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What if the sun got pissed off and decided to leave us alone spinning in space?

That would be a shame but what else were street lamps invented for? - Mzebonga

i'd be happy- i'd never have to get up 'with the sun' again - Cain

woohoo! i win! - Fido Dido

Well since our main energy supply is gone we would force the Commies to declair war with the sun. After calling a truse, we would live better (but not good) knowing that all of the dirty dirty Commies are dead. - pyro4747

I'm scared of the dark I'd probably die - Sally

We could set SAnimal on fire and use him. - gone postal

i'd try to make my own sun, out of clumps of hair from Wayne Newtons wig,cheetos, used toliet paper, and your great granny's g-string think she'd mind if we borowed it, we won't break it...honest. - becky

well, frankly i'd be a bit pissed, but after that i'd hunt dc down and burn all the fluff i find- SAnimal

i dunno , why did I miss something - chesty

then it would still be hot in texas, damned texas - amp

well because the solar system is held together with a piece of string, if the sun fucked off all the planets would slide off the string like beads off a necklace. so we would fall and fall forever which wouldn't be much different to spinning really - fluffy whatchama

The bastard! - fergus o'dimbal

so where would it go? - Moo

i would kill my self and yell to everyone see ya in heaven if you were good. - i would say limpbizkit but iam not

well- i would start running around yelling "the brittish are cumin, the brittish are cumin" - seven

I don't have time to tan anyway - Donger


The earth would be all sad and lonely, until it picked up a rebbound star, and a bit of a fling with that, before setteling down with a rich, guiliable star that would leave all its heat and life givingness to the Eart when it super novaed not long down the line. - Mister V

then i would float along fucking whoever floated closest to me - Insanity In The Flesh

well well....shhhhhh....that isnt my thing 2 deal with - nunya

i would laugh...till it got cold and everybody froze 2 death!!!! - hell...if...i...know

then we'd follow it and kick its deadbeat ass. - seth

red elephant eggbeater? - Acid

I'd imagine we'd all die. - deedee

i would be like "um...ok. FUCK YOU TOO!!" - Sweet-N-SassySauce

it wouldn't make a difference to me, my boss would say 'we've got tubelights inside the office so you'd fuckin better get to work.' - theweirdfreak

Far out! - OvernightDelivery

Nahahahahaha. - Altair

I think we would all start to freeze and would have to resort to massive orgies to stay alive, so all the ugly people would die. - Eel

night would control the world. days wouldn't happen. time would not exist. i think that would rule. i don't eat fruit anyway. but i like steak. cows would have to be raised in a room with some lamps. - yankee rose

Plants would die causing defects in the food chain. We would all die unless the suns attitude made a quick adjustment. - mewomix

we would all eat corn and die of aids. - mannerist

id be really annoyed and burn some people instead - LogicAndReason

that stupid bitch - Kat

I'd watch you all die, then i'd laugh like a school girl!!! Then i'd die too :( - Spotzero

we'd die? - Kinky Kibble Kitten

the sun loves me this i know, for the pootang tells me so. - Bill gates

nothin but enjoy it - Cee-nar

I'd dance the rhumba beat with two large, sweaty rabbits in the depths of the Shambalan rainforest! - donnydonnydondondon!

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - smallfry

then peoples skin colour would evolve and everyone would become white. - Rozie posey

I'd gather up all the matches and flammable material in the world and make a big ass bonfire! We don't need him! That'd really piss that selfish fucker off. "Yea, go on, do one! See if we care you fat fuckin ball of flames!" - english tart

wed have to employ hollywood to get bruce willis to once again go into outer space and save us... and wed have to get aerosmith to do the soundtrack again - psychotic_freak

everyone wood have bumps on their heads coz they walked into lamp posts - zzzwhippetzzz

Don't worry, the Sun's a personal friend of mine, wherever he goes, I'm sure I can get us a ticket to go with him. - Mzebonga

id shove it up uranus - ninja X

I would Curse the hell out of that bitch till he came back. - ZIMIAN

well, I think we all would get dizzy and would like become afraid of the light and be frightened each time we would pass a light sorce, like Uranus. - InsaneLane

if there was some way we could stay alive then itd be okay - Red

Be a bit dark, wouldn't it? Possibly a bit cold. Thermal heaters and torches at night, then. - Flabba the Slut

WHOO HOOO!!! - Liz

i would go back and get it - 87

Then the earth would fly out of orbit and be hurled through space, and the sudden shift would kill all the the stupid people who didn't see it coming and leave only those who know that the sun is evil and we are better off without it anyway. - The Wheelchair Bandit

man, id be fuckin pissed. we need that motherfucking sun - Flog Nuts

i'd buy a parka. - EmprissNikon(Gidget)

then we would be in big trouble. we'd have to start stalking the sun in our little space ships, because if we took the whole big earth he would see us. - Kara

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