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what would you say is the most insane thing you've done this year


I stuffed asparagus in my ears, used hairspray on my hair (very insane), set light to it (that's more like it) and ran around my University Campus singing "Fire" by the Crazy World of Arthur Brown (the one that goes "Fire... duh duh dahhhhhh! I want you to burn...) - Mzebonga

decide to take math as my main course - Cain

spoon - Fido Dido

 Stood on three toes (all on the same foot) and ate an anthill... you got to watch though, they bite. - pyro4747

i stepped on a tomato plant - freddy's got fingers

buying too many magazines with Angelina Jolie in them I bought every single one. - Sally

You said sanity was relative. If you are insane, wouldn't the most normal thing I've done seem insane to you? But if you are sane, then I would have to do something like listening to an entire Britney Spears song... Or would that just be stupid? - gone postal

 Mullet is not a swear word. Why does the world cringe in fear? I'll tell you why. The power of the mullet is only matched by the power of Mr. T. Don't touch my mullet foo'!! - becky

be forced to eat peas with peanut butter just to win a wool cap - SAnimal

Fell asleep on the side of the road after a one night stand - chesty

make some kids arabian - amp

crawling across a field that was full of runny mud because i was stoned and wanted more weed in my hashpipe, and my friends said i could only get it if i crawled across the muddy field and back. with no shows on. - fluffy whatchama

It's a toss up between dancing naked in a gay bar singing "I'm horny and my ass is lubed up" and going into a bakery, buying all the doughnuts, arranging them on my schlong and then propsitioning young ladies by saying "would you like a taste of my pastry?" - fergus o'dimbal

I went to a field full of cows, cut off their udders and wore them around my neck - Moo

i got my little dog in the washer he survived and he was vomitting allday. hahahahahhahaha - i would say limpbizkit but iam not

the "movie" scene from "scary movie" when the black girl yells at all the people in the theater... yeah, i did everything... including the "outta my face..." thing - seven

held onto an electrical fence (220 volt) for fun. - Donger


Sponatiously vegitate - Mister V

Eat people's eyes and smell blue, hear red, and licked my own blood from my fingertips...among other things... - Insanity In The Flesh

i dont know ask my b/f - nunya

hehe...look on ur front lawn - hell...if...i...know

went slumming until near sunrise. that night i hung out with a murderer, hooker, drug dealers, drunken college kids, crackheads, old hippies... i'm not generalising either. that's a comprehensive list. we also crashed a party being held by an entire apartment complex... explored a giant abandoned warehouse, in which my drunk friend (same sex as me) came on to me... got chased by about 20 huge men because my still drunk friend pissed in their street... climbed down from a balcony when the cops came to the party we crashed... saved a guy from getting stoned to death by the latin kings. he turned out to be the killer guy- killed his father with a .357, and it was all he'd talk about for hours and hours, especially when he got drunk. he'd ramble "i killed my pops. what wouchoo do? he was beatin on my moms so i shot em'. what whochoo do?" oh, his name was lil' lost. he kept trying to fight these racist rednecks who were twice his size at the party. that night was fucking insane. oh yeah, and lil' lost gave me his old prison shank. i still have it. i doubt i'll ever have a night that wierd again. i met so many fuckin wierd people in the space of a few hours. - seth

Start a forest fire which i thought was contained in a cowpond. - Acid

Danced the conga over the toilet stalls in a niteclub with six other drunk girls! - deedee

make the first move on a guy - Sweet-N-SassySauce

sit staring at this screen for the past one hour thinking what's the smartest thing to write here. i swear it, one HOUR! jeez, i must be crazy! - theweirdfreak

Took a more boring job than the one I had before. - OvernightDelivery

Ack. My therapist says I`ve not to repeat that, due to the large emotional strain it caused. To my parents. My lawyer says I`ve not to talk about that, because of the law suit and all. - Altair

This year...I haven't done much, I stalked a couple of my professors and some girls at school, hit on married men, ran around the mall with a shirt on that said "My gay lover is in jail for rape, help me get him out," and tried to run over a gopher turtle with a tractor. No nothing really insane - Eel

took 2 tylenol pm's, went to the er and drank a gallon of charcoal because i told them i took the whole bottle. and a few sleeping pills. - yankee rose

I got myslef trapped between rocks and a capsized canoe in a fast flowing river. A lesson learned. - mewomix

jumped off a ten foot P.B.O bow onto a 4 foot pile of crates... - mannerist

filled a subway with shaving foam! - LogicAndReason

 fuck a screwdriver - Kat

RollerBlade by a police station stoned out of my mind, at 4:00 am. - Spotzero

streaked through main street - Kinky Kibble Kitten

this is a hard one, but i gues it was when i killed my mother and sold her body on e-bay. - Bill gates

have cyber sex with someone every night. - Cee-nar

Wiped my ass after taking a shit! - donnydonnydondondon!

i shot the sheriff - smallfry

stood on my head and spit jelly beans while licking the ants heads from under my fridge and then flossed with my cat mimi's wiskers. - Rozie posey

Fractured my cervical bone falling off a bike seat and landing on that stupid f*****g bar that goes across! - english tart

played baseball with beer... (not drinking, that was the ball) - psychotic_freak

shagged a sheep in the pouring rain apon the wee heath - zzzwhippetzzz

I sat and listened to a Britney Spears single that was on a compilation. I did not enjoy the experience but I figure you'd have to be insane to do it. - Mzebonga

walked a dead dog well half of it.. - ninja X

I made a octopus baby out of a rubber glove and keot her for my very own. - ZIMIAN

It would have to be that one time I took my socks and slipped them onto the ceiling fan and turned it on. The room sure smelt good after that. - InsaneLane

i dont think im insane...other people think i am.. I just think to much about crazy things.. - Red

I put cold spaghetti on my head, took off all of my clothes and ran around my local church singing: God loves me, he's given me this body, would you like to eat this cold spaghetti off of my throbbing... Well, you get the picture. - Flabba the Slut

pushed an old lady into a table... - Liz

i have started a collection of toenails but no one wants to trade - 87

You think I'm going to tell you? I'm not stupid. You're one of the homicidal albino circus midgets in purple polka dotted robes that puts up websites in hopes of locating the Jupitarians. - The Wheelchair Bandit

gone out and stole shit loads of hub caps of cars and thrown em at everything that moved - Flog Nuts

so i'm driving down the street, going about 10 over the posted speed limit and this guy is riding my ass... this pisses me off. he keeps trying to pass me on a two lane road and i'm not letting him, so he's honking at me and flicking me off and pretty much tapping my bumber so... i slam on my brakes, he piles into the back of my car and we pull over. he get's out and starts yelling at me about being a fucking moron and i just look at him and said "fuck you my cat died."... he gave me his insurance and left without another word. my cat really did die. but his memory will live on in the huge cave in my rear bumber. - EmprissNikon(Gidget)

blew up a barbie doll behind the mall while high on weed - Kara


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