i have this great recipe but i lost it, it's a recipe for a delicious brew, i memorised it but i forgot one ingredient...the ingredients are eye of newt, wing of bat, asshole of butterfly, and tongue of aardvak. what's the last thing i need again..? - SiNiSTaR
two cups of sugar

i'm scared of lizards. my friends advise me to face my fears. So if i eat a lizard will the fear go away? or will it eternally haunt me in my dreams..? - Watermelon
i say you dress up as one and live as one for a few months... then you'll understand them

if a girl came up to me and said wanna have sex what should i say?
well you have to make a judgement call... i mean if this girl says it to anyone and everyone, then if you really want to risk a disease then go ahead...

Did I fart?
i'm not sure... try it again

My semen tastes like caramel. What does yours taste like?
i haven't tasted it yet... when i do then i'll let you know

What's are knieves? - Mzebonga
well according to a random book i picked up, the answer to your question is "Why start at the bottom?"

What the heck? McDiablo
i know... but what can you do

Is it normal to have cold feet all day long and every stinkin' day of the year? McDiablo
well it's not normal for me.. but perhaps it is for you

One time my mom and I went bra shopping, and my brother came along. He was rather petrified to be standing in the bra section. He'd turn around and come face to face with a bra and scream in terror. What could have possibly frightened him so much? McDiablo
i'm not sure... bras are nothing to get embarrassed about unless you trip over one

you will get sexual thrills out of our experiment. is that good enough reason to do it? if not, i will personally stroke your tail until you orgasm. - Fido Dido
yes... yes it is

why am i not one of the great powerfull people that run this site and get to make fun of and mock all it's members???? how could i become so great and powerfull?? and when shall i destroy you weak and pathetic idiots that don't know shit from shit. i know because i play with shit. hahahahahahaha!!! don't worry maybe goathead will go easy on your souls or maybe not. i don't know. why are there no boobies on your site and when do plan on putting some boob pics up?? that is all. -cookypuss-
well you'd have to pay me... and then you can play with my shit... we'll find some boobs after that

sorry it's me again but i gotta know where midgets live?? do they have their own community or what?? -cookypuss-
i'm not sure... i would assume they live like everyone else... in hiding

What kind of pie do you prefer?

I took your adbivce and went in the froum.. I think I am addicted now.. eeek... how do I quite my addivtion?? ~ Jeppu I needy
first of all... you must deny that you do want to quit... i mean... is it that bad?

Is it bad that that you go to bed at like hmmm we will say 12 which really means 3 and get up at 2 which really is like 2 but you are still tired? i thought you were suppose to get llike 8 hours a sleep or somethig and not be tired?? ~jeepy i needy
supposed to... doesn't mean you HAVE to...

why has steve been being gay lately?
i don't know... sometimes it's because he just talks too much and tends to exaggerate... maybe because he tries real hard but somehow doesn't get a grip on stuff... maybe it's because he's not changing at all... just the same old way and you've changed

where to find pink flloyds music on line
try kazaa.com

Yes. I do receive everybody's socks. They sneak out of your washing machines and make their way to my house in Australia, where they are allowed to roam free in my sock refuge, never to be tortured by the likes of you again. Why can't you people just be kind to your socks? Can't you see that they yearn, they cry out for freedom from your feet? How would you feel if someone grabbed you out of your nice happy quiet sock drawer, shoved his/her foot up your ass, and proceeded to walk on you all day?? Not very fucking nice is it?!? Think about that next time you get a pair of socks. If you really want to be kind to your socks, Place them in a nice dark and quiet sock drawer with other socks so that they can rest and reproduce in peace. Your socks will love you for it, and when the day of the sock revolution comes, only those who have been kind to their socks will be saved. All others will be burnt in a pit for the enjoyment of the socks. I've warned you . . . Take my advice or perish!!!!!!!! Hahahahahah!!!! - Fish
that's it.. i'm sending all my socks to you

hey dc ya know that person that looks into your window every night and follows you around town in a 1983 Pinto. yeah ..... well thats not me. oh yeah did i mention you dropped your pocket??
oh hey... well now i'll wave at you... and you can keep the pocket

Did you know that the reason I have partook of signing my postal communiques with the nomenclature "the obsequious, hypergolic, quixotic and peripatetic Fish" is that in recent times I have developed a certain proclivity towards the disturbing use of a fish in experiments designed to induce certain degrees of insanity in the urban populace? (HA!! Try saying THAT fast!!!) - Fish
i tried and it hurt... from now i'm only going to say things slowly

where should i go to slap the shit out of this little son-of-a-bitch. he is really an asshole and i have a quest to beat his ass. where would it be most likely to make him bleed and not get caught by the authorities? - The X
the back, the upper arms, the thighs, and try slapping... as it hurts but only leaves temporary marks if you do it right... so no bleeding as that will leave marks

do u lick ass

what dose speed for you
well i don't know... i haven't tried it

Why did you eat the last piece of Fiddle Faddle? You know it is my favorite. I can not believe you would hurt me this way. After I bust my ass to ask one question every time EVERY TIME!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?-- Mistofflies
you dropped it on the floor.. remember?? i don't eat that shit since the cat pissed in the box... didn't i tell you?

Have you ever jumped into a swimming pool and then realised there was no water? -Mystic Murray
twice... perhaps three times but i'm not sure

Have you ever "knocked the stuffing" out of someone? Giggle giggle -Mystic Murray
knocked no... fucked yea but we put it back in when we were finished

Will I survive another brutal friday? R Dire
just maybe... if you put that fake memo on your bosses desk... or teachers... or throw fish guts at the sun

What is the sticky stuff on the back of a post-it made out of? McDiablo
ground up children, plastic clumps and goose feathers

The color of my hair keeps changing... What does this mean? R Dire
it means you're hair is very expressive... encourage it

I got paid 50 bucks to shave off my goatee, am I a sellout? R Dire
no... grow it back and make another 50 bucks...

I have two beers... one in each hand... they're both the same in every way... Which one do I drink first? R Dire
try both at once... why choose?

If you could... Would you sleep forever? Live in a neverending dream? R Dire
yes i would but only certain dreams

what exactly is the good question award character supposed to be? A dragon, bird, lizard? whatever he is, he sure is cool.
i think it's a dinosaur bird-head... ?

I have a baseball game...wish me luck?-Berpee
i hope you hit people with your bat and they get hurt

Are you a math whiz? Wanna help me?-Berpee
well i took some math courses at the college but i don't want to help... those days are over

Is math an evil force that is out to destroy our lives......or is it just me? McDiablo
it is out to get you specifically, but math as a whole is generally trying to help the humans... if it weren't for this whole 'religion' bullshit then numbers would be a little less likely to find people like you and toy with them needlessly... you're just one of the millions of scapegoats math is using to pusnish humans for their stupidity

Is it normal to have an intense fear that your pants will suddenly fall down in public and proceed to attack passers by? Vista
not at all... to combat this fear you need to find a pair of your mothers underwear and wear them...

Why does that paper bag have a label on it saying "Charades"? Vista
well obviously someone has been thoughtful enough to go to the 'Charades' store and buy you some stuff... you're a spoiled brat... i hope you know that

Isn't this crocodile beeeeeeeaaaaaaaautiful? Steve
well krikey steve... that one sure is a beaut... i reckon you terrify the shit out of it for awhile

i bought a pair of pants for 7 bucks today.. not as good as my 6 dollar pants.. but still cool right? - Miss Roger's Sweater
still cool as long as it's under 10...

I bough two tapes of classical music today.. (99 cents each) am i going to hell? - Miss Roger's Sweater
you ARE in hell... what do you think this planet is about??? anyways... enjoy your tapes

I just bought 6 rolls of coloured duct tape... what should i make with it? a duct tape monkey? - Guitarded
yes... that would be great... send pics

i don't have to take my guitar with me to school anymore but i still feel like i have to.. is this like separation anxiety? - Guitarded
yes it is... try bringing a small keychain guitar to hopefully stand in the place of your real one while at school

how would i go about breaking my slurpee addiction? - Slur-peed Kid (formerly Slur-peed One)
why would you want to go and do a stupid thing like that?

Have you done it on a plane, have you done it on a train, have you done it in your bed, have you done it on your head... would you could you with a goat, would you could you on a boat...? - SiNiSTaR
no, no, yes, kinda, no, sure

How come everyone gets to know there marks for there finals and I dont? and also why is the weather so annoying every day here? i mean 4 mins later it is raining when it was sunny before?? ~jeepy i needy
well you've done so well that everyone is in shock and wants to see your marks for themselves... the weather is fucking us over because we've fucked it over... it's just getting it's revenge

I didn't start at the bottom, I read the whole thing and then it said knieves. I want to know what knieves are. Tell me, NOW, bitch. WHY WON'T YOU TELL ME? - Mzebonga
<faking> i have no idea what you're talking about.. you must be CRAZY... crazy like that guy who does that thing with the rabbit and it doesn't look like a rabbit but he says it's one but he's CRAZY so who really knows...

why do u do this?
it makes me feel like a big sock monkey...

what goes down but goes up when happy but likes warmth and lives in the cold..and enjoys peanuts and watches you when u dont know it..?
mr. freedles... he knows i know he's watching...

are you a minor minorty or a big league minorty?????
i'm me... i think... i'll go check

your form ate my question again. i asked a question. and u didnt answer it. bastard. i hate the fucking world. kill everyone. kill every last fucking human. kill em all. dont bother with fancy methods, just make the fuckers die. dont bother with painful methods, i just want them dead, ya hear? kill the bastards. let them all die. shotguns will do. so long as they end up dead. this will be real genocide. we will kill every single last human. i dont want to take the easy way and use nucleur weapons. i want each human dead. not 1million in one shot. we will take to the streets with our guns, and shoot everyone. we will set up carbombs, and kill the people who try and stop us. we will destroy. we will purge. and when we're done we will burn the earth. we will set the earth ablaze. fire will consume everything. noone will survive. when do we start? - Fido Dido
i will help you with this... we start NOW... as for the form eating questions...?????? maybe the voices are telling you lies again and trick you into THINKING you typed in questions?

our lady peace...u like?
no i do not

Why do I get so jealous
well you're insecure... it might have begun when you were a small boy/girl and your parents would whisper over your crib 'you suck you little fuck, you should be jealous that everyone but you is smart and worthwhile...'

sanimal...loves you!~!~!~!~!..i know bout u guys.u cant fool me..no one can fool me...u can fool them but not me...hehe..u guys are so gay...
the intelligence level of this question has been rated: -18

did you know that one in three men have tried self filachio
the other two are just not admitting to it... it's like people who say they've never masturbated... and if they're telling the truth then what the HELL is wrong with them???

Is Shakira right? Are there only 10,000,000 ways to love somebody? Frankly, I can think of 10 and 2 of those would require me to take up gymnastics as a pro. So, are there actually 9,999,990 other ways to love somebody and, if there are, should I think severely hard about shacking up with Shakira seeing as she knows all 10,000,000 ways? Plus she's Colombian, anybody want a coke? - Mzebonga
10000000 ways? hmmm... she should provide us all with a list and diagrams so we can try them all out... i sure as hell don't know that many

Why me? I did't do anything wrong!!! And why do I have to ask a pathetic question every time I'm here? And why do I have to ask why I have to ask a pathetic question every time I'm here? And why do I have to ask why I ask...eh, skip it! Just too many questions that won't solve anything.
it is REQUIRED that you ask a pathetic question... everyone else does it...

Do vampires pose a threat to sock monkeys?--Mistofflies
sometimes... it depends on the vampire

Hey in the list of people you hate you say that you hate people with those fucking stupid mufflers and that you want to stick them up their asses.... surely if you stuck the muffler up their butts theyd just piss you off by making heaps stanky farts?
well in the process of shoving it up their ass there will be lots of tearing and ripping of flesh to accomidate the new object in their ass... due to this damage, i would think that it would either kill them if done properly, or just injure them so they would be unable to fart... if they did manage to push one out then i would have to beat them with their steering wheel until they stopped

is tuna really a fish?
yes... it stopped being a mammal years ago....

Are you happy the Canucks won? McDiablo
no... i'm happy the LEAFS won

hmm, am i pretty?
of course... did that sound convincing?

why no u like our lady peace?
i just don't... they do not appeal to me in any way... i do not enjoy their music

fnm have no talent or originality!..why do u like them?
that is only your sad opinion... i do not need to justify my tastes to the likes of you

i would love to have your job..how'd you set this thing up? wait!!..do u get paid for this?
no i do not get paid for this!!!! i wish i did so i could spend time to answer this every day as well as complete work on the insane tv shows so you people can download them... but then we'd have to be able to afford the extra bandwidth charges which of course means that more money is needed... so once you people cough up cash then hey i'll spend 5 days a week updating and making more stuff... but until then i'm poor and have to have a real job

if i was a rapist and didnt like sex.. would i have physico(spell?)problems?..which would mean i like to give myself pain. ... ...but would i still go to jail to hurting others or a mental hosipital?u think anyone would belive me?
yes you would have many problems... i would say kill yourself and all your problems will be over

do u think date rapes are wrong?..

Why isn't my computer downloading the program I want? Vista
it hates you... you have to uncheck that option under settings...

How will you behave the full cheap cats before Mitch does?
i'm going to use a paddle, some movies and glue

what does sanimal do here anyway????...doesnt answer any my questions.. the bastard..You should kill em or do something that would cause pain or harm to him ooor u could just kill em, be easier, I think everybody would like that. .. ...-AnTi-PoP
that is a damn good question... what DOES he do? too bad there wasn't an ask JCP section so we could get to the bottom of this...

wood chipper

Why is Europe a continent?
i blame society

Who should I take my anger out on? McDiablo
brittney spears, michael bolton, my neighbors

Qu'est-ce que c'est? McDiablo

Could you please say "EEP!!"? - Fish
hell no... well... no..... perhaps.... no.... ummmmm... no

How many socks died in bringing you to life? - Mzebonga, the boggiest Bog Goblin this side of Boggy Goblin Bog.
they didn't lose anything... they evolved to become me...

Have you ever been to Boggy Goblin Bog? It's boggy and there are goblins there. It's a bog. - Mzebonga
yes i have... that and the bog of eternal stench... boy did that stink

Hi, hows things? I'm good I haven't been on in a while because ............we got another cat. His name is Jengo and he is a 6 year old blue pointer siamese. He didn't like us at all first but now he does.The poeple who had him before were going to put him down because they were going travelling ,how bad is that? We said no way we'll take him. So it has been very chaotic in our household trying to get used to another cat. So thats my news so yeah what do you think? Sally
siamese cats ROCK.... !

Are you the missing Goonie?--Mistofflies

Knowing that you are a Sock Monkey of no particular sexual persuasion, are there any members of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel casts that you wuld have trouble accepting an offer of sex from? - Mzebonga
i have no idea who are on these shows so i will deny them all for being on stupid shows i don't watch

Don't you think German is a cool language? Vista
yes but i don't know how to speak it

Is it bad that I'm addicted to a message board? Vista
haven't you asked about this before??? it's fine... just as long as you keep coming back here too

Why can't I think of anything to put in the What If's/Questionnaire? Are my insanity juices running low??? McDiablo
yes they are... try hitting yourself in the head a few times... have a big glass of pink lemonaide... dance on a coffee table and then try again

What is your favourite slurpee flavour? McDiablo
i don't remember the last time i had one actually.. but i'll go with mountian dew...

how should i go about tearing my innie bellybotton open.? its four inches deep. my finger doesnt event touch the bottom.
use a knief... that works the best

you know the movie "aliens". how do i get one of those aliens in my belly right below my bellybotton and burst out?
well you have to lure it in with shaved heads, and sour cream

would you like to meet my duct tape monkey punk named Alvin aka DT (duct tape) ? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes... yes i would

is it wrong that i put my duct tape monkey in the passenger seat of my car and buckled him up when i was driving around town? - Miss Roger's Sweater
no... you must always put a seat belt on them... they become projectiles if you don't

will "where's my monkey?" ever not be funny? - Miss Roger's Sweater
well... yes but not in the near future...

Have you seen my slurpee? i put it down somewhere and have misplaced it.. i'm starting to have withdrawl... -Slur-peed Kid
time to chew ice and IMAGINE the flavor

does my hair elastic still make my butt look big? - Guitarded
yes... yes it does actually.. it's quite offensive

do you think there is any chance that Save-of-foods will hire me? or even call me back about my application? - Guitarded
well they might... but i'd try applying at other stores too... like the art store... or the comic book store...

is it funny that i tell my brother to "have fun getting baked" before he leaves for work? he works in a bakery.. -Guitarded
well maybe the first time it was... but after that... no

Answer the friggen question!!!why u like fnm?????????..simply "i like there music"..or "they rock" would do..but i disagree wit you.not like you care but somehow i do.
i like them because i like (most of) the music and the lyrics... and patton's voice... and you can disagree with me all you want... we can't all be the same person

weelll why dont u just give me your address and ill send u money????cus i like your little webbersite...and what you do for it.im not saying ill give you alot of money but u know, ill just let u know your appriciated!and loved by many!i mean u make us laugh u make us cry u fill that empty hole in our lifes and that is why u deserve money.So..thank you Dc..thank you!..so if you set up a fund or something to keep you alive in this site Maybe your dreams will come true that u could actually make a living out of this!...think about it dc..think about It...
as if you'd send me money... if you have paypal you can send me money... or if you fill out the contact form then i'll email you with the address... a fund would be great... hell i just need enough to pay my stupid bills and then i'll spend the rest of my time doing this damn site... once we get enough for a server we want to put videos online... we already have footage we just need to put it together...

can you find info on rob zomdies parents
i'm sure i could but i have no desire to

when is it acceptable to stuff a sock into a woman's mouth
well you need her permission to do that... then it's ok...

what is peuberty
you'll know when it happens

How do you make chloroform?
i don't know... but if you whip up a batch send me some and i'll take out my neighbors with it long enough to steal their damn chimes and shove it up their ass

Why is the person next to you on a Greyhound ALWAYS at least 200 pounds more thne you weigh?--Mistofflies
that is one of the rules of life...

Who is better....Bucky or Steve? Vista

What can I do to get over my slight fear of heights? McDiablo
i'm not sure... try knitting... that might make things better

Is it so wrong to mix slurpee flavours? McDiablo
no... try mixing orange and rootbeer... thats good

do you like the smashing pumpkins? - Fido Dido
yes i do... of course!

you know that calling people losers aint gonna make them wanna write u a question.u know that?
hmmm... you might be right...

how can u call a question bout stores open 24 hours a day have locks on it...a good question?i mean its not original its corny!its just not good man!if u give those kinda question awards!i dont want one u loser.-popopopopopoposususussususususckckckckskssksksk
well too bad for you and i had a great answer so thats why the award... sometimes my answers rock so much i give the question a good award so you freaks will read it

im a fan of art, are you?...i love pierrre auguste renoix's ...exspeically laysage en ete..do u find these paintings also excerterating..please excuse the spelling not to great at english.Thank you,Jeany
i like art... but i know nothing about it... i look at it and if i like it then great

check me out!....wazzzz up???...i was here....dont go there!...wernt u just anoyed out of ur brains..i personally hate those sayins.just wondering if u found them anoyin?
yes i do.. and i hate it when people refer to each other as 'peeps'

what has a hole, roles (only in the snow), loves men with black hair,hates cats wit hats and hangs wit posse's that have no leader, enjoys the rain but hates bath and has a mole.who is he?
bill... and he stole my weather vane last time...

i think there is a man in my ear he keeps saying "let me out!!!!" "let me out!!"i tell him to leave but he dont go away!how can i make him go away?...he stops talkin to me when i put headphones on for some strange reason though....
then keep the headphones on!

hi, i REALLY want to learn how to dance like Micheal Jackson, but whatever i do, I just can't learn!!! I've asked like, 5 guys now to help me and i still can't pick it up!!! please help!!!
well you have to phone michael and ask him to teach you....

Do you like the Goons? You know, the radio show by Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe and Peter Sellers? - Fish
i don't like the radio... i don't like it because stupid people make stupid jokes and then they play stupid songs

What is the point of learning history? You cant do a damn thing about the past so fuck it! Yea you can learn from your mistakes but cant just say "hey, dont cut off oil supplies to other countries unless you want to go to war" instead of wasting time in school over shit that nobody really cares about? - The X
well you have to learn the past to see what people fucked up... and that way you don't repeat it... hence the learning from your mistakes... now sure in school they drag it out and make it suck but that is what schools are there for... once they're done breaking your will.. you're ready for the 'real' world where people can sell you shit you don't need

Will the goats return? If they do please talk them down... dont let them get the beer. Can you explain how i dont have the money and i will get my good friend DC to pay them back ok? - The X
yes they will... and hell no i have enough damn bills to pay without covering for you

Are you into cars? Fast ones? What kind of cars are your favorite (besides the ones to run over people)? - The X
i'm more of a truck person... i would like a hummer...

what's a peat bog?
well i think the loch ness is one? i'm not sure... but anyways a peat bog is a bog of peat... very dirty and dark

is herbert your long-lost brother that your long lost sister almost married, only to find out he was already married with kids and is related to you guys? do you even have a sister? - SiNiSTaR
he is my new brother.. my mom just made him... and she's making me a sister sometime too! my mom just likes making us sock monkeys...

...but snowy's a CUTE dog..! how can you hate a dog???
i hate snowy... and i listed my reasons... he's not cute

thanks Mzebonga or Bog Goblin i like your new page it no longer stabs at my eyeballs with it's flaming bright colours. what do you think DC?
i like the new colors... but i wasn't really all THAT offended with the others...

Is it REALLY time to lime?-Berpee
yes... but not for much longer

What do you do when a girl thinks she's sexy but we all know she isn't?
well you keep quiet until you just can't keep it in any longer

Why do R&B singers keep on dying and who is next?
how about the damned singer of alice in chains?

is your belly hairy? what are all the things you have put in your bellybutton? if you put a tick in yours it will eat all the way into your stomach, will you try this so i dont feel stupid , even though it worked for me. am i a psychopath? or am i just open- minded to trying new things?
most of it no... my finger and a marble... i have no ticks and have no plans to do that sorta thing... no you're not but i could be wrong... and that sounds more probable... how about you send me everything you own of value?

why is a guy"who has a couple of roles on his belly a" afraid to take his shirt off while riding in a jeep with no top?
because it would offend some people... lets just face it... everyone should always wear shirts unless i say they shouldn't

why am i attracted to guys with great looking chests and abs, even though im not gay?
i don't know... but enjoy it and stop worrying about it so much

Do you think I have an identity crisis here? I used to be Mzebonga of Mzebonga.com but now I'm Mzebonga of BogGoblin.co.uk. Is that a problem? Should I change my name to Bernard instead? - Mzebonga/BogGoblin/Bernard
perhaps you should chop yourself in half and assign a name to each side... that way you won't have to worry about that sorta thing and each can go off and live the way they want

this post ..holds many secrets and information that the average man or woman could handle...dc..u are probably wonderin why i choose u to tell this to?..well u are not average and u most likely take this as a not funny joke...and i really need to get this out to someone.So here i go..it all start back in 300 00b.c When man first walked on the earth after evolving from the apes, there was a cotton field next to the human juiokt, a crazy man who loved that feild of cotton and wouldnt let anyone near it he would spend days staring at it, wondering about it.Then he started to expirement with it..eating it..puttin it in water....playin wit it.Juiokt had a friend who was a monkey and one day juiokt fed some to the monkey...he loved it in fact he started eating it about everday..juiokt didnt mind cus it made the monkey happy.Happiest he had ever seen.one day the monkey got sick and died...juiokt cried day after day crying and crying ...he burned the cotton feild and ran away to the city okdifeeyyi now known as saskatoon...he came there warning everone bout the cotton and that it was the devils tiny cloud of hell...the people ignored him.Juiokt killed em all wit some poision he made out of cotton and ran away to the next city killin em all ...next city...next city always leaving behind a sign sayin "cotton was here" and a monkey made of cotton...then juiokt soon died unknowingly why?..some say cancer..some say insanity..some say they killed em....some say the cotton made monkeys got tired of him givin them a bad name and they killed him...what do u think killed him dc?what do u think?-opk
i think it was a combination of poor hygene and too much sugar...

5:00pm on april 12th, 2002...where were u?
i don't remember exactly but i'm pretty sure i was on earth

zero 7...u like?
i like the zero part but 7 sucked

whats up wit the shoes? Are u an elf wannabe or some sicko wit some crazy fun wet fantasys bout santa?
you're jealous of my shoes... just admit it

dammit janet, my questions keep getting eaten. grrrr.... :( i'm sad now. may i have a green head to cheer me up? - Fido Dido ps, i have already started on killing off the human population. its not hard...
well maybe you should put them all into one??? how is it that you can't figure out the form yet manage to get one through every once in awhile??? do i have to take that pointy stick from you? and keep up the good work on the killing project

What exactly is a demon child? Is it just one of those annoying little brats who make your life miserable, or it's something supranatural involved??
a mix of both with socks

why, Why, WHY?!?!?-Berpee

Why am i so frickin' tired? -Guitarded
i blame it on your lack of sleep... now put the guitar down and take a nap

what is the stuff inside of sleeping bags? my brother says it's feathers.. - Guitarded
sometimes it is... other times it foam... other times its human hair

Do guys have PMS? cuz my brother is constantly a bitch during this time of the month - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes they do but it's not called PMS

Sometimes slurpees make my tummy feel weird.. should i go see a doctor or just drink more slurpees? - Slur-peed Kid
drink more of different flavors

is it crazy that i like i'm a college student who enjoys watching "blues clues" and "scooby doo"? - Miss Roger's Sweater
no... it makes you more interesting then most of the stupid humans surrounding you

Why is the little green light blinking on my computer? McDiablo
whatever you do.. don't look at it directly... just pretend you didn't see it

I'm bored. What should I do? McDiablo
fling peaches... then spread tissue paper all over the floor... and have some cake

What IS that thing they call the sun? McDiablo
it is a star

Don't you feel like a bastard for selling you brother? - Mzebonga
hell no he's a cheap slut and loves it

If you said you loved me would you think perhaps, perhaps, perhaps?--Mistofflies
i would think that i am lying to get you to sleep with me... or rub my tail... or make me food... or bring me coffee

this website and its answers kick ass their fucking halarious, but what the hell would ever make you think of wanting to answer all of these stupid questions, even though most you have no answer to and no one will ever benefit from? from asking these stupid questions everyone is now 35% dumber than they already are. PSthis website kicks ass. "DC" fanatic
well you see i'm insane so i do insane things like answer questions day after damn day... and only 35%? i'd say at least 45%... but we're working on making it higher... just give it time

If it is but it isn't, then how could it be if it couldn't? -Watermelon-
well it was but then wasn't and probably shouldn't

do you think women are evil?
no i think humans are evil

how come when your phone gets disconnected, they ask you to call them to get service back? - G
they are trying to drive you insane slowly... just like those internet providers that ask you to email them with problems about your email

do you ever get tired of sitting around and answering these questions? - G
yes i do actually... but then i stand up and answer them... you could always send me money to make it better

don't you think that life is just a waiting period to die? - Virus
thats exactly what it is

if a lot of people hated you, like all of your co-workers or classmates, would you care? - Virus
well i didn't last year or the years before that... so i'd have to say my answer is still no

How much pot is too much pot? R Dire
when you smoke diapers by accident and then laugh your ass off

Why do some cats get so fat and eat children? Have you ever seen Dippy on my webpage? I'm retarded! R Dire
i've never heard of cats doing that but i'd like one... no i haven't actually...

I woke up next to the toilet in a bathroom once, what's my problem? R Dire
you ran out of toliet paper... get more and everything will be ok

Have you ever seen Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead? Great movie if you haven't; if you have, what scene was your favorite? R Dire
no i haven't... i just watched requiem for a dream though and it was wicked

Why are so many people so god-damned stupid? R Dire
they are born and bred that way...

Why are ravers fukkin idiots? Are they the new-age hippies? R Dire
not all ravers are idiots... just 99% of them

What is really in Skittles? Vista
ground up rainbows and lots and lots and lots and lots of sugar

What should I be when I grow up? Vista
i say forget growing up and have fun being a big kid

Was Affleck the bomb in Phantoms, or is it just me who thinks that? Jay
i didn't see that... so shut up already

arnt little kids evil? i mean the ones that live next door and scream all night and throw mud on your house with that fat ass 300 pound dog that NEVER quits barking? and the fuckers want you to look at their children like "OH! they are SOOO cute!" and you just want to shoot he bastards! Im not against kids, just everybody elses. -The X
yes they are... very evil... and that fucking dog abbey that barks all the fucking time and sure the chime people move out but what the fuck now there are kids kicking a fucking ball against the side of their house with another dog that makes fucking abbey bark more and that little boy laughs like a little girl screaming... i am against ALL brats

I regret to inform you that the goats returned and wish to meet with you. they know that it was you and they are expecting your cash. im sorry but it was either me or you. they prefer cash but they accept money orders or checks. -The X
damint... i have rent due! they'll just have to wait unless they want me living with them

did you see the pics of my monkey? - Miss Roger's Sweater
yes i did... sorry i haven't responded yet... he is quite well done! i'll have to get your permission to put them on my.theinsanedomain.com whenever we get it online

my hair is bugging me should i get CK's mom to cut it? - Miss Roger's Sweater
sure... why not

i have been neglecting my classical guitar.. should i take it out to dinner to make it feel special? - Guitarded
absolutely... and buy it some nice picks

what colour guitar pick do you think i use.. - Guitarded
black or red... if you don't then get some

do you think that there is a slurpee afterglow? -Slur-peed kid
sometimes if you've had enough

how many do you use when drinking a slurpee? -Slur-peed Kid
i am assuming you mean straws? i use one... but i rarely have slurpees... but since you've been talking about them so much i've been craving them

why is everybody always picking on me?
well you're stupid and annoying... i could put it nicer if you'd like

can a BB gun kill a bird, say a cardinal from moderate range (5-8 feet) if you aimed at it's chest and hit?
i don't think so but i say you stick to not shooting birds and go for those creatures that drive badly

what operating system are you running? - G
win2k ... when i get a mac i'll be running osx

have you ever given a security camera the finger? If so, what happened afterwards,if anything? - G
yes and nothing... nothing at all

Are u famous?
no or i'd have money

At the time this was written, it's the last day of April. Are you looking foward to May? McDiablo
not really... that means i have to spend time doing all those damn questionairre results...

DC, in your pictures you appear to be wearing no shirt. Do you often go shirtless? Vista
yes... and pantless

polar bears are very cute but do they find us cute?
they find us cute to eat sometimes

how do sockmonkeys dance?
all in a row... sometimes in a circle... mostly naked

how do sockmonkeys make love?
there are many many different ways... come over and i'll show you

u like...portishead?
yes actually

opk told that story from the bible...i think the cotton was a lion and the monkey was a woman and the crazy guy was john(the dude wit the stick)how do u feel bout this guy lieing like that?
i think that he sucks and that the story sucks... let us never speak of it again

I AM CORNHOLIO!!! Are you threatening me? I need TP for my bunghole. Would you like to see my bunghole? Bunghooooooooooooooole. Bungholio. I have no Bunghole. - Mzebonga
ok so you don't exactly get points for being original but beavis and butthead rock

I find it scary that when I've sent a question to you, the thanks page has the TheInsaneDomain header twice. That freaky monkey with the spinning eyes scares me. Can't you do something about him? Make his eyes stay still. - Mzebonga
i think its all in your head... just like those voices that tell you about the green clouds that sparkle on tuesdays after the toes have headed north for the day...

When a "head" is cut off..... what is being cut off,,,,, the head from the body, or the body from the head? Both parts, the body and the head, contain vital organs needed for life.
they are seperated from each other... and then the person is dead

God Damn people suck!! dont you fucking agree? Wilinko
absolutely... need i really point you to our people that suck page?

why do assholes think they are better then everyone else? i would like to stick my knee so far up all those bastards asses that the water in my knee will quinch thier thirst!! Wilinko
they are assholes... that is what they do...

Ok i have a real question for you. I have a ticket to a Twiztid concert in 4 weeks and on the same weekend my girl friends parents are leaving to go out of state. i dont get to see my girl friend very often cause her dad is one of those pricks who protects his little girl from all boys (fuck him) any ways i was thinking of selling my ticket to a friend and go see them in 2 months at the gathering of the juggalos in Peoria, Ill. whats should i do selll the ticket and go bang the preachers girl or go to the concert and miss out on 24 hours of fucking?? Wilinko
well if you can see the band play for sure again then visit the chick... if not then go see the band... if you like the band better then the chick that is

what is your obsession with pink spandex about?
it's just wrong

What would you suggest as a remedy for stress? - Mzebonga
kick boxing... square-dancing

This question is lame but a valid one. ok here goes.... What bushes can you put in a chicken coop that the chickens won't destroy ? I want to jazz up the area with a little landscapeing but the boogers eat everything. Can you answer that one?
hmm... no i can't actually... i say you let the chickens roam free and get a few cats instead

hey dc, wish me some luck. i'm writing a levels this month, and for some strange reason, i feel as though my success hinges on your wishing me some luck.(good or bad, you chose) dammit, maybe i should have studied. you know, answered actual past paper questions instead of your questionires...ah well...
then good luck... and to ensure your further success... keep coming back here

why are people so evil??? - G
that is what being human is all about...

whats the deal with these sick people who for some reason enjoy picking their damn noses and then placing their boogers on the mouses of public computers?? - G
well they are stupid people and sick people and really bored people... either way you didn't see me so you can't proove a damn thing

What time is it?

What do you have to say about people who knock handicapped people out of wheelchairs, kick them a few times, and make them get back into their wheelchairs? (seriously)
i say that it's probably not a very nice thing to do... if they gang up on you with a bunch of their friends... those wheelchairs can cause you some serious damage

Do you see Curious George as a role model?--Mistofflies
more of a friend... sometimes a lover... but always a toy

Can you use voodoo to make someone to fall in love with you?? If yes, how? If no, why not?
i'm not sure... it hasn't worked for me

what the fuck?!?!? does your sock monkey lick chips too???? answer me ,almighty DC answer !!
damn straight it does... you should try it some time

SELLOUT can anyone say SELLOUT???
at least i'm not a drinkbox sucking freak... i haven't sold out at all

Why isn't anyone buying your Sock Monkey? What made you decide to sell out?
i'm not sure... because everyone is CHEAP? and selling him isn't selling out... putting ads on my site and popup shit is selling out!

u should sell some pre licked chips on ebay!! maybe someone would buy them!! was that a questoin or statement??
that was a question... and i don't think any one would buy them unless they were seriously fucked up and wanted some of my salavia so they can clone me and populate the earth with insane sock monkeys

do you know how to use an html writer?
yes i do... and once you learn maybe you'll have a website where i can go and make fun of you

do you like "insane CIRCUS music" ?
damn straight i do!

haha do you actually think someone is going to buy a sock monkey you stupid fuck?! As if anyone even likes YOU. Your fans are cheap fucking losers who can barely put together two words, much less a few bucks. You don't deserve any fucking money, just like all your fans don't deserve Internet accounts and computers. -SAnimal
Has anyone told you lately that you're a complete fuck up? I don't know why JCP allows this shit to continue. -SAnimal
these don't even deserve answers... you don't even update your damn page and that's all you have to do on this site... is it really that hard for you to log on and do it? why even bother having it on here? JCP should delete it and your account

how about the damned singer of alice in chains?
its too bad he died...

yea!u like portishead now i like u!so....how about radiohead?
i don't remember liking radiohead... but i don't remember hating it either

sanimal thing deleted?....did sanimal have a thing? Are u sanimal?!??
don't you think that'd be a bit strange of me to be writing myself hate mail? and yes he has his stupid ask sanimal section which he never updates

how do you feel bout humans..?like do sockmonkeys think we do justice for this world?we have any attraction to socks?....plz tell
i don't like humans... although sometimes they bring me pizza... the sock monkeys hate you... and sometimes

i have a my dogs dog collar on....u think that is strange?sexy?how do u feel bout that?
i think that's pretty damn sexy... i feel pretty good about the whole experience

im sendin..alot of questions..alot alot alot alooot alota lot!whoooo..... heres another..do you like sushi?cus i am the master sushi chef..and if u need any sushi u contact me and maybe ill also hook u up wit some sweet sushi restrants and chefs also..if ya like
sorry i don't eat meat or dead fish... so no sushi for me

i have a sexual problem! every time i am shopping at the grocery store i but lots of eggplants -for fucks sake, man- i fill two or three shopping carts full. then i take them home(the eggplants) and dress them up in little clothing items and whatnot. then i place them around the kitchen table and play "house" and when we are done eating our oatmeal i pick the biggest one, yank the fucker up by the remaining vine, slap a fuckin MAXX condom on the bastard, hit it with two cups of canola oil and spend the rest of the evening trying to stuff the fucking whore eggplant up my ass. the problem is, my girlfriend thinks this is slightly abnormal behavior, but then she likes for me to grease up thos large turkey fat-free sausages and forcefully ram them up her cats pussy while she masturbates to old clit eastwoody movies: "the good, the bad, and the fugly" for insatance. well, by god, at the same time she wants me to lick her piss stasined panty crotch and scream 'the pope is a fucking fag' and stuff like that. then my mom usually wheels herself down the ramp and starts wanting me to eat her filthy, multiple-schlerosis numbed twat while she shits in cellophane. needless to say, the crux of my fucking sexual problem is as follows: i can't cum when a large eggplant is in my ass because i'm eating out my mom, who's also shitting in cellophane at the time, and the cat is clawing my nutsack to a bloody pulp. what should i do?...this isnt my question but i wanna see what ur opinon on this problem is..cus sanimal answered this question before and i want to compare your answers see whos funnier or wittier or cooler
i'm funnier, wittier and cooler but your perspective may be warped due to the obvious problems you seem to be having... i would suggest a sort of cup for the cat situation unless you're enjoying the pain... if that is the case then you may want to try two cats... anyways... to take care of your inability to cum i'd suggest using two smaller gourds instead of the large eggplant...

yes it would.. but there is no excuse for bad manners so make sure you chew with your mouth closed

Do you think I'm weird? McDiablo
yes and weird is good

Take on me?-Berpee
hell no... i saw what happened last time to that other sock monkey and i'm not falling for that trick

Any advice to obtain better soccer skills? i'm desperate-Berpee
keep kicking... kick people to increase your strength

question, for my sister's spanish oral exam, her teacher asked her how would she respond if she got hit by a motorbike, do you think she'd get points for saying :oh you motherfucking bastard!" even if she said it in spanish? thanks for the good luck wishes by the way. med school, here i come!!!!!!!!! MARISSA.
i would think she would get points... what kind of shitty teacher is THAT?

How come some people go on here and don't even asked a question? Are they that desperate for a stinky monkey bum?? McDiablo
yes they are... they are looking for ass anywhere they can get it

What should I get Miss Roger's Sweater for her birthday?? McDiablo
some duct tape... a few bags filled with random items... a new toothbrush that glows... some stickers... another sweater... pointy things and something she can throw

If you had a daughter, would you name her Suzanne like our monkey? Jay
no... i don't plan on breeding either

Have you ever been stabbed by a pencil? Vista
no.. but i have been jabbed in the forehead with a pen... and through the eyebrow with a needle when it got pierced

come on posts the what-ifs i think i gots a good one in there...sended about 3 and i mean its the best i could ever friggen do and well wish a me luck:)please?
grrrr... i'll do it when i can... you people think i have nothing better to do?! and good luck...

are you a man or woman sockmonkey
what would you like me to be?

I make people that like this website happy, I looks like a mean thing but has a color that lets u go, my smile is unsure...my eyebrows say die..my eyes say stop, men wish they could fuck me...Who Am I?
madonna ?

Why do you think that cats will take over the world? Do you like or hate cats? Dogs? Rats? Worms? What will the sock monkeys do when the cats take over the world?
cats can do that sorta thing... like cats... am ok with dogs... enjoy worms... we'll serve the cats

say "yes" to drugs. drugs are good, mmmkay? this is the message we should be giving our kids. lets get the next generation permantly stoned and tripped out. it makes them easier to kill.... do you think this is a good idea? - Fido Dido

dammit janet, why doesnt it call me a freak anymore?
you cried last time and made it promise not to

when are you gonna do the questionnaire for this month? and what ifs? and whens running rampant gonna arrive...? - Fido Dido
<incoming rant>damnit it takes about 4 to 6 fucking hours to update all this shit because we're not database driven... my.theinsanedomain.com is being slowly put together in our 'spare' time... since we have to actually have jobs to pay our lives and this website shit... we don't exactly have a shitload of time like when i had a cubicle job... so if you'd like to send me 20 bucks to make sure that i always post YOUR results right away then i'll be glad to snap to it... until then you're gonna have to just wait until jcp or i get the time to do it... being grown up sucks ass and i have to pay out money for it... so send me money or just shut the hell up and wait for it... </ranting>

GO HERE <some url about a plant removed> it's the world's smelliest, biggest plant putting on a sex act and it fucking SMELLS like rotting cunt! can you believe YAHOO actually put that as a headline?
yahoo makes anything into a headline... plus the space stuff is cool

are you home?
at the moment yes

why are hemeroids called hemeriods when they are found on your (ass) and asteroids are called asteroids when they are found in the (hemisphere)? i must know the answer DC!!!!!!!!!! i hope this wins me a green head. DC fanatic
no green head but they've been named that way to confuse you silly humans

My mom thinks i should get off this site and its only rotting my mind..what should i tell her?i told her it was funny and she said nooo kelly!get off that NOW!i didnt but still shes anoying...what can i do?
it's not rotting your mind... it's expanding it and opening you up to new cultures, ideas and philosophies... if she doesn't buy that then cry/kick/scream until she goes away

where can i find baby (humans)
in humans

when will me n lance fuck?
in about a month once he gets that rash under control

if the world could all get a long what kind of world would it be?? ~ jeepy!
it would be a serene world until i had to kill you all... i can't get along with others that long...

Today i was walking by Save-On-Foods today and there was this guy busking and playing guitar outside and in his guitar case was a sock monkey and i had to take a second look cuz i thought it was you DC... but it wasn't.. was he a relative of yours? or an imposter? and should i bitch slap the mo fo? -Miss Roger's Sweater
that's probably cousin joe... he travels the world in guitar cases... next time say hello and tell him you go to my site... if he's not too drunk then he'll be friendly

is a slurpee part of a well balanced breakfast? - Slur-peed Kid

who was the person who bought the 17.99 classical guitar from value village that i wanted to get? and can i have their address so i can kick them? - Guitarded
i'm not sure but they only did it to piss you off... they're not even going to play it... and no

i've had 2 slurpees today.. i think all this sugar is bringing out the badass "oh no you didn't girl friend, i will beat yo ass" person in me.. is this a sign that i should never drink alcohol? - Slur-peed Kid
yes it is... or a sign to put alcohol in the slurpee

how can stupid little 12 year olds say that they like dashboard confessionals music.. they don't even know what it's about.. they have no idea how strong, honest and pure his songs are.. they just like his songs cuz "they have a cool melody, man" i want to kick them.. am i being irrational and letting my emo-ality get the best of me? - Guitarded
that is the problem with good bands that start to get popular... these fans that 'like the tune' have as much right to hear the music as you, but soils the whole thing of being called a fan...

did you know that there's a red stringy thingy on a package of gum to help you open it? i was informed by this a couple days ago.. i've only been chewing gum for a month so i'm not totally ignorant right? i would have figired it out myself.. eventually.. -Miss Roger's Sweater
i thought it was for flossing my teeth

What if he doesn't survive?
well i refuse to accept anything but survival

Explain to me the mental process of liking something... why do I like the music I like, why do I... you know! Please expand!
well i could go into it and explain it all to you... but then you wouldn't be surprised by it anymore... and you just can't go through life not being surprised by things anymore

What can I do if I have a wound that won't stop bleeding??? I don't wanna go back to the hospital!
cover it with wax and hope that it seals it all up

How much does it take to answer all the pathetic questions ppl ask? How many questions did you answer since it all started and when did it start?
it depends on how many have been asked... anywhere from 20minutes to an hour and many many questions... i haven't counted them... you can read them all though

This is my last question for today! How many 10mg Diazepam pills and how much alcohol can I ingest without risking my life?
i'm not sure... ask a doctor or take notes as you do it until you die

Do you have an alter ego? McDiablo
several actually

Do you have to go to the bathroom? McDiablo
i did but not anymore

What does it mean when the music stops playing?? McDiablo
it means find the closest chair and sit on it

Why are Z's associated with sleeping? R Dire
there is probably an easily obtained answer to that somewhere on the net... but this site isn't it... i'm going to make something up and say it has to do with the word lazy and some flowers in Egypt

Why can't they sell alcohol pass 2 AM? That's just rediculous! R Dire
i'm not sure???

Why is my dog such a chicken shit? R Dire
not all dogs are brave... that is just a stereo-type

Are my kids gonna be fucked up in the head and drunk like me? R Dire
yes but in different ways so that you'll have no idea how to relate to them

What do you think lives at the bottom of the ocean? R Dire
some really smart jellyfish and many creatures we've never seen before... oh and atlantians

Do you believe in UFO's and life beyond earth? R Dire
yes as ufos are unidentified flying objects and since i don't know much about planes etc they are all ufos to me... and of course there is life beyond earth... the univerise itself is alive...

my name is dc (demonicat) and i am a big fan. anyway, my question is: when will my bf capsy and i have unprotected, rough, sex in the wilderness?
in a few days... but be careful

If that wasn't chicken... what was it? R Dire
you don't want to know

im a gangsta gothic witch bitch. i hate all people. i like talking to myself cuz i understand myself da best. schizophrenia beatz being alone. *ahh!! ill get you* but whut iz your intake on this?
i say if it works then go with it

I have to go take a shower... Should I start with the left foot or right foot? Since when did taking a shower sound like Twister? R Dire
the left... and never

i wish i could say i understand about the whole questonaire thing, and you not having time... BUT I CAN'T!!!!!!!!! pleeeeeeeeeze post the replies, i think i'm going into withdrawal *has muscle spasm* Marissa.
i'm not in charge of the replies this month... jcp is... and she says she'll have them up by the end of the month... and this site if for entertainment... we haven't plastered it with ads/popups... pushed things down your throats or made a 'members only' area... we have put lots of content up here because we want to... the second we start HAVING to do something then it isn't fun... we have lives (well most of us) and jobs so we can't spend our lives working on the site when we've got work to do... sometimes that makes it hard for us to update things at a certain time... but damnit can't you just say 'thanks' and wait?

hello. unfortunately, i've been in a small town texas jail for the past 2 1/2 months. it sucked. did anyone miss me? -seth
i did... i cried... did you get those letters and pictures i sent you???

core blimey its a kileer dingo. now u know that these hybrid turbo dingos from afghansitan can kill you with one fell swoop, but if i shove a water melon up my arse sideways will it really save bognor regis from this threat?

Are you a punkass? McDiablo
most times i think

Are you sleepy? Vista
not at the moment... i've had too much coffee

touche or not touche, that is the questiON, or the questiOFF. whether 'tis noblah in the mind or not to have a mind of your own. was shakespeare a blond? - Foetish
i'm not sure if he was... all i know is that i didn't like having to read his damn plays in english class

How do you spell "cognizance"? - Fish

can you PLEASE say "eep". can Mzebonga or SiNiSTaR speak/type in swedish/estonian? if so can you please show me how to say "Hello, I am Sven, a masseur from Sweden." does anyone want to join my "special" breed of religion known only as "Jardinism"? actually some people call it "being absurd/stupid", but don't tell anyone or it won't make a single difference in the scheme of things as nothing will happen, but a very different kind of nothing happeningness to the kind of nothing happeningness that's not happening now. i think i inhaled my teeth. - Foetish
how about you go to mzebongas site and ask him directly... this isn't a messaging board and NO no more speaking another language here...

Do you want to join the International Society for the Abolishment of Discrimination Against Goats (ISADAG)? We are a non-profit organisation that aims to break down the irrational cross-species discrimination that is still inherent in our society today. You may say, "But goats have got it fine! They have long horns, cool goatees and all they have to do is sit around in a paddock all day chewing stuff!", but the truth is that goats really despise this boring existence. Though they may seem docile and relaxed, they really are super-intelligent, and are ready to take the place as human's intellectual equals. Currently we are campaigning for voting rights for goats, and an independent goat nation where goats can develop and practice their own goatic ideas in peace with no interference from the sheep, our arch enemies. Will you join? - Fish
sure but i better get a fancy membership card to show off

i wish to eat my own ear without any outside influence in the manner of violence. is there any way i can gnaw off my own ear without first severing (or at least alter it's state of mind in existentially challenging ways) it. please give me a hand. make sure that the hand has teeth to replace my current set, which are in my lungs making a protest demonstration about my inhaling them and the lack of voting rights for goats. if i join ISADAG then will it be satisfied and migrate to my stomach? - Foetish
eat someone elses ear... the rest just makes my head hurt

How many roads must a man walk down? - Foetish

What are some street names for the drug Extacy
E... that's all i know

I ate my nose. It tastes very nice braised in white wine and orange jus. Want a taste? - Fish
no i don't eat meat... that includes fish

If in this stupidly politically correct world, where we use "Vertically challenged" for shortarse, and "horizontally gifted" for fat-abbot, why do we still say people don't exist? Why not use the phrase "existentially challenged"? It's much nicer you know. - Fish
for a fish you're pretty smart... any relation to the magic fish that had to put the greedy woman in her place?

Why did Muff throw the chair through the glass door, and claim it was a baseball? Mystic Murray

I actually think you may be a sellout, I mean your own brother and putting porno pictures of yourself on the net and showing off your toys. Aren't you just the cheap monkey sellout? Sally
he loves it and you love looking at pictures of me... so what's the problem!?! my poor mom makes sock monkeys now and she just wants to sell them... it's a hobby for her now and i feel bad that it hasn't sold...

is there justification to actually say that sex is an art? and would it be justified if i rewrite the kamasutra to suit my own personal needs? -watermelon-
of course you can rewrite the kamasutra... be sure to include diagrams... and sex can be an art i suppose

There are many ways for one to say "poo": dung, crap, doo doo, poop, etc. This being said, why do people say "shit"?? Vista
shit sounds the best... poo, doodoo and poop are for children... crap has lost its appeal so only shit is left

Where do stripes come from and where did they go? Vista
i can't tell you that...

Hey, DC, are you still alive??? I'm waiting for my answers...
i am alive... and you get NO answers

If you were stuck in the middle of a group os dogs, how would you survive?--Mistofflies
by my wits and my clever bird calls

Am I ugly? - Mzebonga
yes but we love you all the same...

do all girl finger there self
well those girls with no fingers can't

tell me a good question please?
no... get your own good questions

do you know any online free game sites?that r good?-you
no i don't actually... how about you buy me a playstation2 with grand theft auto 3 and we'll play together

why do u always put-down people? its not funny...it kinda hurts u know-you
i don't ALWAYS... sometimes i just shove them without saying anything... if you cry then you'll make me happy

i went on that site gfy site..whooo its awsome..do u like it?
yes i do... that is run/owned by schizoid.... (the link is here)

jack johnson...u like??? jack johnsons bubbletoes is an awsome song u should check it out-you
no idea who that is

whats a mr.bungle?-you
its the noise that a clainet makes when it starts to sound like dying goose...

are you a buddhist monk?-you
not today

cus i noticed your bald and seem very peaceful...for some strange reason or...are u a nazi wannabe?cus nazi's are bald and secretive...which u kinda come across as.-you
i'm a sock monkey... thats it... if you're preoccupied with nazis then thats your thing

how did Africa get it's name?
well i got tired of using numbers to identify the land masses so i just made it up

Why does my friend always say, "I don't trust that"? McDiablo
she is paranoid and fears the people that wear the purple felt boots... you'd do the same if you were smart

Is it possible to yawn and sing opera at the same time? McDiablo
yes... that is the trick to singing opera

I once knew a guy who willingly licked glue sticks. I've been wondering.....what is in a glue stick that makes it worthy to be licked? McDiablo
it's the glue

You stupid fucker!!!! You gave the wrong fucking answer!!!! "How many roads must a man walk down?" The answer is 42 you stupid shit!!!! 42!!!!! It thought you were a Guide fan?! You should know that!!! Fuck's sake!!!! - Fish
no... sock monkeys get 42... you humans only get ONE... the one to death... so enjoy your walk haha

"Oh freddled gruntbuggly / thy micturations are to me / as plurdled gobbleblotchits to a lurgid bee. / Groop I implore thee / My foonting turlingdromes / And hooptiously drangle me with crinkly bindlewurdles / or I will rend thee in the globberwarts with my blurglecruncheon, see if I don't!" Heheheheheh. Funny poem. Like it? - Fish
not really.. but i'm going to smile and nod at you anyways so you'll perhaps discover that knitting is your calling in life... go on... get some nice wool and start...

Did you know that my nose is currently undertaking in the consumption of 37,000 dwarves wearing spats and furry antlers that are lightly toasted by many pink moose that are smoking ballpoint pens and discussing philotic theory with a a towel containing 7 tulips that are all consuming copious amounts of cheese laced with my fridge, which happens to be snorting an infinite number of llamas that are performing an impressionistic dance on the subject of "I wish to attend secretarial school so I may wear bowls of petunias and campaign for voting rights for goats"? - Fish
i didn't know that... but now that i do... i'm not sure what i'm going to do

Ah-hah!!! So thou hast met my Aunt Helga!!! The magic fish you speak of is my long-lost Aunt who is held personally responsible for bringing Margaret Thatcher ( the greedy woman) to power. How is she? - Fish
she was very greedy and lost the castle... made the fish made and made the waters black...

is there any dodo birds left?
yes but they're disguised as rainbows

I am one with the sun you are one with the moon..does that mean our love cannot be?
yes as i am one with the dark and jupiter

darkness and day darkness and day darkness and day darkness and day darkness and day darkness and day darkness and day darkness and day darkness and day darkness and day..if u say this really fast or backwards you would find a message from the devil try it out!and my question is do you believe in the devil and.. god???-Youwill
the answer to everything you said/asked is no... i believe in the force and one day i will be a jedi warrior

My nickname is PoodleSockMonkeylover!how wierd is that...i mean your a sock monkey and my nickname is poodlesockmonkeylover..any chance u have any relations wit poodles?cus whoah that would even be wierder man..be freakish wierd...-poodlesockmonkeylover
poodles are poor excuses for dogs

Is Safeway Coke almost as good as regular Coca Cola? McDiablo
well neither are actually GOOD but the regular is not as bad

Will I remember to bring my eraser upstairs? McDiablo
no you won't

i would think that you would be polite enough to pull her off to the side of the trail...

I bought a sck money but it was defective. I didn't keep my sales reciet. How can i get my money back?--Mistofflies
well you go to the place you got it and demand a refund... since you didn't get it here i don't have to deal with it

how can people be 'pear-shaped' or 'apple shaped' or 'hourglass shaped'? aren't we all human-shaped?? oh wait, i stand corrected, there's this 'alpha girl' who is 'bitch shaped'. oh well. - SiNiSTaR
bitch shaped... i like that term

Do you eat Chili with noodles or rice? Or bread? Vista
noodles... and meatless chili of course

Have you got her all figured out? Vista
pretty much so i'm getting bored now

Is cleanliness over rated? Vista
in some ways yes... in other ways... no

This is the last question I'll ask for today......or is it?? Vista
for today... but once it's midnight you know you'll be right back

do you like ska music? - Miss Roger's Sweater
i used to like a little bit of it but no not really... mr bungles first album is the closest i can get to liking ska

is it crazy that my mom bought a Cheech and Chong video called "Still Smoking" - Miss Roger's Sweater
no... whats crazy is if she's in it

i got 4 cds for 13 bucks.. how rad is that? (btw they are cool cds too) - Guitarded
that is very rad indeed

scadoobie ba ba boodlie doo? - Guitarded
<me patting you on the head to make you go away>

my friend just called me a geek, is she right? - Slur-peed KId
yes... but that's ok

Is it normal that I have to go to the bathroom 10 minutes after drinking a carbonated beverage? McDiablo
well it seems normal for you so sure

I'm going to a concert tonight. Should I wear some pants? McDiablo
yes... pants and maybe some socks

Do you think 7 Up and Sprite taste the same? Will they sue me for using their trademark names in this question? McDiablo
they probably will but i haven't had either in a long time so i don't remember how they taste

i love you DC. will you bear my child? PS 50,000 humans down, 7billion to go. How many have YOU killed? - Fido Dido
breeding is WRONG... and i can't release that number just yet

Frolic In Brine, Goblins Be Thine. do you like japanese films? "Ring" is cool. thats what that quote is from. i love it. i love you. i want your children... deep-fried and to go, please. - Fido Dido
some japanese films are good... there are some wicked anime ones as well... and breeding is WRONG so how about we just fuck around?

Why did that streetsafe thing suck so much ass? I mean it really was a waste of my time. im angry.
it's from a project jcp did in grade 7 or 8... the teacher put a check mark beside the bloody stump on the guy that got his hand bit off... what is up with THAT?

Which beer manufacturers have television commercials that specifically state that it is illegal and prohibited by their company to buy or consume alcoholic beverages by individuals not yet twenty-one?
i don't know... i don't watch those commercials... apparently chicks are never fans of sports... all guys love to hang out 'with their buddies' and be stupid... i guess chicks don't drink beer either, just bring it to guys...

do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man, do u know the muffin man.... um la la la la la?
yes... he brought me a chocolate chip muffin and once i'm done with this i'm going to eat it

Ok this is what i think about you, i think that your a gay ass fucking asshole who really has not life. Also i now your not gonna let this go on the message board because you don't want people noticing you. so if your really any normal person not some whimpy ass bitch then let this go on the message board. So lets so what your gonna do asshole
this isn't a message board you stupid shit... this is a page for you to ask questions... i know it's hard to comprehend this sort of thing but your mommy probably wasn't watching you when you came on here and sent this in...

What would happen if I put an exploding pepsi can in your stomache, sewed it up and ran far, far away? How many pieces would you be in or are you, like me, invisable?!?
i'd be in quite a few pieces... lets try it

whats wrong with drugs? - Fido Dido
which ones are we speaking of? the type people use to drug their kids into robots?

If you were stuck on a desert island with only two crumbs of cheese that you couldn't eat because you joined the Church of Cheeseo and the rules state that you can never eat cheese in any way, shape or form and the only option you have to survive is to chew off both your legs and be in excrutiating pain or *gasp!* disobey Cheeseo who would surely track you down and kill you (for a block of cheese it's REALLY smart and strong) what would you do my little cheese-ling, what would you do?!?! Please tell my mom I'm ok. - Chandling
i wouldn't join a church like that... for the following reasons... 1. its a church... 2. i can't give up cheese... so i'd eat the fucking cheese and love every bit of it until i died and was punished by cheeseo for my crimes

how do you make a sex toy for a male from house-hold items??
well you grab any household item and use them to produce sexual arousal on the male

How manysilk caterpillars cocoons does it take to make a tie
12000 and a whole lot of chips

How do I make a sock monkey?
you don't... you adopt one from my mom... all other sock monkeys are inferior

Are sock monkeys an endangered species? If so, would you mind if I started a Save the Sock Monkeys organization? McDiablo
well yes they are.... because of you damn humans... so few people are smart enough to be able to live with a sock monkey....

I got a good answer award! I got a dino head! Yipee!! Are you excited for me? McDiablo
yes... i have pissed myself twice with excitement for you

"How did I get so low? How did I manage to sink to the bottom?" -Tom
it was the jello-shooters

Omg..I made it on the questionaire!Im double and dumby...:)Yea, My answers wasnt that good eithar thats why its so surprising...i mean thanks means like everthing to me...u freakin rock man..your like a rocking man..man!WoW..that was fun lookin for my answers..god i screamed. I was flipin+_+)()_*^*(%*$^$#...just like that..yup..my question is do u leave anybodys answers out??
only ones that are nonsense... or if one of us fucks up and accidently deletes a few... and for those that bitch about their shit not getting posted here, i'm not posing up shit that isn't a question

evertime i here running water i imagine someone pissing...i cant help it, is there something wrong with me?-you
no there isn't... just don't build yourself a house by a waterfall

loop holes will only make you lazy...loop holes will only make you tired:(loop holes make you what?
they make me want to shout... throw my hands up and shout....

DC, why does writing dumb questions to you give my life so much more...meaning. Ya know? Like if I didn't have you I'd be lost. More than that time in that cheap ass supermarket when all the crappy products came alive, jumped off the shelf and attacked me (damn frozen peas) leaving me lost and lonely and helpless with no limbs. That happened 7 years ago. I've been growing new limbs ever since... they are very small and one of hands is growing a hamburger. I am unhappy :( My shrink says I have major problems. Is she right? I think I'm normal. She disagrees. I think she should just take her stupid opinions and shove them sideways up her ass but when I told her that she got mad. Why did she get mad? You wouldn't get mad would you? WOULD YOU?!?!
i would be thankful for the thoughtfulness of your actions and then offer to you fashion new limbs out of soya... that way you won't have sick meat attached to you... then you can spike your hair and change your name to Patila 4 The Second Coming

DC, will you marry me? I am a lonely little sock monkey from Indonesia. Please say yes.
sorry but i don't want to be tied down right now... how about you find yourself a lamp post until i'm ready

Why do any ugly, dumb, geeky or mean guys ever ask me out? Am I really all of the above? Are my standards too high? Tell me, DC, tell me... - Kelly
those are the type of guys that ask every girl out... they play the odds and figure that SOMEBODY will eventually say yes... so next time you have to run some tests on them before you agree... get some references first...

the slurpee in langley was perfect today.. what was the slurpees like where you live ? -Slur-peed Kid
they taste cold... kinda sugary... kinda bubbly...

is there a way of saying F*** You politely? - Miss Roger's Sweater
give them a friendly smile while doing it... maybe a big bear hug too

am i going to do well on my audition tomorrow? - Guitarded
yes... until you freak out and smash a few things... but all in all good

is my guitar teacher still crazy? - Guitarded
yes... and armed

Why won't he go to bed? Vista
its the combination of sugar and a bad remake of scooby-doo

The hood on my sweatshirt is up. Do I look like a gangsta? Vista
no you don't... unless you make that 'mean' face you have.... yea that one... now you look like a gangsta... except for the whole 'sweatshirt being pink' thing it's really convincing

did you have a favorite child hood toy?
yes of course... my tail

do you enjoy agrarian triumvirates? - Fish
no idea what they are so i'm going to pretend i didn't hear you

o great vagina of wisdom. what does the future hold for me? - SiNiSTaR
it holds wet days and bloddy nights

i can't find the yellow brick road!!! where is it!?!?? and what happened to all those crumbs i left behind? - SiNiSTaR
i ate the bricks and the crumbs... simply follow my trail of golden shit

why do people think paper bags will save the earth when the bags are made outta trees anyway? in order to have paper bags you'd have to cut down trees, how will that save the earth? - SiNiSTaR
it has something to do with houses for small animals but it's a bit blurry at the moment

when people say, "you got a bug up yer ass", what kind of bug do they mean? does shoving a pole up there help to get it out or kill it?- SiNiSTaR
one of those weird bugs that no one knows for sure what it is... and you're never sure which direction its facing

your ears look like you can fly with them.. can you? - SiNiSTaR
sometimes yes... and i do loops in the air

Who the fuck is mzebonga?
that name that you have to say/read twice to make sure you got it right...

Will you tell the men in white coats to take me away ha ha hee hee ho ho to the funny farm where life is jolly? - Mzebonga
yes but not the jolly part... jolly isn't as much fun as it sounds

I took a quiz to see what kitchen utensil I am, and I am a washing machine because I'm so "out there" that I'm not even in the kitchen! I'm also "loads of fun to be around". How cool/weird/interesting/stupid is that?? Vista
where is this quiz? i'd be a cheese grater... or maybe a knife... or a knife that can be used to grate cheese

Is it wrong that I wany money but don't want to work? Is it wrong that I do look for a job but I really don't give a crap if I am hired? Is it wrong to ask these questions? ~ Jeepy
it's not wrong... it's just not realistic... unlike my plan of finding my spaceship and leaving this horrid planet

Is it wrong to sleep all day? Like lets just give an estimated time.. of oh about 18 hours! ~Jeepy
anything under 20 is ok

Why do you never answer my questions? If i slit my wrists and sent a video tape of my cronic depression and sleepless nights would you consider answering me? - Weaves
are you sure you're asking questions??? perhaps you're not paying attention? did you send me my bribe yet?

What is the square root of a monkey?

Oh Dc/ You left me/ It will not work/ i have a smelly dog/ you have a smelly cat/ What to do?/ Oh what to do?/ I am so lost without you!/ Like the song I wrote for you? Just make up a tune to sing it to and you'll be fine. Actually it can be used for any person or occasion as long as it ends in "ee" sound. Well, that was pointless. - Blue
thanks for sharing that and next time try to sing in tune...

one by one the penguins steal my sanity, has it started happening to you yet?
they gave up years ago when they realized they were chewing on fluff instead of sanity... i don't have any sanity

i love you, can we get married??????pleeeeeaaasssseee!!!!?
no... but you can come over and play with my tail all you want

Cooking Wine?-Berpee
no wine...

i wanna here the baby balooga song were can i find it?????? you shit heads
find it somewhere else cuz i don't have it and i'm not speaking to that stupid meal

Does rhubarb come in cans?..and if not does it drown when it rains?...Decompressor671
probably... and yes...

how many japenese aircraft has drestoyed tow ns
no idea

do you have problems finding y-fronts to fit u because u have to cut a hole in the back for your tail? Or do u just wear them back to front?
i rip open holes in them

are u a cannibal? Monkey brains are a delecacy in China u know.
no i'm not... i don't eat any meat

do you suffer from hairballs?
only when i've been licking my tail too much

Is it possible to fall down the toilet in an outhouse? It's always been a fear of mine. McDiablo
yes it is... and you should steer clear of them

Well, thanks to you that was ruined. Are you happy now? McDiablo
yes i am

Should I put on my gloves? McDiablo
yes... and then come rub my tail

when was demonboy's last question to you?-gopostal
no idea... a long time ago??

during my short love affair with this site the questions asked by myself and others where original and more fun dont you think?-gopostal
yea actually...

Can I ask you an insane question? Vista
no... no questions allowed

Am I smart or S-M-R-T smart? Vista
you are smrt smart... just like the rest of us and homer

don't you think ron howard looks like a chew toy? - SiNiSTaR
sometimes yes... but i don't want him in my mouth

since i scored at least 3 dinoheads in the last questionairre, don't i get a medal or something?? - SiNiSTaR
no.. you get 3 dinoheads... don't get greedy!

Dc, I wish u happy birthday!i wish You A Happy Birthday!!!!And a Happy New Year!Be Happy Dc!and do u know sanimal in real life?like face to face?
um thanks... and yes i do actually...

I need advice dc...everbody calls me wierd...i didnt mind at first..i know im wierd!but now its really anoying and flip out evertime someone calls me wierd....my body starts going out of control like im doing the jig at a rave with crystal method going on while im danceing to great big sea and kiss in my head at the same time....Its Fucked Up!Im Fucked UP!and also everone seems to hate me to and laugh at me saying "hohohhahaur wierdhohohahah" fuckin pisses me off to!all teenagers are fuckin cleashas... being a wierdo yourself how do you deal with this?help me dc please..:)
just smile and nod when they call you weird instead of freaking out... if that doesn't work then carry around a sack of cooked noodles and throw them at people when they call you weird

would you like some pita bread with hummus?
not right now

is carbonation bad for your liver?
i don't know... probablly

what is the largest ever recorded size of a giant japenese spider crab?
4000 feet

Does it really matter how hard you try? McDiablo
sometimes yes... but for most things no

To ask or not to ask....is that the question? McDiablo
it may be YOUR question but it's not THE question

Is the laser really a little red light bulb that blinks? Buzz Lightyear
yes it is... and to confuse you

Do you like to eat Shredded Wheat? Vista
no i don't... but i don't hate eating it either

Which insane domain member do you like the most? Vista
myself of course... i rock the fucking block

is it ok to "borrow" my brother's masking tape which i think is actually mine? -Miss Roger's Sweater
yes it is... just make sure you return it when you're done

my brother doesnt work for the next 4 days.. what the heck am i going to do now? - Miss Roger's Sweater
have him sell lemonaide outside

how many slurpees do you think i've had this week? -Slur-peed Kid

do you have sock monkey parents or are you adopted? - Guitarded
i have a mom and a dad of course...

do you wear shoes? and are they bigger than mine? i wear size 5 and a half -Guitarded
yes i do and no i have smaller feet... my tail is larger then yours though

Do you love me? - Kirtsi
yes... so much that it hurts and i want to cut it out and eat it

Am I going out with Dan this weekend? - Kirsti
sure why not... and in 5 years you'll be thinking 'that bastard!'

Why is that my dog doesn't give a shit about me until I have a large cardboard box on my head? Then suddenly, ooooo, I'M Miss Popularity. - Kirsti
it's the cardboard box... to be honest i hadn't noticed you either until you had the cardboard

I'm a vegetarian, does that make me a canibal seeing as I'm a vegetable? - Mzebonga
yes it does you sick FREAK

What do you do about stinky feet? - Mzebonga
i drown them in vinegar

Who's the sexiest person on TV? - Mzebonga
marge... that fluffy hair... i could get lost in there for days... she dyes it blue so i just have to wonder if she takes the time to dye ALL the hair on her body...

what is JCW?
no idea

what model of car do u drive?
i drive a jeep cherokee

Why is it that the winner of Mr Universe is only ever from planet Earth? It's an outrage and false advertising if you ask me. BARCLAY
the judges are racist

Happy Hour's next door but you'll have to brave the downpoor i'm staying here where i can get a song free with my drink. is that ok?
yes but if you ask me tomorrow i'll say no

he drinks till he falls down and his name is Lamar Vannoy he's looking for something and he's gonna find it Oi Oi Oi Oi and his name is Lamar Vannoy.do u know him?
no i do not so shutup or i'll have to throw pretzels in your beer

Should I really slow down on Slurpees? McDiablo
only if you're getting slurpee headaches from sucking so much

Why are you known as the almighty DC?? Are you the leader of something that is unknown to the rest of the population? McDiablo
yes i am actually... that a few other groups... plus that thing that i said yes to that one time

o|-<]: What does that look like to you? McDiablo
a bunch of stupid characters that if turned on their side looks like a person on a skateboard

why life sucks? And whats the point living in life?
that is what life is about... and there is no point

Should I get my hood pierced? SIN
of course

i am practically living here. should i pay rent? how much is it? - SiNiSTaR
it is 10 bucks a month... if you sign up for a year then it's only 5 a month plus a lovely thank you gift for ordering

why can't i have your email address??? - SiNiSTaR
use a form... and if you have and i haven't responded then i just haven't gotten to it... and we got rid of an older one cuz of the amount of spam it was getting

If someone has unprotected anal sex, can the other person have his ass babies? - Mzebonga
yes... anal babies are quite common... how do you think single dads get their kids???

Why do my feet smell? - Mzebonga
its the cheese and shrimp you use to clean them

I wanna eat an Umpa Lumpa (spelling?) is this strange? Is there something wrong with me? Do you wanna eat an Umpa Lumps? Have you already eatten one? Would they be tasty? Would orange or green goo come from their head?- Silly Monkey
no it's not strange but i would suggest you fight the urge... they are viscous and sing songs about it as they kill you... i've never tried... just witnessed this

Where did the Easter Family orginate from?

What the hell were you thinking when you gave Butthead/Orion an award other than stinky monkey butt when he gave such a pathetic answer such as..."my butt reaks." ????
i was thinking "i think i'll paste an award here"

i'm not sure and i'm not going to support anyone trying it

i fold clothes for a living...do you think my exstance in this world comes with any justice or accomplishments?-sownbolwnigfckuer
yes it does.. you can see instant results and can enjoy your work... you can come fold here if you'd like

this is really pissin me off...were the hell is the what-ifs?come on man..u fuckin slack website..you got the questionarrie up...were the fuck is the what-ifs?and dc...do you even care bout this q&a anymore?why do you even answer?we oviously ask u these questions for entartainment..but dc u just aint delivering anymore..everthing ok?-LowVibaraTion
they are gone for now and you can just fucking wait you whiny fucking brat...

How old are you? - Miss Roger's Sweater

Am i going to grow up to be bitter and hardened to the world? -Miss Roger's Sweater
yes you are... if you do it right

is it crazy that i have my remote control on a leash/cord in my room cuz i keep losing it in my bed? - Guitarded
no that is a good idea

would i be a funny drunk? - Slur-peed Kid
only if you laughed slurpees out of your nose

I'm having writers/songwriter's block, how can i solve this? - Guitarded
pushups... glue... noodles... tissue paper and jumper cables

I took a look at my vigaina and i saw a creamy liquid come out what does that mean?
it means that your future is bright

i constanly come to this website like 6 times a day...i know u cant update in 5min but im horible adicted...this website is to good and theres not that much good websites out there cept a great porno collection but im not really into that...what im asking here dc Is for help...i need to keep u off my mind How?please help me out here dc-frenchpinkyCanadianfinger
you can't... all you can do is limit yourself to 10 hours a day here... you should be ok then... i didn't answer the questions for a few days cuz i was up camping in ottawa this weekend...

dc...you are depressed...you need help....were can i get this help?you ask...first of all destroy your tv, 2nd Stop with the porn and masturbation cycles (mom is not a lesbian she is just comfortable with her sexuality..most woman are)3rd dont think we dont know of the friday nights you waste answering our questions but its ok thats actually what u should do all the time from now on answer our questions twenty four seven 4th Join a gym, work out.... get rid of the gut..we know u got one...and i dunno get hobbies or something...dc your cared for..keep living..death aint the way out.;)
yes i am actually... you can send me money... the tv thing is ok cuz i don't watch a lot anyways... but number 2 can't be done... and mom is bisexual... and no gut at the moment... if you'd like to come here and feed me until i get one then that'd be great... i get people bitching about not updating the site enough and then others bitching about how i have no life cuz i'm always updating... fucking brats

Do you think you could ever give the good question award and the stinky monkey butt award for the same question?
perhaps... it would have to be one hell of a question

What's your job about?
well it's about updating websites for clients that PAY me, it's about doing some simple accounting and invoicing, it's about computers and training others to use them, it's about putting them together and fixing them, it's about giving technical support to those who are too stupid to use them or are having real problems, it's about computers and more computers

I want to find out how insane I really am, but have no idea how to do it. Will I ever need medication? Will I ever be dangerous? Or maybe I'll always be a pathetic loser with a lot of issues...
we'd need to do a blood test to be SURE

Should I go to sleep now?
yes... as should i

Why are politicians so stupid and arrogant?
that is their job and you morons keep voting them in

Dude,if you really do smoke weed,would you smoke with me?
if i really do then of course i will...

Oh and who are you for real?
yes... i'm sick of being for fake

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