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I believe umbrellas are ok to bring to work, but should not be brought into the office. - The Fatty Man

I live in Texas....WHAT umbrellas???? - kimmie2005

i dont know how it got out of hand.. you hit on an umbrella at work once.. and now the whole world knows about it - psychotic_freak

Only On Thursdays and never made out of synthetic marmoset gonads - Kitten

I work in an Umbrella factory and I think that Umbrellas in my place of work are vital - Mzebonga

i think Umbrellas are wicked! Wicked!!!!! WICKED I TELL YOU!!! - Becky

A necessity due to the prevelance of bosses that like to rant and shower flecks of saliva about the place. Also useful for stabbing the guy who brings you the wrong lunch order in the eye. - Mujubius

let them have theur stinking umbrellas - Gypsy

its immoral and vulgar! - Fido Dido

umm... i dunno. - Tashalot

no umbrellas to long to go up the ass - reaper

Well, I personally believe that the work place should be open to umbrellas, especially if they are good workers. One umbrella I knew back in the 7th grade had this excellent idea to mass produce shower caps for gerbils. But shortly there after he died in a "mokey bar" incident. Bloody communists always have to ruin a good thing. - InsaneLane

umberellas r cool every1 shud have them up while sat at their desks it makes everything colourful, and gives privacy as well, theres no such thing as it being bad luck - laura

Umberellas in work just dont work i place very strong opinions on this one and i refuse to stand down. umberellas dont help you work they just distract you by dancing in front of you or would that once again just be me???? - blah blah

Black umbrellas are fine, as long as they aren't covered in rain. The ones that are covered in rain, or that are pink, should be shoved up their owners ass. Or forced to take my job. - Ishodhvredhair

umbrellas are only good in the workplace if they have blood on them or are made out of the hide of someone or something - NeonLightning

Umbrellas should get more freedom......sure sure sure, the raincoats have been going to work longer, and traditionally the umbrellas stay home and look after the wellingtons, but has anyone ever asked the umbrellas if they want to go to work? - EP

Umbrellas in the work place can be very dangerous. Suppose you work with someone who is two feet shorter than you. As you walking down a hallway, he steps out of a door right in front of you with his umbrella. Unable to stop in time, you get your left eye gouged out in a spout of blood. As you're driving home, you don't see the dump truck as it slams into the drivers side door crushing half your body because you blind on the left side. Then, the company doesn't give you workers comp because the insurance guy, who happens to be the guy who brutaly stabbed you with his umbrella, said it was an act of god. As you can see, this can cause problems for the shoe shiner down the street because now you only pay him half as much because you only have one foot, in which case he can't afford to feed his 17 children and is forced to eat the family dog. On the other hand, maybe you work for a pyromaniac in a building with a sprinkler system, where you would get soaked about 9 time a week had you not broght an umbrella to work to stab some guy who isn't watching where he's going in the eye with it. - gone postal

Perfectly Fine, just remember I have the ultimate master umbrella, with 10 inch spikes for poking out your eyes. - Meowmix

only when theres a fire. - Ricidulous

hey, where does the question of umbrellas arise? my boss always says- 'i don't need you here, you take up too much time, space and money' where's the place for my umbrella?.. she'd probably shove the fuckin umbrella up my fuckin arse if i brought one to work. - theweirdfreak

umbrellas=crotch pokin' fun - AMP

I think they are okay, but not those ones with the "animal-head handles", which usualy feature disturbing wood carved duck heads. I think they should ban them from the planet along with bob barker. He just looks like a duck umbrella kind of guy... - Mad-at-Lemings

they should be banned. they're downright wrong, and evil, and i hate them. - seth

they are dangerous and are coming to get me - Sally

ohh umbreallas in the workplace this one comes up alot yes of course umbrellas should be allowed in the workplace u should then get bad luck foreva that would be good - lil_devil

Hmmmm... Umbrellas..... We need them for daily down pours that occur in the work place. I am tired of the lunch boy melting! - Ben Dover

absolutely necessary, in all corporations, to shield from the various excreta raining down from executives. - m3m7uk

Not with a full stomache - Mistofflies

Unless you can fly in an out, leave em' in the car! - Cooter

To protect yourself against spit from angry bosses. -Elder God

I think umbrellas are great especially the pink ones - kriss

should be banned anyone caught should be severly punished - Riact

Uterus??? I DEMAND ALIMONY!!! WHATS ALIMONY!! Umbrellas are great. So is a work place. tommoroow. I RREALLLY love your dad. silly. - Laser-Monkey

there good for poking out eyes - Ninja X

Umbrellas in the workplace should only be allowed if they are green, and not just any green, a uniform British Racing Green. Anyone not adherrring to this strict colour scheme will be pelted with high quality mackrels and then we'll see how effective their Umbrella is! -Mzebonga

as long as they are not places in various usually covered orifices then sure...why not - The Mortician

I work indoors, so generally do not have a great need for them in the workplace. I think they should be heard but not seen. - Waaally

woolen socks? - pineappletree sissors

Umbrellas should not be used in the workplace of they are intended to ben inserted in any bodily orfices. And should only be used if you work at seaworld - mr santan

Much more interesting when you fill them (while closed) with the little bits that come out of the hole-punch. - Wod

Don't care about umbrellas, but tents would suck. - 69er

I find it very distracting to view. I mean , they are just so out there. It becomes disturbing after a while. I just can't stand it! - Chickensoup

Mandatory for those over the age of 45 - fussili

leave them at the door - it does nto rain inside... no - actually it does - they should all be blue & fluffy! - Kit Kat

umbrellas are fantastic - enough said - oddkid

Umbrellas are evil. Never trust a person with an umbrella, they are organized-anal-too perfect to shit on type of people. - pookiebeetle

umbrellas suck, it is just water, dammit - brodie

uh, hello . . .where is the rain - INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE

huh? - roy

it helps from other people looking over your cubicle at your work and trying to copy because they are morons and don't know how to do it themselves go umbrellas!!!!! - Southside

i dont think we should discourage against umbrellas in the workplace. if umbrellas want to earn a honest living they should be allowed and it shouldnt be illegal. - frazicus

Ewwww! It's just too icky to think about what my boss does in her office on rainy days.... the handle on her umbrella is so...... big. -  jali

ok cool yeah umbreallas rock. specially the pretty coloured rainbow ones - Mr McPeanut

i agree that they would be good in case of false fire alarms so the sprinklers don't get you wet, but if umbrellas were just waterproof suits we all put on, we wouldn't get wet at all. - jo-blow from idaho.

golfing or lace? - bitch with a plan

i thin they are a good thing you never know when the hobo next to you will try and sneek on by managment and light one up.....then the sprinklers would go off...then you would need one - kimmie2005

i think everyone should carry big pink umbrellas to wornk so if it rains inside the building they won't get wet - midget boy

Only old people should carry Umbrellas Everywhere because when they get wet they smell like soggy dogs. - LostLitulGurl


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