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do you listen to music backwards to discover hidden messages and if so, what were they?


yes, the cats are coming, the cats are coming!!!- Sally

Bohemian Rhapsody sounds the same backwards as forwards, or at least it does when u play it forwards- Crazy Matt

no..........i didnt know you could do that- megalin

I was listening to some Charlotte Church tunes, when my cd player went bonkers. All of a sudden Charlottes sweet, angelic voice went deep and started singing Iron Man by Black Sabbath. I still have nightmares....- Meowmix

EHT now DNE why LLIW would EMOC i NI do EHT that? MROF everyone FO knows A that YEKNOD hidden DNA messages NA doin't CIRTCELE exist HSURBHTOOT.- frazicus

no- rachael

I tried a few times, but I can't speak latin.- gone postal

if u play "hot me bay on emore time" is ses " ?" fuck i dunno...- Ninja x

No, I never have. I'll start soon though, because I'm into MUSIC.- Zero_Chunky

No. I get my messages from the sound my tiolet makes everytime I flush it.- hfghfgh

no i usually listen to it while facing forwards- Choadboy

uh, no. do i look like one of those conflabbed christian freaks to you?- EvilPopTart

No, I ussually listen to them forwards and on rare occasions I listen to them to the left or right. I have found many messages when playing left or right, many times about how the princess of Antarctica had an affair with Michael Jackson and his monkey.- InsaneLane

yes, and tuesday, but not nessacerly in that order...- Fido Dido

i enjoy hearing my music played forwards like normal people, for the most part. why would you put a hidden message in a song? why can't you just write another song to hold that "hidden" message? music shouldn't be so complicated.- lee

sraeps yenttirb is latin for Whore- Stubbyneez

I listen to Marilyn Manson backwards. My favorite song is actually about Happy Sunny Funny Bunnys.- Chicken

No I dont care much for it- Precios-one

"ouy no pu gnipeerc syawla krad eht ni tohs a od nac ouy taht gniht a ton krad eht ni tohs a ouy morf yawa pets eno krad eht ni tohs a tub"- psychotic_freak

no- independent_bitch

oooohhhhh, ffffuuuuucccckkkkkkk mmmmmmeeeeeee hhhhaaaarrrrdddd.- apple pie girl

No, I don't.- Dr. Phinnaeus Fiddlesticks, Phd

Yes, but i haven't discovered any yet- wahine

I tried that one time, but all I got was "EEEEEEEEEeeKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkkk EEEERRRRRREEEEEERRRRRRRrr!!!!" I don't think CDs were meant for that kind of thing- Princess

"Why are you listening to your music backwards? It's meant to be played the other way around"- Mzebonga

yes, paul is dead paul is dead...- zuardeuh

no, are you retarded? that's where the real hidden messages start. they get you thinking that you'll find them listening to it backwards, but the kicker is that while you listen to it fowards they implant a small chip into the right lower ventricular of your heart which is what causes all those shitty ass beats to get stuck in your head. it's the government.- Empriss Nikon

seil tsuj lla s'ti ,cisum otni segassem esoht tup reve yeht erus ton m'I- fergus o'dimbal

No. Maybe. I don't know, I'm only 12.- Sophie Wophie

?yeht erew tahw, os fi dna segassem neddih revocsid ot sdrawkcab cisum ot netsil uoy od- nirojah

one told me to rape a cow, so i tried and now we are married......- ZIMIAN

No- hungry

Some one once moldy cunt? no.- LASER MONKEY!

Back in my days in the Charles Manson family I tried playing "Helter Skelter" backwards and discovered the secret message "Retlex Reltuh" repeated several times.- slubs5

I like to listen to the theme song of barney but there are no messages except... no!!!! The dreams!!! ahh--kill--The dreams!! KILL!!!!!!!!- crazy mister

No...I don't listen to music backwards.- Kei-chan

eskimoes sometimes make me want to grab you by the eyelid and lick navel beef- pineappletree sisscors

No if I do that then I start talking backwards and I start doing things backwards... AND I STARTED to get younger and shit... scary stuff- and_then

no cuz i can't!!!- shellie

no.- bum face

sum beatles song says "kill ringo" or sumthing, i think- becks

I think that most messages just say like "go to any website to look if mike patton is there and if he's not, just write some stupid bullshit messages on it"- baz

no, i don't. im not an idiot in that way- Speedy..because i'm quick in my wheelchair

heck no are you carzy- star

Since Satan lives in my stereo, I let him figure all that out- yes

Is S Club 7 music? I don't think so. So, no I don't. Whenever I do listen to it backwards the hidden message is. "We four girls would look good and make a whole barrel of money if we took our tops off, but the guys have about as much talent as a dead llama".- Mzebonga

yea, in this Hanson song it had demonic messages like "oh evil one, he is the one. I am awed in your site!" (Totally true!)- Syko Grrrl

yes, not to fill out questionaires online...and not to trust anyone from ontario...- underd-o-double g

Teletubbies, teletubbies, say eh-oh is taken from Madonna's music- Teletubbies will rule!  RULE, I TELL YOU!!!

No I don't know how but I've tried.- blunt man

no- Ledge

yes, The meaning of life is for som1 up stares to play with you and fuk you around until u die to amuse them- Ice...

yeah sometimes... but it sed a loada words backwards!- loveandhugs2001

they were saying DC is the coolest monkey around- me....

no- agent99

nope- jenny

it sounds dumb enough forewards. anyways i am impervious to mind games.- Eva Psychotic

yes but the message was in an alian toung.- demonboy "_"

"if your playing this backwards then your wasting your time" in tomorrow never knows by CO5- fussili

yes, cause it sounds like a superior race of chipmunks and maybe, just maybe, we can then find out about their evil conspiracies to take over the world.(and because the world is not enough then maybe the moon as well and Mars for good measure)- Fluffy the evil one

NO- juan teez

micheaL jackson. on 1 of hiz songz it sez 'i want to ruLe the worLd'- m0jo

they all spell "DEATH TO AMERICA, ALLAH ON HIGH" in backwards sanskrit, or maybe just the lyrics backwards.- Twizzles

i've never done it before but now that you mentoin it i'll have to give it a try.- twiztidangel

no, but at a friends house they played that messege from the pink floyd song that says "congragulations you have discovered the secret messege" the backwards hymn at the end of darling nicky by prince and they played "am i evil" by meticallica backwards and ill be damned if it doesnt sound like he says i am satan over and over again- crankyno,

No. I may be answering a questionnaire in the insane domain but I do have a bit of a life.- Leki

yeah, i listened to that i love you, you love me barney song backwards. i still have nightmares about that day.- Billy Bob Whoreton

usually "put the cd in the right way up - you dumb fuck" but to a very catchy beat.- sparki

no... sorry- Cat

nope- Lung

Only when my record player is on the fritz. I think it told me to take a shower.- Duch ( it's not by any fault of my own, really, it's the first four letters of my last name)

One time I did that with a Kenny G cd and it was him selling his soul to the devil.- Misery654

no, i've tried just never got any hidden messages, hmm thats weird- space

I've heard a few messages one told me to look for women at night and suck their toes. Another from an n'sync album told me to sip the drool of stray dogs to find the hidden message in that song. When i was listening to the song a started hearing something different. It said " go to". I fell to the ground with my fighting to keep my eyes open,slowley i watched everything fade to black. What i remembered after that is looking down at my wrist and reading a band that said large intake of rabies infected drool, I had a thick coat of cold sweat. I looked around i was in an unfamilair place then i looked straight ahead, I was in front of a computer moniter and on the screen was the most frightening words i couldn't get my eyes away from. THE INSANE DOMAIN.............(this is not a publicity stunt this story truely happened to the great man known as...............whats my name say on the left)- ricidulous

no.- chiquitita


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