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the most insane thing that your parents have done or currently do

my mom would see my dad to the door in the mornings and once he had left she'd start singing at the top of her lungs "IT'S ONLY ME FROM ACROSS THE SEA SAYS BARNACLE BILL THE SAILOR".  She would sing this, stomping all the way up to my door and then softly sing the "who is knocking at my door?" bit while knocking on my door... then fling open the door and finish off off the song at the top of her lungs.  by then of course i'd been screaming for it to end and insisting that i was indeed away and getting up... -DC

my dad would drive up between our house and the neighbors just to them off... 
my whole family would go along for the ride and cheer him on. -SAnimal

My mom insists that if you are driving along and see a living groundhog that you are lucky for the day. There are a lot of times she thinks lumps of dirt are groundhogs but she feels lucky anyways. -JCP

my parents thought it was really funny to take any stuffed animals i had gotten from a guy into the microwave or oven and take pictures.  they would see how long it would take me to notice it missing... and then how long for me to find it. -Cyan

Well, quite simple. They gave birth to me. -Sqwuggly Buttons

my dad once asked who i was when i phoned and asked to speak to my mum - i am an only child...(i think) other than that he cuts the grass in the rain and drills stuff like frying-pans. -sparki13

well they reproduced...  EVERYTIME i have to go shopping with my mom she makes it a point to mortify me gaseously, this usually occurs in busy grocery aisles, she'll save up her farts till grocery day then as soon as we hit the aisles she'll let out the loudest most disgusting rippers you've ever heard, she used to blame them on me, just to piss me off, but now she waits until theres a little obnoxious child around and lets em go, then stares at the kid and laughs when their mother scolds him/her for being impolite -Kitten

Have sex with my girlfriend -Crow

Tried to make me religious... -AMP


well...this is about my grandma, not one of my parents. my grandma told me when i was about 2 that if you hold in a sneeze you would turn into a rabbit. i was afraid to hold in a sneeze until i was 15...and every time someone tried to hold in a sneeze i would scream "NO!!" at the top of my lungs and start crying. -Mo

Probably the most insane thing my parents do is drive around in this '73 Porshe with a brand new system in it and blast the music. (Old 70's crap) as soon as they pass some teenagers and their Techno and Rap music -Darqcyde

My parents created me; thats insane enough. -MeowMix

my mother likes defacing copies of elder women's magazines. the best one was on a picture of some windmills, where the caption was, 'rotary dildos'. -crushed_eyeliner

They stop off the side of the road to take pictures of weird looking people. Even if i know them. They get out of the car with their big "tourist camera" and take pictures of random people. -DuStMonkEY

They are normal. -Laser-Monkey

Check out 60+yr old, post-menopausal women. (Dr) -Dimented Dave

become born again christians! (oh no) started about 5 years ago in the folly that god might actually help out a bit.( yeah right he`s still sittin there chillin with a spliff after makin the world in 7 days). since then they have been baptised, attend meeting regular meetings and even get to run a class!. Ok check this the church has a "Family day" every 7 weeks now, oh yes this establishment now completely runs thier life.Ok in simple terms- recently my parents became brain washed.(lol) -RebeL

call me pooky. i'm 18 years old and they still call me pooky. in front of my friends, when my boyfriends call they yell "POOKY it's YOUR little POOKY". i ask them to stop and they just think i'm joking. -Emperess Nikon (girl with the box)

Oh, god, do you really have the time / space for this? There was that incident with the red cabbage last Christmas....and the time that we were attacked by monkeys at a park.... but the MOST insane thing they ever did was decide that I, as an only child, needed a little brother to play with, keep me company, etc. So, three days after my third birthday, the Devil came to stay. Thanks, mom and dad. -EP


continue to mom thinks every man and woman is good and will be lol lol .!!!!!! -banutuku

They make stand out in the rain naked and sing Cliff Richard songs. When I've done the whole repetoit, they roll me up in flour and cover me with dough and pass me off as a life-size Pilsbury Dough Doy, charging £5 a go for people to come talk to me. They don't pay me for it. -Mzebonga

my dad leans out the window and barks at all the dogs in the yards that he sees.. or he gets outta the car and goes up to them and starts talking baby talk -Kt

they had me -bob dole

my mom said she did not get a f@#$%^& face-lift but when she went to the beauty shop her hairdresser accidentally got her comb stuck on one of the staples in her forehead. -TUBBALUV

Spy out of my bedroom window. -sonyatopaz

concived me. -demonboy"_"

my father lives with his mother -cj

They once stopped eating potatos for a whole week. -fergus o'dimbal

they gave birth to me...thats insame enough -no_use_for_a_name

put me in diapers and make me sing 'the good ship lollypop' for all their friends.  i'm 30 damnit! -pali


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