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if forced to choose between having your ass slapped with a large dead fish or drinking a
 'kitty litter & used pads" drink, which would you choose and why


Having my bum slapped, who doesnt like having their bum slapped. - Sally

I would choose to get slapped by the dead fish. getting slapped requires another person, and if they're willing to slap my ass with a dead fish, who knows what else they'll be willing to do - Crazy Matt

ass slapped.........much more sanitary- megalin

I would choose having my ass slapped with a large dead fish. Kitty litter could never make a good Smoothie, and used pads....well im not a desperate for blood vampire.- Meowmix

id choose arse slapping. i mean, the fish had to die for something.- frazicus

Having my ass slapped with a large fish because that drink is just nasty- rachael

My mother always taught me not to play with my food, so I would have to go with the drinki.- gone postal

mmmm kittylitter...ugggh pads. its more refreshing than beer need i say more?- Ninja x

My ass slapped with a huge dead fish, because drinking THAT nasty ass drink, I do NOT think so.- Zero_Chunky

dead fish because It wouldnt feel half bad.- hfghfgh

the dead fish cause kitty litter gives me a horrid hangover- Choadboy

having my ass slapped with a large dead fish. because i think its kinky.- EvilPopTart

Hmm, well, Personally I would prefer being slapped with the large fish, but inly if that fish was either a flounder or a salmon, only because those are the only type of fish that have been friendly to me in the past. All other types of fish I have met we're very cruel and would laugh at me and my eye-glasses. But if it was a different type of fish then those 2, I'd have to have the kitty litter &used pads drink, but I'd hope that they would use the new Tidy Cat Crystals for the kitty Litter, for it is the only one that doesn't cause me to have indigestion.- InsaneLane

i would choose being slapped with a deaf dish, cos thats better than either, but i would otherwise have to say being ass-slapped by a large dead fish cos i've paid DC lots of money- Fido Dido

i would definitely choose to have my ass slapped with a large dead fish. not only would this be erotic--in a bizarre yet exciting way--it might also loosen up some blood clots and thus prevent vericose veins. hey, you never know...- lee

I would be slapped by the fish...I'm getting excited just thinking about it.- Stubbyneez

I find that kitty liter is actually quite helpful in the digestive system. And blood is tastey enough, especially the clots. But dead fish turn me on....can i have both?- Chicken

I would have you slap me in the ass because Im not drinking Shhh..- Precios-one

i would have to go with the fish, because i like it like that OOOOOHH YEAH GIVE ME MORE !!!!! o stop now its bleeding.. o thats bad... somebody get me a doctor GOD IT HURTS!!!- psychotic_freak

I would choose the fish spank why: because I love getting spanked . I have fucked myself with produce why not get spanked by the seafood section?- independent_bitch

the fish. i wouldn't just use it on my ass, i'd play with it in my pussy.- apple pie girl

Now this is a rather silly and unbalanced question. I would, of course, rather have my ass slapped by a large dead fish. I imagine that ingesting a "kitty litter and used pads" drink might have the potential to cause one illness. By comparison, "having your ass slapped with a large fish" is a relatively harmless activity. Certainly, few people would possess the strength necessary to swing what would colloquially be considered a "large fish" say...a 600 pound tuna, or perhaps even an 80 pound Atlantic Striped Bass with enough force to inflict any serious degree of pain, or significant injury. The choice is clear. Touch my human organs, time for life?- Dr. Phinnaeus Fiddlesticks, Phd

I would have my ass slapped with a large dead fish because ass slapping is my specialty- wahine

I would want my ass slapped with a large dead fish. Don't ask's confidential- Princess

Is this large dead fish thing a reference to high quality mackrel? Probably not but who gives a shit anyway. How many times would I have my ass slapped and how much would I have to pay for the privalege?- Mzebonga

ass slapped with a large dead fish- zuardeuh

kitty litter & used pads all the way. HEY NOW! don't knock it till you try it. you just might like it. god knows i do. oh boy do i.- Empriss Nikon

Mmmmmmmmmmm... kitty litter and used pads - my favourite!- fergus o'dimbal

What's a used pad? Does the fish have to be dead? You're sooooooooo cruel. I think you're just a big meany. :P- Sophie Wophie

I don't understand. What's the problem? I just slapped my own ass with a fish before I signed on. As for the the "kitty" drink...I'm a vegan.- nirojah

Slapped in the ass with a dead fish. Although the smell maybe unpleasent, the slime may be very nice.- ZIMIAN

I would definitely choose having my ass slapped with a dead fish. I don't enj, but a once went sbreong. for ose carefree? days of youth!- hungry

Kitty litter and used pads. why? becuase i want that green dino head, and i figure i'll get it if i suck up to cats.- LASER MONKEY!

Slapped with a large, dead fish, of course. If it was a large LIVE fish, like a barracuda, say, than maybe I'd have to think about it. Or if it was just used pads and no kitty litter (mmm...used pads!)- slubs5

I jump getting hit with a large dead fish on the ass because my girlfreind hand is just as funky, and smells bad to. PS I'm using a fake name HA!!!!- crazy mister

I'd have my ass slapped with a large dead fish. Kitty litter and used pads are nasty. I wouldn't lick my *own* used pad.- Kei-chan

forced to choose?? man, I LOVE gettin my ass slapped with dead fish! but it's gotta be like a salmon or something, then later, when george and I are done, we get to mash it up with rice and shredded wheat, with some sawdust too and feed it to my earwigs.- pineappletree sisscors

I would get my ass slapped with a large dead fish. It would take hours to get the 'kitty litter & used pads" drink after taste out of your mouth. Plus who doesn't like getting their ass slapped with a large dead fish?- and_then

the dead fish cuz kitty litter is just yuck... and i don't like cats!!!- shellie

I would have my assed slapped , who knows I might enjoy it.- bum face

ass slapped by a dead fish; why? because i can take a shower after,..if you drink that kitty litter drink, you'll puke- becks

Having my ass slapped because deadfish sucks and serves to nothing so then they do...- baz

probably getting my ass slapped with a large dead fish...IT FEELS SEXY BABY- Speedy..because i'm quick in my wheelchair

Slap my ass with a dead fish...Why because the thought of kitty litter and used pads makes me want to gag- star

#1 - I have no ass- yes

Slap my ass, baby! SLAP IT!!! HARDER, BITCH. Go on! Yeah, I like the way you do it to me.- Mzebonga

kitty litter & used pads, definitley. That way I can make someone pay me to do it, even though I'd proabaly do it anyway.- Syko Grrrl

i'd take the dead fish...cos after tenderizing it on my ass we could have a good meal- underd-o-double g

Who cares? The Teletubbies will sort you out and make sure you die horribly if you lay a hand on me.- Teletubbies will rule!  RULE, I TELL YOU!!!

I would choose to drink kitty litter & used pads drink cuz being slapped with a dead fish would suck.- blunt man

Large dead fish slapping has always been a fanatsy of my- Ledge

having your ass slapped with a large dead fish hmm kinky- Ice...

having my arse slapped with a large dead fish coz it sounds nicer than the kitty litter thing- loveandhugs2001

I'd choose the fish because I'm kinky and like having my ass slapped- me....

fish on ass, cuz i don't like to vomit- agent99

I woulds chose having my ass slapped with a large dead fish ...just reading the other choice makes me gag.- jenny

well i generally like having my ass slapped, so i'll take that one.- Sammi

i would say fuck u and do everything- twisted freak

The fuckin' fish.- Reverend

My ass slapped, of course. It sounds more kinky and is a team event.- Power Nibbler

have my ass slapped by a dead fish because i like pain ;)- keglineq

Hmmm... Well I'd hafta go wit' the... KITTY LITTER AND USED PADS DRINK! Because... It sounds goooood...- Spanky The Psycho Clown

ass/fish slapping becuase it wouldnt make me sick- munkey

having your assed slapped with a large dead fish but only if its a trout, they make the best sound- lover of all things round

slapped with a large fish- monkey breath

the fish, because it feels soooo nice!!!- Eva Psychotic

the fish. it feels better than it sounds.....yummy"_"- demonboy "_"

Mommy make the voices stop!!- fussili

kitty litter etc cause then when big ass lickers come adnd lick ass (obviously) it will taste worse *chuckles manicly*- Fluffy the evil one

I'd have to go with the dead fish. I'm always up for a good ass slapping- juan teez

ass sLapping coz kitty Litter tastez Like shit- m0jo

id rather be slapped with a dead fish because lets face it, who wouldnt?- Twizzles

i would rather have my ass slapped with a large dead fish because i'd rather not puke my brains out.- twiztidangel

i would choose having my ass slapped with a large dead fish because well... it would really turn me on :o)- crankyno,

Having my ass slapped with a large dead fish as it would be marginnally less sick-inducing.- Leki

it depends on how much i have to pay for the spanking.- Billy Bob Whoreton

the dead fish....may even enjoy it- sparki

um... neither because ew- Cat

ass slapped.slightly less gross.- Lung

I'd have to opt for the prior. Something about a dead smelly fish and that sound it makes upon contacting human flesh on the ass region just does it for me.- Duch ( it's not by any fault of my own, really, it's the first four letters of my last name)

I wouldn't mind getting slapped in the ass with a dead fish too much becuase it wouldn't really hurt and if i started to smell i could always change.- Misery654

a large dead fish, because the latter is just totally sick- space

I'll take the red rum on the rocks. Its like crunchy peanut butter with a twist.when i wake up at night for the thirst of blood i sprinkle a teaspoon of kitty litter; Both flesh and blood are bland.- ricidulous

i would choose to have my ass slapped because if i choose the other, i might die.- chiquitita


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