The lap dancing sock monkey.
Choose your own adventure.

You lick the wrapper for valuable clues and quickly discover that this is not a candy wrapper.  You spit out the condom that is now in your mouth and look around again to see if anyone saw you.  You see no one, and aren't sure why a monkey would be on a condom wrapper.  Perhaps the lap dancing sock monkey has it's own condoms for when lap dances get out of control.  You are aroused at the thought.

You begin to imagine the sock monkey dancing for you, shaking its tail provocatively.  You quickly leave the area, trying to push those erotic thoughts out of your head.  In your haste, you forget the condom wrapper and leave it laying on the ground.

You see a store across the street and decide to get something to drink, and hopefully use their bathroom.  There are a set of lights to cross at, or you can just simply go across the street.  

What do you do?

Cross the street without looking.

make sure it's clear and then cross the street

Cross at the lights.



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