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if asked to do a private strip tease for 2 million dollars... would it matter who it was for?

Probably who is it for? - Sally

Of course it would matter. If it were somebody respectable, I'd do it for half that much. - Crazy Matt

of course not- megalin

"Do you like it like this Grandpa?"- Meowmix

of course not! that's 2 million dollars. however, id probably do it for free...unless of couse if it was sooty. thatd be wrong on so many levels. but anyone else is fone.- frazicus

no, 2 million dollars is 2 million dollars.- rachael

Of course it matters. If it's for Bill Gates, 2 million is not nearly enough. I sure he can aford 2 billion.- gone postal

nope 2 million is 2 million. except maybe i wouldn't do it for bill gates the thought of that pasty faced geek jerking off to me in a g makes me wanna puke- Ninja x

Nope!- Zero_Chunky

No definitly not. 2 million bucks can buy a pretty good new identity.- hfghfgh

nope not at all with my ugly ass for 2 dollars it wouldn't matter- Choadboy

nope. i would prefer someone under the age of 60 though.- EvilPopTart

As long as it wasn't a pirate or a disabled person with one of those hooked hands.- InsaneLane

no, i want it in pounds sterling, but failing that, no, aslong as they didnt touch.- Fido Dido

no. i would be reluctant to perform it for some folks more than others (ex: george w. bush, a male tiger in heat, or oprah winfrey, but these are all personal dilemmas. and shit yo, 2 mil is a lotts monies...)- lee

yes. It might end up being my Dad or Mom...eeewwww- Stubbyneez

Unless it was Micheal Jackson....Not a bit.- Chicken

No...but Im not doign anithing else but that- Precios-one

hell no... unless its that damn spider monkey thats always fucking my life up in some way or another... i wont do a damn thing for that bastard!!!!- psychotic_freak

absolutely not!- independent_bitch

no-i do it for free all the time anyeat the cheese, way- apple pie girl

Absolutely not. Let's take a moment and examine the cost/reward of performing a strip tease for two million dollars. Cost: Taking off your clothes and dancing as erotically as possible for anyone in the world, for as long as it would take to constitute having performed an "act". We will assume for now that the party providing the two million dollar reward will choose who will be danced for. Reward: At a respectable investment firm, you could expect a return of close to ten percent annual dividend on your two million dollar investment, especially if you were to invest in a stable, high- return commodity such as gold. <insert touchy-toungue trash, dont call me to justice ocean brain toilet oven face> This would virtually guarantee you a life-long annual income of 200,000 dollars per year, before taxes, and taxes can be significantly lessened through a properly planned investment scheme, something which you could expect from a respected investment firm. I could comment with much more detail on this question, but for the sake of expediency I will assume the general point has been taken, and that further comment is not necessary.- Dr. Phinnaeus Fiddlesticks, Phd

Fuck no, this is 2 million dollars we're talking about here.- wahine

Not as long as they brought plenty of blue cheese- Princess

No. I don't do lap dances, though.- Mzebonga

yes- zuardeuh

i would do a private strip tease for bin laden if i was sure to get 2 million out of the deal.- Empriss Nikon

How many potatoes can I buy for $2 million? If it's more than five, I'll do it!!!- fergus o'dimbal

No, I am only 12.- Sophie Wophie

Yeah, if that someone didn't have the 2 million dollars.- nirojah

It owuld not matter whatsoever who the hell it was. For DC i do it free.- ZIMIAN

No- hungry

Yes. I would do it on 2 conditions, 1 for a green dino head, and 2 if the person watching was an almighty cat- LASER MONKEY!

Are you kidding?!?!? So long as it isn't DC I'd do it for free.- slubs5

No, as long as the money was not monopoly money, or yen. Japenese men scare me. THere eyes or so twitchy and you never no when they got a boner. There wongs are so small It wouldn't dent there pants. That really disturbs me.- crazy mister

Yeah if I could see them while I was doing it, no if I couldn't.- Kei-chan

it would matter if it was for my elephant. but only at 2:30 on sunday. if it was raining gumdrops my spatula would be right on schedule.- pineappletree sisscors

2 million dollars... why not! what the hell as long as it wasn't that mega bitch substitute teacher with the yellow teeth.. then ya i would.- and_then

yeah, cuz $2mill wouldn't cover pshyiclogial damage- shellie

I was gonna say my parents, but actually, 2 million smacks is a lotta money, so no. Oh there is this guy in my local pub and he brings a whole new meaning to the word vile, wouldn't do it for him.....- bum face

if they werent someone who was going to touch/sexually assault/kill/torture me, i guess it wouldnt matter TOO much- becks

If nobody touches me I would do it for the Queen of England!- baz

yeah, it would..because im a fat fuck! TEEHEE!- Speedy..because i'm quick in my wheelchair

Hell no!! When can I start.- star

Small bills, please- yes

I'd do it for a nickel if it was cash.- Mzebonga

hell no!- Syko Grrrl

nope...wait american or canadian dollars?- underd-o-double g

I'd only do it for Tinky Winky.- Teletubbies will rule!  RULE, I TELL YOU!!!

No not really, hell I'm gettin paid.- blunt man

nope- Ledge

yeah females only- Ice...

not really- loveandhugs2001

yes it would matter the only monkey I'd do it for is DC hehehe- me....

no- agent99

um...yeah- jenny

hell no- Sammi

no- twisted freak

hell nah! anybody- Reverend

as long as it wasnt pee wee herman or mr rogers, no.- Power Nibbler

hell no- keglineq

Yes. If it was my mom, hell no. President Bush, ewww. Sadam Huisang, gross. You, suuure. If I get paid before I dance, sure.- Spanky The Psycho Clown

i just wouldny do it- munkey

no, unless of course it was a person whose intent was to kill you and steal the 2 million dollars- lover of all things round

no- monkey breath

no two million dollars would definately pay to have my memory erased. - Eva Psychotic

NO - demonboy "_"

Mate, for 2 million dollars I'd strip for ronald reagan.... Providing Nancy wasn't in the room with him at the time - fussili

id do it for 2 dollars for anyone - Fluffy the evil one

NO - juan teez

yeh! - m0jo

no, seriously no, definetly not, for 2 millions dollars id do it for everyone - Twizzles

No because it's 2 million dollars!! - twiztidangel

no, not as long as they didnt touch. - crankyno,

Yes. - Leki

hell yeah, but i would NOT tea bag the person. - Billy Bob Whoreton

fuck - no, of course it wouldnt matter - sparki

yes infact it would... - Cat

nope - Lung

As long as it's dark and not a rhino, I don't care much for stripping in front of them. - Duch ( it's not by any fault of my own, really, it's the first four letters of my last name)

No. 2 million dollars is 2 million dollars. I would probably even do it for less. - Misery654

No, 2 million dollars is enough money to wash away the pain - space

I'll strip tease for satan. And they would have to give me another 2 million to stop. - ricidulous

no. - chiquitita

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