People Who Suck
People who we've never met, yet made our lives suckier by simply knowing that they existed.
We have put groupings of people in this category too just because we're too lazy to list individuals all the time.
If you think you have a few to add to this list, join and share them.

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People with bad breath

Old people who hit you with canes
Just cuz you're old and nasty doesn't mean you can break our bones.

People who sic their dogs on you
Why can't you feed them like normal people? Dog food ain't that expensive.

People who throw wet stuff at you
That is really sick.

People who tell jokes and forget the punch line
If you're going to speak, think about it first!

People who hum songs like "It's A Small World After All" till you start humming it
You know this happens, you know you hate it

People Who Correct Your Spelling Or Grammar
Why don't those people just piss off??? Do they really have nothing else to do? GO AWAY!

People Who Interrupt You While You're On The Phone
Is it that difficult to see that someone is on the phone?

People Who Say Weird Stuff For No Reason At All
Sometimes it's cool and even funny at times, but usually, it's just cause for a trip to the mental ward.

People Who Have Wandering Eyes
It isn't their fault they have one, but boy is that weird to look at.

People Who Wear Big Mushroom Hats & Yell Yankee Doodle Dandy
I don't understand these people.

People Who Tame Monkeys For A Living
Isn't there anything better for you to do with your life?

People Who Don't Pick Up The Dog Crap When Walking The Dog
I'm going to rent and elephant and have it shit on your lawn. See how much you like picking it up off your lawn then.

People Who Mutter Under Their Breath
If you have something to say, say it clearly and loudly. If not, SHUT THE HELL UP AND STOP MUTTERING!

People With Poodles
They're not real dogs. They are really pieces of lint with the ability to make an annoying barking sound. Go get a real dog. Real dogs don't have perms.

People With Some Horrible Disease That Makes Them Fart And Spray Snot Everywhere
Sick! What the hell is up with that anyways? Stay home!

People Who Itch Themselves In Front Of You
You know who you are.  You stand in front of others and itch every disgusting inch of skin on your groin.  Nobody wants to see this.  Try getting a flea collar!  Either that or stay home. I sure as hell don't want to see you rubbing yourself raw all the time.

People Who Rake Their Leaves On To The Road
Stop doing that! No one enjoys driving along and suddenly hitting a huge pile of leaves, and having them stick to the windshield.   Also, when the leaves are all ground down, they become damn slippery.  Are you that damn lazy that you can't simply put them in a bag?  Or grind them up and use as fertilizer??? I am considering going around and raking the damn leaves back onto your lawn.  Or better yet, your front door.

People Who Who Itch Their Genitals With Spoons and Then Eat With The Spoons
That has to been one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. You could at least wash the spoon off before eating.

People Who Behave Like 2 Year Olds When They Are Actually 20
Get a clue.  It's not amusing.

People Who Mimic Others
No one likes it.  You sound dumber then the person you're mimicking. 

People Who Look Over Your Shoulder While You're Writing
Piss off.  If I wanted you to read it... I'd hand it to you.

People Who Cut You Off To Say "Uh... Why do you have a seagull on your head?"
I was saying something important!!! What does it matter what's on my head??!!!????

People Who Have Cute Pets And Won't Play With Them
Damnit!! give the pet to me if you're gonna just ignore it!!!

People Who Moon You
What makes you think that I would want to see your butt??? Is there something wrong with you???  And whatever that thing is... you should get it checked out

People Who Have Fake Plants And Are Convinced They Are Growing

People Who Read You The Ten Commandments, Read Out 11, Argue With You That They Said 10... Then Re-read Them And Come Out With 12

People Who Pull Their Pants To Their Chins
It looks ugly.  You may feel more secure... but STOP it.

People Who Won't Shut The Hell Up While You're Watching TV or Listening To Music
Can't you see that I'm busy!!!!!????!!!! GO AWAY!

People Who Sit In Their Cars Blasting Music Like They're Cool, Then Tear Away Squealing Their Tires
Why don't you just face the fact that no matter how loud you play your shitty wannabe music and squeal your tires that you will always be a pathetic loser.  If you actually made the connection that loud music doesn't equal iq, then at least you'd be one step up in life.

Brittney Spears
This chick is the daftest thing to ever sing to the planet.  Mariah Carey and the spice girls look like geniuses compared to this no-talent puppet.  Whoever the puppet master is, when they pull out their arm, there will be nothing left for her except to scrape together enough cash to become a porn puppet.   I can't wait to see this pathetic excuse for a singer to fall and land flat on her face.  What a shitty role model for anyone, much less young girls.

who needs shiny happy people prancing around and pissing us all off?

Mall people
Do people really have nothing better to do than walk around a mall all day?

Pointy headed people
It's really annoying to look at. Plus, how do they do that?

People who phone at the wrong time
You know it's happened to you.

Old people who flash you
Prunes are never in season.

People who drive real slow

People who chew with their mouths open
I don't enjoy seeing you devour your food. If I did enjoy seeing that sort of thing, I'd go see feeding time at the local zoo.

Snotty kids who scream in restaurants and the parents who think that's cute
The kids aren't cute and if I was allowed to take a tablecloth and shove it down their throat, I would. Not just the kids, but the parents too.

People Who Talk Real Slow
Most people just pretend to listen to others, the slower you talk, the quicker we find something else to do besides listen.

People Who Spike Their Hair
How the hell do you do that!??!! If I can't do it, neither can you. It's only fair.

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