Mzebonga looks forward to the day when he can wave his walking stick at teenage kids and ramble some nonsense at them without fearing the inevitable beating he would receive. Through the wonder of the Internet, he’s discovered a medium through which he can bring these plans for his retirement to fruition whilst still attempting to hold down a worthless, unrewarding full-time job. To this extent, he spends a lot of time rambling on in one of a number of web projects about stuff that no one in their right mind would care about.

Mzebonga claims to be a product of the system, which is an excuse to make constant reference to the regimented nature of his education and how he was forced into conformity by a restrictive secondary education as well as a perfect excuse to remain in jobs that he is over-qualified to be doing. Given that he was not academically challenged and his non-conformity came from his inability to find acceptance amongst his peers, Mzebonga uses all of this drivel to remain a miserable git merely because it is the path of least resistance and appeals to his naturally lazy character.

Movies Dogma, Donnie Darko, Hot Fuzz, Little Miss Sunshine, Northwest Frontier (a.k.a. Flame Over India [US Title]), Raiders of the Lost Ark, Signs, Star Wars: A New Hope, Still Crazy, Twelve Monkeys

TV Shows Angel, Arrested Development, Band of Brothers, C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation, The Daily Show with John Stewart, Dress to Kill/Definite Article (Eddie Izzard Stand Up), Friends, Futurama, House MD, Long Way Round, Meerkat Manor, Spaced, The West Wing

Books / Authors Angels and Demons [Dan Brown], The Business [Iain Banks], The Hunt for Red October [Tom Clancy], Of Mice and Men [John Steinbeck]

Music Aerosmith, Alanis Morissette, Billy Joel, Blind Melon, Cake, Crash Test Dummies, Feeder, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Guns N Roses, KT Tunstall, Nickelback, Peter Gabriel, Queen, Robbie Williams, Scissor Sisters, Texas