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will you send us all your money?

I still owe $400 to DC for certain favours but Sanimal owes my $200 because he bet that DC wouldn't do it so I'll send you $200 which is, funily enough, all my money. - Mzebonga

sure, i would. i'd send you millions and millions and trillions and trillions and septillions and septillions of dollars.. wake up, it was a nice dream while it lasted. - Cain

yes, for a fee. - Fido Dido

In what form would you like this money? I think that gold bars will be fine or no Rocks yeah rocks I will give you all of my rocks. - pyro4747

if u asked nicely, i'd have to think about it - freddy's got fingers

yeah right when pink monkeys fly from my ass - Sally

No... but I will send a purple frog inside a snapple bottle from Mongolia. - gone postal

It really depends, knowing ya'll, you'll probably waste it on "Bondage Sock Monkey Vixens" magazine and cheap,greasy, man butter, don't think i don't know your buying up allllll the man butter, it's down right sinful the way you spread it over your hairy bellys - becky

no - SAnimal

What money>> - chesty

no, i only have 5 dollars left - amp

if you can prove that anyone has *ever* been stalked by an emu, then yes - fluffy whatchama

The theology of this question is poorly placed in that in order to recieve some form of comic and interesting answer the questions should be posed in such a way as an answer of more than one word is returned. For this reason, I will, under no circumstances, send you any money until there are vast improvements in the quality of queswtions posed on this and similat InsaneDomain questionnaires. - fergus o'dimbal

What fucking money.I have to sell my body to eat for christ sake! - Moo

hhahaha sure even if i just have 40 bucks in my pocket and a piece of bubble gum. - i would say limpbizkit but iam not

yeah- as long as i get to be in debt for about 20 years afterwards - seven

I have none - Donger


only if you pay me enough - Mister V

where do you live? maybe i will send you something...something special... - Insanity In The Flesh

Do i have stupid written on me anywhere? - nunya

HAHA...ok ok....lets get back 2 something that might happen! - hell...if...i...know

yeah, write me and i'll have my employer send my paychecks to you, in your name. - seth

no - Acid

I haven't got any, will you send me yours? - deedee

no - Sweet-N-SassySauce

well, probably if you were a bank and you offered me about 15% interest but you arent and u never will be so i guess its out of the question - theweirdfreak

Just as soon as I pay my parking tickets.... - OvernightDelivery

Yes. Yes I Will. In A Suspicious looking brown envelope. - Altair

Will you sleep with me for it? - Eel

check, cash or money order? - yankee rose

Only if I can join this cunning cult. - mewomix

send you all MY money? how about you send me all your money and we'll call it even... although i have a cat, that doesn't make you have aids. - mannerist

if you send me yours first - LogicAndReason

what money - Kat

They won't let me wire pennies, so no, i can't give you all my money. - Spotzero

of course....i love you all - Kinky Kibble Kitten

yes. o wait im poor. well ok. - Bill gates

yeah right - Cee-nar

No but I'll send you some bits that I picked out of my ass! - donnydonnydondondon!

no problem - smallfry

well taking postage costs into consideration that would cost all my money. - Rozie posey

I can't, my sugar-daddy pimp has started taking 70% instead of 60%, so I'm a bit skint! - english tart

for the right fee, yes - psychotic_freak

I have none, sorry - zzzwhippetzzz

Will you send me all of yours? - Mzebonga

umm... no - ninja X

hell no. - ZIMIAN

After i paid postage there wouldn't be anything to send, but if you want an empty box sent to you, send me your address. - InsaneLane

yeah if u suck my nonexistant cock - Red

Erm... Thinking... Still thinking... Give me a while... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! - Flabba the Slut

nope sorry - Liz

yes all 52cents of it - 87

Will I recieve a free T-shirt? - The Wheelchair Bandit

yeah, when monkeys fly... - Flog Nuts

well enough gor you to buy a small country in the bahamas and all the loves slave that you could ever possibly need. - EmprissNikon(Gidget)

only if you promise to give it back. - Kara

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