Is it still showing off if you honestly didn't think anyone was watching? FartMonkey
not at all... unless there are mirrors and you are watching yourself

Why am I a lesbian?
why wouldn't you be?

do you have a collection of stuffed monkeys? and if i the only one with a collection of stuffed monkeys?Lbase
well we at theinsanedomain do... here are some pics

What was the problem with the last batch of questions, why was it cut off all of the sudden?
well that is due to server problems right now...

my arms are cold.. the hell? - Miss Roger's Sweater
aren't you a sweater? how do you get cold?

do you watch 'clone high'? - Miss Roger's Sweater
i have a few times...

it's 1am.. is my mom going to get up to go pee and tell me to get my butt to bed? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes she is... so fake sleep

do you think 'avatar' is a funny word too? - Miss Roger's Sweater
sometimes... other times i think it's vindictive and uncalled for

okay hey how can you not remember something funny thats happened when you were high or drunk or whatever? It's not suppose to make sense..Thats why its funny! Please just make something up so i can laugh? im pathetic.please? thanks i love you dc.--Syko Morgana
first time i tried acid i was freaking out at the side of the road (we were walking to the store) because i found a lid with a straw in it on the snow... to me it looked like it was hovering above the snow and i was yelling at everyone to come look... i was told to shut up because it was pretty late at night... and then there was a beer thing in glass and it had lots of shiny stuff in it but the world was starting to turn funny so i had to cling to the beer thing for dear life

dc, i need help with my slovakian pot noodle machine every time i put money in for food it jabs me in the eye and when i try for any hot water it shoves liquidised donut cheese up my nose. what shall i do?
i say you get rid of it or leave it the hell alone...

what sock's size should i get for my monkey?
ask your monkey! and no i'm not your monkey

u never answered my question about what u like to be asked about. so, what do u like to be asked about? irish psycho
i didn't? i thought i did... and i like to be asked about non-shitty things... i've been doing this for years now and have had so many different types of questions that i don't really have a particular type of question i like

my pants got too short so i had to lower the hem and that consisted of ripping up the bottoms. that was completly irrelevent to my question...will u give me a new name? i like mine but, i want to know what u think i should be named... irish psycho
i don't know enough about you to pick a name for you... so we'll call you shorty mcpants

what is the origin of the dinosaur head? - SiNiSTaR
well for a long time it was attached to a dinosaur, but it died so now it's just the head... as for our dino head that is used as good question award... it was downloaded from somewhere... was originally green and within the last year, changed to red by us

What does it mean if the colors on this site give me a headache? FartMonkey
it means that you have a problem with your monitor... not the site

Do you care that today I truly understood the meaning of being guitarded? I never got it before now....FartMonkey
<here is where i laugh at you>

Should I wake up chanting about irregular brush strokes on paintings? FartMonkey
yes you should..

Do you like duct tape? I like duct tape. What should I make out of duct tape next? (I already made shoes, a tie, a hat, and assorted wrist accessories) FartMonkey
yes... and i say you make a duct tape alligator

If somebody moons you, what would you do? When somebody did it to me, I just said: Don't do that! I might like it! Then the next they did is give me a "full moon" and I turned into a werewolf and killed them all!
what you did was correct... being a werewolf is fun

wot shall i do? i am bored
send me presents

should we let the blackness roll on?--Syko Morgana

can i make an omlet out of you?--Syko Morgana
uh no... i'm not an egg

how come that german guy accused me of throwing ciggarette butts in his garden?--Syko Morgana
uh... you WERE

ever ate chinese food in wyoming?--Syko Morgana
no... you pay me to and i'll consider it

why did the old lady that die in that ham shack demand everyone to call her Lady Dorthea? Will you help me make a shack out of spam?--Syko Morgana
spam is disgusting and i won't build anything out of it... get yourself some bricks of cheese and build from that

hello DC!im excited at this momento for reason of life ...ive come to the site evertime i lay my ass in the chair thats in front of the computer Which is where i am right exciting! and evertime..which is about 5 -20 somethings a week (it varys on how crappy my world gets and the crappier the better for my friends at the corner store;)you know my story!!! homey exspresso MUch love to ya!)but anyways on to the point of the writing which im writing right now in very comfy shorts !!which comes to the point!!!Which is its -23 degrees out, and i lost my dog...The question is should i start mourning and moping?or find the fucker?(fucker is spoken in love)i love him ..i love him--HoneyflavoredSpaggetti
go find the fucker and if you can't find him then look some more and then more and then when all hope has been lost then you start wandering the world in your underwear crying and moaning about your lost dog

If you put a monkey in a room with nothing around it and no-one nearby, will it go oook? - Lithanial
it will do many strange and amazing things that you can't even imagine

If you and the Sims switched places, and the Sims locked you in a house with no doors and no food and fire, etc. what would you do? Would you try to die the most unentertaining death just to spite them? Or would you put on a big show of bursting into flames or having siezures, etc? FartMonkey
i would yell at them like they do to me... and then i would rip open my wrists and bleed for them...

What was the last movie you watched? Did you enjoy it? McDiablo
i watched stealing harvard and it was funny at times

when will your wonderful site be better? does it have a computer cold? irish psycho
yea it should be fixed soon... the person who will be fixing it was sick today... so that person and the site are sick together

Is it just me, or have all the links to Ask Dumbass-er, Sanimal disappeared? FartMonkey
sadly enough... there is still a link on the about us page

I really want to hurt the people who, when I mention that I'm taking french, say "OOh! Say something in french!" Then just replying with 'something in french' is getting reeeeeeal old. What should I do to them? FartMonkey
spit in their faces and punch them until they beg for forgiveness

Rain is so cool. It's water. Falling from the sky. How insanely COOL is that? Snow is cool too, only I live in stupid arizona so I've never seen it snow. I want to live in the snow. I just thought I'd share that with you. FartMonkey
well you can move to the arctic and have it all year... you could live on frozen water!

have you ever eated ship before, i had this experience and its not fun man, but would some day??
i have no idea what you're trying to say... eat ships?

Why did my mom just say this: "...and then he asked for a beer and a mop. Get it? A BEER and a MOP!" McDiablo
uh... ok.. you mom has been sniffing the green stuff from the fridge again

The site was being kind of stubborn before. Should I just bitch slap it if it is to act like that again or just be patient? McDiablo
try a bit of both... it seems to work for me

How come there's a creepy midget senior guy in my freshman biology class, and how come 90% of the girls are obsessed with him even though he is a creepy midget gross showoff? FartMonkey
90% of people are stupid... that includes 90% of girls...

Is it bad to keep using the same water bottle over and over again? FartMonkey
as long as you wash it then that is good since there aren't as many water bottles rotting away in the ground

So far this year, our state has gotten more rain and snow than it got in all of last year. What does this mean? FartMonkey
it means that things are wetter now

Recently I have become concerned about my batteries. For the last few years, every battery I have picked up has had the expiration date of MAR 2009. Is this a conspiracy of some kind? Does it have anything to do with the cats taking over the world? If so, does it indicate that the cats will take over the world in MAR 2009? FartMonkey
just keep your 'discovery' to yourself if you don't want to be working the kitty litter mines

i have recently found out hat i have an adiction for scracth and sniff stickersoh ya and also the troll dolls with the big hairwhat shold i docuz when i sniff all the gay guys come up to me and they say ill sniff that sticker all u want. what the hell should i do?????im not gay...-----papa smurf
what does being gay have to do with any of it? as for the stickers and trolls... thats a better addiction then some that are out there... so i say just go with it and tell anyone who has a problem to shut the hell up

Is it properly spelled "fourty" or "forty"? You have it spelled "fourty" on your questions that the right way to spell it? Did you spell it wrong or is that how you spell it in Canada or have I just been spelling it wrong for years? FartMonkey
no idea what you're talking about... (goes and changes it because i obviously spelt it wrong but was blinded by caffeine at the time and didn't notice)

Awww DC! Can't you fix the problem with the questions been cut off? or do you want me to fix YOU?
there was nothing i could do.... it should be fixed now and if not then come over here and comfort me in my time of need... bring some food

what the hell is that over there? You know, just . . . there! See it? - Fish
all i see are some trees... oh ... you mean that? hmmm.... that's weird

if that funny circle thing with the lines in it is the sign fr peace then what is the sign for war? saracen
a cross

How much is the most exspensive cow
2,939,383,838,282,293,938,385,828,209,571,202,847,157,010,573,014,937,250,439,581 US dollars

How many hours after recieving concussion do you have to wait before its safe to sleep? im on 29 - Lithanial
24 i think... ?

did you hear mr. roger's died today? can i have permission to fall apart? - Miss Roger's Sweater
you must carry on his work... for now you are the sweater we will all be looking to

does the passing of the one and only sweater man, deserve a slurpee run in his honor? - Miss Roger's Sweater
of course... but what will happen to those creepy puppets now?

i have to write a whole 15 page screenplay by next week for my creative writing class.. any ideas for a story? - Miss Roger's Sweater
i'd like to see a story about a magical spaceship that finds a sock monkey and together they find colors on planets and keep a collection of these colors on a special planet where the colors are free to roam

my knee is hurting a lot.. did i injure it again without knowing? will i have to get it amputated? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes you did and yes you will

Is there anything wrong with me calling my friends "butt whistle" ? FartMonkey
haha no i think it's a great name

Hey I was just searchin and ur stuffs funny guy ;o) I got caught BY MY MOM having sex with my boyfriend... you think... Sterilization? <~Jenn
i'm a stuffs funny guy? hmmm... and i'm always in favor of sterilization

god the site is pissing me off im actually avoding it to prevent myself from throwing things at the screen! why?
damnit i couldn't do anything! yes it was pissy though... but all should be well now?

Can "Oh Shit" really be a poem? McDiablo
of course

Who the hell writes a poem that's meant to be taken literally? I busted my brain trying to think of the figurative meaning, but gave up. Should I just mentally finger William Carlos Williams? McDiablo
yes give him the finger...

The heater is on, but I feel a cold draft. What's going on here? McDiablo
the room is plotting against you to make you question what is left of your sanity...

thanx for naming me! i like my new name, but since u don't seem to know me, i think i'll keep my old one...if it still fits me...what should i do?!?! while i was trying on the name "shorty mcpants' my name has shrunk! it doesn't fit me anymore!!!!!! almighty dc, what shall i DO!?!?!? (formerly 'irish psycho') un-named
how about 'WhooooHaha"

i cut a hole in my name for my body to fit in it so the crisis is over...whats 'non-shitty' stuff? whats 'shitty' stuff? irish psycho
non-shitty stuff is stuff that isn't shitty... shitty stuff is stuff that is shitty

my guy bleached his hair...what am i to do? his hair is blonder then mine and i don't even bleach my hair! he still looks hot's SOO weird! what should i do? irish psycho
don't do anything... who cares what color his hair is?

what if i told u that i made out with a stuffed animal on valentines day? it wasn't even a stuffed animal, it was a patrick doll from sponge bob square pants. am i too weird to BE? irish psycho
no... we've all made out with stuffed animals at some point or another... what would be weird is taking pictures of it and putting online and then calling it sock monkey porn

why is money green? why can't it be a more aesthetically pleasing color? irish psycho
i'd tell you but then i'd have to kill you and while that would be fun, i just don't have the time because i'm lazy and have many lazy things to accomplish first

is it ok to be in luv? irish psycho
yes if you don't show it on the street or act stupid about it or because of it

whats ur favorite color? irish psycho
black if you consider black a color, or else dark blue

why r there rules for insanity? how can there be? irish psycho
there are rules for everything... or so it may seem

i'm sorry aboout ur site, i'm sick too. do u think ur site made me sick? irish psycho it would be my fault to go to ur site when it was sick but do u think i caught my cold from ur site?
maybe... i can't say no for sure

this guy i'm school with used to like to tell about the times when he was sick. he would tell me that he lyed on the ground and puked and his stomach hurt and i would make all the appropriate suffering sounds, is this in any way normal? irish psycho
is it normal for you to write in and share this with us? no... jcp once puked on her moms feet from the top of a flight of stairs

i'm sorry if the last question i sent u sounded like a 'high-school relationship' thing because it wasn't. did it sound like one? irish psycho
it sounded like you talking about somone puking... so yes... it did sound like a high-school relationship thing

who in gods name was asking about brittney spears anyway? irish psycho
well you are now...

i love ugly people. do u? irish psycho
i don't really 'love' any group of people

i put a spell on a person at my school and now he hates me. how lucky am i? irish psycho
a spell? hahahaha

do u like music? (if so, what type) irish psycho
i like lots of music... here is a brief list of some stuff i like....

what the hell is va va voom? - Lithanial
three words? other then that... no idea

I'm boycotting questions - Mzebonga
what?! not you mzebonga! i told you i didn't mean what i said... i was just acting out the part that night... you said you wanted it rough... you SAID you did!!!

what kind of music do you like, if you don't like our lady of peace?
i already showed you and no i don't like them...

here i go on the road of goes down a hill ive lived on top were the clouds are so thick i couldnt see nothing down below but my balding man who lives in my hallway says thats MY road to hell. ive left after twenty years of living in that crack house born and raised by lesbians..(who sadly 2 months ago was slaughtered to death)And after twenty years I now am riding on my trusty goat steven's back writing on my laptop..been weeks and im still lost in the thick massive overbearing fog...looking hard &hard for this hell...ive read storys on the internet that it was a bad place but some others on chatrooms said it was a beautiful place and this "Bible" was all lies...ive become torn and scared but yet curious even more with such conflict I could of asked berty & lixa or even my old man or the strange drugged up nobodys who always come and go..from hell actually..but when ever i talk to them they cant articulate a thing ..but anyways its to late now.I trot on strong and brave or at least i try to.whatever..what do you got to say about this?-honeyflavouredspaggetti-
i'd have to say it was a nice try but not really... and that they were right about the bible... other then that i'd say get some shiny things and some comfy chairs... oh and welcome to hell... we hope you hate your time here on earth... aka hell....

mAD Suka MAD!here i am IM dancing to a show tune with lyrics i have no idea are sooooo..ive started singing of how much i love my package of deluxe mixed nuts.Its nutaliousussyyy!!!!!eeeee!!!!-little snipt of my doings, im doin here.hehehehe..Queen BAnd RULES!and what do they rule you ask?this is what ive come to ask you..what do YOU think they rules?i know but do YOU?hhehehehe...-ShouldiLaughOrNot..?
ok no more caffeine for you... you're giving it a bad name

So are you saying that Johnny Poptart is a member now? FartMonkey
yea... he will add stuff at some point... he is mostly a music guy... and once his TSTB (too stoned to bobsled) tapes are turned into mp3s, we'll have them here... i like the song 'i wanna be a psycho'

Was Sanimal's mother a hamster, and did his father smell of elderberry? FartMonkey
a ferret actually and i have no idea... i don't sniff peoples parents

Where should I hang my new poster? Should I frame it? I don't think I should frame it..FartMonkey
if you'd like to protect it then frame it

i was trying to stimulating my brains "my peeps" yesterday.. , but they just sneered and blocked me out of there life..They wouldnt talk to me they wouldnt listen..they just picked at each other and laughed like apes ..threatened to bite me!!!!?????i made these brains with my tiny girly shame of my masculanity hands...but now they turn against me@!!!Whyyyyyy???????, i in denial?
your peeps? peeps are those horrid marshmallowy things... and yes you are in denial

Why does this stupid gum have to lose its flavor in 8 seconds? FartMonkey
i wasn't supposed to tell you but what you're chewing is actually rubber bands

So DC- who are you - REALLY? FartMonkey
i'm me... at least the last time i checked i was... i mean sure, the tv tries to confuse me into thinking something else but i'm onto it's little games and it can't fool me anymore

Did you ever consider the pinecones' feelings? Huh? Maybe they don't WANT to be shoved up stupid lying peoples' asses? Ever think of that? Did you? I don't think so ...FartMonkey
no i didn't... shame on me... SHAME ON ME

Sanimal repeatedly denies that you are really a sock monkey. Then sometimes he agrees that you really are a sock monkey, and he even provides photographic evidence ( dc1.jpg ) Is he really that stupid that he can't make up his mind on whether or not you are a sock monkey? FartMonkey
yes he really is that stupid... he has severe mental issues that aren't fun at all

Why did my fish commit suicide? He jumped out! After all I had done for him! He abandoned his wife fish! He cost $2! What should I do with his corpse? I found it on the floor like 2 feet away from the tank! Was this fish psycho? FartMonkey
damn fish... i've had fish like that... sure i dropped marbles on them and dyed their water red but i did it for them! ingrates... damn fish

have you seen 'ferris bueller's day off'? and if so, did you enjoy it? - Miss Roger's Sweater
i have seen it so many times it's sickening... i think i enjoyed it the first few times... now i just roll my eyes and plead for it to stop

my mom went to puyallup for the weekend for a sewing convention.. was this just a cover to smuggle illegal drugs across the border? - Miss Roger's Sweater
a sewing convention? sure sounds like a huge lie to me....

yesterday was a 3 slurpee day.. does that seem appropriate since i had no parental unit home? - Miss Roger's Sweater
why yes...

can i silently swear under my breath at this site. while i enjoy it very much, it's being mean to me. or is this all the effect of 3 slurpees? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes it was being a bitch but all is well again... unless YOU are the one who broke it... you got all hyper off slurpees didn't you? broke this site, didn't you?! how dare you! damn slurpee addicts...

How did you get so smart? Were you highly edumacated or is it all natural? McDiablo
well it's just part of being a sock monkey.. and i'm self-taught... mostly

I sent an email to the newspaper and they printed it. Cool, huh? The thing was, they said I was from a different city. What's up with that? McDiablo
they are making sure people don't hunt you down and beat you for your outrageous views on slurpees and the school system...

Just now, I was talking to Miss Roger's Sweater on MSN and she just went offline. Has she grown tired of our conversation already or is Bill Gates spying on us again? McDiablo
it's bill... but i'm sure he didn't mean to disconnect her... next time i see him i'll ask why he did that

if two and two is three, how many ducks does it take to make the millenium bridge collapse? - Lithanial

What the hell is up w/ the font? It's massive. This i pissing me off now.
try sitting back from the screen... if that doesn't work then if you're in internet explorer, go to View, Text Size and set it to Medium

one of my friends msn names is 'better to be in the warm body of a friend than in a cold hole in the ground' does that mean shes a body scared......shes gonna steal my body and jump me off a cliff *shivers in a corner rocking back and forth muttering 'no such thing as body snatchers, no such thing* - Lithanial
ok i'm getting scared with this msn thing... escape the M$N! anyways... and yes she is a body snatcher but she is your friend so she won't steal yours... until you piss her off by leaving slobber on her slurpee straw

what should i do about the neighbor's chickens? they keep waking me up every weekend and i NEED to sleep in!!
run around screaming until they all have heart attacks and die

Do you share my violent hatred of Carrot Top? FartMonkey
the vast majority does

Can they track you down if you dial 911 and then run far far away? FartMonkey
if you leave your name, yes... if you phone from your house, yes... if you call on your cell phone and take it with you while still on it, yes... if you dress up as you call so they don't recognize you, no

don't you think irish psycho and dane would get along very very well, if in fact they're not the same person? - SiNiSTaR
i'm not sure... they'd both be asking questions of each other and there'd be no answers...

your amazing fix-all pill doesn't cure numb feet, or extra toes, does it? - SiNiSTaR
it's not my pill... and if it's not listed then no... and extra toes would be under re-grows limbs i'd think... why not?

What I say and what I mean are two different things. Just because you like having your tail yanked hard, doesn't mean I like it too. Haven't you worked that out yet? - Mzebonga (PS: the stitches come out on Wednesday)
no i haven't... i thought you liked it.... next time say the 'safeword' and all will be well... and can i watch as they are taken out? i promise i won't lick them again... sally will hold me back...

hey DC! it is i demonboy i bet you dont remember me but thats not important. i want to ask you, what do you think of this.. "Fuck human conclusion, human delusion." ? my friend hit me with this one and it got me what do you think of it and why? db--"_"
yes i do remember you actually... and i say it makes for a great tshirt

why is the earth round?
to confuse the humans on it... and just to futher annoy... other planets are round too

what colour is "god"?
same color as the easter bunny, the toothfairy and mikos the gnome

IE! Tis St.patty's day o' me fellow dc!Whoudcha like ta share a pint wit lil o' me?and maybe give some respect to tha dead wit me depperssing 'gothic' like limmreks?and me dear ol bout makin some papeir mache gots al de supplys just need some adat glue...which maybe ya cou-ld supplyie?HoneyFlavouredClover-
it is? when was that? i missed it... and what?

ive relized zebras vary very in zillions..WOW!woogglywooohoho im ...sorry i tried to write in words that only contain z & a complete a sensible sounding sentence but then i relized i wrote 'in' then i got tried of thinking and got pissed off and here i id like to see you try to write in words that only contain z&v,one sentence and in 30 seconds...and ill be watching..(not really so you can basically cheat..dictionary or dont even have to answer this!)man.. the power you posses....wow_HoneyflavourizesMe_
you must be drunk... which is ok... but makes the uh... question... make no real sense... so here are some Z's and V's for you.... you can use them where you'd like.... vvvvvvzzzzvzzzvzzzvvvvvzzzz

do you think the makers of benadryl knew I'd get addicted to it just so they could make more money off of me?--Syko Morgana
yes... of course!

did that pill fix your broken webpage?--Syko Morgana
i think so... that would be good... however i know for a fact that a penguin fixed it...

has Sanimal ever considered writing the drivers Ed. instruction booklet??--Syko Morgana
i wouldn't know...

what do you know about dating violance?
well i tried to date violence but it said i wasn't it's type...

What type of emotions do you like to wallow in? I like to wallow in jello. Is jello an emotion? FartMonkey
jello is an evil entity... and i like to wallow in insanity, despair and spazness

I don't find my question pathetic, maybe prehaps odd, and it is actually quite bothersome to me. But why is it that the best rapper in the world is white, and the best golfer in the world is black?
what does it matter what color they are? and i sure as hell don't know who you are talking about in regards to the rapper

Why did I have to realize now, after I cut my fingernails, that it hurts rather badly when you try to play guitar with no protruding fingernails? Is it that old iron deficiency acting up agian? FartMonkey
it is the lesson you have to learn... so you take notes... and pictures

Do you think I might deserve points for being one of the rare few people who ask you questions and actually spelling things right? FartMonkey
sure... i'll give you 5 points... keep them safe... keep them warm... and keep them in your pants

has anyone ever told you you're so cute when your mad?--Syko Morgana
shut up... don't be calling me 'cute' damnit

Do you ever entertain thoughts of me?(preferably naked)--Syko Morgana
i am now....

Under the list of things that your new amazing fix all pill cures, you (well maybe not YOU) put that it cures the urge to kill. Isn't the urge to kill good? And does this pill cure sanity? FartMonkey
no not me... and sometimes its a bad thing... and the only cure for sanity is this site... (yea i can't believe i said that either... talk about cheesy

will the suspence really kill me? irish psycho
we're all hoping it will one day

what type of subject matter does it take to ask about to get a "good question award"? irish psycho
something GOOD that makes me think instead of rolling my eyes

why did i cry instead of getting up and punching his front teeth out? irish psycho
you're a wuss? i don't know...

i was just informed that somone i was in love with raped somone. i am reeling in shock...i need some aspririn. do you have some aspirin for me? i'm not kidding about the rape thing. how sick is that. and i thought the chick he was going out with was a slut. he turned out to be the wretched one. how am i supposed to feel? i am so sorry about the girl, she must be devastated. and then the rapist went around bragging about it. he is so disgusting. i was in love with him for christ sake! i am so torn dc. i don't even remember what i was asking... irish psycho
the chick should have him charged and you should have nothing to do with that sick fuck... how can one go around bragging about it and not have the shit kicked out of him before being charged? report the fucker

my mom is sleeping on the couch- AGAIN. why does she do that? she has a perfectly comfortable bed upstairs. irish psycho
what does it matter to you? it's her house and she can sleep wherever she wants

when will this wretched winter be over? i wan't to go to canada and lake erie and swim and walk on the beach. don't you miss the beach? irish psycho
i'm not big into beaches... what fun are they? you sit there, get burnt and then die from skin cancer

i'm in love with a cartoon. how creepy is that? irish psycho
it all depends on what cartoon

Ha Ha! The Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides always go to this raft competition each year in my country. The have to stay on the water for 24hrs on whole lot of make-shift rafts made from poles, ropes and barrels. Me and my friend are going to the rafts in the night with a black canoe and in our dark clothing, so they won't see us! I am going to cut up those ropes while they are sleeping which will make the rafts come apart and watch them drown! Can I take a few of the survivors as slaves?
sure but you'll have to give them badges each time they complete something

Should I take "The Black Stick" or "The White Knife"? Legend has it, that if the two weapons come together, they become "The Grey Sword"..... is this true?
yes it's true and you can't have it.. it's mine!

I have a question about an answer of yours to a question that I asked a long time ago where you made the following statement: "... why are there beef dishes for cats? have you ever seen a swarm of cats taking down a cow? no... " Well I'd just like to say that yes I have seen a swarm of cats taking down a cow. Well now, that doesn't sound like something the cats would do..maybe it was stupid kids in cat outfits...or maybe it was all just a wonderful dream? FartMonkey
it was all just a dream... but that's ok... just wash the sheets and everything will be fine

What would my cat Randy (who is also possessed by Ralph Wiggum from the simpsons) do if I repeatedly and "accidentally" called him Clyde? FartMonkey
i think he'd be confused for awhile and then just ignore you

is there something wrong with my knee it's been hurting again, like the summer of 2001... - Miss Roger's Sweater
it's having flashbacks...

do you find it disturbing that I downloaded all of the schoolhouse rock songs off of kazaa,including "lolly lolly lolly get your adverbs here", "Interjections"(my favorite)and then burned a CD out of them and listen and sing a long to them everyday on my way to work?--Syko Morgana
i've never heard of that but hey... it might help your vocabulary and that's always good

do people ever try to take you apart and wear you on their feet when they cant find a clean pair of socks?--Syko Morgana
no and don't be giving them any ideas

when is the last time(besides now) you heard someone say "who gives a care?" instead of "who gives a shit, fuck, damn,etc."?--Syko Morgana
not in a long long time...

arent we destined to be together?--Syko Morgana
i haven't recieved that memo yet

i would like to passout on someone but i dont know how to do it do you know how?
hold your breath until you pass out

how cool is it that those german landlords make me weinerschitnzel and potatoes and i only met them once?--Syko Morgana
that's great except for the meat... but the potatoes sound good

is it a good sign when bloods spurting out your arm and hitting the ceiling? - Lithanial
it may not be a good sign but it sure is a good time

how many ppl do you know on anti-depressents? - Lithanial
too many... most are just drugging away the symptoms and not addressing the problems

why does my brother have to wake me up with blaring his 2pac tunes when he's getting ready for work... is this rap lowering my IQ? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes it is and i say you break his cd player when he's not home

My sister's 17 birthday was on Wednesday. Is it okay for me to cry and scream, "Damn, I'm old!" ? McDiablo
yes but not for too long....

Why do I just suddenly pick up knives? It tends to scare people. Is this the reason why I do it?...'cuz I really don't know. McDiablo
knives are fun! i pick them up to but people snatch them away from me...

My friend and I got the same mark on our midterm. There was even a half mark involved. How weird is that? McDiablo
i'm creepted out... seriously i'm disturbed by this... i'd burn those papers and never speak of it again

Are violets really blue? That poem doesn't seem to make sense. Can I marry you?
poem? hmmm... and no not today

Hey DC!Well my birthday is coming up on the 21st!on a friday!!woo..and i wanna do crazy stuff all day and what should i do?!~SG*..Ps...I'm turning 16!!OH YA!
i'd throw wet things... see how much root beer you can drink before puking... do a jig... paint some offensive language on your walls... crank your music and scream at trees....

Hey DC, Eer done drugs before ? How about weed ?-NNY
why? so you can rat on me? so you can come over and demand some for free? so you can locate those photos of me naked doing disturbing things before i put them online? yea... i know your type... nice try

yeah your so cute when your mad I agree except when you want lick mzebongas stitches ewwww you better believe I'd be holding you back. Gee your list of rules and obligations seem to be getting longer and longer, whats with that? No britney what the hell she rulz only joking sorry to scare you hahahaha.Anyway hows your life? Do you have a girlfriend yet? Hows Ana going havent heard much about her lately? Sally
those lists only apply to those that can't pull it together enough to ask good questions... yes that was scary to hear you say that... my life is going but i've lost one my shiny things so there is some stress... and ana is asleep on the chair right now... she doesn't like it when i talk about her because she is a high ranking offical with the cats... just like yours... let's hope they don't catch us talking about them again!

ok multiple choice here. italy or france. bombs or guns. america or russia. iraq or afghanistan. girls or boys. aids or syphilis. monkey or ape. panda or kowala bear. - Lithanial
italy, neither, neither, neither, both, neither, monkey, neither

Are you a trekkie? Sally
not in the sense that i have a uniform and dress up in it to attend sci-fi conventions... i've never even been to one of those... but in the sense that i've seen most, if not all episodes of each series.. then well...

i gots some corn in my pocket im thinking of planting,do you a garden i can plant them in?-HoneyFlavoured(and willing to prove it;))
gardens? that requires patches of land... which i don't have

i have a theory that god is real..whatcha think bout that foo!and dont you love the word foo..its actaully slang for fool, all the black people are doing it nowadays!Black people are so cool..i wish i was black ..maybe i should go paint my face black.I bet all the black people will love me!or should i say dig me?..Peace out,yo!-spaggetti
i think you can think what you want but let's face it... you're not a glaring example of anything except for bad tv programming... anyone who uses 'foo' is just asking to be sterlized for the good of humankind

So, what's new with you? McDiablo
tired... bored... think i've had too much caffeine

What is your favourite form of punctuation? McDiablo
the !.... it's just a great mark to work with... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do insightful people have to be so annoying...and so off-topic? McDiablo
they aren't insightful all the time... just slap them... that might work

So what's with that old lady who throws onions? FartMonkey
i don't know but she's pissing me off

Do you agree that, in general, generalizations are a bad thing? FartMonkey
damn straight... oh wait...

Yes, um, I recently killed my brother for being an asswipe. What would you recommend as the best solution for getting the blood stains off of the floor? I tried a paint scraper but it only pulls up bits and pieces and I'm still left with tiny chunks. Ideas? --Oni
you'll have o replace the floor or cover it with a rug

Is it a good thing or a bad thing if I win an argument with a rambling crazy hobo? FartMonkey
depends on what you're arguing about... if it's cheese then winning isn't a great accomplishment

I've decided that love is natures way of tricking you into believing one person is diferent from the others. Is this true?
well they are different... everyone is.. it just happens that large groups of people are similar... or think they are... or pretend they are... damnit all people suck

When I was a kid my stepfather was real mean to me, so I shaved his cat and told him the microwave oven was leaking. what I need to know is whether there's any truth to the Karma thing and if so am I going to come back as a shaved cat. I had to eat alot of cold sandwitches, isn't that punishment enough?

How come Britney Spears gets to make videos and lots of money? I play guitar and I don't make alot of money! Do you have to take suck lessons or something before you get famous or do you have to just be born stupid and sucking?
you have to do a lot of sucking dick and refuse to have any sort of integrity

who's dane? someone said that me and dane would be friends. please describe dane since i haven't read any of his questions in a long time. irish psycho
i'm not your bitch... go find all his old questions (believe me there are tons of them) and find out yourself

i sent u aboout 10 questions recently and u didn't answer any of them! what happened to my questions? irish psycho
i don't answer all questions... i delete those that don't deserve answers, stupid relationship questions and nonsense questions

what color do u associate with hell? irish psycho

what do u think of gothic people? irish psycho
i don't use that term anymore... too many people have made it become pathetic... black nailpolish doesn't make someone gothic... listening to manson doesn't mean you are goth...

you can't go pushing something if it's just not right. does that hold any truth? irish psycho
you SHOULDN'T go on pushing that isn't right... but if you turn on the tv you'll see there is no stopping them

i love canadiens. i love u dc. do u love me? u don't have to. irish psycho
why? there are good and bad canadians just like all the rest of the humans... and no

i'm going to go watch tv. is there anything good on? irish psycho

I went to a gig last night, and the headlining band rocked muchly. Anyways, on with my question, do you prefer getting drunk or getting stoned, or neither, or both, or just doing something else? - Fido Dido
well getting drunk in my case results in vomiting and a trip to the hospital, so i'd go with being stoned over that any day...

hey, no im not dead yet (surprising), ive been busy, im actually joining the navy, i think im the only guy in the world who joins the navy because hes bored, anyways would you ever join the military, or would you rather sit at home and get drunk?
i'd rather sit at home and get drunk

oh yeah the question about the navy was none other than me monkie boy!! do you like petting your kitty??
yes but only if she allows it...

ok i have a problem/ trying to convience my mom to let me get my eyebrow pierced but shes giving me the whole lame reasons, so i moved from eyebrow to lyebra or touge, which one should i get and what reasons can i give her to actualy get a yes??
well i would suggest the eyebrow... if it gets infected you take it out and clean it out... if it doesn't get infected or anything, then once it's healed you can remove it and put it in at will... if your tongue gets infected then you are in for some serious trouble... and if you are of age to do this... then she will have to live with it... it isn't permanent like a tattoo

is the reason why we learn history is so that histroy wont repeat its self?But then how is that possible cuz then it would be the president repeating its self...right? ~Gillbert~
most people don't learn history... which is why it repeats itself... let's face it... most people don't do any learning at all

how smart IS a dolphin - Lithanial
depends on the dolphin and what sort of books it's read

When Yankee Doodle stuck a feather in his hat, why in the name of green duct tape does he call it macaroni?? FartMonkey
they couldn't find anything interesting to rhyme with pony

Oh, I see how it is! 'Feel free to curse and throw things' eh? You just want me to throw things at you so you'll be getting free stuff! Don't you! Thought you could fool me...well you didn't! See how you like THIS! <hurls numerous Richard Simmons workout videos> FartMonkey
<ducks> damnit... foiled again....

How many times have you worn that shirt ? It's un-healthful !
you mean i have the option of taking it off?

So what really IS the crunchy ingredient of those chocolate crunch bars? FartMonkey
toffee... and some bones from dead people they don't want the cops to find

what is a two-way? Like in the bowling for soup song?
the what? never heard of it

That insightful girl in my class was really ticking me off. Should I give in and punch her, or are there people in my class who think that violence isn't the answer? McDiablo
well i'd try using duct tape first... it has so many uses... if that doesn't work then try violence

Everyone wants to know--is my cat on crack? McDiablo
sometimes yes... other times it's faking it for a bit of excitement

Should I just randomly start busting a move at the bus stop? ... like, if I'm really bored? McDiablo
yes... it would give others something to think about for a bit instead of just standing there pretending not to look at each other

Where do these little chains keep coming from? FartMonkey
the chain monkeys... i hate those bastards

They say the sun darkens our skin, yet lightens our hair. My hair is light brown. Could it eventually, with enough sun, go blonde?
yes... but i'm hoping you have more important things to think about and do then that

"The Grey Sword" is in my possession, and you cannot have it. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Are you unhappy and jealous? Let me guess, are you going to give me a stinky monkey butt for teasing you?
no butts for teasing... though i am quite unhappy and jealous

How come some people seem to think that I'm the root of all evil? FartMonkey
they haven't met me yet what we were talking about..last night?''s happening again...I'd be willing to if you want to be paid in burnt out will you help me? It's happening so fast...FartMonkey
i have too many burnt out lightbulbs... how about you pay me with dvds?

In your horoscope it says that if I join a cult I'll have to kill myself in the year 2003...should I just save time, skip the cult, and kill myself now, since it is already 2003? FartMonkey
you mean you missed the cult? damnit... i sent you the memo!!!

If you spank the monkey what does it say?
owwwww!.... do it again!

DC,What's your favorite movie in the whole wide world?!...mine have to be all the movies by View Askew~SG*
well the list is always changing... for now it's requiem for a dream, akira and fear & loathing in las vegas

Im just now noticing this but, about ur "good question Awards" do u know i wont ask a good question? i just might surpirse you and there i would be the odds of you saying"but you wont get one' ~Gillburt~
i'd like to wrong... but i'm not

Do you believe that everything relates to "The Simpson's"? McDiablo
in many cases, yes... if they don't... they should be

How much does bad grammar bother you? McDiablo
in some cases it bothers me to the point that i must dump juice on my head and then fling the empty bottle at the wall in the hopes that someone will come and put me out of my misery... other times i just don't care

My brother is currently failing Math 8. Do you have any words to share with him to get him back on track and pass the class? McDiablo
9 comes after 8.... and 7 comes before 8... and stop eating all the textbooks...

why the hell does my knee STILL hurt? i ahven't done anything to it.. - Miss Roger's Sweater.
you were thinking about it though... weren't you? WEREN'T YOU? yes you were just admit it... you can cause it to happen with your mind so stop it.... I SAID STOP IT! ... and NO... petting it won't help

my brother just called me from the bathroom to go there.. is he trying to scare me? i didn't answer him, just so you know. - Miss Roger's Sweater
it was the toilet paper pretending to be him... don't fall for it... it will wrap you up and force you to stare at the tap it hates for hours

Ok the problem. I love chines food. I could eat it every day. The best part is the fortune cookie. The thing is every time I read the fortune it is like someone is trying to tell me something. First it was. "They are coming to get you" then it was, "don't go to work tomorow they will be thier." Just reacently, "We are coming to get you and take you to the leader be strong brother." What is going on? I really want to know.
well by the time i answer this the fortune cookie has delievered it's final message of death and you are no longer here to read my answer... that's too bad cuz i would have told you to drown all the cookies in milk

I going to the trailer park tonight and I am going to make some evil chants while walking around the trailers...... should I make up a fake language by doing this? Will I frighten the people living in the trailers? Do you want to come next time when I go?
instead of doing that... i say you get some books and read it to them... that would be helpful indeed... and kick the shit out of those plastic flamingos... those little pink bastards deserve it

I went to Australia to a guys farm, it was very nice and I asked the farmer if I could talk to his animals, he seemed to think I was insane but let me talk to them. Of course the animals all talked straight back to me which somehow surprised the farmer (obviously he did not know I could talk to animals and they could talk back to me), and I found he treated them well, especially the cats. When I went to talk to the sheep, he went angry and told me to stay away, he said they were a bunch of lairs. Is there a real reason why?
sheep are notorious liars... one time i listened to a sheep and i ended up in a bathroom singing about seagulls and their journey through the dump to find themselves some food... let me tell you... that night i went home and pissed blood for an hour... it hurt and i hate those damn sheep...

if theres a draft, can you bring us sad 18-25 year old pathetic americans up to canada with you guys to avoid the draft?? -monkie boy
yes but only if you promise to treat other humans nicely and with respect... in fact all of you people out there better be doing that or i'll spank you with broken computer keyboards

have you ever masturbated and have the cum shoot up in your eyes?? damn it hurts!!
no i wear goggles...

Oh thats so tragic that you lost one of your shiny things, can I buy you another shiny thing? What shiny things do you like? And oooh you didn't say anything about a girlfriend does that mean you have one? haha I'm stirring and meddling ,but I do love to hear about peoples personal lives, theyre so much more interesting than me. Sally
yes please buy me a shiny thing... the playstation 2 with grand theft auto on it would be nice.... i have a lot of things around here but none seem to be labelled 'girlfriend'... and you live with a high-ranking member of the elite cat forces so i'm sure you get to do some fun things... and look at jcps bit to spy in on her life... then you will know that your life is indeed more exciting then someone elses... <glances around...> uh we'll just keep that to ourselves... i don't need another beating...

If words can't bring her down, do you think we should all shout: "crack whore, bitch, slut, munter, buttcheeks and flange" and Christina Aguilera? - Mzebonga
that last bit was offensive... good thing the cats like you and will permit you to use such foul language... there will be no more CA here... haha you said buttcheeks...

Today in school, i was i biology when i noticed that my CD player was running in my coat pocket, so i get it out to take out the battery so that it wont happen again, and my teacher just grabs it out my hand even tough i told him why i had it out so then he tells me that i have detention and takes my CD player, well anyway why are ducks so cool?
ducks know the score... they are tuned in, turned on and ready for shit to go down... that's what makes them cool

this guy just confessed to liking me today. he's a cool kid, I GOT OFF-TRACK.....ok i'm better why do unicorns eat so much of my cheeze? irish psycho
if you had a huge horn planted in the middle of your forehead, you'd eat all the cheese you want too... i mean... what are they going to do... say no? you'd just spear them with your horn... you do whatever a unicorn tells you... nothing worse then a unicorn horn enema...

Is tinfoil the same thing as aluminum foil? Just to be safe, I lined the walls and ceilings of my room with both...I'm still acting funny though, and I think it might have something to do with the lightbulbs..yes, I can hear them all now!...laughing at me...Don't you hear them? Hahahaha! How stupid I have been to willingly let them into my home by the dozens! That was just what they wanted me to do...well they THINK they've won this time! <goes into insane frenzy of gathering lightbulbs and smashing them> FartMonkey
all i know about foil is it's shiny... and you should get some energy efficient bulbs to replace your florescent lighting... go find yourself some fun halogen lighting, hook them up to dimmers and enjoy the shiny walls as they tell you stories of days gone by...

I always call my cat "Sexy Cat" or "You Sexy Thing". Does she like it?
yes but stop licking her ass... that's creeping her out... and the rest of us too

Since I have got "The Grey Sword", I been having strange dreams about me killing people with it and obeying your commands DC. Is "The Grey Sword" foreboding something in the future about me been your assassin and doing your bidding? By the way, "The Grey Sword" also talks to me in my sleep and says I must refer it to "The Grey Sword", not just the grey sword with no capitals and quotation marks. Because if I do, it cause great pain..... stupid grey sword..... AAAAAAAHHHH!!! THAT HURT!!!
my bidding... yes you should do that... there are a few items i'd like you to bid on for me... and i'd like you to go smite that couch with the sword... it will like it...

I recently discovered that I have this strange habbit of always going in to the second stall in public bathrooms... (Not that I like public bathrooms, I think there gross... but when i happen to use one I do this) Do you seem to think that this is some type of mental illness... or just a habbit like I said earlier? ~NSuxbum
i think you should stop doing that... if you are being watched by kidnappers then they will be onto your pattern and plan your abduction around this, knowing you will be there... throw them off by randomly picking stalls... and find a new way to walk home...

I was like WHOA... yeah thats right I said WHOA... and it was mistaken for the word Boob... What? DOES THAT SOUND LIKE WHAT I SAID? I didnt think so... but maybe I'm mistaken. Like I would really yell out BOOB in the middle of lunch... People would look at me funny... well they already do... but hey... then they would probablly stare at me... ehh.. enough with my ramblings... tootles~NSuxbum
well if you did say boob then you'd get their attention quicker... and PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO EAT DAMNIT, KEEP IT DOWN OVER THERE

Why do I suddenly want baby food? FartMonkey
you are a lazy freak who has grown weary of chewing food

Have you ever had cheese with grapes? It's the best, you should try it if you haven't...oh wait I had a better question too...should I believe what's on those baby food labels? FartMonkey
no i haven't... grapes and i don't exactly get along

whats with my friend dp? she hasn't gotten off the bottom of the sish tank for at least a week. she looks all raggedy, and a fish just bit her and she didn't even move! whats wrong with dp? irish psycho
change your name and flee the country... you will be blamed for this

whats with all these people running when it's like 4 degrees out? if these people are stupid enough to go outside when it's like this they deserve what they get a clod or pneumonia, it's their own fault. whats the good of running anyway? irish psycho
when faced with a fire breathing alien monster then you'll be needing that running skill

what if you were a sock monkey and then a turtle grabbed your tail when you were visiting the local jail and said that if you moved you'd lose half your ass? irish psycho
i'd be pretty pissed off... i need my ass

who invented the toronto maple leafs? irish psycho
me and some other people with wooden sticks

why can't i live in canada? irish psycho
you failed the test

how old is the soup thats sitting in my fridge? should i throw it out or does it deserve to sit in there a little longer? irish psycho
it wasn't soup when it started... it was a piece of cake

how do u know our questions are pathetic? irish psycho
i'm right when it's you aren't i? <points and laughs>

will you come kill me? irish psycho
no you come here and i'll kill you... unless you pay me to come there and kill you... how would you like to be killed?

alas poor santa, for he has but one eye-ball... irish psycho's little cousin said that. can i point out that her cousin is about 2 years old. how cool is that? some bitch
i find it disturbing .. this whole 'santa' thing... i'd explain more but my wrist is fucking up

Is wind really caused by bad things of the earth? I mean if you've got things that blow and things that suck, you've got some serious air I right? FartMonkey
do not mess with the weather... it will fuck you up... you just tell that wind you love it... LOVE it.... <smiles nervously at the sky>

I woke up this morning to hear two of my friends complaining that their arses were sore, What on Earth were they up to last night?
caterpillars... damn some of those things are HUGE

I once knock out the most prettiest girl in my school, tied her up, and put her in the bed of the most fattest and revolting pupil in my school (I did this as for revenge on the girl who would not be my partner in the prom). He was pissed, because he had tons of beer bottles under his bed, but when he woke up, let just say it was cave man style. Now they say revenge is bitter-sweet, but it became bitter! She madly fell in love with this guy because he was a sex machine, got married, had kids and lead a happy and wealthy life. This SUCKS! What should I have done to her for revenge?
<smacks you upside the head> can't you come up with anything better to do with yourself? damnit go read a book or something...

I have sliced eggplant and it is green inside - is not it poisenions?
if there were a line-up of veggies ... i wouldn't be able to point out an eggplant much less tell you how to eat the thing

is the baby going to try to kill me in my sleep now that he's started walking? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes... that's why you shove a soother in it's nasty little face...

is my brother's car breaking down, just a conspiracy so that i can't sleep in tomorrow morning? - Miss Roger's Sweater
the conspiracy has to do more with your bedsheets and your shoes then your sleeping... i've said too much already...

were you ever in the math club? or the physics club? or the latin club? cuz i wasn't. - Miss Roger's Sweater
i WAS the math club... just me and some broken calculators... without me they were NOTHING... no (stephen hawking kicked me out for making farting sounds during the big bang movie) and no they hid from me

doesnt it make you feel all warm inside when you drink some bacardi, and then have a nice cold beer to soothe the burning throat from all that bacardi?- monkie boy
no... i feel warm inside from coffee

would you quit smoking cigarettes if you started to cough up blood and parts of your lung?? i know i wouldn't- monkie boy
well since i wouldn't start up again, i'd have to say no, i'm smarter then that and if i wanted to kill myself i'd do it much quicker and cheaper then that

god, why the fuck am i joining the navy?? was i on crack or sumthin?? and even scarier, they accepted me, god it'll be a cold day in hell when they see who they're bringing along with them, i can imagine a poster of me really drunk, having a really stupid look on my face and holding a 40 up, the caption for the poster is "this man is defending the united states of america", scary thought aint it?- monkie boy
of course they'll accept you... you are just another body to fling across an ocean to go kill and be killed...

HOw werid is it to be excited to actually work at a cash registar? ~JeEpY
all those buttons... how could you NOT be excited?!

Why can't I spell certain words right? Is it because the Americans spell things differently from us Canadians and i can't seem to grasp the right form??~JeEpY
i blame your spell checker and that faulty keyboard... that's right... we'll blame the keyboard

if a smurf is choked what color does it turn?......Nichole D
ok last time people ... P U R P L E

Why did "AT&T" say, "reach out and touch somebody", you can't do that over the phone........Nichole D
it's more like 'reach out and touch yourself while describing it to somebody'

What do you think about highschool realationships

What are sock monkeys made of ? -NNY
minced up coffee beans... some rocks from egypt... and colored lights...

What ever happened to " Happy Days" ? -NNY
it all turned out to be lies and now we're all pissed off about it...

How come at the beginning of the Beastie Boys song "Girls" I get this mental image of a dude crazily playing the xylephone? McDiablo
you've been watching too much tv...

How come my cat likes to sit directly in front of the subwoofer? McDiablo
your cat likes the vibrations...

Today is my dad's birthday. How old do you think he's turning? McDiablo
so old he makes silly jokes about it

Is it all right to plan Slurpee Runs 24 hours in advance? My friends and I have been doing this lately. McDiablo
yes and i think it shows a sign of maturity that you are planning out such important events

How to aply wax on the skateboard?
wax on... wax off.... wax on... wax off...

you know i was thinking some more about the fix-all pill... you guys are way behind. don't you know Windex already cures all that, and then some? - SiNiSTaR
but this is a pill and isn't blue!

You guys short on good question awards or something? - SiNiSTaR
yea we kinda left them somewhere while camping...

my cats a faggot. what can i do for him? his own mother and brother rejected him. - SiNiSTaR
i say you show that cat and your family that you love him anyways and that we shouldn't reject those we love over something stupid like what sex they prefer

why do people with black eyes suck? i have black eyes......and i......suck........OK YOU'VE PROVED YOUR POINT!!!!! irish psycho

i once found a dead dolphin on the shore of lake erie. do you know how bad they reek when they're all bloated and have cooked from sitting in the sun? nasty.... irish psycho
a dead dolphin in lake erie... yea ok...

really, what is the importance of having a roof over yor head? what if there is some person with out a home/roof and they're sitting next to like, a fire. they're a lot warmer then me! irish psycho
i say you try sleeping with a fire next to you... see if there is any difference

you ridicule people all over this site, why can't we? irish psycho
well let's see... oh yea... i am a member of this site and therefore i can do what i want (as long as jcp doesn't object) and you aren't....

i want to go to hawaii!!! will you take me there if i take you where you want to go first? irish psycho
i will take you there if you pay for the whole thing, pay me to be there, and then give me 23 hours of free-time a day while there

why does the chineese alphabet have more than 3000 characters to memorize and ours is only 26?
they're smarter

Where can I buy a portable heater...if such a thing does exist? McDiablo
yes such a thing does exist and i've seen them at places like canadian tire... they look like the old radiators but have oil in them

Why does nausea just creep up on you? Like, you're fine all day and then when you go to bed, you start feeling sick. McDiablo
it does that to piss you off and make you feel like a little child until you start whining and then you end up puking

Will my sister's soccer team win a game during their tournament? They have yet to do so. McDiablo
sure... in some reality they will

I'm in the midst of playing 7th Guest myself....goddamn Stauf...friggin laughing..always laughing. "ooooh, bad move" I hate him.
damn stauf... him and his stupid insults that start to just get under you skin ... damned stauf!!!! keep the damned dolls! i could care less!

I can make my own online quizzes for my site now... Are you jealous? - Mzebonga
no... and you can't make me... as long as you still answer ours i won't have to send you fluffy pink things in the mail.. that's right... PINK

How would you like to have a Greek's hairy dick shoved into you? Oh my god! "The Grey Sword" told me to say that hairy dick thing to you! Aaaaaah! It making me say really bads things..... I GONNA F*** YOU UP SO BADLY DC THAT YOUR MOTHER WILL BE CRYING....... Whoa! What is happening to me? I beleive "The Grey Sword" has greater plans for me than I can ever dreamed of. It says that I will float through the air and strike my foes with the powers of my mind, our mind!!!..... DO YOU THINK YOU CAN POSSES ME DC? BECAUSE I, "THE GREY SWORD's" CUP SHALL RUNNETH OVER! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
that isn't the grey sword at all! that's the nasty yellow sword dressed up like the grey sword... throw it away!

I have always heard the saying "Did something crawl up your ass and died?" when you refer to someone who stinks. What actually crawled up the ass and died to give birth to that saying?
the stink bug

"Quantity does NOT equal quality." Hey, DC is my man (or sockmonkey), you finally fixed it. Now I can get lost and leave you alone for good! Happy?
yes and you can send me presents too

Why do I help them? Why? - Omuletzu
you are just that kind of crazed freak

May I have your opinion of both St. Patrick's day and the fact that I have resisted the urge to address you here as "laddie"? FartMonkey
i say sure why not to it... and thanks

I AM back and am sorry to say, I lost my ride, I know you would be glad, just because I cant gloat about it anymore....... but I am getting some new propositions (All Weird) should I tell you about them?
no that's quite alright

will i ever finish my screenplay for my creative writing class? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes but let's face it... when you have all the characters with the same name, it's hard to make it good

can you write me a note so i don't have to go to school today? i'm not in the school mood. - Miss Roger's Sweater
dear teachers, miss roger's sweater learns more by reading and books then you could ever hope to teach her... so excuse her from any classes she doesn't feel like going to

Since i don't have a guitar lesson tomorrow cuz my teacher is giving me a 'spring break' even though i don't get time off from school, what will he be doing tomorrow instead of my lesson? - Miss Roger's Sweater
he will be frolicking around naked... i'd tell you more but you'd throw up

i went to value village yesterday and bought a sweater for 4 dollars and the cashier guy was like "oh, isn't that a cute sweater" and he wasn't joking. was i right to be scared? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes... he is angry that you got it before him and he will stalk you like an insane emu until you finally give it to him... and what did you buy me????

has anyone invented a way to regulate the rate at which one's finger nails grow? just wondering... - Miss Roger's Sweater
not that i'm aware of... i'll let you know

if we can see out of our own eyes if 1 of us wasnt born could we see out of sum1 elses eyes? kind of like being 2 ppl at 1ce, or all we all just here
damnit you lazy dumbass... just use the word ONE... do you know how annoying that is?

whens your birthday if your born on february 28th? irish psycho
the whole calendar thing is just to distract you from the way time really moves

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