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Awards given out by JCP

What if you discovered you were one of JCP's Sims?

Good Answer AwardIm sure JCP would get me abducted by aliens, then i'd go crazy and do some weird sim things like playing with a sack of flour or wearing a lampshade or talking to a volley-ball while other people who walk near me think im crazy, then the neighbor would smash my lemonade stand; making me even more crazy.Then JCP would put some carpets in front of the fireplace and make me go in front of the fireplace and light it and then I would scream some weird things in simlish until I burn to death.- mad_patrol

Good Answer AwardImmeadatly kill my self. not only would i know i would be headed for a certain doom, but i would also know that jcp would use the "move objects on" cheat code to take the censor off of me when i was in the shower and there i would be watched......- bobthemouse09

Monkey ButtI'd breed with the Dastardlys to spite her.- Mzebonga

Good Answer AwardI would instantly fear for my life and spend every waking hour making sure I'm safe. Upon waking up in the morning, I would immediately check to see if the doors and windows have been removed from my home. I would then check the fridge to see if food has mysteriously vanished. I would then make sure to treat my fellow Sims like shit. I'm sure if I was polite to everyone, JCP would get bored with me and plan an elaborate scheme to kill me off. Slowly.- McDiablo

I would masturbate uncontrolably.- cessna

I couldn't be, my life is way to fucking normal.- Chicken Of Despair

Good Answer AwardThat would explain why there are no doors or windows in my apartment which is haunted with the former tenant who follows me around screaming, and the toaster keeps falling in the bath tub while I'm soaking in hot water. I guess that to get even with JCP I'll have to start throwing my poop on the ceiling to get her monitor screen all dirty. I'm taking off all my clothes and walking around the house naked from now on too, with a big woody.- armpit hair

PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!!! Or if you do, make it creative and original. - idontmindthesunsometimes

what you mean my whole life has been a computer generated dream designed to keep me from really knowing whats going on, damn they should make a movie out of this shit.- Great Jihad

depends on whether or not i was wearing depends.- iamzbob

I would not be happy. So would sit in my closet and eat icecream.- i ♥ icecream

Good Answer Awardi would be honored! becuase i love the way that those brave little people die, if i could bring as much joy to someones life as much as those little deaths bring to me, i would be honored to die that way. at least id go out interesting- AOU7

Monkey Butti wouldnt know what to do. what is jcp sims?- ray

Sims? like the game? I would make a chick fall in love with me in 15 minutes by telling her stupid stuff (which does not work trust me) and go have crazy kinky sex in a heart shaped bed.- Grounded Clown

Monkey ButtFUCKING PRICK!- thestain

think i am, spelled my name wrong.- warDog

.. DONT COME NEAR ME YOU EVIL BUNNY OF DOOM!!!!! and where is my cowplant?- Captain Meep

Monkey Buttno fucking idea- Weller

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