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when approached on the street and asked for a quarter, what is your usual reaction?


I will normally be nice and give them some change; but on Tuesdays (Those are my 'Bad' days.) I proceed to quickly to the nearest place of business and convert about five dollars into nickels. Once I've obtained the nickels, I then throw the nickels (One at a time)at the bum on the street as hard as I can. This serves two functions:One the bum gets what he wants; the money. Two: I get what I want; to throw nickels at bums on the street! - The Fatty Man

Do i LOOK like an ATM to u?? - kimmie2005

i kick the bastard in the gut and take all of his money... bitch - psychotic_freak

Bums are fun..Fun fun bums, I tried to kidnap a bum once who lived under a bush down the street from my house, no when approached I do what any normal lass would do..simple take it as a come on and shriek "You want a piece of this bitch?? Oh I'll give you your quarters worth" and dry hump their brains out - Kitten

Go fuck yourself sideways - Mzebonga

Ask if i get oral sex in return, if no, i beat them down with my tail, and steal their pants, if so...Yehaw! - Becky

Ask someone else for a dollar and rip it into four pieces, giving one to the guy that asked me for it. - Mujubius

i like to kick - Gypsy

i am english and so give them a quarter of my snadwhich or whatever i am eating. - Fido Dido

"Uhhh... I dont have one.." - Tashalot

say no sorry no cahange - reaper

On the chance that I would build up the courage to venture out into the world plagued by toe jam and head cheese, I would respond by telling the individual that since my escape from my nicely padded hotel room, I hadn't quite had the time to shuffle through the sewage to find any quarters. But I do have a kidney stone that should be available soon. - InsaneLane

id probably look n laugh n tell them we live in england, seriously i say i have no money - laura


A quarter of what? - Ishodhvredhair

no and can you leave me now - NeonLightning

I wonder if the person would give me a quarter if I asked THEM. - EP

I throw my shoe at them then run out in front of an oncoming car. - gone postal

Hmmmm...I couldnt say, I'm the one whose asking for the quarter. - Meowmix

Are you a condom dipenser. - Ricidulous

it depends. if my girlfriend is watching me, i'll give the person two quarters. if i'm alone, i'd probably torture the person with comments about inflation and touching on other's weak pockets. - theweirdfreak

I run away, honestly I do... what the fuck is a quarter? is that a type of drink? - AMP

Well, I think it depends on who the person was. I mean if John Wayne walked up and asked for a quarter I would definately give him one no questions asked. Then I would ask him to please say some neat western type phrase and then go back to being dead. If it were just some other person I might make them do a funny little dance or something first then give it to them... But who am I kidding, I dont even have a quarter. I was scrounging pennies in the park trying to get enough for a pack of camels. Damn addiction... - Mad-at-Lemings

if the person looks like a deadbeat, i'll give them a dollar. if they look genuinely in need, i'll give them whatever i can afford. - seth

fuck off - Sally

yeah fuck off mate if i had a quater i wouldnt be givin it to a stingy bastard like u - lil_devil

I use my ass as a coin slot. You can reach on up there and grab you one. - Ben Dover

i was about to ask you! - m3m7uk

NO - Mistofflies

I like to scramble up the nearest lightpole and scream while throwing change of the asking person. - Cooter

Yes I do have a quarter but if i give it to you then I will be on your level. -Elder God

find a job - kriss

to draw 1/4 on their hand - Riact

My usual reaction is to pull out my wallet and ask them for a quarter. Simply becuase I love your dad. - Laser-Monkey

FUCK OFF - Ninja X

I hold out a mackrel for the offender to puruse and once he has been given the chance to thoroughly examine the goods and see that they are of the highest quality, I being repeatedly hitting him around the head with it. It makes a nice, wet slapping sound. -Mzebonga

I sure do. - The Mortician

I start arguing with myself outloud, and laugh wildly. That usually works pretty well. - Waaally

" FOR THE LOVE OF GOD COVER YOUR EARS!!!" - pineappletree sissors

I say "hold on a sec" and start to reach down the back of my pants - mr santan

"No, this is England and we use pounds and pence here" - I'd then proceed to the nearest travel agent, and ask them to work out the precise equivelant for the day. Only then will remove the handcuffs, give them what they asked for and send them on their way. - Wod


Sure dude. I have enough quarters for your momma to run her coin-operated dildo. - Chickensoup

begin asking for a definition as to what the person really wants. A quarter of what to be precise? This sandwich? - fussili

im english - we dont have quarters - probably send them in the direction of the nearest airport as they appear to be in the wrong country - Kit Kat

um.....give them one? - oddkid

I usually tell them to fuck off, but when im feeling extra generous i will give them 25 pennies. If that isnt good enough for them I make sure to let them know I have a licence to carry a gun. - pookiebeetle

i take out a quarter, act like i am putting it in their cup, and then reach into the cup and take all their money - brodie

no i will only give you one fifth - INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE

getta job, loser!! - roy

does it look like i am made of money get your own God damn quarter - Southside

"sorry i dont have any spare change" loosely translating to: (i know youre trying to buy drugs you sick individual. have you ever considered i need the money to buy mine?!?!?) - frazicus

A quarter of what? A quarter of the dead chicken that I ate for lunch? -  jali

depends whether or not i have money. i mean if i had a lot of quiaters i would probably hand them out,. but if it was like my last one i would totally hold on to it - Mr McPeanut

i'd give them 24 pennies to piss em off. - jo-blow from idaho.

Once I stopped a bum on the street and offered to give him $10 if he promosed not to spend it on booze. He agreed, I gave him the money and we both went our seperate ways. Two hours later, I saw him walking down down the same street swigging from a bottle of vodka. I followed him a good five minutes before he turned down an alley, where I beat the fuckin' shit out of him and took his shoes! I just tend to ignore them these days. - bitch with a plan

do i have ATM written on me? - kimmie2005

i don't have any money but hey here's some booze - midget boy

give them 25 cents in pennies because its just as effective and you get rid of all those damned pennies that do nothing but waste my pockets, where inmportant stuff can go. Like old gum wrappers, and interesting pictures of old people - LostLitulGurl

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