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since circles are so round and smooth, how do you use circles in your daily lifestyle?


I keep my rats ass's in circular jars. - Syko Grrrl

I use the three little colored circled above the street. Green means go, yellow means speed up, and red means go as fast as you can and hit as many padestrians as you can.- gone postal

i sell them to children...- Antihero

i regularly use circles to improve my toe-cleansing rituals. sometimes, i use them to stop cars, and then kill the drivers- Fido Dido

Coins are round and I use money, wheels are round and I use my bicycle. Clocks are round too. But I like to use circles to scratch my arse.- Mzebonga

i don't....i like sharp triangles and squares.- thecatsmeow420

hmmmm... my skoal can... baseball practice, power buttons on my comp, writing o's, spying on unsuspecting females undressing in motel rooms, um... beads? .... um....- sslitherr

I eat at a circular table, i eat mini circular pizzas for lunch. I sleep in a circular bed and my head is a perfect 360 degrees round.- Meowmix

i once lived in the land of shapes, geometriworld, but squares seemed a little geeky to me and the circles kept going round and round over the same topic.. i couldnt find any shape that could hold a good conversation... which is why i took the first line back to this "reality", and thats why i try to stay away from any shapes i see.. when i see a shape, i either ignore it or i go out of my way not to go near it.- psychotic_freak

My buttcheeks are round and smooth. I sit on those. Well, they are smooth mostly because of all the hair on them. And they are oval shaped---and that is round.- Sputnik

create a protective impenetrable bubble around me that won't allow any psychos within 10 feet of me- SiNiSTaR

me and circles have an understanding. i dont taunt them for having no angles, and they dont unexpectantly roll up behind me to untie my shoelaces. it works for me, and i believe the circles are content. this is how we've been living for the past 5 years.- frazicus

I like hoops- Sally

I like to masterbate with them. mmmmm smooth.- Godless Wench

my bubble is a circle- keglineq

to fill pieces of plain paper- punphish

Circles are the shapes in which my friends and I pass the bowl.- Alysia

heheh *blush* well... i... no. :P- Sexy Yellow Monkey Guitars

hui- the on hoo cnt spel

I rub circles all over my body for hours.- satan

I use them in the morning when i open my eyes and see the circles of the butt next to me. Lunch time when i eat the greasy ha,burger and at night with the butt again.- Mistofflies

I don't- Blunt

to make circular rooms and then tell crazy people or blondes that theres a mars bar in the corner. Talk about fun for all ages for hours....- sven sven the sven

Um...- Bollocks Ninja

I find they make an excellent suppository.- Indomitus

condoms are nice circles- bubba

for pleasure only- Witto

its how hey communicate with me.- Ninja

I walk on one (the planet earth) (see question one)- grasshopper

To surround my pentagrams.- Chimpy

Every day after getting out of bed, i turn around in a circle nine time. then i go to the bathroom, take out my trst pen, and draw circles all over my face.- Piranha

cock rings, man!

Me want to eat tasty little sock monkey. Gobble, gobble.- Flabba the Slut

Potatos are round. They're like circles. So I eat circles and sleep on a bed of circles.- Fergus O'dimbal

You know that thing Xena Warrior Princess has. I want one of them to kill Mzebonga with.- Sophie

I talk in them, that is circles, which i talk in, talk about circles that is, in circles which i talk...(this can go on for quite some time)- Stupid Handle

the only circles i know are the square ones- skelator, wally hernickle

I like circles, they're so easy to get into people.- bob

to drag my lazy ass to school- megnolia

i enjoy rubbing and inserting things in them- stevo

fuck you, i know what you're getting at and i could run circles around you anyday bitch.- Empriss Nikon

uh... derh... thats sortta personal man...- shithead

My ass is circular (sort of) so I sit on it. Simple.- Barclay

I hurl them at people from the top of tall buildings to try and ward people away. Or get myself committed, I've forgotten which one.- Mzebonga

i dont i hate circles they suck!!!- emsy baby

Using my eyes to look at peoples heads.- egg banditz

Oh, look1 A bright shiny object!- Stinker

ahh..circles...they make my world go round (hah hah) they are used for me to stand on and knock over evil weasels and idiots- Idiot Destroyer

I hang one above my head so peeps think im jezus.- IM THE ORIGINAL G O D

goddam circles always when i am in line at the store the circles start spinning and then i cant see and i drop my things because its way too bright and god damn, where the fuck is the tofu anyway? i seem to cry each time it happens- roothead

no not recently- Dee

I can give a really perverted answer, but I don't swing that way! Once again, it's math sounding...math sucks dick..go to hell, math!- Vista

my mind is alwayz spinnin round in circles- Killah_C

I use circles constantly in daily life. I have this one that sits on my shoulderes, not its not perfecty round and smooth though, its kinda pointy on the top, so I guess it doesn't count. There is anouther one I use, but I'm not sure if it is nice and smooth. It is that bright thing in the sky, I use it to tell if it is time for me to count my cockroaches. Sometimes I fear it will somehow eat that other one that appears when it gets dark outside. sometimes it looks like it has already taken a nibble.- InsaneLane

this one time my mom sent me to the store to buy bread and i didn't want to go so i drove around in a circle for 2 hours then i went back home. of course that didn't accomplish anything but my tires got nice and smooth and the next time i went out,i ran over an old lady who couldn't jump out of the way fast that was my fault!- marissa

I drive up to local university and drive in circles in their dirt parking lots while people in hard hats play in the trees...and then when they're not looking I take their pylons...- Miss Roger's Sweater

everyone love Tiggle Bitties to cheer up their lifestyle!- M.T.  Sakisbad

well ... my house is a circle, my jewlery box is a circle, my books are circles, my tv is a circle ... wait a second ... they're all squares ... ok whats a circle again? man too many confusing words ... iiiiiieeee!- Powie

um circles? i think that my head is a circle- confusedmonkiegirl

i've been told i'm shaped more like a square so this question has tilted my world off it's axis- Cookie

well the top of a bong is round and so is the top of a bottle of bacarti lemon' so i guess that sums it up, oh yah the inside of a toilet bowl is round to when your puking into it at 6a.m in the morning.- g.p.

I run circles aorund people.- SilentWolf

Not a whole lot. I myself prefer the square, being a mutch cheaper substitute to the circle.- Fred

Not many ways anymore. The price of circles has skyrocketed in the last couple years, so I hafta use the less expensive ovals i find in bargain bins.- Guy

I prefere spiky objects. What's the point of something tha can't cause extreme amounts of pain?- Skelter

condems are circles.... but thats not daily for me.- LubisKo

i like girl's booty to be round and smooth. i always wake up early in the morning walking in circles in the middle of a cemetary. - ricidulous


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