Results for July 2005

Herbert vs. Mzebonga. Who do you think would win
and go on to fight JCP for the World Championship belt?

Hmmm, Mzebonga bites the heads off of small children for smiling too much, an Herbie is an adorable sock monkey who likes hugs and shoes... in the wrong way... BUT My money is on Herbie, because he's got the power of love, Mzebonga's black twisted heart is too full of rage, and he will be Anakin Skywalker to Herbie's Obi Wan. Also herbert paid me more.- George

I think Herbert would strain to much in the fight and get foot long hemroids and be unable to finish the fight, and Mzebonga would get distracted during the fight while looking and all the guys in tights, and trip knocking himself unconscious, and i'd run into the ring and pin him. I'd win.- SickWills

Mzebonga would look like he was winning cause he would pull some mean, dirty human move, but then Herbert would whip him in the eye with his tail and he would win. - marion crane

Herbert looks of a better build to win.- Izzy

Herbert- Mute8s

Herbert would so totally win cuz sock puppets rock!! and plus...Mzebonga is probably brain dead and he wouldnt know what to do!!!:D- frizz09

neither because chuck norris is the ruler supreme end of story.- aleta kajika

Neither. I follow only solipsism. Sucked in, existence!- Fish

That ones tough, they're both pansies so it's pretty much a matter of which one is a bigger girl. I guess Herbert 'cause he livees near me and I wouldn't want to piss him of too much, the last time I did there was a flaming bag outside my door....I should really put that out.- Shane the carnivorous vegetarian

Mzebonga. Not that i know who either of them are. Mzebonga is just cooler.- Jefe

Herbert would hug Mzebonga to death. I don't think Mzebonga is a guy who likes hugs. I'm not sure, to be honest. I mean, he might like it, but I know Herbert has practiced hugging quite a bit, so yeah, he'd kill him. Or, hell, you never know what Mzebonga has up his sleeves. Probably pots of tea to scald Herbert with. Yikes. - McDiablo

Mzebonga's attacks would be useless against Herberts soft, plush body and Mzebonga would collapse from exhaustion far before any real damage could be done to Herbert. However JCP would then procede to whoop Herberts ass with a metal pipe, some gasoline, and a lighter.- King Jimothy

hebert- Krissy_list 2005

herbert, though i have no clue who either of the contestants are i just have a feeling that herbert has a thing or two up his sleeve...- mr person

Mzebonga...the name is cooler...i actually have no clue who the hell either is...okay i I clicked on the names and found out Mzebonga is British...sugoi!...I love british people...and about Herbert...he's a sock...socks go on people's feet...i HATE feet..yuk!...- Cheza

Mzebonga is an Aztec for a start, which I think would make him pretty good with a spear or kebab skewer, he is dry and Sarcastic but herbert is so happy and sunny that Mzebonga will easily confuse him with the sun god, Ra, and worship, therefore letting him win and being rather expensive on human sacrifices. But if Mzebonga ever found this was a lie he could make Herbert kebabs for everyone separated by RED peppers, mushrooms and small pieces of undercooked chicken fillets for everyone!- Friend Of George

I think Herbert would sock it to Mzebonga.- j0eg0d

Herbert ....cuz in French it's "ay Bare"- bobcows

welll ummm lets go with Herbert....- Eme2407

Herbert- Acid

Herbert- Northern Boy

Mzebonga. He's willing to do whatever dirty thing is needed to win against Herbert. JCP will then mop the floor with him, but I'd bet he'd enjoy that.- Shadowen

roger rabbit- Odball1

Not only am I going to tell you who I think would win..I'll give you a play by play. Herbert would blow a giant bubble and trap Mzebonga in it, then Mzebonga, being bigger than Herbert would pop the bubble and step on him. Then Herbert would whip Mzebonga with his tail...after that, who knows?- PyroPrincezz

I think Herbert would win...simply because he's got that sexy little monkey tail...- CasualtFatality

no the question is do i care?- ireg

mzebonga. because he has a cool name.- erica

herbert- rayyo77

Herbo- KTine

Without a doubt Mzebonga !!! Though Herbert has a tolerence for pain that is unequaled he would evenually just submit for the fun of it. He likes being dominated. - Poptart

Herbert- badbad

I'm afraid what the fall-out might mean, but I'd have to support Mzebonga on this one. KICK HERBERT'S SMALL, HAIRY ASS!- Sven The Masseur

who are they?- Catin

Herbert- scheree

i don't really care- niki

herbert. just.... because.- freddie

McDiablo is there to help JCP beat up Herbert. He makes a move on her and touches her bum. Mzebonga goes blind with rage and attacks him. Herbert crawls to JCP for help but she slaps him down again and tosses him back to Mzebonga. Mzebonga kills Herbert. Then Mzebonga tries to gloat in front of McDiablo and claim her as his own. McDiablo becomes enraged and kills Mzebonga with secret death moves. JCP then has to take McDiablo out for killing Mzebonga. While leaving, JCP falls out of the ring and lands headfirst on that table the annoucers claim "Doesn't give way easily." and dies. - JCP & Mzebonga


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