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what insane thing did you do as a child with your legos

I once tried to create a motorcycle with legos, but I lost some of the pieces. - The Fatty Man

i built i playhouse and a castle....WHAT the HELL do u think i did i ate them like normal three year olds!!!! - kimmie2005

ah lego men... they made such loyal vassals.. except for tim.. damn you tim... even after i tortured you with a blowtorch you wouldnt talk... thats why i had to execute you in front of the other lego men... to let them know who the true master was... - psychotic_freak

This isn't really insane, but once when i was little i ran over a frog with my bicycle, and it paralyzed its i made it a lego cart..well when it was wheeling around my cat grabbed it and ate it..yeh those were the goodtimes - Kitten

Made a cage for my parents then poked them with a large lego fork. - Mzebonga

i built my very own Sock Monkey Leather Bar...oh ya..."The Greazzzzzy Tail" - Becky

Constructed a communist ideology where all colours were equal (except for crappy yellow), and all shapes were necessary to the state of the legoman, not just the cool shapes that all your friends had in their far superior collections. - Mujubius

i put the little ones up my nose - Gypsy

i built a plane and flew to mexico where i danced on a new born child before flying back home in time for tea - Fido Dido

i never had them - Tashalot

made a huge boob - reaper

I made myself a bear trap. It works quite well. I was hoping that some day it would get my fat assed sister and kill hert, but it still hasn't worked yet. but, its never to late to pray to the highlighter Gods. - InsaneLane

i made it rain i.e chucked them all in the air - laura

i threw them all out of the window and then proceeded to build a step ladder so i could get into my room without goin inside - blah blah

Built a white penis, and made it as long as my thumb. Built a black penis and made it as long as my arm. Hid black penis in white catholic math teachers drawer. - Ishodhvredhair

i mad a box and had hinged roof and filled it with my sisters barbie's heads then cut open my arm and bled all over them and gave it to her as a present - NeonLightning

Made a pair of shoes from lego. Then wore them. OUCH. - EP

Has any one other than me tried hooking up one of those lego guys to a 24,000 volt transformer? - gone postal

I scattered lego around the hallway outside my room in hope that if a crimminal tried to get into my room he would step on them and scream. Which would wake me up, and make me get out my switchblade and homemade pepper spray, which sits on my nightstand. - Meowmix

Build a lab, where I created different species by fusing the DNA of Roadkill I find. The latest creation was a fruirrel (Frog + squirrel). I just use the DNA the rest of the body I sell to chinese places for credit. - Ricidulous

i carefully arranged all my legos in front of the door. i spent two hours on them. i called for mamma to come and look. she opened the door and.. boom.. the fuckin thing went down like a pack of cards. - theweirdfreak

i fed one to my dog and after he pooped it out i dropped it in my sisters drink, she drank it all then found the lego... - AMP

I ate one once... Oh, and I made a neet pirate ship thing... - Mad-at-Lemings

i made a home for my iguana with them. - seth

made space ships - Sally

i stuck it in my pussy - lil_devil

Well, lets just say they haven't worked their way out yet. - Ben Dover

ok, got me, i just made stupid little buildings for my lego people to live in. i was surprisingly normal for a 7 year old who collected horror mags like heavy metal and creepy - m3m7uk

I made a lifesize garfield once - Mistofflies

Demolition derby Round 1. Two hours later, after rebuilding the car from scratch... - Cooter

Make lego block with a hole big enough for my dick. -Elder God

i made a tmnt - kriss

ate them - Riact

I ate them. then i didnt eat them i made stuff out of them, like food. then i ate lego food. I also made a full scale model of your dad, then i liked the full scale model face of your dad. love love i love love. - Laser-Monkey

lego people porn!!!! - Ninja X

I built an entire scale model of my town and then tried to act out people's lives. When it didn't happen in real life, I knocked the whole thing down with a high quality mackrel. -Mzebonga

i spent about 7 months builing a huge city using very lego i could find......then after i used ALL of them....i knocked it down - The Mortician

I'm still in therapy and working through it. I still have the scars too. Those things hurt when you snap em together and your skin gets in the way. - Waaally

with my legs? as a child? i didnt have legs as a child, the beavers took them... beavers... those bastards... - pineappletree sissors

I mayde a dog and went arond with it for a week caling it skippy the wonder dog and got pissed when some stupid kid broke it - mr santan

Knelt on a piece.

Nothing - 69er

Pooped in the bucked and played with them. - Chickensoup

Dr. Schleisinger told me never to repeat it... - fussili

cant remember - im old - my mind has gone! - Kit Kat

pretend the lego bricks were people and make them talk - oddkid

Once I put the legos all around the beds of the people who were sleeping in my house so that when they got up to go pee they would surely hurt themselves. Tee Hee. - pookiebeetle

made a body cast for my sister - brodie

hehehe . . . i swallowed them - INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE

nothing really - roy

made the lego people have a group orgy in the spaceship i built - Southside

i led a depressing childhood. i never had lego *sniff*. but i did like those replicas they used to make of the taj mahal in myer. - frazicus

I entombed my little brother.... I think he's still there.... the basement smells a little funny.... -  jali

built a castle! - Mr McPeanut

i built a chair, and then i sat in it. - jo-blow from idaho.

My friend used to see how many he could get into his rectal area. He still has trouble shitting in cold weather. - bitch with a plan

i built two people having sex....doesnt every child??? - kimmie2005

i made a big scary frog it looked at you and u got really scared right? - midget boy

I used to make little castles for my hampster and put him inside and then my GODAMNED SON OF A WHORE BROTHER STEPPED ON MY CASTLE AND SMOOSHED MY HAMSTER INTO THE HOLES!!!!!!! So i didnt use legos much. - LostLitulGurl

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