Located in:
Ottawa, Canada
(Roommates with Johnny Poptart)

Herbert the sock monkey is the younger brother of DC. He was first put up for adoption on Ebay but after two auctions ran without a single bid, Herbert was forced to admit that no one wanted him. He became horribly depressed and after a few months of locking himself in his closet, he came out with a new outlook on life. After answering questions on TID for a while, he began to feel more loved. He answered questions on the Insane Q&A section for a while, and then in 2006, disappeared for almost a year. He returned to the site April 2007. While some find him horribly annoying, others seem to like his need for constant hugs, and his non-stop giggling.

What Herbert likes:

Things : Hugs, shoes, boxes, shiny things, fuzzy things, buzzy things, warm things, furry things, hugs, socks, friends, pinwheels, juice, dancing.

Movies: Monkey Bone, Indiana Jones movies.

TV Shows: Cartoons! I love the bright colors and happy little voices.