something and then scream about your tooth and then freak out completely until they cry

Will you join RABUS? It stands for Revolt Against the Blonde and Utterly Stupid. It's a very chairtable organization all of our money goes straight to us. Because revolting is very money consuming.-Retarded Monkey Queen
just because someone is blond does not mean they are stupid... i will however rally against just the stupid people

have u ever wanted to be a girl so u wont have to be kicked in the balls?
no i'd like to be a whale so i can shit in the ocean

Does Marilyn Manson like cheese?
well if he knows how good aged cheddar tastes then i'll bet he does

where can i find a site to download the cky movies
that i don't know... however you can use a program like kazaa to find them

how come you make people wait for an answer???
i'm a bitch that way

why does it say send your pathetic ? your the one thats pathetic if u need people to write and ask u ?'s that u probaly dont no shit about
blah blah blah

Oh,sorry..Its not annoying if you carve into soap...Its olny annoying when my sister does it.I don't have any glue..or peanuts...Sad huh?But we have plenty of soap...Should I like melt it or something and hide it in her pillow?Or should I put Nair hair remover into her shampoo?-Skittles
yes hide it in her pillow... get her some scented bars and it will distract her for days... shoving bath beads into her mouth would be fun too

Do you watch the brak show?Or Aqua Teen Hunger Force?-Skittles
haven't heard of either

What must one do to get the onion smell off of their fingers? McDiablo
first... stop touching onions... second... wash your hands with lemons

How dorky am I that I watched a show today about video games? McDiablo
well if they're shitty video games then very dorky... but if they're cool games then not dorky

My new dictionary defines everything from 'one-night stand' to 'fuck'. My question is, now that I, and my family, are dumbstruck by this dictionary, will my respect for thesaurus' diminsh? McDiablo
hell no... it will give you new words to find other words for

Why the hell did I write 'diminish' up there? Am I trying to sound edumacated or something??? McDiablo
i think you are but thats ok cuz i didn't have to look it up to understand it

last night i watched "what lies beneath" at a friend's house.. is it bad that when i got home i ran all the way to the front door and fumbled with my keys trying to get in.. or am i just one big sissy? - Miss Roger's Sweater
well... we'll pretend there were scary noises so you can act all tough at school... and so your friends won't make fun of you and call you scardie cat

i think my mom is devising a plan to take over the world, what do you think? - Miss Roger's Sweater
i think she's only pretending to take over the world when in fact she is just trying to drive you crazy by making it LOOK like she's taking over the world

is it bad that i went to the library yesterday, and when they closed i wasn't finished my writing so i finished it in my car while the library employees all drove away? - Miss Roger's Sweater
no... sometimes you got to get it all out while you can... next time follow the library employees home and see if they have stolen any books

is McDiablo's and my psychology teacher related in any way to Dr.Evil? cuz i think he might be.. -Miss Roger's Sweater
yes... but distantly and only because someone got drunk and fucked a tree frog

If you could be a CD, which one would you be? - Fido Dido
i'd be a mixed mp3 one... with a variety of bands on me... and they'd LOVE it

Hi i've just discovered u 2day hooray. i'm from england .i ask question - this guy from my school threw a rock at my house. what should i do? i tried looking 4 a site on how to make a voodoo doll but i cant find one.help!!! from randy mandy
well you first find the person... then stab them with a tiny pin... they will yell out... as for the rock throwing... i say you paint the rock and mail it to him

Do you have pictures of a guitar with its parts labled?
no not yet

We're both demons,right?!?! So answer me this: Tenchi's not gonna go 4 that stupid princess is he?He's gonna fall 4 me,right/ -Ryoko
you're not a demon at all... and boyfriend/girlfriend/love questions do NOT count

When will you answer my question?(sent 9/16/02) -Ryoko

I like K'Nex...I built a scythe,2 daggers,a sword and 5 butcher knives outta K'Nex..Cool huh?~SG*
thats only slightly cooler then the time i fell into the swamp... and that wasn't cool at all

Will Sarah ever leave me the fuck alone?
no and if you don't do what she says she will turn your socks inside out

My brother knew what country Giza was in. Should I be proud of him? Vista
yes you should unless hes above the age of 15

Sarcophagus, anyone? Vista
i'll take two

Would you want to be immortal? Vista
no i'd be very bored

Why is tendonitis such a b with an itch? - Miss Roger's Sweater
it hurts with a lot of pain

Ahhhhhh... the joy of not doing anything and getting paid! And the pain of it... It's like school again! And it's only Tuesday. It'll get worse, then better, then worse again. Is this how life is supposed to be? I'm used to nobody giving a shit about what I do! (That's why I don't usually do what I should - I do what I like - Me, me, me, only me! Is that natural? Am I normal?) I found another course to read, though I don't understand it, it gives us the impression that they don't pay me for sleeping in my chair. Everybody's gone now... busy, guess I could just go home and they wouldn't notice. I hate this and it doesn't make any sense for me. This is a family firm - 5 sets of relatives work here (father and son, husband & wife...)! Hate it! And I can't make it work! A few months of learning, he said, 2-3! I dont't know if I can take 3 months of this - they have better things to do that show me what I have to do to learn. He just hired me because he had to and now I feel bad for not doing anything for him? Is he doing anything for me? I want to complain when I get home, but I can't - it just feels too good to be home again. A week ago I felt like asking: "Can't you just give me the stuff i have to learn and send me home to do it?" They even took my computer (not mine, but the one I was working on). I had stuff saved there!I had the course there! There are other computers, but I won't ask them to put the course on one of them... I want to see when they wake up! He said - "The only trouble you can get into is if 2 months pass and you're not finished with the course!" Well? We'll see about that! I've been here for 2.5 hours and I still have about 4 to stay. What if I write on this "question" all this time? It'll be like a novel. I can't believe I started with "Ahhhhhh... the joy of..."!!! There's no joy! Only pain! I could be doing something useful or something I like instead of this... nothing! Why is time passing so inconstant? The good moments are short and the bad ones are infinite! I suppose that's my fault too! Is it my fault that there are no jobs for people like me in this country? My fault too that if you want a job you have to pay or know someone powerful? Am I responsible for all the corruption in this country? Can I change anything? Will I ever make a difference? Will I ever do what I like? Will I live forever, or die poor and sick and with no friends? I just wanna know, but I don't trust the crystal ball! Don't use that shitty trick on me! Just tell me I'm a pathetic loser and it'll never get better... or tell me how to make it better. (And no coloured noodles, please, or you may have me on your counscience...) (Omuletzu)
why did you make me read so much? do you not care that maybe some of us need to sleep? what if i just pretended to read it and then just typed this in to be oh so lazy... but i did read it and i just want to slap you for typing so much oh so much oh so much... damnit stop sitting there asking yourself these questions and either do something about it or shut the hell up

This is not a question. It's a protest! I don't like that you people changed the colour of the good question award. Red doesn't bother me, but it makes the award less visible. (Omuletzu)
maybe if you send me money i'll change it back

didn't you know that 'dubya' is george 'dubya' bush? anywhoo, would you have unprotected sex with SAnimal and his grandmother for $0.94? - SiNiSTaR
i didn't know cuz i am in denial about him... and i'd think about it but say no

Actually, do you have a list of sexual favours you specialise in and the price range? thanks, SiNiSTaR
bondage... and lots of cash depending on the day and how much i have to dress up

If you were a mouse, would you like to be called a pointing device? (Omuletzu)
yes... and i'd be happy to have people playing with my ball

I think I'm a class act. What do you think? - Mzebonga
like a science class? no.... more like art class

Where is the "ANY" button on my keyboard? - Wiki
right there... see it???

Are you my friend?I dont have many friends...I'd give you $10 or more,but I can't seem to find my wallet...-Skittles
i'm not your friend until you pay me

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