People Who Suck
People who we've never met, yet made our lives suckier by simply knowing that they existed.
We have put groupings of people in this category too just because we're too lazy to list individuals all the time.
If you think you have a few to add to this list, join and share them.

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People who shake rain/snow covered trees when you're standing under it. They don't mind getting covered because it pisses YOU off.

People who say your name too much.

People who claim they never got your email but you got a read receipt.

People who make their IM status messages so long and stupid that there is no point in reading them but they constantly ask you what you think of them.

People who spend hours getting ready only to look almost exactly the same when they're done as when they began.

People who always say "Give me a minute" and then they take an hour.

People that have kids taken away by child services and then have more kids.

People who steal all the working pens off your desk and leave you with leaking, useless pens.

People who can't be bothered to read what error messages say and then bitch about how they don't know what is wrong with things.

People who pretend to like and do things only because they're trying to impress someone. Then, when they have to actually do what they claim to like, they lie and claim to have an injury or something else so they don't have to.

People who like to think they know more than you do about everything and always point out when they think you're wrong even when you're not.

People who sit around moping about how their life sucks and how they're fat but they can't be bothered to get off their ass and ever do anything about it.

People who phone and when you don't pick up, keep phoning over and over again instead of leaving a message.

People who like to tell you what they're wearing each day and you don't give a shit.

People who rant about their friends/family online and then can't understand why they're angry.

People who post EVERYTHING they do online and can't figure out how they got caught by a parent for doing something stupid.

People who go on and on about the stupidest little details and then leave out the truly important bits of information.

People who like to say things like "The weirdest thing happened at work today." and then fall silent until you force the rest of the story out of them. If you can't be bothered to tell me the whole story without my begging for it, then I don't want to hear it.

People who bitch about everything no matter what and refuse to see the positive side of anything.

People who use the ends of their pens/pencils as ear cleaners.

People who get high-lighter happy and end up highlighting entire pages.

People who can't touch type while chatting and spend so much time looking at their hands typing that they never see your messages because they've scrolled off the screen by the time they've typed up and sent theirs.

People who don't READ what you've written in IMing or chat and then get all confused.

People who constantly send you stupid URLs when you're at work/school and can't risk viewing them. Then when you tell them, they don't care and keep sending you URLs.

People who post and post and post all the time over every little thing in a forum or think that it's some sort of personal message board for them.

People who follow you around online wanting to know everything you do and then email you asking why you didn't reply to THEIR post or something until you're forced to tell them off. Then, they start posting everywhere about how much you suck and all sorts of stupid shit like that.

People who sit online and wait for others to contact them instead of simply sending messages to those they want to speak to because they want to make that other person go 'first' when chatting.

People who can't take obvious jokes.
These people totally miss the fact that something said is a complete and obvious joke. They are also normally the people who have their sense of humor jammed so far up their ass that it has never seen the light of day and then died a horrible screaming death. Even worse are the people who joke all the time but when anyone else jokes, they get pissy or just don't get it. If you can't take a fucking joke, then you shouldn't leave the house or ever communicate with other people.

People who lock up others in small rooms and keep them there for years.
It's amusing when I do it, but not when others do.

People who call themselves "Big Daddy" or "Papa" and they're under the age of 30.

People who throw peaches at you.

Those people in the commercial for deodorant where the sound doesn't go with what the actors mouths are saying due to it being filmed in another language and dubbed over in English.

Whomever makes up those LAME hair care commercials aimed ONLY at women yet somehow only show half nude women. Men wash their hair too! Women don't want to see other half naked women all the time!

People who think they need to hide their age. Get over it! There is NO point to lying unless you're younger than the drinking age and trying to lie to get a drink

People who would rather watch shitty reality TV than have a halfway decent conversation with you until you get pissed off and leave.

People who air their problems on forums and then get annoyed with the advice given to them.

People who sneeze and then wipe the snot on you suck too.

People who come to your house, open up your drawers, take a brand new package of something out of your drawer, open it, use the new thing, and then have them toss it all back into your drawer, and NO they didn't ask permission.

People who throw things at others because they're famous and for some reason can't behave like decent humans.

People who follow around famous people and hound them to death with cameras and bullshit interview questions until they get something thrown at them.

People who, upon being shown something you've been working on, only point out the flaws and never give you any positive feedback.

People who sneak into your place while you're away and re-organize your closets because you "don't do it right".

People who claim they've "firewalled" you but really they lied.

That dude who pointed at my house while he was walking his dog. POINT AT YOUR OWN HOUSE JERK!

People say they're getting "hammered" or "sloshed". Sounds stupid. Then again, these are normally not bright people to begin with.


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