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where do you think this was taken... and what is it of?

This is the correct answer...
thats a mummy of a child taken somewhere in Norway or something, i read an article, and recently saw a show on Mummies and saw something like that..hmm is it? -Kitten

This was taken in DC's cats houses back yard. This is Jimmy the Squealer, an ex-Mafia hooligan who tried to stop the cats. Be warned. We cats stop at nothing. -Sqwuggly Buttons

science lab - it is a woman swished in a jar! -sparki13

Its a rather beaten the fucking shit outta kiddie, and avacado, and a small, melon. USA probably.... capitolist bastards... kiss my ass yankies. -Crow

in china, a bloated head that was used in a voodoo act... -AMP

It looks like Chinese water torture, or me on a bad morning. -MZEBONGA

Probably Japan and of some old woman..damn that's ugly. -Darqcyde

I think this was taken on a sidewalk or in an alley, and its an asian man sleeping in blankets or scraps of cloth. -MeowMix

it looks kinda like a vase in the shape of a man/moneky's face in a spacsuit. why the fuck do we want to send vases into space?? -crushed_eyeliner

For your entertainmemt. It is so that you guys can see how parents tick.. and how we can get rid of them -DuStMonkEY

Sea cows. Everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!! -Laser-Monkey

a chinese guy -someguy

I personally think this photo was taken outside a gas station by the side of a smoking car. A pregnant woman had been sitting in her car on a seat directly over the radiator. To her suprise there was a sudden burst of skin soothing steam due to the lack of water within. Within seconds the alarmed bitch had gone through labour and given birth TO THIS! -Dimented Dave

At Miss world 2001, this picture is of the winner Miss Grotegtous Death, and dos`nt she look lovely! -RebeL

A Tina Turner look alike festival. She's the winner. -Emperess Nikon (girl with the box)

How the hell did you get this???!!! I thought I had destroyed all the film in my little brother's camera that morning. I guess I had better explain - my brother had some friends stay overnight, and I thought that they had woken up early, and were watching cartoons, or something, as they were laughing so much, but it turned out that he had hooked up he tv in his room to a video camera he had planted in my room, to record what I look like first thing in the morning. Actually, when you look closely, it's a photo of his tv, so obviously one of his evil little friends took a photo that morning. Someone is going to pay for this. -EP


some insane death of some ocean person!!!!!!! -banutuku

It's a picture of a woman giving birth to a full grown man. -Mzebonga

asia? and like... some kid getting his head squished? god that must suck -Kt

looks like yoko ono went on a mission to mars -bob dole

this was taken outside a retroactive abortion clinic right off some indian reservation. it is a 25-year-old woman who kept telling her mother to lay off the booze. -TUBBALUV

Borneo? -sonyatopaz

ive seen this before.its a picture "they" showed on the t.v. once when the lolly pop men were first outcast from the land of oz for stealing cheese and harvesting poppies from the wizards poppy field for some "medicinal" uses of theyre own.the leader shown here was severly beaten as to set an example for the rest of the lolly pop men, "dont fuck with the wizards poppies." that or its just an asian child in one of those save the children programs. -demonboy"_"

The martians cut off a eskimos head. -cj

OH MY GOD!!!!! -fergus o'dimbal

its a peach that went a little rotton and looks like some dead old lady -no_use_for_a_name

my puckerd asshole -pali

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