People Who Suck
People who we've never met, yet made our lives suckier by simply knowing that they existed.
We have put groupings of people in this category too just because we're too lazy to list individuals all the time.
If you think you have a few to add to this list, join and share them.

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Newest people who suck
updated by JCP

People who hover behind you or in front of you while you're trying to work on your computer or are talking on the phone.

People who talk into their phone while staring at you and you can't tell who they are actually speaking to.

People who get all bent out of shape about how their kids are getting fat and lazy and that the TV shows too much violence or sex. STOP LETTING YOUR KIDS SIT ON THEIR FAT ASSES IN FRONT OF THE TV! GET THEM A HOBBY! GET THEM A BIKE! GET THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE!

People on these damned 'reality help shows' where they have all these damned kids and can't manage to raise them properly so they need some other person to come in and tell them how to do it.
Why the HELL did they have ANY children much less more than two when they can't even handle ONE? What is wrong with people? Why does everyone have this sickening need to produce more children than is actually useful? Why MUST everyone have at least two kids and MUST have them close together? That's just BULLSHIT. It's not about "getting it over with", that's not what kids are about. It's not about "so they have a friend" beacause that's bullshit. Anyone I knew/know that has siblings close in age did NOT get along with them until they were well into their 20's, if ever. Any I knew that had at least 5 years between them DID seem to get along better. So yea, all these people spitting out kids and then not raising them properly are just dooming us all with their stupidity. You don't need a tv show, you need to STOP HAVING BRATS if you can't handle them. If you can't handle a single crying baby, WHY HAVE ANOTHER?

People who pretend to have accents but don't and they don't even do a good job of faking it.

People who pretend their garbage piles in their house are "modern art".

People who question JCP.

People who insist on covering everything they eat with mustard and then try to squirt some on you when they know you hate it.

People who never wear their hats straight, then wonder why they look so stupid.

People who think their work uniform is sexy and they work at a donut shop.

People who chug vegetable oil because they think it's gingerale.

People who cover their beds with frilly and totally useless pillows.

People who dress their kids up in elaborate outfits from the 1920's because they think it's cute.

People who let their 5 year olds dress in short skirts and cut-off shirts.

People who think that wrestling shows are real and that they should behave like those idiots do.

People who say everything is "da bomb yo".

People who make commercials showing horrible animal abuse and then wonder why no one donates. We're all facing AWAY from the TV so we don't see the horribly abused animals! Show us them now that they've been helped so we can look at the TV to find out how to donate.

People who believe all commercials are true.

The people who made that stupid commercial where a guy and girl slash each other with their cell phones.

People who do gymnastics in your livingroom without asking.

People who wear strange outfits and then wonder why everyone is staring at them.


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