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Why is the house down the street empty? By DC

Well this house sits and mocks me... all empty like... so what is the story?
I went around theinsanedomain town asking about this house... and even after putting together everyone's responses... 
there seems to be no agreement on why the house is actually empty.  I must uncover the truth.

Here are my results... and remember... they all came from townspeople from theinsanedomain... 

Some people seemed to reply with obvious denial... further encouraging me on my search for the truth...

What house?

Down your street ? who knows maybe your a freak .

No, I'm home.

Its not....actually there are 17.89 acorns in that house.....they are much more superior to you and the former owners of the house....and one day they will rule all with an iron fist.

The man who lives there is at the supermarket

What street there is no house dammit, you are seeing shit.

are you sure there really is a house down the street? If this so-called house really exists then why do small children run through their sprinklers in the summer time? Why is chocolate ice-cream always brown!!!! Dammit! Why don't you think of the big issues first before you get caught up in such trivial matters~!

You just think it's empty...

I moved!

This theory seems to have some truth to it... as more then one person had the same story...

 It's a run down whore/crackhouse

All the crackheads got arrested

Cause you told the cops and they got done for dealing now we are all screwed!

Cuz it's the crack house

it was once a whorehouse

and some responses were just RUDE and completely uncalled for...

Um.. because you emptied it?? How the hell would I know?

because your toes smell like stale cheetoes

Because no one likes you

Because your septic tank is full!!

Because you suck.

 because the people didn't like that awful smell coming from your garage They said that it smelt like someone crawled in there and died But, how would they know what that smells like, and if they did, then why would they be offended by it?

It is not empty...i just moved in you retard.

some people seemed to be oblivious to reality, supplying me with various responses that aren't really rooted in reality...  but they do get points for creativity...

Aliens did it and your other neighbors house is being attacked rite now.

it has been taken over by man-eating goblins from the planet zork and they are making their plan to overtake thew planet earth!!!!

I fucked all the girls inside that too hard and they had to take a week vacation to rest before they can come back and fuck some more

Because it was dirty and the person who lived there was lazy. She decided it was better to move than clean.

Because you don't know it, but you are just a fragment of house's imagination. see the house is actually alive and you are just an object she/he/it gets traumas about. nothing exists except the houses imagination, and the house is crowded, but you are to occupied writing stupid insanity that you don't even notice the zombie family that used to live in that house just behind your back.......

i don't live on a "street"  (what the hell a street is i don't know, so i guess i don't live on one.)

Hmm My pet Couger

They FAR away. They were scared that the idiotic gene was contagious, and that their newborn baby you babysat for (squash) would catch it

Two words: Ghost farts.

The FBI is staking your house out.

Cockroaches infested the house, ate the inhabitants and all the corn puffs they could find, and finally died of asbestos overdose while inhaling fireproof theatre curtains.

They are coming to get YOU!!!!

cause the house eats anyone who enters it.

i have a house down my street that was empoty i met my fuiture husband there but i never got married cause im to young and he bpissed me off so i had to keep him away from my dog "badboy" cause you know how those kind of people get with the freedom of your ex's dog

and yet other people seemed to take full responsibility, and admitted to performing various violent acts, 
making me wonder at the type of people here in theinsanedomain town.

 I ate them.

 i scared the people away

cuz i killed em

I killed them....Maybe the bodies are still there go check it out....Watch out for that ghost he tried to chop my head off...then there was this monkey.....but thats a whole other story....


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