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do you secretly pick off your scabs and eat them?

I pick my toenails, my nose, my ears and I eat the lot. It's nice and nutritious. - Mzebonga

it doesn't taste nearly that good that way- try pickling them with some pubic hair or adding some sweat. - Cain

i dont just do that, i pick other peoples. i will even do yours, for a fee. i will even eat gangreen - Fido Dido

No I like to keep them. I have almost completed a portrait of me by putting all of the scabs together to from a statue, I will send you a picture when I am complete. - pyro4747

sum times - freddy's got fingers

I pick them but don't eat them I ouldn't tell you anyway!!! - Sally

Are you watching me? - gone postal them? are you INSANE! Their people too! Jeez, you monsters! Scabs are greeeeat converstationalists, they make a meeaaaan lard and jelly sandwhich, and their not bad at "parking the beef bus in tuna town" wink wink... - becky

only with a fork, some cheese and salt - SAnimal ones supposed to know - chesty

once a year - amp

yes it tastes good - fluffy whatchama

No, I do it publicly. - fergus o'dimbal

i did once, but that was when i was stranded in the desert by the giant rabbits - they were miffed at me for bringing their party to a sudden end. But that's another story... - Moo

uhh if i said yes i would be lying but no thats nasty man>>>>well yes .. no - i would say limpbizkit but iam not

no- but i pick them and stick them up my ass - seven

Depends on the last time I went grocery shopping - Donger


only if I run out of pot noddles, and teh micro wave is broken - Mister V

no i eat fresh blood and fresh flesh from my fingertips - Insanity In The Flesh

OH YES LET ME TELL U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - nunya

shhh....dont let EVERYBODY know my secret!!!!!! - hell...if...i...know

yeah, of course. hell, it's not even secret. i'll do it on national tv if i feel the need. - seth

I prefer cists - Acid

yes I do, and my nose! - deedee

yes - Sweet-N-SassySauce

like 'em better as pizza topping with body hair and whatever other shit. - theweirdfreak

On a double dare once, but not now. I only eat my boogers. - OvernightDelivery

No. But I let my pet radioactive sheep eat the fluff between my toes after taking off my socks at night. - Altair

NO! - Eel

not only do i, but i reach in my panties during my period and swallow blood clots. - yankee rose

Mmmmm....dried blood. - mewomix

secretly? - mannerist

if i told you it wouldnt be a secret. would it? - LogicAndReason

eat them? ew no - Kat

I eat other peoples scrabs, then drink their blood. - Spotzero

no eeew - Kinky Kibble Kitten

well not secretly. - Bill gates

all the time - Cee-nar

No, I pick my ass and eat whatever delight I find that day. Whether it be a anal wart or a bit of peanut! - donnydonnydondondon!

all the time - smallfry

only if i have access to first boil them and then bake them up so their crispy and then i can use then as bacon bits in my salad. - Rozie posey

Regulararallary! With a crisp lettuce salad and a generous drizzling of white wine vinegar! - english tart

maybe... who's asking? - psychotic_freak

YES YES I ADMIT IT I FUCKING ADMIT IT noooooooo ive said too much - zzzwhippetzzz

They don't have a lot of nutritional value, you'll find that boogers provide much better sustainance as a quick snack. - Mzebonga

no i feed them to my pet ethiopian - ninja X


no, I sure don't, but one time I picked off some of my firends and ater them, they were tasty, but they could have been a little more aged. - InsaneLane

sometimes - Red

Sorry, give me a minute, I have a huge scab on my knee I need to eat. - Flabba the Slut

sometimes...... - Liz

doesn't everyone?? - 87

No, I put them in open bags of potato chips so other people will eat them. - The Wheelchair Bandit

thats dirty shit man, fuck no - Flog Nuts

yes and yes. - EmprissNikon(Gidget)

uh uh uh... of course not... - Kara


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