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where do you think this was taken... and what is it of?
the real answer... it's at a wedding where people are dancing.

This was taken on March 13, 1987 in a college dorm. I think it is a frat initiation. Or a buncha drunk guys stumbling around staring dejectedly at thier friends, and taking odd pictures. Wait! Is there a difference?  -Lemon Fresh'd you get into my head? i thought that this metal helmet with pigs feet on it would keep you out! it worked for the cartoon character magneto.....i'll just have to cut off my head. then you won't be able to sneak around my head and take pictures of my imagined sexual orgies. HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHHAHHA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ::CLUNK:: iiii wiiiiiinnnnnnn  -madien of the morbid death flowers

in my ass, the demons that posess my bowels!! -Kitten

catholic church isn't that communion?  -Cirrus

Hotel Recpetion Area  -Dan

It was taken during the battle of stalingrad. It's of Marilyn Monroe singing " we will win " to the slovakians.  -Pilot

I dont give a shit. It's of a couple of fuckng 3 cent hoars who suck dick for getting a barbie shuved up their ass.  -J love

This picture was taken in Hong Kong, circa 1940. This is an early Jackie Chan movie, when the Chinese were experimenting with cloning and nuking small furry animals. Now these small furry animals are big, raging, scaly monsters. They live in the forest, and prey on the pandas. And bamboo. And the ocassional Chinese peasent.  -Chiron7936

i think it's of that final resting place of many of our souls.....hell. Note the people dancing - in hell, you always look stoopid when you dance, no matter how hard you try.  -EP

ireland......scary people doing scary things im scared  -scary

people are dancing and humping and killing  -squirrel

a mass cult gathering. it's obviously of drunken cult members before their mass suicide. they're dancing to the theme to the fresh prince of bel aire.  -jose

I thought I killed the camera man after he took that. How the hell did that thing get on the web?  -Insane Wanderer

How the frick did you get this picture of me at my golden triangle meeting???!???!?!!? -agafapoonah

A funeral -lizard queen

This picture was most certainly taken in a small jail cell in Argentina of Bob Dole's anus. -Pisty

Someones house. I think is a bunch of people spinning trying to get themself dizzy to see who throws up first. -PrettyNightmare

This is obviously thanksgiving dinner with the two people fighting in the background with turkey legs engarde! -smurf

strip club strippers  -fat matt

dc is having a fight with sanimal at cyans house with jcp watching on saying go dc bitch slap that motherfucker -sally

the basement of the house in the blair witch project. it is of some ritual dance! or more likely it was taken at a good party when everyone was drunk! -maz


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