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while out for dinner one time my dad found a grasshopper in his salad and
 discovered he had already eaten half of it...
have you ever found anything 'unexpected' in your food?


once I found a battery in my spaghetti. - Syko Grrrl

No... I expect the grasshoppers to be there.- gone postal

only myself, during my more troubled days...- Antihero

yes, once i found an inter-dimensional portal, that lead to a land of eternal happiness... so i took it back and demanded a refund- Fido Dido

The pope's left testicle- Mzebonga

no....unless you want to count really long curly hairs.- thecatsmeow420

pubic hairs, eyelashes, fingernail clippings, blood (in salad) something that smelled like actual shit, too many nasty shit to list- sslitherr

One time I was eating a blueberry muffin and i found a whole peanut right in the center. As i am anti-nuts, i complained to the manager of the restraunt and demanded a free muffin for every morning of the rest of the year. I lied and told him i was highly allergic to nuts and if i had eaten the peanut i could have died.- Meowmix

i was eating a cheeseburger once but apparently they forgot to cook the beef.. as a matter of fact they forgot to kill the cow.. i spent a week in the hospital after the bastard kicked me for biting its leg...- psychotic_freak

Actually, yes. I once found a big purple vein in a McDonalds McNugget. Needless to say, it grossed the hell outta me and I took it back in exchange for a cheeseburger.- Sputnik

yes, a lizard's tail. it was crunchy.- SiNiSTaR

i found nutrition in a macdonalds meal once. i wasnt expecting that.- frazicus

no thank goodness but I've heard rumours...- Sally

I drank part of a cockroach that was in a pepsi.- Godless Wench

i found glass once might has been cos i was eating it off a plate and had cut thru it tho...- keglineq

yes.- punphish

I find doghair in my sucks. One time, my friend, Cara, found a pubic hair in her McCheeseburger.- Alysia

i found meat in a meat pie once....- Sexy Yellow Monkey Guitars

yes one time i ordered a burger from a well known burger chain and i was disgraced to find that in the centre of my grease filled treat was a limp piece of lettuce. what is the point i ask you , of having something like rabbit food right in the middle of a burger made out of stuff like pigeons and the occasional cows eyebrow- the on hoo cnt spel

I was at my...uh...aunt's and discovered my thansgiving turkey was made of soy by products and i totally flipped!!!- satan

One time I was eating a push pop. i pushed it up some more and out popped a small figure of Xena.- Mistofflies

No, but I have put unexpected things in other people's food- Blunt

Well I was was eating a bit of pizza I found in my house and was surprised to find a toenail in it, then I realised that i was eating an old sock, man did i feel wick- sven sven the sven

Yes. A worm. Yuck! It was mixed in with my spag bol.- Bollocks Ninja

Yeah. The cockroach had swallowed a clydesdale. That was pretty unexpected.- Indomitus

a bone part in some chicken MsNuggets. c'mon. those things aren't real!- bubba

yes, the other half of his grasshopper- Witto

mayanaise with albino midget tadpoles- Ninja

Yes, I was having a hamburger at a fast food joint ( I won't say which one as their spies are watching me) and I was stunned to find ground beef in it- grasshopper

Nope. well i found a part of a dead cow on my plate once. i asked what it was "they" called it a steak.- Chimpy

Nah, although there's somthing strange in the sandwhich i'm eating . . .- Piranha

i once found a half of an elephant's left testicle in a quarter pound of ambrosia salad at the local supermarket. the first half was tastey!- Newman

Me want to eat tasty little sock monkey. Gobble, gobble.- Flabba the Slut

I ordered mash potato and found they'd mashed carrots in too.- Fergus O'dimbal

Yeah, and Mzebonga put it there. He's sick. It tasted all salty.- Sophie

Yes, once when i was eating cereal i noticed that my hair was hanging down into my milk, when i did not wash the milk from my hair immediatly, i became uncomfortable.- Stupid Handle

one time i found a greenpeper in my salad- skelator, wally hernickle

yes this one time i found a bullet in one of my victims legs.- bob

a dead thing in my salad at wendy's- megnolia

no- stevo

oh it was disgusting, i was with my cousin at taco bell and we had just been talking about how the guy was gonna spit in our food (ok so i wasnt all to nice to him at the counter) when she found a spider eggsack in her mexican pizza. she freaked out and wanted to get the manager i just asked her if she was gonna finish that.- Empriss Nikon

yes...a fucken cockroach leg...- shithead

In France I once found the legs of a frog in my sandwich ... apparently it's a customary delicacy over there, but at the time I thought they were playing some prank so I beat the shit out of the waiter.- Barclay

Monosodium glutamate- Mzebonga

i once found half a finger in my curry- emsy baby

Chedar Cheese.- egg banditz

Depends. Are burssel sprouts considered 'unexpected'?- Stinker

was it crunchy or gooey? mine was kind of tender but had an odd tangy taste to it that might have come from the lady bugs but ANY WAY- Idiot Destroyer

YES but it waz my fault, i couldnt be bothered to go to the bathroom.- IM THE ORIGINAL G O D

there was a deep fried bee in my mcdonalds fries, the manager asked if i wanted more fries. and they wonder why i piss all over the floor beside the urinal whenever i use their bathroom.- roothead

no sorry...- Dee

Despite the odd strand of hair...hmmm, well, my sister went to a fast food chain that I'd rather not name and the grease in the burger smelled like shit...yum!- Vista

Yahh id rather not say, it wazzzzzzzzz wrong- Killah_C

Well, I did eat at a school cafeteria many times as a child, so It would take me a long time to tell you each experience. Did I mention I like peanut butter? Its really good with honey. They should make a peanutbutter flavored wine. Ceiling tile is funny looking.- InsaneLane

i sat and ate my food one day and in my food, i'm sad to say i found the bloody alveoli of my dear departed sock monkey...- marissa

I once found something that wasn't burnt...- Miss Roger's Sweater

No but I've found a cacoon in my pd. of cronic- M.T.  Sakisbad

oh yes ... a carpenter in my cereal(raisin bran), a rubberband(in my soup), some bugs(in my lettuce), a penney, a toothpick and of course hair. ALL TRUE!- Powie

i perfer not to know i just eat it if it tastes good- confusedmonkiegirl

yes this one time i found brutus in my ceasar salad- Cookie

no i havent but if i did i would eat 1/2 of it then sue for a hell of alot of money.- g.p.

One time I found real beef in a McDonalds burger.- SilentWolf

One time I found a human head in my spaghetti. Being the regional health inspector, I took half a point off the resturant's sanitation grade.- Fred

Yeah. One time i was at a vending machine, and I pricked my finger on one of those AIDS heroin needles in the change slot that some junkie hid in there to give people HIV. I was sorta bummed that I was going to die a slow death, but then I saw that the machine screwed up, and I got two snickers instead of one, so everything worked out OK.- Guy

Half a worm. A rat tail in a frozen lasagne and my mum's 'down below' hair in many a casserole!- Skelter

no, just finger nails.- LubisKo

my boy found a herpie in his girls slit, I found cow tongue in my soup i was wondering why it was so difficult to understand my mom. I found a worm in my tequilla. my mom cooked ziti without sauce that was the most unexpected. - ricidulous


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