Where did you get the name for The Isane Domain? Why not something else?
the history of theinsanedomain is here...

What is the best question you've ever been asked?
i can't think of just one that tops them all...

one time i had sex with a goat. i had fun but the goat seemed to be upset. it feels i raped it so i bought it a box of chocolates. it was happy but what should i do about those americans? - Osama
i say sterlize them all... all the humans must be sterlized

Girls have all kinds of underwear. some purple... black, pink, white etc... but guys seem to be yellow in the front and brown in the back. why dont people wipe their ass and ~wiggle~ their dick?
no all girls have all kinds of underwear... some only have black... and you should take your question to the streets to see what answers you get

if grass is green, and oranges are orange, how many pancakes would it take to reach the moon???
12 if made properly

DC, can I eat your eggs?
sure... enjoy

do u have any pictures of people haveing sex in diapers
not that i am aware of

what the hell is sammy d and salmonella?
that tune from the 20s?

i think i'm a nympho. i get no pleasure from sex, i just want more and more of it. it's really frustrating. what can i do to cure me of this illness??
i think you should come over here and we'll discuss your options

why is the sky ruddy and my fate bloody?
that damn stauf is just fucking with my head again... i'm not hearing this... i hate you and i uninstalled you... you are just a computer game and i hate you... stop laughing at me... STOP LAUGHING AT ME

how do you tell someone that you don't love him, you just want to fuck him?
you smile and say "i don't love you, i just want to fuck you."

Yo Dick Cocksucker why haven't you answered or even posted my question, I want to know your views as a sock monkey on socks and sockmnkeys being used as cum rags. Have you ever been used as a cum rag. I understand if you won't answer this question because its a sensitive subject but if your not answering because I call you Dick Cocksuker then you suck.
no i've never been used as a cum rag and if you don't like that answer then too bad for you

Why do they give you a chocklate at richy hotels?--Mistofflies
to distract you from the TRUTH

wassup DC?havnt wrote to yo in a while (in hospital) well when i was in the "mental ward" i wondered what colour a smurf would go if i choked the little shit!!and its already blue so it has to go another coulor....what do you think?--JIMPIMP
i think it would turn purple... go try it

wassup DC my homie?ive read your whole website and it FUCKIN ROCKS!!!im just curious...how long did it take you to get it this good?--JIMPIMP
it's been around since 1996... and it took the arrival of me to make it rock... just don't tell jcp i said that

why did they create the scary creatures they called "tamagotchi's" and "gigapets"? I cant sleep anymore! They haunt me in my dreams. How do i make them go away? Help, i see dead "tamagotchi's"!
the only way out is suicide... that's just the way it is...

why are u insane?
i'm not sure... i think it's the dreams

do sock monkey's shit?
sure why not

do sock monkeys have sex?
of course we do

is anna purring?
no she is sleeping

why do the stupidest muther fuckers drive? why cant the assholes just stay inside before they cause me or other people to walk into burgerking and start opening fire on everyone? i say you never really learn how to cuss untill you learn to drive but im thinking more than cussing. fuckers... -The X
so true... these people should be sterlized

Please advise me what to do with a box of rubberbands and a pound of tofu.
send the rubberbands to me... and fry up the tofu before it goes bad

Does this look dirty to you ( . ) ( . ) ? or how about this ( |# #| ) ? you pervert! - The X
you're not going to slap me are you? cuz i like it when you do that

Why do these damn drivers have to freakin speed all the time? what the hell are they thinking? doig 90k in a 50k zone? grr it pisses me off!! What do you think of this?-Swanky
i say everyone should be sterilized... but i think i've mentioned that already...

Are you gonna say happy birthday to me?-Swanky
i thought about it but decided no... i don't want you throwing it back in my face when it's mine

My fingernails keep splitting. Should I drink more milk? McDiablo
drink more soy milk

How did the insult word "dumb ass" orginate? McDiablo
well there was this ass that always wandered around this town a long time ago and he was dumb and so they called him 'dumb ass' and everyone knew it was true so anyone who was dumb was called a dumbass... true story

so did The 7th Guest creep you out as much as it did me?? all those flying women in white...and that disgusting old goat with that shitty young woman!!
it was a fun game but the 11th hour is the one that pissed me right off... stupid last puzzle always getting harder and damn stauf and his shit... hate him... HATE HIM

I'm hungry. Feed me peanuts.
this isn't a question... and i told you there are no nuts here... oh wait... there's a few

i know a person who claims she can astral project herself. that really sucks ass...is there any way i can find out the truth?
trick her with spinach and then force her to teach you... then kick her astral projected ass

I'm really a nice caring guy but everyone thinks I'm some sort of fist swinging maniac, not that I don't do that occasionally and I do like a good fight, but I'm far from being a maniac, oh yeah and the way I drive really scares the hell out of people. Is there such a tging as maniac denial?
you obviously haven't met sanimal... deep denial in that case

Well the dress didn't make me puke because I picked it since I had to pay for it, yes thats right I had to pay for it. I probably won't use it again either ,don't you hate that, buying an exspensive dress that you won't wear again? Sally
it really pisses me off when that happens... i mean i took the time to go out and pick one that i have to prance around in for a day and it's next to impossible to find one that looks good but is comfortable... just pisses me off

My cat Angelina was wondering if Ana will let her be the second in charge when the cats take over ,if not can she have a really important job? Sally
of course... your cat will be in charge of taking over austriallia...

How are things for you lately? Whats been happening with mike patton? Hows Ana? Hows Jcp? Sally
ok i suppose but i'd like more money, people keep phoning for more... i'm not sure, i think he's touring or something but nowhere near me of course... ana is sleeping right now and jcp is bitchy

Why is anything made with raspberries called Melba? Sally
it is? damn that must be annoying

What do you think of mangoes? Sally
i don't like them... they leave a nasty taste in my mouth

Whats the best fruit and the most boring fruit? Sally
best are strawberries and pears are the most boring...

So in things that suck section, has any of that happened to you and how annoying was it for you? Sally
there are a few i wouldn't want to admit to that are true... and damn did it suck... the damn shrink stories are mostly true as well... and that shrink sucked ass

when are you changing the 'what if's'? i waited a whole month for them to change and it's still the same bleeding thing!!!!
we're working on it! damn people... we have jobs too you know... it will be up by friday

Are you one of us who feel that these types of intentional disagreements between high pitched female singers is demeaning and retarded?--Mistofflies
they shouldn't be allowed to get to the title of singers if they sing high pitched... they should have their voices altered and prevented from singing... although i have the feeling you're talking about some singers i don't know or care about

Yo Dick Cocksucker, I can understand everything that Keeny from Southpark and Boomhower from King of the Hill say. Am I gifted, and how can I use this gift to benifit humanity.
you contact trey & matt and offer to do the voice over & closed captioning for all of their videos, movie and future episodes of south park

damn them all. and why exactly did the banana do THAT? i mean, it was uncalled for, and violent. do you think it should be punished? - Fido Dido
i say strip it and stomp it into the ground

even you have, even you need, i dont mean to stare, we dont have to breed, we could plant a house, we could build a tree, i dont even care, we could do all three, she said. but did she? did she indeed.....? - Fido Dido
i'm going to start deleting these...

wtf?! pardon the link, but <some url that wasn't working?> <----what on earth is that? - Fido Dido
it didn't work so i didn't post it... no more urls

Is Stanley a good boy? And, if he is, how does that merit and advertising campaign? - Mzebonga
yes he is actually... and the people he has working for him worked it into the budget...

Are those days really over? - Mzebonga
yes... yes they are... all over...

What does "demon child" stand for? - Mzebonga
i thought you'd never ask... DC

What do you stand for? - Mzebonga
fun and profit mostly

Who are all these other people? What right do they have? - Mzebonga
i'm not sure yet... and they should have the same rights yet if they take one away from us then they get it taken from them too

Who lost the "Lost City of Atlantis"? And why was it called the "Lost City of Atlantis" even though, at one point in time, people would have known exactly where to find it? - Mzebonga
damnit did they lose that again? i told them not to just set it down anywhere...

Why are manitees so sexy? - JellyFishToast
it's their stumpy tails

So say I was like the antichrist, do I still have to go to church? -JellyFishToast
only for special occasions like xmas

Now I know Patton is the shit, and he makes lots of twisted circus music, but whut about ICP? - JellyFishToast
i have a few icp mp3s but not into them... maybe next year

Was i Adopted? -JellyFishToast
yes but don't worry, you weren't left on the doorstep... they mailed away for you

Is a mexican abortion safe? -JellyFishToast
if the doctor is qualified/experienced then sure

i shot james bond like you told me to, then i gave him a lethal injection just to make sure. well, i didn't sterilize it, and he came back to life and killed random people, just like you said, now he is after me. what do i do? -redneck
download the code to make a gun that will take off his head... then go to the third door on the left and you'll find the purple coin

Why the fuck are people so god-damned twofaced and pretend to be your friend and then talk mad shit?? -R Dire
people are stupid... they like to play-pretend... ignore them... they are irrelevant... find others like yourself

My arse has turned blue... is there a problem? - Mzebonga
no... i think it looks good...

what do you call those clamping thingys people use to clamp guys' balls when they're having sex s&m style?
i would call them painful... but i don't wish to proove my theory correct...

why does your tail look exactly like your arms??
my tail is way longer then my arms... touch it and see for yourself

Do you enjoy putting babies on spikes? I know I do -Sparkle Pixie
and their parents...

What is the diraphram of a Solar Car??
i could make up some big long answer involving trees, carpet samples from empriss nikon and padded walls but i just don't have the energy and the cat has awoken and is demanding food...

why does that effin' bitch always bang the table and say 'is it nit' when she could just ask, 'isn't it?' crikey!!!
she is a malfunctioning robot designed to confuse you

sometimes i like to pretend i'm a pixie.
where is my mind?

What would you do if you had been saving up to move somewhere and had enough money to go, but had to stay put for court and community service or risk having a warrqnt issued. If you stay where you are much longer you'll kill yourself. What do you do?
well i'd take the money and open a store... then sell stuff and make enough money to pay off the court thing and then take the rest and go far far away

is angelina jolie real or is she as fake as lara croft?
i'm not sure... but if she's willing to put up with some prodding i'll find out

Why does my cat look like a burrito? -Sparkle Pixie
you've confused the two again... stop petting the burrito

Can my cat read my mind? Why is it staring at me like that NO NO! BAD WOBBLES AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! (dies) -Sparkle Pixie
yes, all cats can read minds

seen as how ur a sock monkey and all i was wonderin if u knew Johnny Vaughan and monkey?
no i don't... but that shouldn't stop you from sending me all your money and some sparkles

why aren't you in a frozen waffle box workin on making a cream corn can into a cold fusion reactor?--Insanelane
i'm not sure... i think i missed the phone call on that one... i was in the shower washing my tail

if i fucked a cat would it bear my children
no, you should wear a condom at least

What exactly is a TVC 15?
tiny bubbles of white liquid floating in red liquid

I love my girlfriend lots but what shud i buy her for her birthday? ow much shud i spend? Pleeeeze help
buy her stuff she'd like and whatever you want...

If a tree falls in a forest and no body is there to hear it does it make a noise? - weaves
yes it does but a different noise then if someone heard it

Why do old people get wrinkles? - weaves
their skin gives up

Does Kelsey take it in the ass why kelsey gay? Is Kelsey gay?
blah blah blah you're obsessed with kelsey

Yo Dick Cocksucker to fuck or to fuck more that is the question?
i say to fuck more... unless that which is available to be fucked is seriously fucked up and then you don't want to fuck with it or fuck it for fear of getting fucked up

Yo Dick Cocksucker what should I do now that I found Jesus. Should I just keep drinking, fucking and rocking for the glory of God?
why not... thats what the rest do

am i insane, of course, i take it as a, you know what, complement. Take care of whatever´s good! Sincerely H for the SA

this isn't a question in any way

Is it normal for a bruise to turn yellow? McDiablo
mine turn yellow... and brown... and blue... and purple... and red... and polka dotted

I hate. dont you? - The X
yes... quite a lot actually

Where have all the serial killers gone? Seems you dont hear about your neighbor going down the block killing off little Joe and his entire family like you used to. Just wondering why not? People suck. - The X
well they're hiding the truth from you so you dump cow-people will just continue grazing on your televisions and spending your money from your cubicle jobs... people suck so very very much

Should i have a party with lots of money and eat the profits? or maybe i should have a party eat the people and spend the profits. what should i do?
i say option two... it sounds the most fun... i'd like some profits too

Why do the damn spiders have to attack me?-Swanky
they do that to annoy you... they like to creep into my bedroom and mess with my head... so i kill them and leave the corpse on the wall as a warning to the rest of them

"How do you build a great rock station?"(just a quote from the tv, but i'm curious to know the answer) can you tell me please?-Swanky
you pay me to be the dj and get me any cd i ask for... and then you broadcast

Ok, i'm not human, and I call humans hyoomans. I also call them poo-flingers. Along with monkeys. So, what I was wondering, is....do sock monkeys fling poo too? Or are they above the lower primates?
well it depends on the mood of the sock monkey and how much poo is around

Will you help me to kill Bob Barker? I'm sick of him telling me to spay and neuter pets because that's fucked up and wrong.
ok you get the sack and i'll go get the camera

Why won't the people in my computer stop talking to me?
turn the sound off... that will shut them up for awhile so you can do some dancing

Why does goo float?
why the hell shouldn't it???

Carrots are good for your eyes, but can they dial a phone?
only if properly trained and stored properly

Are you the president of Mexico?
not yet

I like to have mutual, consenting sex with animals. Is there something wrong with me?
not at all... as long as it's mutal and consenting its ok

Dolphins have prehensile penises. Did you know that? Do you find it interesting? I sure do, seeing as how i'm a dolphin and all ^_~ ---Dolpha
that is quite interesting and you should send tapes about it

Who the hell is Mr. Bungle? I've never heard of them. Do they have a website or anything? I'm interested........ ---Dolpha
mr bungle is a band... they are on warner bros records but that site sucks... http://www.cv.org is a site to try

I'm a furry. Do you know what that is? If so, does it disgust you? ---Dolpha
furry means you're covered in fur... doesn't it??? and i find it offensive

I figured it out! I'm not smart, everyone else is dumb! Do you agree with this logic? ---Dolpha
everyone sucks and is stupid... i always agree with that

These are the only links that i'll ever post, I promise because they make me laugh. They're very weird. I just wanted to know what the sock monkey thinks of them??? http://www.stileproject.com/pika.html http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/content.php?id=18794 http://www.zombo.com/ Do these make you laugh?
i guess i'll let these stay... none made me laugh out loud... but some of it was amusing

I want to get the stinky monkey butt award because stinky monkey butts are sexy. Will you pweese give me one??? ---Dolpha
no you have to earn it like everyone else

I had a little monkey, I sent him to the country and I fed him on gingerbread. Along came a choo-choo and knocked my monkey coo-coo, and now my monkey's dead.

Does this sound farmiliar to you? ^_~ ---Dolpha
no it doesn't... but then again when i used to drink i did a lot of strange things so maybe it is familiar

Why won't Creed die? ---Dolpha
i'm trying to figure that out too

Why am I on the computer at 4:00 in the morning typing in questions for a sock monkey? *goes to sleep* ---Dolpha
sleep? who needs THAT?

Why are all Mexicans purple? ---Dolpha
the one's i've seen aren't purple...? maybe it's your tv...

Why won't Bin Laden just nuke us and kill everyone already? What's with the freakin' holdup? ---Dolpha
why must it be him? just have bush do it directly instead of setting up some elaborate shit

What can I put into the cities' water to make everyone sterile??? I've been looking for a while. I want to get rid of all the hyoomans without damaging other species such as dolphins and sock monkeys. ---Dolpha
i'm not sure... i'm researching that as well... i'll let you know what i find

Why is there a voice that keeps saying : "You've Got Mail!" and "Goodbye!" ????? ---Dolpha
i say locate where it's coming from and smash the shit out of it...

The bible is against Incest, but, it says that all hyoomans were decended from two people, Adam and Eve. Now, obviously, Adam and Eve had kids..... Then that would mean that they're kids would either have to have sex with each other or with their parents, having no choice but incest. Now, if all hyoomans are decended from them, then doesn't that mean that they're all inbred anyway? Or is the bible just a crock of shit like i've come to believe? ---Dolpha
it's just a crock of shit created by humans to keep other humans living in fear

Why do they all float??? ---Dolpha
cuz thats what dead bodies do after awhile

Why do I ask so many goddamn questions? ---Dolpha
you have some free time? you can't sleep?

Ok, i'm going to bed now!!!!!!! (and that wasn't a question, so i'd better get a big voluptious stink monkey butt!!!!) ---Dolpha
no it wasn't

So do blue eyes and golden curls appeal to you?
not usually but sometimes yea

Get over yourself, do you know sometimes your a bit self absorbed?
hell no i won't get over myself and of course i am...

Sometimes is it your fault?
its my fault a little too often

Why is JCP bitchy and whats been happening with that girl?
its what she's good at and she's been trying to set up a newsletter thing to mail out to you freaks, as well as try to run her business

My cat Angelina is so happy to have such an important task from Anastasia for taking over the world and she says thanks and that she is up to the job. How is the progress coming along for taking over the world from Anastasia's point of view? Sally and Angelina
well ana is resting right now... she has been busy gathering infromation lately... and she said that she has full confidence in angelina's abilities to take over her designated area... no kitty litter mines for you either! have i not told you people about mzebonga's article on the cats?

What is a chumpy, and have you ever met one? - BARCLAY
no idea so i don't know if i've met one

If a female sock monkey made a pass at you, and she stunk of peanuts, what would you do? - Mr Cooperman
lick her silly

I was eating out my girlfriend and i bit into something crunchy, is it what I think it is? - LubisKo
well if you didn't involve food so much then there wouldn't be anything crunchy...

Why not? Will i get a stinky monkey butt award for this question? - LubisKo

why do I have to take a shit right now?
you have probably consumed something at some point that needs to be expelled

No gibberish. No repeating the same question over and over. I require great amounts of money for sexual favors. If I think you're using someone else's name to ridicule them, I will alter or remove the name. No making this your personal messaging board. URLs to your stupid and sad sites will be removed from your message, along with email addresses. telling a short interesting story is ok... just make sure you ask a question along with it. These are good rules, arnt they? - LubisKo
well soon i'm going to start charging you people money when you ask stupid questions

The X hates me, do you hate me too? - LubisKo
not qutie yet but getting there

How many times a day do you luv yourself? - LubisKo
depends on my day and how much i feel like loving myself...

If I KILL The X would you care? - LubisKo
i would want you to tape it and send it to me

MAYBE is twice as good as NO and HALF as good as YES, so if I ask a girl to have sex with me and she says "maybe, just maybe", does that mean yes? - LubisKo
that means ask again every 5 minutes

Here's a problem for you...how do you fit 73 bands into one damn rock show? Swanky
only play 10 seconds of each or cut out the shitty bands or make them play in the bathrooms or something

Do you know where the One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater Lives? He owes me money. McDiablo
he's in that cave with the tinfoil glasses

Did Dane run away? Where'd he go? He was a big time dumbass, so good riddance, right? Swanky
i'm not sure where he went... maybe he changed his name?

There is a big purple elephant in my room. I think it wants something. What should I do? ---Dolpha
ask it what it wants and give it to it

I like the song Ashes To Ashes. In 1997 when it was released, why did MTV decide to be a dick and not play the video? ---Dolpha
mtv sucks ass that's why... they should pay me to have my own show or at the least a theinsanedomain show

has anyone ever tried using your body as a voodoo doll? and if so did you feel it or was it the guy sitting in his recliner somewhere in the state of...who are you people
yes they have and it hurt and it wasn't that guy cuz he was too busy with that girl

What happened to all the necrofiliacs of the world? - LubisKo
i'm not sure... maybe they found another planet?

Dont blame me for somthing I did, unless I did what Im doin' and I aint doin' nothin' dig it? - LubisKo
as dave likes to say 'can you dig it sucka?'

what do you eat to make you shit green dust?
hmmm... perhaps a lot of green drink crystals? i'm not sure...

if the sting of a bee was enlarged 100 times and attatched to the butt of a aardvark what would happen to the world?
well there would be a lot of angry people, and lets face it, they'd have every right... currently bees by themselves only bother a certian percentage of species, stinging only a few... in most cases the bee sting doesn't kill but as soon as you enlarge the stinger and then attach it to an aardvark you have a dangerous beerdvark, in most cases the stinger would cause serious if not fatal wounds... beerdvarks would take over the planet and kill everything else off... then they would fly out into space and take over the rest of the universe

why does the person in the mirror copy everything that I do?
scream at them and demand they leave... throw things at them too

can you buy electric chairs from 24 hour stores or do you have do commit a crime first?
i'm not sure... i got mine as a present

When is it my turn?
just hold on... i'm THINKING

if I gnaw of my own leg, liberally sprinkle it with Roquefort Dressing and send it to you, would you give me a moose with which I can dance the Lindy Hop?
no... i have no moose here...

Have you ever heard of the band The Aquabats? What do you think of them? ---Dolpha
no i haven't... so i think that they're a little unassuming at first but quickly grow on you

I pulled a white hair from right below my eye, what the fuck was up with that? R Dire
you're turning into a gorilla... start saving the little hairs in jars

Was God on drugs when he created teenagers or did he really think the world needed another hell?
for those that believe in hell then earth is the hell... being human is hell... and if you don't then the whole thing is just santa claus and easter bunny lies

What do you think of computers?
i think they're just super... and i hear they have the internet on them now too...

My mother is a raving, ranting luatic who did waaaay too much acid back in the 60s. How in the HELL am I supposed to get her to SHUT THE FUCK UP?!?!? ---Dolpha
try making bird noises and pretending to be a bird... then just dance around for awhile emitting annoying beeping noises and various owl calls

Do you know Jennifer?
of course i do... but then again... do we ever really know anyone? do we even really know ourselves?

Is the monkey yiffy today? ---Dolpha
not quite yet but i'm getting to it

Am I pregnant? ---Dolpha
let's hope not

Why do airplanes fall out of the sky? ---Dolpha
they don't, the earth is just pulled to jets on the plane and then hits it

What's the secret of the lap dancing sock monkey?
the secret is that the person reading it is the lap dancing sock monkey... if you find the right ending

So, you're a wrestling fan i'm guessing? Are there any wrestlers that you like inparticular?
no i'm not at all actually... so i know none of them

Why, oh why, does my mom keep vaginal pads in the fridge? Do you know what it's like to open the fridge, hungry, and see VAGINAL PADS! What the fuck, I hope she doesn't eat them! Maybe a Vaginal Pad Sandwich? (VPS) What the fuck?
i'd ask her to remove them or put them in a non-transparent container... that is offensive

i'm back!! did you miss me??? -keglineq

why not?? -keglineq
how did you know???

but i love you. i'm sorry i went away but suzi scared me and i needed therapy from octoipusses. they're very good cos all their tentacles can give you all the injections you need at once. do i need a question in this? -keglineq
of course you need a question...and are you saying you love the feel of tentacles on your testicles? i wasn't sure but the dog said you said that

why do i get the feeling that Dolpha and Dane are the same people? also, i wish someone would kill Creed, too. Will you? Please please please?? if i see scott stapp's chest hair one more freaking time....*pukes uncontrollably*
hmmm... and yes... yes i will

You refuse to answer some of my questions Dick Cocksucker is t his because you are a closet homosexual, you suck big fat cock?
no it is because you don't ask questions that deserve to be answered... i know its hard to understand and all so try to type slower next time... its less confusing for you that way

Why is love spelled backwords spell EVOL? I personally think there is more behind the word used and the spelling than people think. -R DIRE
how about natasha... AH SATAN... and pickle backwards is ELKCIP...

Almighty DC... Why ask why? And what's with the "Make 7-UP Yours" thing? -R Dire
why not? and it's an ad campaign designed to force more carbonated soda down your throats

Dc the allknowing, Why must steve be so gay? should we kill his new girlfriend, rebeka? thanx, we need the answers quick we can't contain ourselves much longer ~bye bye
um well steve is quite an asshole so i say you kill him too... and that rebeka's corpse can be dragged over to my house afterwards... don't worry i'll take care of her...

I have devastating news..this morning when i woke up i found a note from my sock monkey saying that he was leaving for good and had set me up for his murder when he really only commited suicide. What has driven my sock monkey to do this horrible deed. I take him out for dinner almost every night, and i bought him everything a sock monkey could ever want. Tell me what to do from here. I miss him, and i have no clue where to find him. PLEASE HELP ME FIND HIM. If i do find him before he commits suicide, what do i do to persuade him to come home?
he's dead and you're to blame... i hope you feel good about yourself... forcing your little monkey to choke down mcdonalds every night you cheap fuck... i hope you choke on your own puke

Why am I so damn tired? Can I have my brain moved to a body that will never get tired? - Mzebonga
i tried to do that but daneel said that he needed the body more then i did

Do you think Dolpha is Dane in disguise? McDiablo
i think that you are all just figments of my imigination disguised as real people to confuse me into revealing the truth about life, the universe and everything (even that strange stain in your tub)

Can I spank your monkey?
sure but not too hard

Are George W. Bush's foreign policies going to result in us all dying? - Mzebonga
pretty much... but that was his plan from the beginning wasn't it? or was that his dads? i'm not sure

i like it when my dog licks me. is that a problem?
well if the dog is ok with it then no

~There are gremlins in my computer, they mess things up and talk to my friends on aim. How can i get rid of these annoying creatures? ~ * P I G *
unplug your machine and wash it out with really hot water... dry it off with a towel and then plug it back in... if that doesn't work then try cutting all the wires inside it

What is the best movie of all time, in your opinion? Mine's "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" do you agree?-Swanky
i can't pick just one... there are LOTS of good movies... and yea jay & silent bob strike back is good... but mallrats is way better

What would happen if you locked Fred Durst and Scott Stapp in a cage for a week with nothing except a pair of pink girls' underwear and a tub of vaseline?
i would imagine that there would be a whole lot of ass fucking going on... and i must tell you i had to look up who scott stapp was

Dude, I think that you're fucking with me......I think that there really is no secret of the lap dancing sock monkey, and that it's just a crock of shit. If you can really come to an ending that says that in the story, then tell me how to get there???
i told you the secret and you have to pick the right path to get there... get to it yourself

I'm not Dane. I'm new here, I just found this website. Is Dane a bad thing? Who is Dane? Are you Dane?
i'm dc... the rest is irrelevant

Am I the god of fuck? Are you? ---Dolpha
perhaps... and sure

What do I have to do to prove to these dumbfounded dipshits that i'm not someone called Dane??? ---Dolpha
i say shave your name into your hair and make sign to wear around your neck that says "Not Dane"

do you know what Odalisque means? it means a beautiful female slave... are you into that? want me to be your slave? - Odalisque
sure... that'd be great

My socks are complaining that they do not receive enough artichokes. What should I do?
give them artichokes... !

Yo Dick Cocksucker lets say you found a twelve gauge double barreled shotgun with a big bottle of vodka and a tewnty two rifle in your house, what is the best way to combine these things in a humerous fashion, and no I am not against killing any non-dog animal, especially cats?
i would drink it all and shoot myself in the head... that's just how i feel about it all right now

why are some of my friends so gay........ they put these annoying away messages on that say their names, like say the name was megan, this is what their away message would look like: * M E G A N * pathetic isn't it, like i dont know their names already??!?!?! ugh why must they be so retarded and do this?
your friends are just being stupid like they've been breed to be... try to break them of this stupidity

Hey DC, i think you remember me writing a letter like yesterday about a close friend of mine named steve. He's obsessed with his new girlfriend Beka and it sickens me to see them together. Steve used to be my best friend and we had cybersex every day, but not anymore... only I LOVE BEKA...HELP ME please? i need some advice other than kill them :-D
i would suggest changing your name to Dana... that will fix everything

if rowing up a waterfall and your weels fall off, how many pancakes does it take to cover a dog house? some people say 47 because icecream has no bones, why is that?
well it all started off that way but by the end of the week it just wasn't working anymore so they decided to go back to the way things used to be done... bringing the number back to 41

How long do howler monkey's care for thier young?
8 months or until they fall out of the tree

which do you think is better? Spit or Swallow
depends on the situation really

should i ask evan out?

hell no

hell no

Who smells sex and candy? -R Dire
i sure wish i did

Here's the big question everyone wants to know the answer to--Coca Cola or Pepsi? McDiablo
i say forget them both

My "Bobby" pet threw something at me, what should I do to the little fukker? R Dire
stomp on it until it is no more

how do i masterbate
if you can't figure it out then you're not ready to do it

does it mater if i am a girl and have a dick
no it doesn't

What are the lyrics to the Baby Balooga song?
i don't know and nor do i want to know... just make up your own... it's more fun that way!

DC, sometimes when i try to go to sleep i can't because i am thinking about scales like E flat Major and C minor. What should I do about this? - Miss Roger's Sweater
try thinking about A and B sharp... then you'll find you'll get to sleep quickly

One day when i was walking out of school i was talking to myself and i was saying "ya i have this homework, hold on, am i talking to myself? ya i think i am. Why am i still talking to myself?" Do you think i should not talk to myself out loud or is it a way to become socially accepted? - Guitarded
go ahead and talk to yourself... i see nothing wrong with it and i do it all the time

In Germany, "hell" means "light"...does that mean when we say "What the hell?" a German person thinks we are saying, "What the light"? Do they think we are nuts for doing this?? McDiablo
probably... but i'm sure they wonder about many other things we do and think we're insane

DC, is it weird that i wear white plastic kid glasses without lenses in public? and is it weird that when i'm asked about them i say that they're prescription? cuz they are. - Miss Roger's Sweater
no it sounds like a good idea... i think i'll go get some plastic frames

I have heard of scrambling eggs, frying eggs and poaching eggs...but can one ROAST an egg? McDiablo
one can roast anything

I need your input. I am considering naming my guitar because i spend more time with it than with my friends and family. i assure you it's purely a platonic relationship. But how can i tell if it's a boy or a girl? and what do you think i should name it? - Guitarded
i say you name it "Fredrico" or "Lot 324"

Whats your cure for moody cats?
plenty of seafood flavored treats

Where can i find pics of Brittney with piss all over her please email me
i hate her and have no pictures of her

if you won't answer more on "why they sterilize a needle before lethal injection" can you tell me why junkies (middle class ones - with money) don't always sterilise their needles - are they trying for nirvana or some such (OMG - major pun there... sorry)?
junkies aren't too smart... no more to be said...

why doople who bitch about the seat being left up not realise that it is much worse to live in my house where my darling brother never bothers to lift the thing?
that sounds pretty shitty...

So, how are you? - LubisKo
tired... needing money... tired... needing more money to pay stupid bills

Do you hate me yet? - LubisKo
no not yet

If I wash my cock 1,000 times would you suck it? - LubisKo
depends on how much money you're willing to pay me

Can you beleive this shit? - LubisKo
no not really... i give up

What are your thoughts on sane people that want or try to be insane? - LubisKo
well sometimes they are just wanting to be insane for attention but others are actually insane and only think they're sane because other people tell them act sane but they're just acting, not actually sane at all

Is it wrong to hurt people that cant diffend themselfs, but that think that they can and try to piss you off? - LubisKo
if you warn them and they ignore it and keep being annoying then no

What do you mean "NO"? - LubisKo
you heard me

Are you allowed to cuss on this fucking web site? - LubisKo
hell no... we don't allow that shit around here

Why wont you return my calls? Am I not good enough for you? Is there some one else? Is it my crabs? Does your tall still hurt? - LubisKo
crabs? that explains a lot... and it's totally you that sucks and to blame for this... there are many others and they're all better then you

Will you have sex with me, pretty please with a fuck on top? - LubisKo
well you have to pay me... but since you asked so nicely i'll give you a discount

Why does LubisKo hate me? just because i know him in the "real world" he has to hate me? Just because im not racist and i hate everyone equaly, he hates me? Damn the luck.
well that's just too damn bad... you'll just have to eat all the pumpkin seeds by yourself

That last post was by me by the way Damnit -The X
sure it was... i bet you're one of those people that pretend to be other people

Do you advise me to kill people like LubisKo and other humans? -The X
legally no... but secretly... yes... take out all the humans

Do you belive there is a fine line between Genius and Insanity? -The X
i believe that line is blurred and speckled with pickle seasoning

This girl named nicole is disgusting. She smells like goats milk. I tell her to bathe, but she always says no. I tell her to use deodorant, but she replies with "au natural is the way to go"...i feel like im gonna throw up if i have to see her one more time...should i slap her around with a halibut? do you think she'll finally snap outta her funk? - Chimmy Chonga
well if that's what she chooses to do then either wear noseplugs or don't go near her anymore

if cher and marylin manson had a baby, would that child be just fine?, or reack havoc on the rest of us with his huge nose and a feel for black?....quite frankly, i'm peeing my pants on even the thought of those two having an offspring....what would this world come to with a freaky little cher manson crawling around taunting us with it's parents gut-wrenching songs?
haha i would like to see that actually... purely for amusement

Do you think they should make perfume with the scent of beer and eggs? would you buy it? - chimmy chonga
no i wouldn't... i don't buy perfume

I dream about fetuses chewing my ankles and screaming "NO MOMMY DON'T GO I'LL KILL YOU" as I try to go to punk shows. What the fuck does this mean? -Sparkle Pixie
i think it means you shouldn't have milk before you go to sleep

Have you ever hear of a detachable bush penis?... Something i can use when i go camping and want to take a slash in equal comfort to a male.
no i haven't...

does he really love me or is he just using me? -Pig
he's using you but not for what you think

Are the Mafia the most organised, organised crime organisation in the whole of the organised world? Or do you prefer the Triads? BARCLAY
the sock monkey tribe is...

Why are so many girls afraid to admit they have bellybutton lint even if they actually do have some in thier bellybuttons.
i have never had a discussion with anyone about that... how many girls have you asked?

did steve really say that? - Fido Dido
twice but once he lied

Well, I think there are to many sane people, people that think they're sane, and people that are acting like they are sane (please note that people that are insane and are acting to be sane should be killed in a slow and painful way). Personaly I dont like sane people they are just not..... well you know, the only people I know are insane and if they werent then I would have to kill them. So I think that the people that walk around naked covered from head to toe in green jello telling sane people to fuck off are truly heros and are insperations to us all, dont you agree? - LubisKo
i agree that jello is not actually clothing and strongly disagree about the whole 'jam' issue... i just don't want to see innocent ants killed in the name of progress

Can you please tell me where the word "FUCK" came from and why is it a cuss word? - LubisKo
nope... and you can't make me

How big is your Penis?
depends on the situation

Where can i find the PInk Terry cloth outfit that JLO wears in the Im Real Video?
the Pink Terry Cloth Store

Where can i find a PInk Dildo for this dirty girl i know name vicky?
in her mother's underwear drawer

i Luv mie hukd onn fonix/ d ont yoo? - LubisKo

What is the best flavor of cigar? - LubisKo

Does it piss you off answering questions? - LubisKo
not usually... depends on the questions... my mood... how comfortable of a position i am sitting in...

Do you have a real job other than giving me monkey butt awards? - LubisKo
yes actually... but don't let that stop you from sending me money

sorry i havent been here in a while, will you forgive me? - dane
maybe... if you send me valuable cash & prizes then i will

i have been in america for 9 days now and i plan to move here , isnt that cool? - dane
not really no but at least you're not moving in with me

what is your definition of testicle rot ? - dane
rotting testicles

Why do Shakespearean characters in movies have to wear such fruity outfits? Can't they just modernize them a little? Swanky
no way... that takes away from the whole 'shakespearean' thing

do you have soup in america ? - dane
i'm not in america

What the hell were we thinking when we wore stirrup pants in the 80's? AND bicycle shorts?? Swanky
i wasn't wearing them so you can forget this 'we' business

i have another question about america, why are a lot of you know it all, up yourselves bastards? - dane
i am NOT american so ask one of them instead

i wish i was a school boy, do you ? - dane
hell no

I am always cold, so cold, in fact, that when my mom jokingly put an ice cube down my shirt, it did not melt....and it didn't bother me either. Is this normal? McDiablo
for you it seems to be... so go with it... try swimming in lava

is it strange that i use my interac card when buying a $1.38 slurpee? -Miss Roger's Sweater
not so much strange as stupid if you have to pay for transactions

do you believe in santos the mexican santa? -chimmy chonga
hell no

i hate this girl nicole, she smells like rancid skunk cabbage mixed with hot liquid garbage, well anyways, i've been after her for awhile to bathe, because her scent is really gut-wrenching, but she won't listen to me. FOR THE LOVE OF.....she won't even wear deodorant. What should i do to enable her to bathe once in awhile, maybe slap her around with a halibut.....u agree? - chimmy chonga
haven't we already discussed this?

yikes....sabrina....anyways, sabrina has a case of the zit face, and i want to punch her ugly face, but i'm worried i'll get puss all over me, is that true? -chimmy chonga
well i guess you're just perfect aren't you? and yes you probably would get puss all over yourself if you punched her

what does it matter if the glass is half full or half empty?? Its half either which way! popedoug
it doesn't matter at all

how do you tell the differance between male and female goldfish.
ask them...

I thought cherry lips were sexy?
each persons definition of sexy is different

Have a raspberry on me?

Do you want fries with that? McDiablo
i don't want anything from you people besides money and maybe a back rub

how long is a monkeys penis? how long is your penis?
they're all different... and if you want to know so badly then i welcome you to come measure

how big is your ERECT penis before a sexual expierinace?
it varies slightly from time to time... how about you come over and measure?

it shmells like cold shoup downtown by captain bagels.
the crow flies at midnight

whewhy wotn vicky shower?
why won't my video capture card work? it's just one of those things

ok look, i have something to tell everyone, something that i have discovered and need to tell you all........all spam is made out of pigs that somehow transfered into a parrot, watch out though b/c before they're turned in to spam, these parrots enjoy crapping in your hot chocolate....and the pigs often steal your men.....dont worry though, soon they will all be spam, and we will force all sock monkey haters to eat it all. - shane west
and exactly WHERE is the question in here?

why do we drive in a parkway, but park in a driveway?? - Shameless Biz
humans are stupid

is my penis to small or do i just have huge legs?-Sk8erGecko
i'll spare your feelings and tell you that it's the huge legs... but it's not

Should I eat the chocolate cake or the chocolate CUPcake? McDiablo
the CUPcake

Why do some people think that AOL is the internet? Will you kill AOL for me? ---Dolpha
some people are dumb and yell ya

Who is god? Are you god? Am I god? Did you kill god?? Did you know that if you spell god backwards that it spells dog? ---Dolpha
you know it's been a few weeks now since i've gone out and one something insane... so perhaps i should stop watching those cky videos and get off my sock monkey ass... i just grew tired of thinking about that whole dog-god thing

do you like watching the TLC show "trading spaces" too? -Miss Roger's Sweater
i like watching when some lady gets her place destroyed and she sobs in the kitchen with the microphone on... jcp and i laughed our asses off at that... the lady was sobbing and you could hear her but the other people couldn't and they were talking about how they didn't think she was too upset... maybe you had to see it

how in the hell do fireflies work? -The X
if i knew then i'd be working on plans to make MY ass glow

Would you do anything for the right amount of money?
not ANYTHING but many things i wouldn't if i weren't getting gobs of money

how much thc in a measure of atoms is in a quarter sack of high grade ydroponic marijuana sold at 200$?
no idea so send it to me and i'll find out

Why do crooks usually take hostages when the whole plan goes down the toilet and then get caught and are charged with a bigger sentence then they would have earned before?What drives them to this stupid feet?-Sk8erGecko
well since they're stupid to begin with, it only makes sense that they'd do something even stupider in a panic... humans are just ill-concieved creatures that really serve no purpose besides wrecking shit and killing stuff

How can you call someone a cheap bastard and still expect them to donate money to you?
someone is cheap meaning that they don't like to spend money... that doesn't necessarily mean that they are poor... so someone can easily be a cheap bastard and yet have more then enough money to send to me... and damnit they should be

What is relly in a twinkie?-Sk8erGecko
ground up children, bones from birds and used kitty litter with sugar

How many Harry Potter toys/games/cards/legos/movies/books must be made before the creators finally realize that most people hate the little bastard? Also how screwed up and demented must these ratards be to buy that jazz?
i was going to write something about this being typical and it somehow turned into how people buy their kids sexist toys (girls get dolls and boys get trucks kinda bullshit) but i'm gonna save that for another day...

Why did i ask a whole bunch of questions and forget on half of them to type in (-Sk8erGecko)at the end?-Sk8erGecko
that happens a lot here... i think it's the flashy graphics and the brillant flash effects on everything... those pop-up ads are not quite as annoying as the ones on angelfire, but we're trying to distract you from the site content as much as we can... i'm glad to see our plan is working...

What's taking you so long? - Mzebonga
well someone actually pays me to do computer consulting during the week... so i have to do work sometimes... and sometimes it takes longer then 5 minutes to do it all... so i don't get a chance to do the important stuff cuz it doesn't pay me... damn cheap jcp...

Would you like a little soup with your noodles? McDiablo
hell no.. i've had enough damn noodles... when you're poor/cheap all you get is damned mr noodles and i'm pretty damn sick of them right now

Do you have a cure for chapped lips? Swanky
i use that ice stuff... and YEA monkeys get chapped lips

Do you like enchiladas or chimichangas? Vista
i like it when people give me money for free or to make cool graphics

is it natural to be strangely aroused by sock monkey porn if ur not a sock monkey? - Fido Dido
absolutely not...

why oh why? - Fido Dido
well i guess it started with that thing about the ghosties but after that whole 'ghost in the basement' thing wore off we had other things to think about

How come i asked more than a few good quetions yesterday and was not awarded with a good question award?Am i realy that lame?-Sk8erGecko
you're just not good enough yet... i know you can do better...

DC do you enjoy eating twinkies?-Sk8erGecko
no... i don't eat things like that

How long is the average size of a sockmonkey tail?-Sk8erGecko
about 16 inches

How can i get my brain transferred to a sock monkeys body and live happily as a cool little sock guy the rest of my life?dying to know....-Sk8erGecko
your human brain is not suited for the superior sock monkey thoughts... sorry

DC do you skate board?
i did once but tore open my shoulder and face... i prefer to watch... especially if its cky

oh yah the do you skate question was mine forgot again..... BUT!..... How many times must someone watch dude weres my car before there brain rots into a pile of dog crap?Also did you think the movie jay and silent bob strike back was funny?
i would think about 2 times... and yes i did

how come i persist to keep forgetting-Sk8erGecko damnit your plan is working to well and yes i am responsible for jay and silent bob and skatebaord shit-Sk8erGecko
sure you are... i think it's all a big lie to try to impress me...

why is it that when i ask a question, its on the day you update, and my question has to wait until you next update? assuming, of course, that my question doesnt get eaten like mine usually do... - Fido Dido
well if you would just stop following me around so closely then it wouldn't happen...

Why do I want to kill everyone? -Sparkle Pixie
that is normal...

which gets me thinking(damn i had to read that cat thing bye mezbonga) DC you seem close to your "cat" do you also have sex with it?(hell we've seen all those pics) so do you? and should i get close to my cat "tiger" for the uprising or will i be doomed?-Sk8erGecko
no i do not have sex with my cat... she won't allow it

are u a fag? or am i just imagining it?
i think you're imagining it... that and those stupid beanstalk things

am i sexy? or am i sexy baby? YEA!!--uncle fucker
sure... i'm sure someone out there thinks your sexy

What's your fucking problem, you glorified cumrag? Why the fuck do you have a website which preeches only to the converted? Surely you should run a website trying to make sane people insane and bring them into line? Doesn't that make sense? Doesn't that seem like a much better idea? Are you tired of everyone having better ideas than you? Why don't you do something about it? Suicide would be a good idea, wouldn't it? Why not get a gun, kill loads of people, then shoot yourself in the head? In the end it all comes down to sex doesn't it, so you could shoot yourself in the tail and that would solve a lot of your problems. But would that make you go and kill people instead of sitting in your room masturbating? Fuck knows. The point is, there are better things I could be doing with what constitutes my life and I seem to be irrevocably attached to this website and I seem to keep coming back here even though, after a while, it all seems very familiar. Not that I'm ungrateful, I like it here and I'm glad you let me keep coming back. But why the fuck am I seeking the attention of a shitty little Sock Monkey who hardly knows, who I am and only uses me for sex? Since I left you and have been a free man, I've done things I never dreamt I would - I even got to use the whip the other day - but, still, I keep coming back here. So why am I doing this? Why can't I just leave you alone? You're pretty unappreciative in the long run and there's next to nothing I can do about it. So, it comes down to one point. That one point encompassing the whole of what has gone before. I think I know what it is that brings me back here time after time... I think I love you, will you marry me? - Mzebonga
i love you too... but am i saying it because i feel that way or simply to say it to shut you up? ... just take the good question award and hold it close... it will tell you many things... important things...

Do you really think I'd come crawling back to you after all this time? Are you stupid? - Mzebonga
sure why not... i did leave cheese on a plate out there for you and yes sometimes i am

hey dc.... im having a hard time accepting what sgay and bgay did together.......eeww, 2 words....finger and jerk off....ew gross!! when will they break up? will they go "all the way"? when will they die?
who did what and where? and um... on tuesday

what kind of car do you drive?
i do not drive a car... i drive a jeep cherokee

how many pet parrots do I eat when my keyboard is on fire because today 30 geese told me that it wasn't right when I sing that one song but yea, so I just wanted to know. Do you know?
i do know... it's 15 but only because the other 3 couldn't make it

Oh go on eat the damn raspberry?
um... no

Why havent you replied back to me icq?Asswipe?
try again... i didn't get it so you can just suck my tail

So are you marrying Mzebonga? I think you would make a great couple? Sally
nah... i don't want to get tied down quite yet...

how much longer till the new section is up?
well we're trying to get the stupid forms going properly... we're still switching from frontpage to dreamweaver... plus jcp and i have been busy working... trying to keep her biz alive... so we're hoping that in the next month we can get it up and working but we can't promise it

Capitalism gives you oppurtunitites but anarchy gives you life, which do you choose, and how?
i choose cheese simply because it is plentyful, i can have as much as i choose and no one but me gets to eat my chese...

Okay, well done, you put porn on your website. Where's the mpegs? Where's the faked orgasms? Where's the gratuitous closeup shots? I'm disgusted.
well my stupid video capture card isn't working right now... first it was the damn drivers and now i can't find the program so just shut up (yea yea a damn mac would fix my problems wouldn't it dave but you can just blow me unless you buy me one) and the closeup shots will be made available for purchase through membership like any self-respecting porn sitel

Can you randomly plug my website? - Mzebonga
well damnit i already added a link on here today for you... what more do you want you demanding bitch? i say i love you once, give you an award and now it's all 'what about MY needs?' and 'plug MY website'... well i lied so i could fuck you...

Why is Tennessee so finacially fucked?--Mistofflies
i think they spent too much on advertising

Why can't everybody just shut up and eat their vegetables? McDiablo
exactly... especially damn mzebonga

Why did you leave? Where did you go? And how are you doing? And how can you not anwser these questions? Freak City CND. Hay are we at war????? Just the Cows! Later
i had to go... i went to the store to get food... i'm ok now that i've eaten some of that food... i did answer and i'm at war against stupidity...

how do i hack into the main frame on a computer
there are many others who are more qulaified to answer this then i am... ask them

did adam and eve have a bellybutton?
well if you believe in adam and eve and the whole creation thing then i can't help you to begin with....

My mom does laundry at like 3 in the morning, is she on drugs? R Dire
maybe she is a pothead? some people like to clean when they're high... but hey... then it's easier to slip in your laundry and get it done for free

Have you seen Resident Evil? And If you have, what did you think? -R Dire
no i haven't... i don't know if i really want to... it doesn't look that good... but i know i'll eventually see it

Now my mom's talking to herself, what should I do? I'm scared! - R Dire
what are you doing listening into her private conversations?

I'm sick of porn IM's on AOL and now... to make things worse... I'm getting IM's that tell me I should follow Jesus or burn in hell. What the fuck is up with this shit? I think all porn mailers, IMers and religion pushers should be shot! You agree? R Dire
i don't use that program cuz i hate aol... but damn porn spam is out of control... and don't get me started on damn pop up ads...

I agree with Mzebonga on the whole situation ,I'm the same I try to get away from here but I just can't but I don't think I love you ,maybe you know what it is?Sally
it's the sugar and caffeine i've been secretly putting in your food... you're addicited... i knew there was no way to make you love me... i'm not angelina jolie

how will I die
well your body will stop working for some reason and then you'll be dead... that's how it usually happens

how do you shag
put your hand there... ok... now balance on that leg... put the other one here... ok... now tilt your head up... right... kinda like that

I want to know am I gay
yes you are

Yo Dick Cocksucker, I have discovered what DC actually stands for it is DUMB CANADIAN, I searched your domain for clues and I have discovered that the seceret of the lap dancing sock monkey is that you are in fact the one and only lap dancing sock monkey, so do I get a lap dance you DICK COCKSUCKING DUMB CANADIAN LAP DANCING SOCK MONKEY?
i'm sure you stayed up for days to come up with that... and i only do that for money now so pay up

Ever do hard drugs without knowing it like taking a pill you thought was something else, if so don't you agree that the high is that much better when you don't know what you've taken, Dick Cocksucker?
no actually

Do fishes drink?
hell yea... don't piss off a drunk fish

no class no job I'm just a victim of society a slob no ass no head gotta go home and jack off instead no mind no kind my brain is jelly and my memory is blind noway noway cannot live in a world this gay. Your thoghts and comments Dick Cocksucker?
that would require me putting thought into your question...

Since you are a sock monkey, and socks worn by humans often are found in shoes, I was wondering... do you cover yourself in peanutbutter more than twice a day? ~drunklawyer~
usually three to four times a day and twice that on the weekends

Yo Dickcocksucker after being used as a cum rag and you became crusty rigid and hard were you ever used as a weapon and if so a lethal one?
yes... twice

What the hell is THAT? McDiablo
i tried thinking about it for a bit but got bored and gave up

My computer is being stupid and I want to smack it around to discipline it. Is this a form of abuse? McDiablo
yes it is... but it can't really testify against you unless you leave marks...

Why do people have to send those damn forwards that say "send this to 10 people and then press the Alt and F8 keys and a picture will pop up on your screen". It's so incredibly stupid, i just press "delete" now. DC, do you have anything to say about this?-Swanky
yes... more people just learn to delete it like you did

What if apes took over the world like in Planet Of The Apes, what would you do? R Dire
i would scream like an enraged sock monkey and then go to sleep

Is it possible to catch only a single crab? Cuz my friend pulled out a big one from his pants at the beach. R Dire
well obviously it is then... did he keep it as a trophy?

Why is my flatmate sleeping on the couch, snoring, and preventing me from watching TV when she has the biggest room in the flat with a double bed? - Mzebonga
to torture you

Dear Britteny Spears, Have you had sex with Justin yet????? How are you and Justin coming along with marrige??? How are you'll coming along with sex????????

who the hell is justin? and damnit i'm not that stupid bitch... she should DIE

Do you believe E.T. is really running this country?-- Mistofflies
no.. but that other alien is

If a restaurant is serving roast squirrel, does it have to include the warning 'CAUTION! May contain nuts.' ? - Witto
yes... or you could be sued

Why could you possibly need? You're a Sock Monkey who answers questions for a living and is "in" with the cats. No bad could ever come to you so I'm damned if I'm going to consider your needs and your wants. Frankly, all you ever seem to want is your tail rubbed and it annoys me. Don't you ever chafe? Why don't you spread the love instead of try to get laid? - Mzebonga
i need to money to buy the cats treats... and pay for my pathetic existantce... and damn straight i want my tail rubbed all the time... that IS spreading the love

which did you like better: Jedi or Empire Strikes Back? - Fido Dido
the empire strikes back... it's grim

Why do punk morons that ask questions on this site, or any site for that matter, seldom know how to use correct grammer, punctuation and/or spelling? I'm surprised you losers that dominate the web even know how to turn on a computer. Are you punks just lazy or stupid or both? Can you answer THAT for me, devil child?
i'm not sure... they should indeed know how to spell since they're doing a lot of reading... and i think that my definition of 'punk' is different then yours... so basically all humans are lazy and stupid to some degree

Do you know who your 3rd great-grandfather was?
on one side of my family but not the other

Why do you have to embarrass your family like this? - Mom
you loved the duck article... what's the problem??

did you know it says 'back the theinsanedomain.com main menu'? what happened to your 'to'?
it was eaten by squirrels... damn things eat everything...

Why do people keep calling me Mezbonga? As if I don't type it enough times on this fucking website to make it apparent that it is Mzebonga. Pronounced Mm-Zee-Bong-Ga. Can you please tell everyone that, if they are going to curse my name, they could at least get it right? The guy down the street called Mezbonga is getting very upset with all the curses on his name. Yesterday he got hit by a firetruck which was coming to put a fire out in his house. So I am Mzebonga, the guy down the road is Mezbonga. Do you think that's easy enough? - Mzebonga
i don't quite get it... you're who again? who was it that was with me last night??

Anyhow, I don't know why I slept with you. Perhaps I'm just lonely. You're a cheat, a liar and you're shit in bed. I hope you rot in hell. I hope your stiching comes undone and your eyes are replaced with olives and your tails gets fed through a mincer. I'm lonely. Wanna go again? - Mzebonga
well it wasn't you i slept with then if i was shit... and yell ya let's go again...

I think you should wear leather. Get some leather boots and a leather jacket and a bandana, get a new photo taken to replace the slightly gay pixie boots picture and go all out to be a gay sex symbol. What do you think? - Mzebonga
i don't like leather... i'll get latex... and yea i should change that picture so you people don't get jealous and steal my boots... you know you WANT them

Do Sock monkies have spleens? - Mzebonga
well in my prodding i haven't found one yet... but then again i don't know what one looks like

how come chilly beach has not done any new episodes yet? I'll die if I don't have it.
i don't know... email them and ask

what is billie holidays realname
i'm not sure... i wrote it down somewhere...

Y'know, I've been helping Mzebonga out, not because he asked me to, because he's a little gobshite and I don't like him much, but I'm doing it for you people. And then I get Sk8erGecko jabbering on about how he "had" to read the section on Mzebonga's site, like it's some kind of chore. For fucks sake, don't they know it's for their own sake? Can you not openly encourage the likes of Sk8erGecko from barracking the threat that is the cats and the informative journal that is Mzebonga's "Cats" section? - Fergus O'dimbal
consider this my open encouragement... and it's no chore to read mzebonga's site... it's never a chore where cats are involved


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