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what's the most insane thing you've done while drunk or high


Run naked through a shopping mall. (Actually it was more of a dare than liquor or drugs.) - The Fatty Man

Well one time at Band Camp.... - kimmie2005

ummm... yes - psychotic_freak

There is a rock at one of my friend's houses that is aptly named Pirate Pete's friends and I used to climb that rock when drunk and act out pirate scenes..while making passersby walk the plank..I broke my nose once - Kitten

I once wedgied myself. - Mzebonga

i hit my friend with my car, i was on X, so were they, they cracked over the windshield, over the car, and onto the pavement behind the car, they hopped up, and climbed through the window, and with a big smile,they chirped "LETS GET SOME HAPPY MEALS MUTTHA FUCKA" and we drove off into the sun set - Becky

Chased a cat in an attempt to see if I vomited on it whether it would lick itself clean. - Mujubius

i pushed an asshole down the stairs for starring at mt tits - Gypsy

i died. - Fido Dido

went outside bare-ass naked - Tashalot

havent' been drunk or high - reaper

well, to be honest, I've never been drunk or high on drugs. Most of my "friends" are afraid of me when I'm "sober", so they won't let me leave this hollow tree trunk to get any of those things. I hope to escape late some night and sniff a beer can. - InsaneLane

sat in the bath with my friend melanie n fell asleep ppl were knocking on the door for absolutley ages, - laura

i once climbed a flagpole and pretended i was king kong but oops i was sober and wasnt high!!! - blah blah

I was so drunk, I pretended I was high. But that was in a dream...I think. - Ishodhvredhair

i dont get high and when i'm drunk i just melt wile in chairs - NeonLightning

When I was 16 I danced the conga through the bar over to where a bunch of teachers from school were sitting, around the teachers, and back to my table....boy was that a mistake. - EP

Shoot a roman candle at a police car. - gone postal

I tend to beat the hell out of myself. And jump and roll backwards down stairs. - Meowmix

Stopped - Ricidulous

well when i was really high i was in this place called Bendigo in New Zealand. it's a really small town and it has only one flight every week to London. i was half- drunk at the local bar and i gambled all my money out. and when i was fully drunk i knew i couldn't walk to the airport cuz it was far off and i bartered a leather pocketbook with the taxi driver for a ride to the airport. the thing is, i'd left my ticket in the pocketbook. - theweirdfreak

hurf, i can not say... - AMP

Ill tell you the second most insane thing, because the first is REALLY not legal, so ill just not talk about it. Well, it all started out one tuesday. I had gotten really blown before school and at lunch i ate some of that cafeteria jello off of the cement. Im not sure why really but it seemed like a good thing to do at the time. I wasnt worried about the cement, i eat things off the ground all the time, but the jello is just insane. Have you ever seen that stuff? why does it glow like that? anyway, I ate the cafeteria food and i didnt even need to have my stomach pumped! - Mad-at-Lemings

when i was hallucinating one night, i saw banners reading "happy birthday" unfurl from the sky and friends and family jumped out and hugged me and showed me a pile of gifts, and told me taht they knew i'd be tripping there that night at that time, so they wanted to surprise me. i was flattered, and happy and was saying something like "but, it's not even my birthday yet" and then everything disappeared. ok, so i didn't really DO anything, but if you would have seen me, i would have been standing in some elses backyard laughing and gibbering to myself, probably. - seth

i don't get high while drunk i got abusive but that was silly - Sally

fucked a dog is that what u wanted - lil_devil

I ahve never been either, but if i were, I would strip and run around outside naked claming to be one with nature. - Ben Dover

on some really good acid, wandering away from my friends at 2am, looking for them by walking into every house i come to, looking around and then running back out and to the next house. i did this at about 10 houses and several apartments before my friends found me and got me into a car, just as the police arrived looking for the loony wandering the neighborhood. - m3m7uk

got naked on a dance floor at a gay club with my boyfriend. - Mistofflies

umm....I don't really remember. - Cooter

Become sober. -Elder God

fell in the sink - kriss

bought a michael ball album - Riact

I don't get drunk... or high. But, i do want to marry your dad. - Laser-Monkey

hijacked a plane and crashed it into the pentagon - Ninja X

I once woke up naked next to a giant mackrel. It was of the highest quality, though. She took my money and then ran. Or swam, I guess. I don't know - Because I was high. -Mzebonga

run down the hall of a posh hotel we were staying at in my underwear and a cape mumbling "Im batman, would you like to see my Batrod ?" - The Mortician

If I told you, I'd have to kill you. Now give me another drink and some of that other stuff you are doing. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! - Waaally

one time, at band camp, I ate the barnacles off mcDairy King's yellow binder leash - pineappletree sissors

Once, When i was really drunk, I started hitting on this fat guy - mr santan

One time, the carpet ended-up being covered with broken potato-chips. After everyone else passed out, I spent about three hours scooping them into a little pile in the corner with my bare hands. - Wod

Went skiing behind an SUV without snow. - 69er

Made out with some short dude with a go-t. As I walked home I sang nothing but Elton John songs. - Chickensoup

If I was indeed either of those things at the time of performing them there is little chance of me remembering them (or for that matter that sheep....Never saw it comming) =] - fussili

cant remember - erm.. thought id fallen in a huge ditch in the middle of the road but it was just flat pavement! - Kit Kat

be amazed at a candle burning thinking it was an ice hotel - oddkid

I dont drink and I don't get high I feel, that is a past-time for losers only. I feel that the only worthwile past-time is skinning cats to make Daniel Boon hats out of them. Your nieghbors will appreciate you wearing their cat fluffy on your head. Wear it with pride. - pookiebeetle

had sex with my sister (multiple times) - brodie

went to sleep - INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE

I peed on my best friends mom. - roy

i dont remember - Southside

im not sure i should answer this one...looking up scotmen's kilts while clubbing springs to mind. - frazicus

Ha Ha Ha Ha... in your dreams guys. No way am I going to give you fodder for your sick little fantasy lives. -  jali

jumped of a building - Mr McPeanut

passed a sobriety test. - jo-blow from idaho.

Hmmm, let me see... Well that would have to be the time I STOPPED drinking and smoking! Prrretty damn insane. - bitch with a plan

it is a toss between the fire thing and the "mooning" the "retierd tours" bus..... - kimmie2005

i swam in a pool of jello or a giant vatt of pudding i think lalalala - midget boy

I was absolutly convinced that the cat was would be fine, honest! - LostLitulGurl


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