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do you think that the greedy old woman deserved to live in that shack?

Yes. They are stingy little old whores that deserve to live in a shithole in the woods- Cujo

Personally, I would just like to thank my legal team for pulling me through, after pleading insanity i only got 34 years. it was an accident, and i'm sorry. ok, well, i dont think she did, i mean, shes the one that set me off on that winding road to doom, which, may i tell you, is not a nice place, full of seedy brothels, and motels. actually, just brothels. she also ate my foot.- Fido Dido

Absolutly not, that was my shack before she kicked me out and chased me with her cane.- Meowmix

Yes. Because you reap what you sew.- Witto

No she doesn't deserve anything because shes old.- Sally

yup- Spanky the retarded cat

Damn right, serves her right for wanting a hard cock in EVERY hole in her body- Barclay

it smells like ham in those shacks.- syko morgana

i belive that the yesterday of the shit hahaha- /AniX

Yes because she was a greedy fool and didnt realize the true price of not giving me some dishcloths for me to chew. I HOPE SHE ROTS IN HELL!!!!- wild thang

yes. she was greedy, she was old. these are considered mortal crimes.- frazicus

no because no matter how much of a greedy bitch she was.... she was a person. and we shouldn't treat or fellow man in such disobediant manners. yeah right. screw the bitch... excuse me, sir thats not appropriate..... fuck you.... excues me sir As i said we should treat each other with respect, wait what are you doing...die asshole!...... ahhhhhh!- ZIMIAN

sure, i fuckin hate gold diggers!- pimp like me

She was dead, a shack is a little more up market that a coffin, I think.- Mzebonga

Yes she was a witch BURN BABY BURN!- Insane

yes. no. maybe. who is this greedy old hag anyway? nevertheless, i believe the question SHOULD be "if a woman farts in the woods and no trees are there to hear it, is she still a crap driver?"- The Goat

I married her, that was our home. The bitch sued me and got it all so, fuck her, she can have it.- fergus o'dimbal

yes because she was greedy ha ha- keglineq

no- to lame to think of a name

Yeah. Why not? It's a privilege to live in a dirty old shack, it give you great street cred, esp. if you plan on joing a punk rock band called "The Greedy Old Women".- Toxic Static

Yes... She gave me good target practice.- gone postal

Hell nah bitch deserves nothing- TheAdam

Only if she earned it by turning tricks on the corner for money!- Mistofflies

I am the mighty Flabba the Slut and I will gobble you up in one mouthful. YUM!!!- Flabba the Slut

She was my sex slave and that is the shack I built for her. She would otherwise have to live in a box like "The Gimp" in that Tarantino film.- Did you ever... I did

no- i am insanity

Yeh i think she damn well diserved it alright...for being so greedy an all! she should to share...- Crashdown

Uh come again???- paleblueeyez

how dare you call your mother greedy. And she deserves much more than a shack for having to put up with a child such as yourself.- not kevin

That shack used to be my shack, before that old goat kicked me out of it! No, she doesn't deserve that bloody shack! It's my shack! MY SHACK!!! ...Now I'm sharing that big oak tree down the street with a family of squirrels... I miss my shack, dammit... *sob*- [-ZeitGeisT-]

yeah, the old hores need to be locked up!- woodchuck

no! she deserved to be coated with cheese and rollen in socks- Ninja

no i dont, that shack was for me, but then the greedy old bat came along an took it, DAMN YOU TO MY CAT'S FOOD DISH!!!- reidy

well... let's look at this through a straw. shack. that sybolizes permanent markers. and old, that means shes more than likely blind, deaf, and prone to raping camels.therefore, the hypotenuse of her medula oblonguata convinces me that YES she did deserve to steal that orange from the vineyard in iceland... wait... what was the question again??- pinappletree sissorcs

No, they should be shot and hung up in the village square so that everyone can cackle at her.- speedy (because im fast in my 'chair)

no. her cat fifi ate my sock one time so she should rot and die in the hole i dug behind the shack.- Pipstickle

yes , everyone should have a home- paula

No! It's mean!- Sophie

hell yea, keep them away from trick or treaters so they will stop handing out those nasty black and orange peanutbutter things that are too cheap and nasty to eat- careawholelot

naw- Ima Psycopath

not at all because old woman don't need to be living in the first place, cuz duh! they're evil and demonic but any way she can't because I said so!!!- Fugly

yes- my nickname is C, there isnt 2 f*ckin letters in it.

No. the one next to it maybe.- Fork Flinger

yes- Jade

yeah she's greedy and most old people suck- Blunt

Sure, aslong as her eyes isnt so big to c me- Freak182

well, dammit yes she did. there was no reason for her to be stealing cheese from the neighborhood food pantry, so she was banished to live in a filthy shack- iceolate

yes nss- my bad-- I forgot to put a nickname in this field. Your everso helpful annoying button thingy reminded me

yes- albe

yes, that nasty little bitch got what she deserved. for one thing, she was a horrible fuck. also, after i got her to mow my lawn for 3 dollars, it looked like shit, with the edges all fucked up.- seth

No, no I didn't. I didn't want to be in that shack. Shabby.- nearohjah

no- beatrice

I dont know who she thinks she is living in a one room shack with a broken window and no door, donald trump. i have a plan when i see her go to her mailbox to get her social security check I'm kicking her walker over, grab her check and run off before she tops to the ground.since she is too weak and frail to hold a pen, ill drive on a bumpy road and forge her signiture. MO-Money, MO-Money, MO-Money- ricidulous

damn straight and her husband is a fool to stay with her after costing him the castle and the magic fish- SAnimal

No! I don't think she deserved such a fine shack..Her head should of been shoved into her own arse so she could see how full of shit she was- Kitten

erm Yes, stoopid bitch- Insane God

no, she should of been shoved in a pie- stupid

Yes, but only on alternate weekends.- UnReality

yes...- keglineq

Yes- nimue

no, why would she, i mean first she is greedy so f*ç* the shack. and then, she is old, she doesn't deserve to live in the absolete.- jess

Yes- Wee Jock Poo-Pong McPlop

yeah.cuz it was old and smelly and it was painted pink...and she had that snake...- marissa

Only if she lets me fuck her in the ass like a greedy ass fucking ballon.- Penis Monger

Do I care?- dazed o.O

no the fat bitch should be starved on the streets- sineady

No. I do. I've been naughty.- pokey


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