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red has recently joined us online...
do you have anything to share with him about your experiences online?

Get the hell away from me! - Syko Grrrl

Other than the fact that all computers suck, all IPSs suck, and this is a good website... no, none at all.- gone postal

you're really asking two questions there...- Antihero

yes. porn is never free.- Fido Dido

Get in line.- Mzebonga

it sucks...and don't bother people who seem like cheerleaders, jocks, or preps....they're just plain scary.- thecatsmeow420

who the hell is red...i'd say go the fuck back to where you came from- sslitherr

I told this kid my internet logon password is froggy, and my internet bills are extremly expensive, which reminds me, i still have to change my password.- Meowmix

dear red, welcome aboard! im gonna be blunt, here online we are extremely color biased, and you my friend will not fit in. im sorry but thats how it goes. it'd be best for you to leave or you will be the butt of everyones jokes, the guy everyone talks behind's back, and/or crucified.- psychotic_freak

I don't know who red is but I will tell him this: I have downloaded many a porno off the internet and "enjoyed" them online. And offline. And in the bathroom. And in about five minutes.- Sputnik

don't ever join a BBS unless you're prepared to suffer with a person who's constantly trying to be your friend even tho u don't want them because they say freaky things like, 'u know, i died once'- SiNiSTaR

red, its a crul and inhumane internet. i know. just one word of advice. if the screen suddenly turns green with tinly swirls of red here and there, get the hell out. believe me when i say you do not want to be there for what happens next. tiny spindly arms will start to come through the sreen at you. can i point out that if you do see these arms, you can still save yourself, but it involves running out of the room, grabbing a younger sibling and pushing them in as a sacrifice. if, however, you dont make it out in time, two large yellow eyes attached to a head will emerge after the arms. the rest of the creature emrges whilst holding you transfixed with its eyes. facing you, is the internet faery. dont scorn. faeries are not the cute little winged creatures you saw in peter pan. they are vicious, manipulative evil souls, and then internet faery is not an exception. anyway, after this, it wil gouge your eyes out blah, blah, blah, and leave you for dead. Oh, i suppose you wondering out i got away? as it happens, the internet faery is not immune to being beaten over the head with scanner. keep that in mind.- frazicus

That it sucks being online people always lead you on and then hurt your feelings it sucks.On the other hand there are sites like this one....- Sally

the internet sucks.- Godless Wench

*sound that resembles herumphihjg*- keglineq

yes.- punphish

Yeah, people suck.- Alysia

never ever ever ever go to these peope just dont leave you alone! and trust me... is not a chidrens site!- Sexy Yellow Monkey Guitars

bu- the on hoo cnt spel


Don't ever type in "I want a comquote to sit on my face" because one will show up at your door.- Mistofflies

No not really- Blunt

I would if his name was purple but now I've lost interest. Damn my short attention span, no wait Thank you short attention span!- sven sven the sven

red..?- Bollocks Ninja

"When the cow howls, the Cream of Wheat is boiling." You know what to do.- Indomitus

this is fun. do it again. do it again.- bubba

no.- Witto

i waz ownzed- Ninja

I would answer but my server just went down- grasshopper

your like the text.- Chimpy

I once stumbled onto a site which said, "click here and you can go to hell!" and i ended up here.- Piranha

While surfing through is "interspace highway", I find that the plethora of idiots, sorry, "aol users", are more and more involved in the large government conspiracy to pollute the minds of the heart-less bastards known as "aol users". I myself, do not use GAY-ol. Every experience I have had with GAY-ol has been an unpleasant one. All of you bastards who run this god-forsaken corporation will burn in hell for eternity!!- Newman

Red has been with us all along. It's one of the primary colours. If it's just recently joined you, I pity you sad, lonely, uninspired, sheltered, moronic, colour-deficient, inbred, backward, mentally-deficient, bottom-sniffing gimps.- Fergus O'dimbal

Stay away from Mzebonga. Oh... and who are you?- Sophie

once when i was online i tripped and fell INline, i felt like such a conformist, it made me sick.- Stupid Handle

no- skelator, wally hernickle

this one time i was dating a girl, but it turned out to be some guy in l.a.- bob

i get hit on by sycho guys with school gurl obsessions- megnolia

dont go on gay porno sites- stevo ... 'nuff said- Empriss Nikon

yes.. GO TO HELL!! I DONT GIVE A RATS ASS IF YOUR NEW ON HERE OR NOT!!! fuck-off.- shithead

Yeah beware of the jabberwocky ... an ancient web-habiting cyber freak who leaps out of your floppy disk drive every so often and slaps you round the face with a wet kipper.- Barclay

I sleep in a drawer- Mzebonga

the internet is great! there are lots of funny things to look up and take the piss out of!- emsy baby

Life is a bitch. Then you die.- egg banditz

I experienced my husband on line. Woo-hoo!- Stinker

people are quite horny but I suppose it's just that they see too much porn and then realize they'll never see it FOR REAL and just copy pics off the web of guys who are girls but really guys who had plastic surgery- Idiot Destroyer

To find porno, u never have to use the word porno to find it.- IM THE ORIGINAL G O D

pretend youre a girl its more fun- roothead

dont meet people that tell you " dont worry baby .. IM HOTT" that is just an nice way of saying...IM FAT AND UGLY..- Dee

Nope...except Red means sex in Red feelin'sexy??? Okay, all I gotta say is when fourteen year olds from Hawaii email you, ignore 'em and they'll quit sending you crap about their boyfriends.- Vista

computerz r wacked- Killah_C

ga ga gu gu? Red want a bottle? it goody woody! Red like airplaney wainy? Bad Red, put down the Plutonium!! No, you will kill us all!!!! Can you say Zebra?- InsaneLane

hey red,if you got married to blue, would you have purple kids? hah hah hah !!!!!!!!! wooooooooooohoooooooooo whoo okay.... heh....heh... ok then... sooo.....- marissa

the hell's a red? why are they online? Am I online? What do you mean online? Uh, are you watching me? Is this thing on? You're not trying to take over my brain or anything...are you???- Miss Roger's Sweater

Sleepy man with ichy butt, wake up with stinky finger!- M.T.  Sakisbad

whos red? from that seventies show? nope got nothin to tell him ... but i got some questions! how come you like Laurie so much? i dont like her at all, and whats with the hair? my god .. i donno weather to comb it or bury it alive ... does the store you work at really exist? how old are you? is her real name kitty? why is Donna with Eric? she can do so much better ... Kelso is well lets not go there... he should go back to elementary school dont you think? Also Hide should be kicked out, wait a second .... no hes the only one i like ... ok whatever, anywayz im out! later dayz- Powie

i just got here- confusedmonkiegirl

yes, look out for the freaks that build stupid trivia questionaire websites- Cookie

who the fuck is red? and if hes any sort of a cool person he dosent giva a fuck.- g.p.

Turn off your computer and destroy SilentWolf

One time I went to this site and looked at some things- Fred

You smell nice. May I rub your earlobes?- Guy

Nope...erm...nope.- Skelter

DONT GO TO SHITCITY.COM, it is the nastiest SHIT in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- LubisKo

you will always find great sites where people will accept you. all you have to do is give them all your money take this instant death drug and wait for the aliens to come and pick you up...THATS ALL....isn't that just so fantastic. - ricidulous

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