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what is the purpose of having feet on the dashboard?



It is a comfort thing. Some people are screwed in the head and enjoy that type of positon. Also a new sex positon.- Cujo

well, first we need to ask ourselves: 1) whuy is it called a "dashboard", and 2) what is the purpose of this "dashboard". when we have found these, then we can extrapolate the results and plot a frequency-density graph, and multiply the answers out to get to the stage needed. once there, we can then begin to understand, why is it that there are feet on the dashboard? hang on a minute... thats my foot! get my foot off there! give it here! you slutbitch!- Fido Dido

Well, the dashboard is the other half of your vehicle recliner. A recliners not a recliner without a foot stool.- Meowmix

To have the air from the vent blow up yopur leg.- Witto

To relax and to annoy DC since he hates feet.- Sally

um... kill everyone with the smell of yer feet..- Spanky the retarded cat

Feet on the dashboard? Are you some kinda spacker?- Barclay

i want peanuts.- syko morgana

to sing about the things on it- /AniX

it looks a bit cooler than on the floor, crashing is just the price u have to pay to be a trendsetter- wild thang

after careful, complex and expensive experiments were conducted, the theory on having feet on the dash board was confirmed. it was revealed that all automobiles actually send subliminal messages to the driverside passenger to place their feet on the dash board. after successfully achieving this, the car proceeds to suck the energy and intelligence from the passengers brain out through thair feet. it is another ploy for world domination. it also explains why so many cars can seemingly run off an oily rag.- frazicus

that way when you crash you go straight threw feet first and land on them safely on the ground.- ZIMIAN

to keep them from dragging alongside the car on the road.- pimp like me

To relax or perhaps you're fornicating with the seats back and your feet on the dash for comfort.- Mzebonga

So if your in a car accident you break your legs and you can hitt people with your crutches DUH- Insane

so when you're bored you can dash.- The Goat

Well, if you didn't have feet you wouldn't be able to dash. So, I'm guessing they put feet on it to stop it being a stumbleboard or a fallboard.- fergus o'dimbal

to steam up the windows so the police can't see what you're doing- keglineq

dont ask- to lame to think of a name

So when you get in a front end collision, they don't get squashed when the engine comes hurtling into the front seat.- Toxic Static

If there were no feet on the dashboard, the world world start spinning backwards and all the humans would be thown off... Where did that dashboard go any ways?- gone postal

there is no purpose- TheAdam

Becasue it relaxes the soul to put your feet on it. When you had a rough day and are riding in a car you so feel the need to air out the feets on the dashboard. DAH- Mistofflies

I am the mighty Flabba the Slut and I will gobble you up in one mouthful. YUM!!!- Flabba the Slut

So that my woman can straddle me more easily.- Did you ever... I did

to get rid of the smell- i am insanity

To prevnet from being possible in anyway to drive that vehicle ur in??- Crashdown

To relax... darling ...- paleblueeyez

what is the purpose of having and dashboard without feet on it?- not kevin

The feet are claustraphobic. They need to be able to see the outside world at all times, or they aren't happy feet.- [-ZeitGeisT-]

duh, to get your ass in the air so that your farts won't heat the seat up, gross.- woodchuck

to kick the ass of the car in front- Ninja

so that whne you have to do a difficult dance move you have extra to make it look PERFECT...- reidy

the purpose of having feet on the dashboard, is obviously to add flavour. the dash had a much better taste with a little foot spice, who would wanna lick a "regular" dashboard- pinappletree sissorcs

There is none. It's for the gayest of the gay who want to look like they're "hip" and "down with the scene" damn kids...- speedy (because im fast in my 'chair)

so the people in the car ahead of you can look back and try to figure out what kind of shoes youre wearing just from seeing the bottoms.- Pipstickle

to get comfortable- paula

Get your feet off the dashboard!! You're so rude!- Sophie

it gives a place for you to rest and hold yourself when you have to pee- careawholelot

comfy- Ima Psycopath

so that the stench will exit through the window and no one has to smell it any more!- Fugly

to annouy the hell outta ppl- my nickname is C, there isnt 2 f*ckin letters in it.

Kinky.- Fork Flinger

to dry them off- Jade

to help crush your body when I hit you head on- Blunt

Well, I c out of mine- Freak182

to paint your toenails- iceolate

1)to lounge 2)show the stylin' designs on the bottom of your shoe- my bad-- I forgot to put a nickname in this field. Your everso helpful annoying button thingy reminded me

so th dashard could smell- albe

ah, feet on the dashboard. after a long trip, when you really need to chill out, nothings better than putting your feet on the dashboard. i do it up to thirty times a day, even when i don't travel. i think i have a problem. it started with a bit of social feet-propping, but now i can't stop, and it's starting to affect my sexual life, my job...- seth

So the rest of the passengers can enjoy the scent of my bacteria infested toes- nearohjah be comfortable- beatrice

when you tense up before a car accident its best to break the biggest bones.- ricidulous

to air them out- SAnimal

Because it's the proper automobile etiquette in Lithuania..didn't your mother teach you anything?!- Kitten

Ask someone who cares- Insane God

fuck knows- stupid

The dashboard could get lonely. And that, my petit chou, we do not want.- UnReality

whats the point of a dashboard without feet?- keglineq

to rest my shoes- nimue

actually, it is just preparation before you can have your head on the dashboard. it's the initiation to using it.- jess

Jello.- Wee Jock Poo-Pong McPlop

so you don't have to put your feet on the mat and thats a good thing cuz your lazy ass family borrows your car, goes to the beach,and for some strange reason, they manage to get a frikken ton of sand and , i swear to god, a few rocks, on the mat and there's nowhere to put your foot down without risking being bitten by a crab...- marissa

I dont care what the purpose is. Id still fuck that old women silly.- Penis Monger

so if the car crashes your face wont get the damage- sineady

What is the purpose of life? There is no purpose. Just another stupid way of the stupid world.- pokey

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