People Who Suck
People who we've never met, yet made our lives suckier by simply knowing that they existed.
We have put groupings of people in this category too just because we're too lazy to list individuals all the time.
If you think you have a few to add to this list, join and share them.

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people that throw oranges at you as you drive by

people who think that because you don't have kids you can't have an opinion on raising them

people who try to run away from thunder

people who like to color coordinate their push pins to match their outfits

people who only give their daughters dolls and girly shit instead of truck and stuff too. Stop triaining your daughters to just be 'mommys'

people that forward EVERYTHING to you

people that don't tell you the WHOLE story

people who print out all their emails

people who drown themselves in perfume or aftershave

people at tim hortons who can't figure out how to NOT overfill the cuup and somehow NEVER get the lid on properly

people who chew on used muffin wrappers like it's gum

people who can't figure out how to use the atm so they just keep pressing buttons

people on icq that type so badly you have not idea what they're saying
it is NOT that hard to spell simple words correctly... you not U... are not R...

people that wear symbols when they have NO idea what they mean
some symbols may look cool but if you don't know what the hell they are you shouldn't wear them until you do know

people who repeat everything you say as a question

people who charge more to cut a chicks hair then a guys
if their hair is the same and it's just getting cut... why the hell should she pay more? because she has tits? haircuts should be charged by the length of the hair...

people in gym commercials
so where do the fat or lazy people go to get in shape? all i see are health crazed twig people... do you have to work your way up to that gym?

people who are rude to salespeople for no reason
damnit you know sometimes people HAVE to get jobs and you don't have to be rude to them

people who can't come up with good comebacks besides 'shut up' or 'says you'

people who whine about how their life is so 'highschool' and then they keep acting like that
shut up and do something about it then... or go get a mcjob and choke on the fries

people who think they can sing so they do so loudly
loud does NOT equal good

people who get upset when you don't like their ideas
not all ideas are good... so don't get all bent out of shape when one gets turned down

people who let their kids run around stores and restaurants
other people are trying to eat... if we wanted to have kids running around us we'd go eat in a school yard

people who drive around with insane amounts of bass pounding from their cars
i hope you go sterile and die a long slow painful death in silence with your blown eardrums

people who put those damn mufflers on their cars that make loud noise
i'm going to take that thing off and shove it up your ass

people who are in their 30s but dress like they're 12
grow the hell up and start dressing like an adult

people that don't read signs
they are there for a reason

people that just stare at you when they don't like an answer you've given them
you can just keep right on staring at me you idiot, that's not changing my answer

people who walk around bars over and over just so they can be looked at but then don't want to be approached by anyone
just sit the hell down and keep to yourselves then

people who leave a message to call them back but don't leave their number
you don't deserve to be called back

people who bitch about the seat being left up
if you're not looking before you sit down, then you deserve whatever you sit in or on.  if you're just pissed off that you have to put it down again, why not just put it down and not give it another thought? it takes more time to get pissed off and bitch about then to just put it down and get over it.

People On Talk Shows
The fact that you are able to sit up there and bitch about shit that shouldn't be even an issue should just indicate to the rest of the world that you are not needed at all and you should be exterminated.  Having your carcass ground up and fed to dogs would be more productive then whatever it is that you think you do in life.  Shut the hell up and use your damn head instead of your flapping mouth to solve problems.

Men Who Think Women Should Cater To Their Every Demand
What the fuck ever.  Wake up pal...   And if you're one of the women who fall for this, what the hell is wrong with you?  Poison his food!

Women who think that men should buy them gifts to express their love
Love doesn't have dollar signs attached to it you greedy bitches.

Skinny People Who Wear Pink Spandex
It looks horrible! It looks like famine victims in pink! ew! Eat some food...

Any People Who Wear Pink Spandex
 You're trapped in the 80s... and lets face it spandex just sucks

People Who Astral Project themselves 
Not too sure what the hell it is, but it sounds stupid.

people who offer their opinion to you, but in fact it's just the blindingly obvious.
you think you're proclaiming the word of truth... but you're just stating what everything with a mind is thinking.  This doesn't make you appear wise in the eyes of others, just stupid, annoying and quite frankly, ugly.

People With Some Kind Of Mind Control Powers
I know you're out there and try to make me do stupid things... I won't damn you!  I will fight till the end!!!!!!

People Who Pick Their Noses And Fling The Snot At You
That is so sick. No one wants to feel your snot on the back of their neck.  If I catch you doing that one more time... I will take my shit out of my toilet and fling it at you.

People Who Say One Thing, Mean Another, And Then Say "Oh You Know What I Mean"
Damnit! Can't people speak before they think? Uh... I mean ... well you know what I mean!!!!

People Who Are Craving For A Cigarette
It's funny to watch them freak out for awhile, but after that, they just get mean.

People Who Put Forks Through Shredders
Are you that damn stupid???

People who wear short shorts
I don't think I know anyone who enjoys watching someone's butt eat their shorts. What kind of demented loser finds that attractive?

Kenny G

What could be worse than a bloated freak in polyester? A bloated freak in polyester singing stupid songs. I wish he would've died earlier... he took up too much space.

Michael Bolton
No need to explain.

People Who Shove Religion Down Your Throat
The only thing we want to be "saved" from is you. I hate having strangers come up to me and tell me that so-and-so is coming. Isn't there something in the bible that says "Thou Shall Not Annoy the Hell Out of Thy Neighbor"? If not.. there should be. Hell is being with these people... forever on a street corner...

All People
You have to admit... everyone you have ever met has in some way sucked. Even if it was just a bit or even literally, they still sucked. And I am afraid that even you have sucked at some point in your life too. I mean humanity as a whole is a pretty stupid bunch and suck pretty bad. Enjoy that ray of sunshine I just brought to you.

Fat People Who Wear Pink Spandex
It is damn scary! I am talking about 600+ pound people who wear full spandex outfits... AHHHHHH! It scares everyone... what would happen if it bust???? The planet would be wiped out!!!

People who pinch your cheeks

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