Results for 2001

which would you prefer & why...
a) nose clippers   b) a chance at winning a broken lava lamp   c) kitty litter surprise box

Broken lava lamp because I have no use for nose clippers and a kitty litter suprise box is probably just a bunch of shit- Cujo

b) i have my reasons..... ALL HAIL THE CATS!- Fido Dido

I would choose nose clippers in an instant, they would sure beat using scissors to clip my nose dreads.- Meowmix

C) Because i like surprises- Witto

A chance at winning the lava lamp,So I could get excited about winning it, then I wouldn't so then I'd be sad.- Sally

b! because... because i want it- Spanky the retarded cat

Broken lava there's a prize. Just think how good a weapon that'd be, purely for self-defense of course.- Barclay

nose clippers. i would eat them with peanut butter.- syko morgana

b because then i could have all the goobestality inside- /AniX

Nose clippers beacause I would finally be able to run up to Prince Charles and get rid of that annoying hair that sticks right up.- wild thang

the chance at winning a broken lava lamp...i never win anything and a broken lava lamp is better than nothing. i'd probably try to claim insurance on it as well....hey!? you never know unless you try!- frazicus

nose clippers. They have alot INTERESTING uses.- ZIMIAN

b) Cause its the least gay.- pimp like me

c) because I can trade it in for favour when the cats take over and the other two are uselss- Mzebonga

Nose Clippers Then i can clip ppl's nose's off!- Insane

nose clippers, of course. because if i have a set of noseclippers i can get all the broken lava lamps and kitty litter surprise boxes i'll ever NEED!!!! BLOO HAHAHA!- The Goat

nose clippers. They're a dead cert. The rest have an element of risk about them - I don't want to go home empty handed.- fergus o'dimbal

broken lava lamp because wax is chewy- keglineq

B-because i dont want kitty litter...and i aint gonna use nose clippers- to lame to think of a name

Broken lava lamp. I bet you could hold up a liquor store with it.- Toxic Static

I would have to go for the broken lava lamp. I could use the glass shards from it cut my fingers off while attempting to clip my finger nails with it, then use whatever fluid is left in it to poor on the cat crap on the floor and just ignore it until my mother cleans it up, then I can throw the base of it that the person who broke it to begin with and demand that he buy me a new one. That way I get all of the above plus a brand new lava lamp.- gone postal

nose clippers, clip da nose yall- TheAdam

A chance at winning a broken lava lamp. There are many things one can do with a old lava lamp. Paper weight, weapon in Clue, fashion acessory, or even put on pasta for extra protien.- Mistofflies

I am the mighty Flabba the Slut and I will gobble you up in one mouthful. YUM!!!- Flabba the Slut

Nose clippers. I could use them in kinky acts of foreplay.- Did you ever... I did

nose clippers, they can hurt even the most dangerous of emines MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- i am insanity

B!!! i loved to open it up and play with the shit inside...mwahahahhah- Crashdown

Choice B because you can make art out of it.- paleblueeyez

b)then at least i would get something from you bastards...- not kevin

Ooooh, baby! Definately a chance at winning that broken lava lamp. See, if lady luck was smilin' on me, and I actually win the damn thing, I'd be able to empty the contents into several glasses and serve it to guests when I want them to leave- [-ZeitGeisT-]

nose clippers, so that i could shove them up my ex boyfriends ass!- woodchuck

the lava lamp because ive always wanted to drink the contents- Ninja

a kitty litter surprise box so that when i'm feeling down i can pick myself up again with a special treat and share it with my shoes.- reidy

lavalamplavalamp! because then I could use my ultra kim-ifier to shrink myself and get inside the floaty bubbles, wherein I could drink tea with my friend the platypus- pinappletree sissorcs

d) a bottle of rootbeer so i can throw it at my television whenever that richard simmons fellow comes on.- speedy (because im fast in my 'chair)

kitty litter surprise box of course! everyone loves surprises. is there really an "r" in surprise? ... hmmm- Pipstickle

D.none- paula

I think you're sick.- Sophie

nose i can go around and fix mens noses so they will look more attractive and their boogers won't hangout for everyone to see from the little piece of hair that is sticking out of their noses- careawholelot

c) play toy!- Ima Psycopath

c because it's a surprise box and perhaps it could be one that might actually clean itself which would be nice...- Fugly

none, this quiz is really starting to suck- my nickname is C, there isnt 2 f*ckin letters in it.

a. because then my collection would be complete.- Fork Flinger

a. b/c my nose wouldnt be hairy anymore- Jade

b) a chance at winning a broken lava lamp because i would have a chance at winning something new to stab people with- Blunt

Whats d?- Freak182

choice number A because my nose hairs are pretty long. people tell me it looks like i snorted a hippie- iceolate

c, b/c you can throw the kitty litter in peeps eyes'- my bad-- I forgot to put a nickname in this field. Your everso helpful annoying button thingy reminded me

b) because ifi wi it i courek it even more- albe

kitty litter surprise!!!! i could make that old lady in the shack rub it all over herself! she'll do it for a few dollars. then i'll parade her smelly ass around jcpenny's or something. stupid old floozy.- seth

kitty litter surprise box. You just never know. No, you just never know.- nearohjah

a chance at winning a broken lava lamp b/c the other choices sucked- beatrice

the broken lava lamp we have no heat for this winter- ricidulous

i would prefer b so i could smash it over DC's head- SAnimal

I'd opt for the kitty litter surprise box, as I do like cats..but I have two kitties of my own whom give me surprises everyday..Nose clippers would be my second choice, but I heard that when you clip your nose hairs you get a fucking killer headache for days, so I'm gonna go for the lava lamp..I like prizes and that fluid inside the lamp tastes awfully good on ham- Kitten

C) Fab crimbo pressie for Joanna Cash, Isle of Man- Insane God

nose clippers. because i could do with a pair- stupid

B. I don't want the lava lamp, but just the chance at winning it is enough to get my up in the morning.- UnReality

nose clippers. hairy nose- keglineq

(c) no need to explain... the prise is enough- nimue

nose clippers. i would like to give it to that disgusting person who's got all the nose hair out of his idiotic implantations.- jess

Kitty Litter surprise box because I could jack off into it.- Wee Jock Poo-Pong McPlop

broken lava lamp definately, i'd feed the split 'lava' to my neighbors dog that keeps getting my whore of a dog pregnant, if it doesn't kill the damn dog, maybe it'd render it's sperm useless...- marissa

C because there might be something fuckable inside.- Penis Monger

The kitty litter surprise box because I like surprises expspecially when its a surprise party for an old person and when everybody jumps out and says surprise they have heart problems and die but nobody notices because they are to busy partying and some of them go have sex on the dead persons bed and then some necrophiliac drags the dead old persons body away and fucks the body for hours and hours and they play loud music and drink lots of alcohal and drive drunk even though they shouldnt drink and drive then they kill innocent people and go to jail then people at the party do a lot of drugs. Drugs are cool. I also like kitties because they are cuddly and dont like water and its funny to squirt them with a water bottle because they are all like 'ive been squirted' and run away because they are allergic to water or something and then they run around on hard floors and go skidding into the walls then they get confused and pissed off and claw you because they have sharp claws and then you bleed and go to hell and die. What kind of kitty is it? Because if its tiger then it would be all stripey and we could all sit around and masturbate and look at porn because porn is cool. I like porn. What are we talking about?- dazed o.O

b cos i have no nose and no pussy!- sineady

Kitty litter surprise box. the last time i got one, it had a gumby figurine. I played with it for days.... - pokey


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