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if you worked at the morgue and knew you'd never get caught...
would you dress the dead people up and perform plays with their dead bodies?

I would; but only plays from the seventies based on stories from the Bible. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Jesus Christ Superstar would have to be my favorites. - The Fatty Man


as long as i can get them to perform 'oedipus rex', but apparently, most dead people have moral issues with incest.. i dont understand it - psychotic_freak

Nope, I'd stuff them then take them home at mount them on my wall as trophies..Either that or put one of those musical things (like in singing stuffed animals) up their ass and send them to the people i love..oo..i bet hallmark hasn't thought of that..must patent idea.. - Kitten

I think I'd go through the complete works of Shakespeare and maybe the works of Shannon Tweed as well. - Mzebonga

Nah, i'm thinking more of a puppet show, we'd lube e'm up reaaaaal good,and shove ski poles up their asses, and parade them around like happy, rotting, wimsical,puppets. - Becky

Yes, I would. And being the theatrically minded person that I am, I'd perform "Titus Andronicus". - Mujubius

if i got real bored - Gypsy

yes, then i would take them with me to MacDonalds and try and get them to eat big mcs. - Fido Dido

no..but it'd be funny to watch - Tashalot

no - reaper

Only on Tuesdays, cause thats Play day. I would perform Cats for the mice to scare them. Then on the fourth Tuesday of each moth We'd perform the miricle worker, having one of the corpses pinkie play that annoying little blind kid that say wa wa and the corpses left eye play the well, unless it was a lazy eye, then We would have to find a replacement. - InsaneLane

yeah id do frankenstein so i could cut em up as well - laura

of course i would! id make them talk and everything or that might be the voices again - blah blah

Yes, and I'd kill a couple of my annoying neighbors and use them as guest stars. - Ishodhvredhair

of course who wouldn't how stupid is that that a obvios yes and posibly(more then that) touch things - NeonLightning

Hell, yes! But it would depend on the play. Also I'd have to do loads of working out before hand, beacuse dead people can be really heavy....just dead weight, really, and it would be really exhausting running around between the different lines to get the right people to move. - EP

It depends on the type of play. I only use dead people for those happy, gay, hippie plays. They just don't work as well as live people for the gothic style plays. - gone postal

You seriously dont know how hard it is to wash lipstick off a dead mans lips. - Meowmix

I would do a broadway version of night of the living dead. - Ricidulous

who am i? a puppetteer? well, i might just borrow their clothes to dress my friend Mike, they've got to be better than the ones he's always dressed in! they probably would smell better too. i was just thinking, if only i dressed the bodies in Mike's clothes, they'd all be dressed as tramps. their ghosts would probably come after me demanding for a deodorant. eew. - theweirdfreak

maybe once, but only once.. after that it'd lose it's novelty... - AMP

Yes, I think I would, but none of that broadway stuff. Could you imagin "cats" with car accident victems and decappitated children? Its sounds like fun, but let me assure you. It wouldn't be. Shakespear on the otherhand would be just dandy! - Mad-at-Lemings

yes... i'd go even further and string them up like marionettes and play "dead junkie and old hag theator" - seth

um no i'd runaway - Sally

yes t - lil_devil


never again. damn prima donnas...... - m3m7uk

sure why not. - Mistofflies

Oh yes. "Romeo, Romeo...where for art thou Romeo." "Two over, and one down babe!" - Cooter

Do you mean romance plays or pornographic plays! -Elder God

oh yes - kriss

absolutely! - Riact

No. I would eat the dead people. Becuase if they become air conditioners in reincarnation, they can make people hot instead of cold as a form of retaliation. I love your dad. - Laser-Monkey

yeah porno plays - Ninja X

Plays?!?!?! You dare to call them plays?!?!?! I have you know the works of Shakespeare are materpieces and Joe from Newcastle makes and excellent MacBeth despite the fact that rigor mortis is setting in. -Mzebonga

all i have to say about that one is "Phantom Of the Opera" all the way - The Mortician

I do, and I do... Right now I'm doing a revival of- ah, I've said too much. You can dress em up, but they don't do those big dance numbers so well. - Waaally

YES! Me and loopoo face would do romayo and lettuce with them - pineappletree sissors

yes. I think i'd do jeckle and hyde - mr santan

Yes, I can just imagine it now... "The Blue Brothers" and "Miss Sai-gone" would be just dynamite. - Wod

No, but I would fuck with them and poke them with sticks and shit. - 69er

Sure. I'd make them puppets too. Kermit wouldn't be too hard since they are already rotting away. And I'm sure I could find some fat chick to play Miss Piggy. - Chickensoup

This entirely depends upon the state of rigor-mortis they have acheived. Only after extreme taughtness has been acheived may I attempt the virtuosic play "a day in the life of a republican" - fussili

rocky horror sylee? id be tempted!! - Kit Kat

eugh nooooooooooooo - oddkid

Yes I believe I would if i could get away with it. I would also put the people in the pasenger side of my car so i could drive in the car pool lane. Think about it, who is going to want to stop someone with a dead person in their car? - pookiebeetle

i would have sex with them too - brodie

umm . . . if they where good looking bodies hehe - INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE

no - roy

hell yeah - Southside

yes. ive always had a secret fantasy to perform hamlet alomg side the worlds most talented corpses. they portray the death scenes so very well. - frazicus

Sure, wouldn't you? -  jali

probably not. but shit i mean if i was all bymyself i just might.. who knows - Mr McPeanut

no, plays are boring. - jo-blow from idaho.

I once tried my hand at an adaptation of "Grease" with them. Unfortunately, rigamortis is a bitch and when it came to dancing on the car to "Grease Lightning" a few bones were fractured. Never mind, I have a new job now. - bitch with a plan next show is on Sunday....frist two people get in free - kimmie2005

hell yea i could do the dance of the sugar plums - midget boy

No, I would pose them in various sexual positions and sell the videos on Ebay - LostLitulGur


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