last summer i had a giant chicken stuck in my bladder... the dr. says that i should have fully recovered by now... but im still crapping out eggs... like um..what should i do??
well i'd try making omlettes out of the eggs... perhaps you can make some money off this condition of yours

so DC tell are you in bed? are you rough and aggressive, or are you a slow and passionate pussy waggle?
it all depends on how much coffee i've had, how much you're paying me and how tired i am

What's up with those wierd tribes that drink um..what is it..milk mixed with some kind of blood? That's just scary...we need to parachute some carbonated beverage stands down in there. Those cows are going to come seek revenge soon, aren't they? FartMonkey
hell no... haven't you tried it? it's great... and unlike those other humans, some of the tribes don't slaughter rooms full of them to produce the drink for everyone else on the planet... you can taste the difference in homemade milk and blood drink

Can you give me a good excuse to swear at people? FartMonkey
you are able to swear, so therefore, you must

Is it ok that I named my website with a word that I made up (Chiggerphotl)? FartMonkey
sure why not? you could even name it ralphy

what kind of a pathetic girl would keep going back to an idiot who keeps hurting her. should she learn to keep her distance or is it better to handcuff her to a burning log in order to teach her a lesson? - watermelon
beat her with the burning log, then handcuff her to it

i luv my bf but i don't think he luvs me as much as i luv him. what shuld i do?
<loud buzzer noise of NO> OK people listen up... we seem to be getting these 'realationship' questions... the answer to them all are 'use your brain for once'... highschool romances are not worth the energy to even speak of... if you're with someone and they treat you shitty, then that's that, you get rid of them... blah blah USE YOUR BRAIN... if you're in love with someone that doesn't love you... wah wah wah USE YOUR BRAIN and get over it... for the rest of you... SHUT UP ALREADY

what do you call a girl who rubs her breasts on other people all the time instead of simply chatting to them like a proper human being? - SiNiSTaR
well there are a few things that come to mind... it might be a good thing... but if she's stupid as shit then after the original rub i would have to shove her away from me so i don't have to hear her blither on about her hair or some shit like that...

i have a problem with the very root of our civilization, our NURSERY RHYMES!!! i mean, take humpty dumpty for eg, he takes a big fall, n can you imagine that it takes ALL the kings men and all his HORSES? i mean what in gods name for. ?????? should be the rescue squad calls for back up on the phone, the conversation might sound something like this "Dan? yeah, we have an emergency. yeah its humpty again, yup i think you better call the rest, and bring the horses too...." what about the other one, rub a dub dub three men in a tub??? in a TUB? what the hell are they doing there, let's not even go into that issue.... - watermelon
those horses can figure that sort of thing out... just don't let jcp hear about it... and there is nothing wrong with three consenting adult men being in a tub...

My brother overly enjoys honking his car horn in this video game he is currently playing. Why the hell does he do this? McDiablo
if it's grand theft auto 3 then i say you steal it and the playstation 2 from him and send it to me to figure out an answer for you

How scary is it that I had a Mariah Carey-like mental breakdown yesterday? McDiablo
don't you EVER use that kind of language in here again... she has NO right being metioned on this site

My mom kicked my cat's leg this morning and it most likely hurt her quite a bit. Is she ticked at my mom and silently plotting revenge? McDiablo
of course... i would make it clear you don't support your moms actions...

Speaking of accidentally hurting my cat, I think she enjoys pain. She always walks under our feet when we're walking around and we come so close to stepping on her. Is this where she gets her adrenaline rushes? McDiablo
yes... and she enjoys making you people trip over yourselves as you try to avoid tripping on her... plus if you DO trip on her... there is chance you'll feel bad and give her food/treats

is there such a thing as a library party? - MIss Roger's Sweater
yes... have you never been to one?

is it ok to get a slurpee not accompanied by anyone? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes... but when you hide them around the house then you have a problem

is there such thing as God? -tyler
and which definition of god will we be using?

What are the signs of a sock monkey going bad? Are there professional, rehabilitative services available in the Upstate New York region or would my monkey need special documentation and a mercy flight to Canada? --Enfante Terrible
if they begin to lick garden rocks and stop touching their tails then they are going bad... yes there is help... in most severe cases a 'restuffing' is needed

is spending time at the library going to turn me into a raving lunatic? (not a raver) - Miss Roger's Sweater
if you're in the children's or non-fiction sections then yes... if you're in the magazine section... run far far away

my tummy keeps making noises.. the hell? - Miss Roger's Sweater
normally i'd say hit it but due to some recent stomach pains i'd have to say that might not be the best thing to do...

who gave u powers? u never made it yourself? you'll shut me up if you prove it right now. who the FUCK r u lovin?
i did... um what?... and thank you drive through

Who owns the moon? If I went up there and started my own little moon colony and everything would somebody try to kick me out?--Syko Morgana
i do and no i wouldn't... i encourage you humans to get off this planet

Those speak and spell toys in your toy box are classics!!! Did you save all those toys from when you were a kid or did you steal them from a day care?--Syko Morgana
well jcp likes to keep weird stuff, and recently my parents have been cleaning their garage and having boxes of stuff for my brother and i to go through to see if want anything... i now have 'choose your own adventures' again... stealing from a daycare is a great idea though

dc i gotta confession..i did a horrible horrible thing..please almighty dc!please bless me with your forgiveness!!cus i lied in the answerings of the what-ifs and the questionnaire..oh the pain must be lifted ..could you please lift it from me!!!oh my wonderful sorry.Im so so very sorry.......-ToAshamedToBeNamed
<whips you with your mousecord> how dare you lie! <whips> you dirty liar! <whips>

I AM under the impresion that you want me to adopt your kid brother,,,,,,I cant take that!! if you are stuck w/him, that is your problem. AM I right
fine i'll keep him... he's not so bad anyways...

What kinds of jerks don't love asking DC questions? I mean DC is insperational and can make you think. SO DC what are you thinking about right now??? ~JeEpY
i'm thinking that 'damn my stomach feels messed up and this sucks'... i may need a restuffing...

Is it normal to start thinking with an English accent after you've heard people from England talk for about 3 hours? McDiablo
no... it's not normal if you watch all of red dwarf and develop one though

My mom is always wondering why there are people out there who make computer viruses. "Do they have no life?" she asks aloud. What do you think? McDiablo
i think that some of them make them with a specific target in mind... some just want to prove they can do it... and others are just assholes who like to cause shit

I haven't even been in school for two weeks and I'm procrastinating already. Is this bad? McDiablo
no... keep up the good work

i want the lyircs to 'you're a bastard'... would that be possible? will JCP let me have 'em? i'm thinking of writing a letter to one of my retarded stalkers, and i wanna put the lyrics in (with full credits to JCP). - SiNiSTaR
hmmm... i'm sure she can come up with them... send in your request on the form and she'll send them to you

what does JCP stand for? and what does Sanimal stand for/mean and is Sanimal pronounced like animal just with an s on it?
her intials mostly... it stands for Stupid animal... yes... or shithead

I had a dream last night that involved me playing softball (a sport I stopped playing about three years ago) with old team mates with Denzel Washington as the coach (and he was mean). What do you make of that?? McDiablo
i think you've been watching tv too much

Will I be able to read two novels at the same time without losing my mind? McDiablo
yes i have about 3 now... oh wait... that's not a good example of 'not losing one's mind'

My mom is taking a nap at 10am. Don't people usually take naps later in the day when they are dead tired from whatever the heck they've done during the day? McDiablo
that or they are sick... or they are so fed up with you they are faking being asleep

DC, our school has blocked your wonderful website. do you have any idea why this may be, apart from the fact that our teachers are fascists. also, what non educational website can i broaden my mind with in "study periods" now i cant get on this fabulous one?
well this does happen since there is some apparently 'offensive' language and ideas... oh and something about sock monkey porn too... i say you spend your study periods writing hate mail to the network administrator

You skipped my "Human League" question... You bastard! As a result I will now ask: why doesn't Mariah Carey love me as much as I love her and should I leave her because she is treating me shitty? Wahhhh wahh wahh. That'll teach you to fuck with me, bucko. - Mzebonga (Incidentally, for the record, I hate Mariah Carey).
well i should hope that you do... and call me a bastard again... i like how you say it with that accent of yours... it makes me go all quibbly inside

I AM calm now, I couldent take the responsibility, I hardly cope with myself, if it werent for the ride I got today..... are you wetmonkeys all the same gender, or are you a He/She?
wetmonkeys? well i'm dry at the moment... so go ask a wetmonkey

why did i have to get sick now, in the midst of school and homework? - Miss Roger's Sweater
to punish you for your wicked deeds! repent! repent!

why does my neighbour make fun of my msn nicknames.. they're lyrics from songs.. do i deserve this picking on? - Miss Roger's Sweater
well that all depends on what lyrics you're using... but i say you fling wet towels at him to teach him a lesson

is it cool that the doctor i went to yesterday was explaining how i got sick by saying that "the bacteria invaded and took over" - Miss Roger's Sweater
woah... they can plan invasions now? i must now prepare for the apocalypse...

can i stay on this couch and never get up until i am not sick anymore.. do you think my guitar teacher would mind if i accidently didn't show up at his place for my lesson? - Miss Roger's Sweater
stay on the couch and he won't notice because he is preoccupied with a shiny guitar pick...

Don't you have something else to do ?
yes... well ok no... well yes some dishes... but no i don't want to do them

If you knew that britney spears had asked you a question like this, if you couldn't delete it, how many monkey butts would you give it? FartMonkey
i would fill every page of this site with monkey butts

Every day for the past one day I have had 8 crackers with cheese on top. Should I bust the record and go for 9 today? FartMonkey
yes... it's best not to rush into these things... after lots of hard work and many years of training, i can now eat 20 or more a day...

Is it normal to continue licking the wrappers that the cheese slices come in long after there isn't any cheese left on them? FartMonkey
no it's not... not for other boring people though... what isn't right is chewing on a muffin wrapper after you're done with the muffin

If I could send you one picture of anything right now, how big would it be and what would it be of? FartMonkey
i would like a detailed picture of the galaxy... i would like it big enough to wallpaper a house with it

does outter space really exsist or is it just made up since they know that we will never get there?
well once i have my picture of the galaxy i'll show it to you... buy me a telescope and i'll write you up a big report on it... sniff... i don't even have my own telescope <wipes tear from eye>

Why are they called sanitary napkins if they are not all that sanitary? Humm....?-Blir
well they start off sanitary... and if they weren't there then things would be less sanitary to sit on

If Polly wants a cracker, what does DC want? McDiablo
a telescope... spawn figures... money so i don't have to go to my job anymore

Do you have an evil twin? McDiablo
no i have a good twin... i'm the evil twin

What do you think about those people who have multiple personalities? McDiablo
i think they're all great...

Would you like some Doritos? McDiablo
yes... i like those

If you were straned in the middle of the ocean, with three other people on broad with you where would you hide your chocolate (Oh pleeeease let this get an award)?
i would hide it in my ears... once i was done eating the three others, i could enjoy my chocolate in peace... and sorry... no award... your check bounced

what if we ‘normal’ people were really the insane ones and that the so-called ‘insane’ people, the ones that we lock up in mental institutions, are really the normal ones? how do we know?
if you can pinch the edge of your earlobe (at the bottom) and it doesn't hurt, then you are a 'real' insane person and not a normal one...

keeping in trend with all the dumbass relationship questions that some morons have been asking lately, maybe you can help me with my little personal conflict with my boyfriend *giggle, blush, gag* my boyfriend (who happens to exist only in my mind, and strangely, in the mind of my 2nd cousin) has been acting odd of late, my question is, should i stab him with the little potted plant i got from my aunt for christmas, or should i check myself into a mental institution of some sort - marissa
i'm voting for the potted plant... do you think your aunt bought you it so it could just sit there being ignored? she wanted to get you something that you would like and use... so you stop being a little brat and use the plant already

Is it bad to be obsessive with school? As in the form of you have an online class and you are doing a discussion and you want to be the one who always answers the question right after someone else. Is it really that bad?? ~JeEpY
if you were in my class, yes... but you're not so go ahead...

My great Uncle Woosiepop always used to say to me "UUURRRRRGH! UUUUUURRRRRGGGHHHH! WAAAAA" I never knew why, could you shed any light on this subject?
yes... he never existed... your mom just said that a rock was your uncle just to shut you up

Miss Rogers' Sweater and I have class tonight and she is quite sick. How long before she falls asleep and/or dies? McDiablo
about an hour... then just kick her under the desk and pretend that you haven't seen her all night

Do you remember weird things like random lines from movies or events when you were, like, three years old? McDiablo
yes... and it's not easy being green

I am three years older than my sister and six years older than my brother. How sad is it that both of them are taller than me? McDiablo
pretty sad... but thats fine... all the good stuff in life is down low anyways

i've been sick for the last few days.. do i have the plague? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes.. but if it's the black plague then that's cool...

will i manage multiple hours of classes today without passing out in a pool of my own drool? - Miss Roger's Sweater
nope... you'll pass out twice but you won't miss anything important

Lately, instead of asking "what's the problem" or "what's going on" or "what's up" i have been saying "what's the dilio?". What the hell is the dilio anyways? - SiNiSTaR
i'm not sure but you know there is someone out there who does know the answer and just to be spiteful they won't tell us so i say we hunt them down and beat them with used spoons

why do some people get mad when they read other people's questions? it's not like it was sent to THEM! i think YOU're the only one with the right to get mad... aren't you? - SiNiSTaR
exactly... i should be allowed to beat any of you too... oh no wait... that requires a lot of effort... hmmm...

what sort of choccies do you like? i like the ones with yoghurt inside them. and nuts. do you like nuts? - SiNiSTaR
of what? what the hell are you talking about? yogurt and nuts?

did you know that i could proabaly write a biography on miss rogers sweater/mcdiablo JUST based on the questions she asks?! Thats cool! Hey, do you want me to send you a copy?
sure, send them copies too... and when is my biography going to be on the biography channel?

Your not the same anymore. So I'd better ask a question, do you love Angelina Jolie as much as I do? Sally
i'm not? damn! i knew this new stuffing was no good!!! and my small attempt at loving angelina would fail compared to yours...

is my cold going away? cuz i can't tell.. - Miss Roger's Sweater
if you go to wipe your nose on your sleeve and it doesn't leave a trail of shiny snot on your arm, then your cold is going away

why the hell are they playing a dashboard confessional tune on regis and kelly when they fade to a commercial? i didn't know regis was emo! - Miss Roger's Sweater
why are you watching regis anyways? your cold has NOT gone away.. you are obiously quite ill!

would you like to come over for a light switch rave? - Miss Roger's Sweater
it's been years since i've done that so i'll put on my raving boots and head on over...

i haven't had a slurpee since monday.. my cold won't kill me, it'll be the slurpee withdrawl right? - Miss Roger's Sweater
slurpees help colds... go out and get some or force someone to feel enough pity to go get you one

Bastard. Bastard. Bastard. And what kind of word is quibbly anyway? - Mzebonga
i don't know but i heard it on red dwarf and liked it

I was just wondering how many lights are in the room you are in? I wonder this because there is only one light in this room but... yes there is a but.. it has 3 light bulbs so it is really one light or is it 3??~JeEpY
none at the moment... it is sunny outside and the blinds are open enough to let light in, but not open enough for the trash living out there to stare in at me

Once a friend of mine, and Miss Rogers' Sweater, were driving along the road in a car and I said something like, "I'd avoid it like a plague". Miss Rogers' Sweater proceeded to laugh and I am unsure as to why she did. Even she doesn't know. What is so funny about what I said? McDiablo
i blame the earths rotation around the sun, the speed of the car at the time, your shoes and her enjoyment of being 'at the wheel'...

Have you ever been curious to learn what everyone's real names are? McDiablo
no not really... they didn't choose their names but they did choose their screennames... so i'm more interested in WHY people chose what they did...

Why doesn't my creative writing teacher like my analysis assignments? McDiablo
you should be more creative... try adding words randomly throughout the report... here are some words you might want to use... wax, spunk, funky chicken, spam, calcium and cork

Why do you have such a stupid website. you must of been dropped on your head at birth.
at birth i was sewn together from some socks and then stuffed using a coathanger... then my skin was sewn shut and my eyes, mouth and ears sewn on... i even have wire instead of a skeleton... NOW who's stupid?!

is it perfectly naturual to want to KILL EVERYONE IN MY FUCKING SIGHT?!?!! --Syko Morgana
yes it is actually

if someone says to me 'don't eat the mystery meat' but i really WANNA eat it but they won't let me, what do i do? - SiNiSTaR
slap them silly until they let you do what you want

If I am a girl and I seriosly love one of my friends that is a girl too does that mean I am lesbien?
why should i know what you are? damnit people... only you know if you're lebian/gay/straight/bi or whatever else there is... either way you're all mostly human

What is on the other side of the glass wall?
sunshine and lollypops

If I keep eating and eating and eating, will I explode, or merely stop breathing and die quietly? FartMonkey
you don't know until you try... be sure to have a webcam on you so you can make money while doing it and leave it all to me

I recently discovered that I have the Great Tic-Tac of Italy. Do you know where the Great TicTac of France is, and what flavor it would be? FartMonkey
i say you give me the italian one and i'll go to italy to put it on display... then you can go to france and find the next tic tac... i don't want to go to france... but i want to see italy

Is it unusual to get a potted plant for your birthday from a friend who knows you don't like plants?
maybe it's a special plant... and maybe this is their way of saying 'your room stinks, maybe the plant will clear out that sewage smell'

Why did you decide to pretend to be a sock monkey? Why not anything else?

WHY is there 2 titles there? There has to be a "deeper" reason, right? And why am I so God damned tired??
the deeper reason is so deep that we have not yet been able to find it and you're tired from glaring too hard at the sun all day...

Since roses aren't always red and violets are never blue, is sugar still sweet, but sweeter than you? *kira*
are you calling me sweet? damnit stop that... NOW

If I like pickles and peanut butter...but not together. Would it tastes horrible to blend them together in the blender?*kira*
give it a try... add some sugar too

Why did Kamikazee pilots wear helmets? *kira*
so the US couldn't read their thoughts and know where they were going to smash into before they tried

Is 10:36am really early? McDiablo
no... anything that requires me to be up before 9am is early

It seems everyone around me is getting sick. How long until my immune system fails me? McDiablo
don't let them fool you into being sick... they're all just pretending so you will think you're sick, get sick and then they can all laugh at you

Is there really a difference between things that are naturally flavored and artificially flavored? For example, isn't the only way something strawberry-flavored is going to be NATURALLY flavored is if it is, indeed, a strawberry? Isn't everything that's strawberry flavored and isn't actually a strawberry artificially flavored?? FartMonkey
well i think some things are flavored with strawberries can be called naturally flavored and that which contains no strawberries should it's articically flavored to be strawberry... but let's be honest, all the labels lie to us and try to find fancy words for salt, sugar and caffeine... just assume that if you didn't grow it yourself that it's just a bunch of bad stuff that will rot out your insides slowly until you develop cancer or have a heart attack

Why is it so cold down here? McDiablo
i blame the damned weather ... it's been too damn cold for a few weeks now... i demand for this to stop!

what is today's date?
jan 21 2003

Please complete this sentence: My ideal day would consist of torturing and eventually killing (list 5 people)___,___,____,____, and ____. FartMonkey
barney, the leader of whatever religious group that preaches love but practises hate, raymond from that horrible show, the creator of joe millionaire, whoever came up with the fertilazation shit that allows people to pop out stupid amounts of kids all at one

For the last hour I have been drinking a bottle of Windex which I was convinced was Mountain Dew. Are there any health issues that I should watch out for in connection with my high levels of Windex-intake? FartMonkey
yes.. you need more sugar... try having a pound of sugar... that should be about equal to a mountian dew... without it your body will go into shock

Am I a loser? FartMonkey
<tries to avoid eye contact with the loser> uh... no... not at all

What do you do, when you like someone, and they like you, but you cannot betogether, because of location? And if you have a spare room, and both of you "higher athourities" don't mind, what should we do?
you go into that room and have sex like animals but MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING SOMETHING TO STOP YOU FROM BREEDING... there are too many stupid people out there as it is

there's this guy called Domzy who is being a sonofawhore. i'd like to bash him up (verbally). help me out? what do i say? all you need to know is he's a sex maniac sonofawhore with a brain the size of a chickpea. - SiNiSTaR
why even bother speaking to him? if he's that brainless then he probably doesn't understand words... try using sock puppets to relay your message of hatred...

Is this thing we call "sanity" just an elaborate hoax? FartMonkey
only for some of us... the rest truly believe in it

Say I am walking past somebody's house carrying a can of gasoline, with no intention of burning it down, just walking past. Then a meteor crashes into the house and it explodes into flames. The guy who lives there comes out cuz he thinks I did it. What do I do? FartMonkey
dump the gasoline on him and push him back into the burning house

Isn't jumping out of moving planes even more fun without a parachute? FartMonkey
yes but only once

If you hang yourself, but right before you die from the hanging, you shoot yourself in the head, what do they put for your cause of death? FartMonkey
well i'm not sure if 'stupidity' is something they write down (even though that is the truth)... i'd have to say they would write 'self-inflicted wound'

I fell down the stairs yesterday and instead of getting injured, I got rabies. How did this happen? FartMonkey
you did it WRONG... i told you twice how to fall properly but did you listen? no... so fine.. you just foam at the mouth until you get it right

is the ceilling laughing at me?--Syko Morgana
yes... the whole room is...

did you hear that?--Syko Morgana
yea.. they said "GET OUT"... and she said "no i didn't" and then it was over

'GO HERE TO ASK A QUESTION!' says the link. My goodness, someone was enthusiastic when they made that, weren't they? McDiablo
of's an exciting oppertunity

This dude on a message board I go to randomly added me to his MSN and proceeded to ask me a lot of questions. He seems pretty cool, but what do you think? Should I block him? McDiablo
i say you ask him a lot of questions... consider the answers... and then block him every other day

Languages are weird. Don't you agree? McDiablo
yes but that's what makes them fun

how come all the good alternative rock artists who really express emotions in thier music never get awards?
people suck

how do you hancuff a one armed man?
you handcuff the one arm to his belt

how come you can kill a deer and hang it on your wall but ts illegal to keep one as a pet?
people suck and have stupid laws

why do we feel blue? and what color does a murf turn when hes down?
people feel blue for different reasons and just because a smurf is blue on the outside doesn't mean he is blue on the inside...

what does the K in K-mart stand for?
the owners name or something... ?

So my friend finds a dildo in the trashcan of my Chem teacher.....she took it home....should we tell the teacher about the "finding"??? Chunky Flamingo Testicles
did your friend take the dildo or your teacher? if the teacher took it then no reason to tell her, as she probably found it (it had probably rolled off the desk after her break)... if your friend took it home then i would tell your friend that taking home dildos found in trash cans is sick

a moose has come to slay your children. what are we going to do?!
i have no children... so let them come

where do peanuts come from?--Syko Morgana
peanut trees that grow upside down

what stains your teeth

What's the word in your hood? McDiablo
i looked in all the hoods i have and found no words

Soccer = football, football = rugby, rugby = American football...should we just eliminate this word 'football' to avoid further confusion? McDiablo
yes... go ahead and do that

What country would you most like to visit? McDiablo
well pretending that the world is a friendly place to travel around safely in etc, i'd go see china ... if we're talking about the real world and how it is, i'd stay and just see what i can of canada

Whats the point of life
to be happy without making things suck for someone else...

if you masterbate someone who's in a coma, will they orgasm?
i have no idea... but how's this... you get yourself into a coma and i'll see if i can get you off

How come with you ask your friends questions they procrastinate on telling you the answer as if it really were a big deal but it really is not?~JeEpY
well they aren't your friends, but that's a whole seperate issue... they don't answer because they can't come up with fake answers quick enough

Through all theese years, I have kept alve in my one remaining childhood Catholic fantasy: I'm hoping that some day a new pope will chose the name corky. Just once in my life, I want to look up at that balcony and see His Holiness, pope Corky IX. I think you'd have to skip straight to nine to give him credibitlity , Don't you ? Somehow, pope Corky the first doesn't command a great deal of authority. That's because some names are inapprpriate in the wrong settings. You won't find many Cchuyler Vanderpools blowin' into a harmonica an death row ; no one in need of brain surgery is breakin' down the door to see Dr. Lucky Lipshitz; and I'm sure only the most devoted aficionado would pay money to see a ballet dancer named Bruno McNulty. On the other hand, you'll know that America has relaxed its hoplessly tight asshole if we het a president named booger, Skeeter,T-Bone,or Downtown President Brown, you'll know that finaly this country is a relaxed comfortable place to live. The point is, there are emotional values that attach to names; they carry psychological baggage. Just think of the Old West. I'm sure if Billy the Kid's name had been Billy the Schmuck, people wouldn't have been afraid. "Who's that ridin' into town?" "Billy the Schmuck" "Oh. Well, Fuck 'im!" Would anyone have paid to see a Wild West show if the star attraction was Buffalo Shecky? Using this approach,western movies would have been completely unbelievable: "Hey Shemp! Go get Sheriff Wuackenbush, there's gonna be trouble. Two-gun Noodleman and Wild Bill Swackhammer are drunk, and they;re lookin' for Deadeye Stoopnagle." This also applies to the legendary criminals of the thirties. Do you think the police would've spent a lot of time looking for Pretty Boy Heffleflekker? And what about Jack the Ripper ? If his name had been Wally, I don't think people would have been afraid to walk the streets of London. Not if they thought Wally the Ripper was on the loose. "Who's that? Wally,who ? Wally the Ripper? Ha-ha-ha-ha! Really? Wally the Ripper, indeed! Ha-ha-ha-ha!" i mean what do you have to say about this ? Do you realy think Corky the Pope and T-Bone the president would go down in history ? What collor socks are you wearing ? - NNY'
the first part of your question was just a lot of words that make sense but take up a lot of room... and you leave wally out of this, he only rips paper... and i have one black sock on and the other foot is sockless

Do you think Ghandi ate milk-duds ? Isn't a cemetary where dead people live ? We have Mileage,ardage,and footage, why don't we have inchage ?-NNY'
why wouldn't he? they're great... yes there are many... and some of us do but don't want to share it with the rest of you

Do you think it would sell if I bought a canvas and looked at a picture of britney spears so that I threw up on the canvas, and framed it? FartMonkey
maybe but don't refer to her or anything... i'm sick of hearing about the dumb bitch

What do you do if a turtle pulls a gun on you? FartMonkey
i'd kick his sorry ass back into the shell and then kick the shell into traffic

When you plug your earphones into your cd player, or whatever player, how does the sound know to go through the little wires and out the earphones instead of out through the speakers? FartMonkey
magic, smoke and mirrors

Do you support my decision to no-questions-asked blow away any children caught singing 'I'm a Little Teapot'? FartMonkey
i say take out the parents...

What's up with the four questions you have listed that you won't answer anymore, with the photosynthesis and the needle sterilizaton? Have people asked those questions many times? Aren't there any more you'd like to put on there? FartMonkey
well at the beginning yes those questions kept being asked and i got fed up with it... there are a few more i should put up there... but i'm a lazy monkey and i just delete the questions now

Which is a better excuse to strangle someone, no matter who it is doing it: Person A is caught singing a britney spears song and Person B is caught wearing britney-inspired clothing and acting all britney-like, including quotes and actions (assuming that her lone functioning brain cell has enough power to generate quotes, if she even HAS a lone functioning brain cell)? Don't you think it must be really convenient for britney spears to have her initials summarize her entire career? Are you getting tired of all these b.s. questions? FartMonkey
now i have to hunt you down and beat you senseless in a non-fun way

Last question for now: What do I do if I am surfing the site and I get sucked into the page about the murderous reindeer? Is it just humans that they kill, and sock monkeys are safe? Please say yes? FartMonkey
well firstly it's deer but that's ok... and yes the sock monkeys are safe

Really ! Wow, I suppose your alright but you don't email me anymore. Did I do something wrong? Sally
i did so tell me how your cats are already... or i will spam you with links to viagra websites

why does alcohol kill brain cells
that's it's job... but then again, a lot of things kill brain cells

allo, yah stupid fuck! (that was my best drunk british accent , what do you think) - marissa
i think you should go watch absolutely fabulous and red dwarf until you get it down pat

Are you ok DC?..You seem a little..different..Need a hug?*offers hug*~SG*
well maybe but you better not try to steal things from my pockets again...

hey dc, i was sick for a while and kinda neglected you. i am truly sorry, can you forgive me? or do i have to give you money.. - Miss Roger's Sweater
i always like getting money... but make sure you haven't puked or coughed on it...

is today 'everyone come over so that my little sister doesn't get any homework done today day'? cuz it sure seems like it - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes we all got the memo about it... didn't you?

how did i become an instant babysitter for my brother's girlfriend's baby? what if he needs his diaper changed? - Miss Roger's Sweater
if you were a guy they wouldn't have done that.... so i say you do a 'return to sender' and stay far away from the thing... it's not YOUR fault she popped out a brat

are people in my creative writing class gonna think tonight that the story that i wrote is weird? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes but they're all dull and writing about 'love' so this will make them think

have you ever read mrs. dalloway? - Miss Roger's Sweater
no is it one of those 'adult' books about sex?

Why do they have so many warning labels? Why is it that you can never find the last peice of the puzzle? Why is it that all the people in the westren movies have white teeth?
warning labels are so stupid people don't hurt themselves and then try to get money but let's face it, they do that anyways... and the cat ate it... they didn't eat a lot of sugar foods

What do you do when your mom hides all the benadryl?--Syko Morgana
you get on your bike, go to the store and buy/steal more

Am I been stalked and does he want to kill me?
yes and no, he just wants to photograph your feet

Some people believe that we are going to repeat everything that has happened in time...along with the whole innocent era. Do you think that man can take a "few" steps back and become pure again? Chunk Flamingo Testicles
yes... and yes probably could but most likely won't but that's ok cuz it will be all be wiped out by time and forgotten eventually

Why are people following the orders of a man who has chocked on a pretzel?(bush) Chunky Flamingo Testicles
it works like this... most countries are run by the majority... since they are human, the majority of the people are stupid... so the stupid majority are the ones running the place...

Is it normal to want to piss on the floor whenever you get excited....? Chunky Flamngo Testicles
yes... but try not to do that as it smells badly

Where am I? Where is my body? Darkness surrounds me and I cannot see, but I can feel the presence of many many people, even you DC! What has become of me? Who do this to me???
well now you can finally move onto the next stage of existance... be glad to be rid of the body...

Which do you prefer: Hot of cold weather?? ~JeEpY
the cold actually.. it's easier to warm up then cool down

How come when it is cold out everyone wants it to be hot and when it is hot out everyone wants it to be cold? WHY can't they just be happy with what they got? ~JeEpY
humans are NEVER happy...

u know how people are always going on about how the glass is half ful, or it's half empty.... have they ever considered that the damn glass is just twice as big as it needs to be??? due to the fact that greedy ass people insist on consuming more than they should then the fat asses complain that they're fat and no one loves them .
i say the glass is broken...

is the baby gonna distract me so i can't get any homework done tomorrow? - Miss Roger's Sweater
i told you what to do with that thing already...

how do you say mustaches? mustaches or mus-taches? - Miss Roger's Sweater
i don't say that word for fear of having one hunt me down and attach itself to my face

what ever happened to qzbryan?
well we thought he was dead but apparently his skeleton has become re-animated ... that's about it for now

I love you insane sock monkey! can I have you?
sure! come on over!

Wow... I've downloading some Mr. Bungle and it's AWESOME. Im just wondering what you recommend by either Mr.Bungle or Faith No More? Ive got The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny by mr bungle. Yup.- LaserMonkey(GrimmKaos)
well mr bungles music changes from album to album... i reccomend getting more of their albums... sometimes it takes a bit to get used to each album but worth it... and pop will eat itself is good (also called pwei)...

is masterbation healthy?
yes of course it is

is the lump behind my left ear normal?
that's your hair .... now put your hand down and get back to work

I knew it! My immune system failed me because I had a sore throat the other day and now I have a stuffed up nose. Should I still have faith in my immune system? I think it's done a good job so far. McDiablo
i say stick with it... sure it fails once in awhile but if you're nice to it then it will fail you less often...

Can one have a fear of unclean clothes? McDiablo
yes... one can have a fear of anything and everything

How wrong is it that I have to HIDE the Advil around here? McDiablo
very wrong... everyone should get their own bottle if they are that addicted

Should I be scared that Miss Roger's Sweater knows the lyrics to most (older) rap songs? McDiablo
she has many hidden talents... and yes i'd be scared if i were you

Where do numbers come from? FartMonkey
that funny looking cloud in the sky

When the damnhellass is Nurse on Acid part two going to be out? I've been waiting.. I can't remember how long.. I love your insane stories, I wish I lived in your head. Can I live in your head? - Fido Dido
hmmmm... i think the second part is almost done.. i'll have to look into that and no you can't live in my head until one of the other voices dies

Did the question mark die or something? Or does the internet just eat them? I see lots of questions without question marks.. They are a vital piece of the English language! - Fido Dido
exactly... it's just a statement without one

What do you think of Kurt Cobain?
i think he was messed up but made good music...

Do you like tic tacs? they make your breath minty freash
i only like the orange ones

how old should i be to read the sent in questions, and ur responses?
old enough to dress yourself

When people say that they are 'back to square one', what squares are they referring to? And would they be starting at square one? What about square 0? FartMonkey
well not everyone has squares... us monkeys have circles

Do the words 'walrus' and 'volcanic' have any connection, not including drunken speech slurring? FartMonkey
yes... but careful where you speak of such things... THEY are everywhere

Do you think it's ok or annoying when somebody says 'Is that cool or what?' and somebody else says 'What' ? FartMonkey
it's annoying

Does it help the world when I sit at my computer with a shotgun and blow away each popup ad as it comes up, thus killing it and making sure that nobody else in the world ever has to deal with it? Will their minions ever run out? Isn't there a way to gather up every popup ad that ever has, does, or will exist and send them all to bill gates? Would you like to be a part of this activity? Is this asking way too many questions at once? FartMonkey
popups suck ass... i do hear that there are some browsers such as modzilla that allow you to shut those popup ads off... so try it out and then bring us news of popup ad death

Do you think people would actually call if I put up LOST MIND posters all over the city? I would have to have a picture of my mind on the poster and a name it fails to respond to, wouldn't I? Should I actually do this at my school? Should I take pictures? FartMonkey
you should do this, take pictures and record the phone calls that come in... NOW

DC help me. My best guy friend is ditching me to become a..a...*trys to get the word out*..Prrr...PRREE...PREIST! *pukes* How should I stop this HORRID THING FROM HAPPENING or should I just let him go?--Syko Morgana
he is lost to you... find a new friend...

are you easy like sunday morning?--Syko Morgana
once in awhile yes i am...

what is the most funniest thing that has happened to you in the past 6 months?--Syko Morgana
um.... i can't recall a specific event... uhhhhh.... <scratches head> i'll have to pass on this one

How many years in jail will I get for throwing the baby in the river?--Syko Morgana
depends... if the baby sinks then lots, if it swims then a bit less

Why do all religions only ask you to go on faith but have no proof that thats the right one to go with, I think that religions were started just cause people didn't want to believe that when they died that was it and they cease to be. But why I am the only one who seems to notice this and why can noone else seem to grasp this when I try to wxplain this to them?
most people feel they need something to believe in so the world can make sense have 'meaning' for them... religion began so cavemen wouldn't feel so helpless and afraid of things going on around them... so they came up with 'gods'... eventually people began to use this as a way to feel good about killing each other... that's where we're at now...

I have never had cheesecake before, ever, really, and everyone i have told this to have verbaly raped me for it dose this make me a freak
tell them to shove it and if you want to try it then try it... if not, send it all to me because i like it

why are people at my schoolalways evesdropping on me when im talking of needing some ass and cheescake "preferably at the same time"? its not like im talkig to them an di wisper i think its a conspiracy, just cause im like the only white person in like every 20 people at my school its a conspiracy against the white people damnit its a conspiracy
are you assuming they are racist and treating you different because you're white? besides that, i say you ask them to join in on the conversation

Have you ever invented anything? McDiablo
yes but i can't tell you about it.... PATENT PENDING

So how DOES one run rampant? FartMonkey
each person has their own style... but i must recommend that you not run with scissors

Hey...I just realized that the alphabet song and twinkle twinkle little star are the SAME FREAKING EXACT come??FartMonkey
gotta keep things simple for the average person... too much thought may hurt them... so STOP IT

That stupid wicked witch of the southwest keeps landing on my roof and making a large racket when I'm trying to sleep. I've tried blowing her away with my shotgun, to no avail. Do I have to sit on my roof all night with the hose? Or should I pay a homeless person to sit up there with the hose, 'cause I've got a Biology test tomorrow? FartMonkey
i told you already... use the hose on her! ... but not a fancy sprinkler or anything... just the hose

DC you gotta help me...exactly every 7 minutes, no matter what, I suddenly scream out "AYE, LADDIE, THE RAISIN MONKEYS HAVE ARRIVED!!" and then I proceed to do the Macerena, complete with lyrics and dancing. Not only do I repeatedly get in trouble for this behavior in school, but normally, I hate the Macerena. I HATE it. What can I do? The raisin monkey thing is ok, though I kinda would like to know what it means. I appreciate any information you could give me. FartMonkey
duct tape your arms to the earth... then get a hypnotist to talk you out of the macerena dancing

Ever make stuff out of duct tape? FartMonkey
um yes but i have been ordered not to speak of it until the trial is over

if your supposed to kill a vampire by driving a stake through his heart what happens if you driev it through his crotch
i'll try it the next time a vampire won't turn me into a vampire sock monkey... that will show them

Why are humans stupid?
they're bred that way

Hiya its the Cheese Mister here again. Have you missed me?(I know you have really!) ok what is better? Diet Coke or Lemon Fanta? I cant decide!
no idea what lemon fanta is but anything is better then diet coke

Yesterday a strange thing happened. I typed out a question, clicked on the 'send your pathetic question' button and....that stupid 'error' page came up. Did your website have a moment of rebellion? McDiablo
yes, though sometimes it does that on normal pages until you hit F5 or refresh... oh and some worm thing was going around attacking computers causing things to slow down... so you might have gotten errors...

Are you a neat and tidy sock monkey or can you appreciate clutter? McDiablo
i have no choice but to appreciate it... if i remove it , it returns in the night... so i've given up and accepted it... within the last few years i've learnt to truly appreciate it

How often should us humans unleash those sides of ourselves that we often keep hidden? McDiablo
in small doses but in front of many people

What would you do to the next person who decides to ignore your simple rules and ask a bagillion questions? McDiablo
i'd like to peel each layer of skin off them slowly...

What is your favorite type of food?(i need to know this so i can cook you dinner sometime and then seduce you)--Syko Morgana
pizza... i'm a simple sock monkey when it comes to foods... no meat... no nuts... no black pepper

what the fuck does the phrase "knock on wood" mean?--Syko Morgana
um... something having to do with religion i think... but i don't know for sure... um... <tries to distract you by throwing something>

Is it normal to be born clutching a cigarette lighter? FartMonkey
yes... yes of course

If I were to tell you that I had made up my own language, would you think that that could potentially be cool, or that I am a pathetic loser with no real life? FartMonkey
i think that it's great... everyone needs a hobby... mine is writing backwards

How come sometimes when people badger you for good question awards, you give them one, and sometimes they get nothing or a monkey butt? FartMonkey
if you are truly looking for logic then you'll have to go elsewhere... but i give good question awards to those that make me laugh, make me think, or are just so insane that i must give them... there are also questions that i give the awards to because i came up with such a great answer but can't give myself an award

If you can get arrested for indecent exposure, will you just get fined decent exposure? FartMonkey
yes... haven't you been pulled over and beaten for that yet?

Is it ok that every time I see the word CHINA I go into a frenzy of spitting at peoples right eyes?
no not really.. i suggest tap dancing instead

Some wierd things have happened to me this evening. First a had a horrible headache so I took some aspirin. I gagged and couldn't swallow the aspirin properly so I chewed it up and swallowed it and it tasted awful. Here I am hours later, and my headache is still here, and also I am sleepy, which I never ever am until at least midnight. What's up with all this?
your body is pissed off for making it taste the asprin... that and the poison the neighborhood dog has been putting in your food

What happens if instead of a proper mouse for my computer, I get a real mouse and connect its tail to the wires, will it work?
no... and even if you try over and over with different mice, it just doesn't work right

Why haven't you ansered you questions in like 70 years?? Oh wait...its only been 2 that acid really things some does to you
i almost checked my calendar... <shakes fist at poor memory and trickster question asker>

well now you can finally move onto the next stage of existance... be glad to be rid of the body... -DC Be Glad??? How am I going to have sex?
haven't you heard of being 'fucked in the head' or 'mind fucked'?

Since you have a Good Question Award section to look at, why don't you make a section for the Stinky Monkey Butt awards? So we can laugh at those sad pathetic losers! -DZ
well i might... but i don't want to reward the losers who ask bad questions by giving them their own spot

i want to take a nap but i have a guitar lesson in a few hours and need to practice.. what should i do? - Miss Roger's Sweater
sleep on your guitar

was shania twain lip synching during the half time show of the superbowl? - Miss Roger's Sweater
since i didn't watch that, i wouldn't know and why the hell were YOU watching her? you should have been puking in the bathroom after 5 seconds of her singing...

is there an actual point to football except to give guys a reason to beat each other up in spandex? - Miss Roger's Sweater
money and beer... but those aren't REAL points

will my essay on mrs. dalloway (the virgiinia woolf book) be good enough for Al? - Miss Roger's Sweater
he always expects more so i say you draw some pictures to go with it

How do you feel about, moldy choclate cover bull testicles?-Blir
i feel glad that i don't have to eat them

That Trevor Dunn dude that JCP interviewed sure doesn't like the Smurfs. Can you appreciate the Smurfs? McDiablo
sometimes i can... but i can't understand his pure hatred.. unless he was molested by one of them... waking up with a smurf on your dick might be something to cause such hatred... oh and dunn is in mr bungle

Is that Fruictus shampoo really as evil as my mom says it is? McDiablo
the what? never heard of it

What do you think of a character in a book who just randomly starts dancing? McDiablo
as long as it's described well but not over-done then ok

why do people have sex
if you do it right, it feels good without having a kid pop out 9 months later

Can you give me three stinky-butts for been a loser?

What is THAT behind you?
the kitchen... i know i should do the dishes but if they're bothering you that much then do them yourself

what was the last thing you ate
some ritz cracker sandwich things with peanut butter

Who is the blueberry man? Did he really try to kill me? I thought he was my buddy...Does he really just scheme against everybody? ~Ryan
yes the blueberry man is a bastard and the only way to get even is to shove him in an oven

Dont you get tired of answering these simpley idiotic questions?-Armed hands
sometimes but then i smash my head against a brick wall and all is well again

What word do you hate the most?-Armed hands
well i hate the word facetious because i can't say it right the first time...

Are you a pyromaniac,and is it a bad thing when you burn half your blanket off- Armed_hands (by the way Armed_hands and Blir are the same person just one is 11and one is 22...hehehe dont tell).
no not anymore... and yes it is

Do dyslexics believe in GOD? And why do Americans insist on calling burgers "ham -burgers", when they are made of beef? Oh, by the way, did I tell you the joke about DE JA VU?
maybe... that's the way they are... and no

Last night I woke up finding myself strapped onto a operation table. This was this mad man called Frankenstein who was operating on my brain, with his insane side kick (you guessed it) Igor. They were connecting my brain to a whole lot of other brains. Igor told me they were going to give me distinct personalities of those brains. The other brains were in jars with there names on it. They were: A. Hitler, J. Stalin, O. Wilde, E. Presly, G. Picasso..... and many more. They must have been really great people!!! Is what happening to me cool or what?
sure! just stay away from leading any political parties and all will be well

If I die... I come back as BIG black bird that picks at bodies. I go from war to war just picking at bodies... This be good life, No?
sure! until humans started shooting at you

i really kind of liked jcp's journal until you took it off and put it on the members only area boy that really sucks why does that suck so much? i wish i had money. are you eventually going to put the whole site on the members site?
no it's not in the members only section... it's still here but moved to the about us section... and no... will continue just like it is now... only 'my.theinsanedomain' will be a pay-site...

Safeway sells this pop called 'Mountain Cool'...and it is kinda like 'Mountain Dew'. Couldn't they have thought of a more original name that better seperates the two apart? McDiablo
no... they want to cash in on the similarity of the names

Why are there a pair of chemistry glasses next to me...? McDiablo
to confuse and amuse you

My kitty is getting spayed right now. Will she be forever pissed at us or will she go back to being her odd self? McDiablo
she will go back to her old self as long as you didn't declaw her cuz that's just mean

i have a girl guide shirt now, should i put my pins and stuff on it, or throw it with the rest of my laundry.. - Miss Roger's Sweater
wash it... you don't know what sort of girl guide drool is on there

is it ok to pretend to be a drowning victim so that my friend can save me? - Miss Roger's Sweater
sure... it's all in the name of 'good fun'

is it ever too early to have a slurpee? - Miss Roger's Sweater
not at all...

*is confused about spleens*What the crap does that thing do?!?...does it swim?my teacher said it's only in men..then he started laughing...*is dumb*HELP!...thanks ya!~SG*
the what? i don't have one of those... unless it's in the kitchen somewhere... what does it look like?

So what exactly ARE those little white things that show on your fingernails? FartMonkey
i think it has something to do with calcium and the phase of the moon

when is the bananna gugelheim paper festival? will you be my date?--Syko Morgana
no idea ... and sure but you are paying for the whole thing

what is phytoplanktin?--Syko Morgana
that thing in the watery parts and they do that funky stuff

if i rip all of your stuffing out does that make you dead??--Syko Morgana
it makes me feel all empty inside... a shell of my former self... hahahahahhahahahahahahahahaa <stops> ok that was bad... let us never speak of this again...

why do your ears look like little fat sausage?--Syko Morgana
hey... HEY... i had an ear job... thats right... my ears are all round and cute now....

what does social darwinism mean?
it means that you don't know how to make friends and you should really bathe

who decides and gives out the good answer awards for the what ifs/questionaires?--Syko Morgana
whomever is putting the results together... jcp and i usually take turns or each do one section

ok i just deleted all my porn and now i feel like downloading more of it wha should i do
get kazaa and get yourself some porn

I'm stuck in making a desicion. I know people talk about there not being a God or a higher being and I am starting to think their right EXCEPT that there is ONE question that still leads me to staying a Christian. That is how has everything come to be. I am talking about everything, evelution, animals, dinosaurs, take your pick.
well i say give up the xian thing... but besides that, humans don't know the 'how' yet... and quite possibly they may never know... so would you rather hear 'we don't know' which is the TRUTH... or some lies made up to make you put you into a false sense of security so you don't have to think anymore?

Does the fact that every thursday when I wake up, my hair is bright green (brown normally..I mean abnormally) have anything to do with the fact that I was also born on a thursday? FartMonkey
yes... didn't your parents give you the handbook they got when you were born? it tells you all of this sort of stuff... as well as the reason you only have a tail on the third tuesday of every month

Where does dust come from, what is it, and how does it get into the refrigerator? FartMonkey
it's your dead skin... fat air... soap shavings and tiny ants

What's inside my eyes? FartMonkey
eye juice

How long do you think it would take if I were to rip out all my hair, one strand at a time? FartMonkey
on your head or on your whole body?

Something I have never figured out: what IS the secret of the lap dancing sock monkey? FartMonkey
well you just have to figure it out yourself... <points and laughs at you>

I recently found a video of myself jamming a pair of scissors repeatedly into my leg, with a large canadian flag behind me, only the colors on it were all wrong. I do not remember this incident at all. What does it all mean? FartMonkey
it means that you shouldn't take acid until that leg heals

True story: I once, inexplicably, was compelled to go out into my backyard. It was right after sundown so it was getting darker by the minute. I completely soaked a pair of my white socks with the hose and put them on my arms. Then I proceeded to crawl back and forth across my backyard on my hands and knees singing Yankee Doodle. I swear I actually did this, for about an hour I think. Does this incident signify the start of my insanity, and do I get points for having done this? FartMonkey
yes you do get points for this unless this was part of your acid trip...

Some people say that money makes the world go round. I say it has something more to do with the improper distribution of fat people on the planet. What do you think? FartMonkey
i blame the universe for the spinning of the earth...

what does dc stand for? DAMN i'm clever. you're probably like so totally pissed right now, dude. you said in your thingy not to ask that question, and i did. ZING! good one... damn i'm too fucking cool!
<shakes head> fine...there you go now shut up

do you like old-time blues such as leadbelly, son house, willie brown, and charley patton?
no i don't but jcp's husband ver does

my girlfriend bought me a jim beam belt buckle at the flea market for 2 bucks. is that not cool?
yes it is now shut up

how are the cops in canada? are they as thuggish and brutal as here in america?
yes some are like that... i think in any country human nature takes over and people 'powertrip' or they start thinking that EVERYONE is an asshole after dealing with so many

what if all of a sudden you had night vision and you got up to get a glass of water and you noticed your grandpa "whackin the turkey" on the living room couch??
i'd get the water quietly and leave him in peace...

the space shuttle crashing sux - what do u think?
well the loss of some lives is sad but it's the price that must be paid when exploring... we all have to die someday...

Can you link me to the send us money thingie ? i can't find it. Yes yes, belive it or not i'm sending you stuff.
you are? i'll bet your just trying to tease me... but here you go anyways

the first sentence i ever said was "fuckin had coffee" am i fucked ? irish psycho
no... so try again

this guy @ my school sent an e-mail to everyone(we are given an e-mail address to improve our technological skills) that sed that i went to a concert with a wretched-bastard-unpopular kid and his mom. it was true but i never told anyone. the kid also asked if i wanted to dance with him @ the next dance. i sent the e-mail about the dance to everyone too. is that good enough revenge? what can i do to him that won't get me kicked out of my school? irish psyhco
i say stop the nonsene and grow up... who cares what you did with who? you're in school with those idiots for maybe 4 or 5 years... so who gives a shit what they think

my real name is Arianna (R-EE-ONN-ah). i think it's greek. isn't it weird? irish psycho
no it's not weird... it's different but not weird... being called assmunch-piacasso is weird

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