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how the hell did you even find our site anyways?

I went to Yahoo and typed in insane on search. Your sight was numbe 6 of the list of finds and the description sounded- Cujo good.

i got sucked into DC's monitor, and stayed at his place for a while. before i had a name, my first ever question got a good question award. but on the topic of the question, it called out to all insane persons, everywhere, and i heard its call. and now i'm trapped in its insanity. ¿eat tae?- Fido Dido

I found this site on a map that was drawn under my bed in my old bedroom at the institute.- Meowmix

looking for porn and got lost- Witto

I typed in "insane" and this is what came up.- Sally

i browsed threw msn-quick find thing and...hey! why you complaining anyway? i like it..- Spanky the retarded cat

Typed in 'women with courgettes' on a search engine and you appeared ... hugely disappointing.- Barclay

yahoo- syko morgana

the peaple in my head that tell me to burn things told me about it- /AniX

erm..... I have no bloody clue. I wake up in fields. I make love to ducks, how the hell should I know- wild thang

the site found a result, i dont sleep too well at night.- frazicus

well... you know those robot things on AIM those search bot things? well i search insane and unusual stuff and your site came up.- ZIMIAN

i typed some shit into yahoo, but i forgot what it was now.- pimp like me

I took a wrong turn at Kentucky- Mzebonga

Kara told me from a long way away- Insane

a friend of mine (who has genital herpes) didn't tell me about it so i had to stumble upon it in the humour section of The Goat

Same way Mzebonga did.- fergus o'dimbal

i searched for leaders of the future and DC's name came up- keglineq

because i stalk you- to lame to think of a name

Yahoo, the search engine designed by illegitimate cowboy techies who ride big, wide naugahyde cows up and down the streets of Calgary.- Toxic Static

I was searching for a test to measure my insanity when I came across this site and I've been coming here ever since. Do I get a good answer award since that was over a year ago?- gone postal

my bitches told me all bout it- TheAdam

I was on and I linked that to Rev. Billy Grahm, I linked that to Heather Grahm, she linked to me a porn site, that linked me to a sock monkey adult site, then it linked me to you!- Mistofflies

I am the mighty Flabba the Slut and I will gobble you up in one mouthful. YUM!!!- Flabba the Slut

Who says it's your site? Listen, I put this fucking site here and if you don't like it, you can go rape and antelope because from now on, it's miy site and I'm going to post porn on it. Okay?- Did you ever... I did

the on hoo cnt spel- i am insanity

Just generaly looking for insane things to read and write....and do- Crashdown

oh just happened upon it- paleblueeyez

found it listed i the magazine that they give inmates to keep us entertained until we get released/shanked- not kevin

I searched 'Insanity' on Yahoo!, and whadda ya know...- [-ZeitGeisT-]

well, mny friend told me- woodchuck

the monkey told me- Ninja

its the funniest story really and quite long, but in a nutshell i met a circus midget and i said 'this is something to tell the grand kids' and he said 'this is something to tell the insane domain', i questioned his reason for saying the insane domain then i came to this world of problem don that note, i would like to thank that circus midget. THANK YOU- reidy

I have a fetish for sock monkeys. ggrrrrrrrrowl!- pinappletree sissorcs

My lovely friend Matthew told me about it and I decided to check it out. How did he find it? I have no idea.- speedy (because im fast in my 'chair)

a friend told me. how he found out? im not sure... im just not sure...- Pipstickle

bad luck- paula

I wish I hadn't.- Sophie

i was really bored and stumbled across it late one night when i was feeding my hyena to the elephant behing that shed- careawholelot

typed insane and the search engine- Ima Psycopath

I got bored, asked somebody for something to do so they sent me here- Fugly

i looked up the word insane, figured i should find ppl similar to me- my nickname is C, there isnt 2 f*ckin letters in it.

To be honest a scary little italian told me.- Fork Flinger

luck- Jade

I heard it in the song "Dot Com" by Dark Lotus- Blunt

Well, I was in the shower and I slipped on a fish and hit my elbow. The next thing I know..- Freak182 iceolate

google- my bad-- I forgot to put a nickname in this field. Your everso helpful annoying button thingy reminded me

ma friend sent it to me- albe

i was in a chat room on some disgusting gore-fest of a website, and someone came in typing "" a few times, and then left. after having my fun with the site i proceeded to do the same, going in chat rooms and typing the link a few times to the people i'd been chatting with.- seth

Elvis came to me in a dream. He said, Nearojah, uh huh huh, you betta check out this web would just break my little old jailhouse rockin heart if you don't.- nearohjah

my friend told me about it! damn her!!- beatrice

i would hate to repeat the story i wrote last month but I'm still not right mentally. my dreams have jumping monkeys.that send lizards after me. If i stay under water long enough they'll go away. ill slice holes in my lungs and use them as gills that will work as long as i keep moving.- ricidulous

i stumbled upon it while drunk and stupid- SAnimal

Well I found it a couple years ago, don't remember how and where..but I was intrigued and I've came here since..Ask DC has always been my favorite feature..honestly man you should get your own radio show, dr. laura hasn't got shit on you- Kitten

My mates MSN Community- Insane God

erm... by mistake- stupid

I was led astray by monks. Damn them and their monkish ways!- UnReality

some weird lady gave it to me in a drug house- keglineq

insane people living in my cats fur...- nimue

i had a vision about so i decided to see if it's true, i am destined to be here at this very moment.- jess

On the Internet.- Wee Jock Poo-Pong McPlop

i was bored at home one day and i had just finished reading wizard and glass by s.k. so instead of studying biology,i got on the net and kinda stumbled onto your site...(suck up )must have been my lucky day!!!- marissa

I was looking at ass fucking porn.- Penis Monger

I just did! So there!- dazed o.O

from yahoo search engine- sineady

Gumby referred me. - pokey


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